Tea climbed up into the attic and turned on the light above her. She looked around. My…I haven't been up here for a while.

She hauled herself carefully over the hatch and stood up on the carpeted ground. At least this attic wasn't like most ones; full of spider-webs and just a dusty wooden floor.

For some reason, today, she just felt like reminiscing in old memories. She looked around the room, searching for a certain box. There were plenty up here, many with labels she smiled upon remembering what was in them.

Ah, there it is! She walked over a little ways to a box labeled, "High School Years – Tea." She sat down before it and opened the flaps, watching dust scatter.

She coughed and waved her hand in the air to make it fly off elsewhere. Then, she peered inside.

Memories immediately flooded back to her as she saw only the top things. Old school papers and drawings…backpacks, books, and more.

She dug through it, pulling out some things and setting them aside.

She stopped when she saw a spiral notebook lying there. Her face became rather serious as she picked it up and flipped it open.

There…all the records of her abuse from when she actually understood what was happening.

She flipped through the book some more until she happened upon the second to last entry.

Oh my...I almost forgot about this one. But how could I: this was a most impacting memory.

It was the journal entry she had written in the school that weekend she had been trapped with Seto.

She smiled fondly. How naïve she had been at the time…. How naïve….

She flipped the page to the very last entry: the one she had dug this notebook out for to write the only happy entry in here.

The night she and Seto had confessed their love to one another.

A tear ran down her eye. That had been one of the three happiest days in her entire life.

The other two-

Oh! I wonder…is that still in here?

Tea put the notebook aside and dug through the box once more. School papers…reports…stupid doodles I kept for God-knows-why…where is it! Ah ha!

She pulled out a crumpled up piece of paper. It all seems like it happened just yesterday….

She unfolded the paper and began to read over it. …My God…it's all come true!

"And what are you doing up here?" Tea looked up from the sheet of paper and looked over to the hatch.

Seto Kaiba, her husband, was standing on the ladder, watching her.

"You had better be careful. You know with the-"

"Seto, I know," she smiled, "I'm fine. I just…wanted to look around." Seto pulled himself up into the attic and came to sit behind her.

"What have you got there?" Seto took the paper from her.

"Well now, doesn't that action seem familiar," she smirked.

Seto skimmed it, "You're kidding…. De ja vu…."

"De ja vu indeed," she snatched it back, "But this time, I'm not throwing it away. I'm still checking how much of it came true."

"Tea, it was a worthless game-"

"Seto….just read it. Would you call all that fate or coincidence?"

"Is there a difference?" Seto replied, smirking as well.

"Ha, ha very funny," Tea answered. "Just read the bottom. Those were my answers to the MASH game. Remember sniping that from me?"

"Of course: I remember the whole dang weekend like it was yesterday."

He read the bottom, written in Tea's neat handwriting, which had not changed too much over the years:

Home: Mansion

Marrying: Seto Kaiba

Children: 5

Car: Limo

Monetary Lifestyle: Extravagantly rich

Wedding Dress: Most elegant and expensive

Job: None

Lifestyle: Pleasant and pretty normal

"Well? Just look: I married you-"

"Which immediately gave you the home, the car, the money, and indirectly the type of dress."

"Also indirectly, the job."

"Of course…marrying me also gave you those kids there…" he said rather seductively in her ear.

Tea looked at him reproachfully, "Don't get any ideas mister…. At least…not until after this baby," she put a hand on her abdomen.

"Would you look at that…the fifth kid right there," he referred to the sheet once more.

"So, what do you think? Coincidence, fate, or luck?"

"D: none of the above," he answered, "There's one thing on here that is most incorrect."

"And what would that be?" Tea inquired.

"Lifestyle: pleasant and pretty normal. Life is never normal when you marry a Kaiba, darling."

She turned her head to look at him, "That, I agree with," she answered, rising to meet his lips, like so many times before.

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