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NOTE: Hey! It's ANOTHER story! The one is from my PLANS section. Yes, I got bored today, so, not really feeling like writing any of my other ones, I started this one. As of today (the 6th) I'm not sure when I'm going to put this up. Maybe now, maybe after DWTD. I don't know. All I know is, I like it, and I want to write it. However, I had wanted to work on this AFTER DWTD, but…I'm not sure if my brain can wait. You know me: I get an idea…and I can't keep it from the computer for much longer. Well, I hope you like this fic, as much as my others. Oh, and you may notice that a lot of this story is Pro-Anzu. Okies? Here goes the 5th one!

(PS: I'm using the Japanese names in this fic! I like the name Anzu much better than Tea, meaning I should probably use the rest of the set, for a change. Just in case you don't know them, here they are (oh, and I'm not doing the last name before first thing, for the Japanese names. Too much trouble for me to remember. I don't care, really. Oh, and sorry if I use the wrong name in here…I sometimes forget that I'm using new names, but I usually catch myself. However, I night not always catch them.)):

Anzu MazakiTea Gardner

Jounouchi KatsuyaJoey Wheeler

Shizuka KatsuyaSerenity Wheeler

Honda HirotoTristan Taylor

Otogi RyuugiDuke Devlin

(Seto, Mokuba, Noa and Ryou are the same, and I'm keeping Yugi and Mai that way too (with Mai, I just seriously can't find her Japanese name, I mean, I've found it on sites, but I got tires of looking while trying to write, so screw it.))

Oh, one last note, remember, this is like…nine years after Battle City, meaning that…the older guys are 27, and the three younger people are 21. Okies?

Disclaimer: Way too many stories way too many disclaimers. How long do I have to say, "I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh!"?

There's a Time For Change

Chapter 1: Anzu's Return

Seto Kaiba walked onto the aircraft. He was now leaving New York City, to return to Domino. He walked into the plane, and finally into the passenger department itself. He, of course, had tickets for first class, so he soon found his seat. Much to his dismay, someone was sitting next to him. He had hoped that it would be one of those occasions where there was an empty seat beside him.

Ah, no matter. It's not like he was going to pay attention to the lady anyway. Of course, it didn't look like she was going to pay attention to him, either. Her head was turned away, gazing out the window. She never looked to see who took the place beside her.

Seto sat down, and sighed softly. His trip had been productive. More branches of Kaiba Corp. would now spring up in The Big Apple, and eventually make their way across America. Yes, he was quite the tycoon.

He smirked to himself. He was easily becoming the most powerful man in the world. However, only one prospect of his trip hadn't pleased him. Well…that was too great a saying. More like, he was only a little displeased.

He had been wondering, if maybe, just possibly, he might bump into an old adversary of his: Anzu Mazaki. He had the tiniest desire to find her. He had remembered that she had come to New York to study dance, nine years ago. All he had really wanted to see was if she had succeeded at her dream. …Not that he cared…no, no…he didn't care…that much. However, his search was in vain. He hadn't found her. And that was probably his last chance at trying to see/find her. He wasn't supposed to come back to New York for a long time…and Anzu was going to be there for a long time….

Anzu sat, looking out the window of the Japanese Airlines aircraft. She felt someone sit in the seat next to her, but didn't spare the newcomer a look. She just couldn't wait until this airplane got off the ground. She was desperate to see her friends again….

She had arranged it with her manager that she would take the year off from dancing, and all of her many shows she preformed in. Actually, she had become quite famous in America. She was constantly traveling around, but for the past month, had remained back in New York.

And that's where she had heard talk…. Talk about a new Kaiba Corp. building arising. She sighed. Sure, it might remind her of home…but it'd remind her of Seto Kaiba, too, a memory she did not greatly like.

However, memories were memories. She wondered what Domino had in store for her now. It had been seven years since she had last visited. However, it had only been for a single day. After that day, she had to quickly return, for a dance show. That day: Jou and Mai's wedding. Yes, Jounouchi Katsuya had finally brought up the courage to tell Mai his feelings…and later, propose to her, as soon as possible. That meant they had been married seven years now.

She hadn't heard of any of her other friends getting married. What she had heard though, was that Otogi and Shizuka were engaged. She smiled. They had said that they would wed during the year that Anzu came back.

Yes, it was no surprise to her friends that she was coming. She wanted them to know. Plus…she needed Otogi for some…help. Reporters. They were bound to be all over her return, so she had arranged for Otogi to pick her up, and help create some sort of diversion, or scare to shoo them away. After all, he was famous, himself, being the creator of Dungeon Dice Monsters.

Speaking of the rich…she now wondered what the three Kaiba Bothers were up to…. It seemed Seto Kaiba was hard at work expanding his company across the globe. She wondered if he had changed his attitude about anything at all….

Thinking of Seto brought her to Noa. He had looked so much like a little bit of a younger version of the older Kaiba himself. She wondered now, since they seemed closer in age (though, due to the Virtual Reality experience, Noa's body would still grow slower), if they almost looked like identical twins…save the hair color of course.

And Mokuba! He had been still be a kid when she had left. She wondered how much he had grown up…and if he had chopped any of his mop off. That would be something to see…Mokuba with short hair.

Which brought her to her next wonder. How much would she have changed in the eyes of her friends? All these years, she had kept a copy of the group picture they had taken the day before Anzu had left. To her, she did look different…but only because of her hair. Sure, her face had become womanlier, but to her, she didn't see much of a difference.

Her hair, though, was the really killer in differences. Sure, it was still straight, as it had been nine years ago…but now, she didn't mind. Actually…she thought it made her look WAY better. Now, she usually wore it with two large strands (clumps would describe them better) that hung down to the middle of her torso. The rest of her hair, which now was a tad below the shoulders, in length, was either brought up into a high ponytail, or clamped to the back of her head, with a clip. For shows, it was usually in an elaborate bun.

Her hair was also more sleek, and shiny. Her hair had also become a bit darker, making it seem almost black. She had gotten rid of her bangs too, except for two small strands, which fell at equal length and distance away from the center of her forehead.

Finally, she saw the road running away beneath the plane. She smiled: they were finally taking off. She couldn't wait to get back home….

She turned back to the front, and sighed. There was nothing else left to look at. She had seen the overlook of New York a ton of times. After that would be clouds…maybe glimpses of other cities…and then ocean. After that: home. That's when she would pear out the window again. However, the trip there would take a while…though she lost hours because of the receding time difference.

That reminded her to change the time on her watch. She quickly set it back to Japanese time. Then, she took a side-glance at the passenger next to her. His head was stuck in a book. It seemed he wanted nothing to do with the rest of the world.

She smirked. Oh how that reminded her of Seto Kaiba….

Seto felt the gaze of his seating partner drift over to him. It left quickly. He never bothered to spare her a glance. Why would he care? He had his book. He was happy. Sure, he had read the thing five times, but the sixth time was just as good. Or was it? He looked at the next line:

The thief passed through the dimensional barrier between the real world, and his realm of solitude and fantasy: the glass like shield breaking profusely.

Seto shut the book. He remembered that sentence. He remembered them all. He could probably recite the whole book with his eyes shut. What else was he going to do now? He was going to be on this stupid plane for a good six to nine hours, or whatnot (I'm not sure).

Curiosity suddenly got the best of him. His eyes slowly traveled sideways, to look at the person he was sitting next to. She was facing the front, with a bored expression on her face. He could only see the profile of her face, but even with that, he could tell she was quite pretty.

He huffed, and turned his eyes back into the direction of the seat in front of him. Suddenly, that seat in front of him fell back some. Seto leaned back, as to not get stuck uncomfortably between the seat and the back of his own chair. His expression must have been full of surprise, because the woman next to him was laughing, softly. And it was a nice laugh too. It seemed…clear, and sounded like small crystal bells.

Seto shook his head. Stupid thoughts about women…. Right now, he had to get this bozo's chair off of him.

Seto cleared his throat, and said sternly, but softly, "Sir, could you please remove your chair from the premises of my body." The man in front grunted slightly, but paid no other mind to Seto. He was obviously happy, in his position, being asleep. Seto scowled. Nobody ignored the great Seto Kaiba.

"Here, let me try," the woman next to him offered. He grunted.

Anzu stood up, and stood over the seat, looking at a sleeping man, with his chair laid back. Nobody sat in the seat next to him. She gently tapped his shoulder.

"Excuse me, sir," she prodded. He didn't wake. She shook his shoulders, "Sir, could you please remove your chair from this man, here," she gestured to her seating partner.

The man finally opened his eyes, ready to give whoever woke him up a good piece of his mind, "Miss! -" He stopped, when he saw Anzu's face. He immediately reddened. "Why, yes, miss, I'm quite sorry for the inconvenience." He pulled his chair up, wanting to please the ever so beautiful lady that had spoken to him.

"Thank you," she replied, sitting back down. She turned to face her partner. "There you are."

"…Thanks…" he replied gruffly. Anzu's gave a confused/what's-the-matter-with-you look. Ever since she had proposed going home, she had started seeing signs of home everywhere. Especially signs of the Kaibas. First, a Kaiba Corp. building springing up, and now this man seemed identical to him. However, he did seem a bit nicer than the Kaiba she had come to know.

Seto had now seen the woman's face completely. His mind was whirring. No wonder the man had given into her pleads. She wasn't just pretty…she was gorgeous! Even Seto Kaiba had male instincts in his head.

But he shooed away the thoughts. It didn't matter. Women were useless except for secretaries, maids, and other jobs. He didn't know how Mokuba could stand falling for almost every girl he saw. He sure didn't get that from his brother….

The plane was finally landing. Anzu couldn't contain her excitement. After nine years…she was finally home: to stay! Well, at least, for the year. But it was better than a week or a day!

After the plane had come to a stop, and the passengers were allowed to leave, Anzu and er partner stood up. Anzu grabbed her small backpack. She saw the man grab his silver briefcase. He stood out in the aisle and turned around. That's when Anzu finally got to see his whole face. Her eyes widened. He was so…handsome! If he actually smiled, he would have been ten times better off. She had been so concerned about his personality on the way, that she had never really considered his profile. He was quite the catch!

However, Anzu didn't have time for that. It seemed like he was being a gentleman, and waiting for her to exit first. So, she did. She walked in front of him, and out of the plane.

Seto waited for the woman to get out of the seating aisle. He may have been cold at times, but it didn't mean he wasn't polite. After all, the saying goes, "Ladies first." She quickly exited. And she quickly departed. She seemed to be in a hurry for something. Seto walked slowly, and calmly out of the plane, not knowing that for the past trip on the plane, he had accomplished what he thought he hadn't: he had found Anzu Mazaki.

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