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Chapter 18:

Making Amends

Anzu had had everything arranged. She had a month to get this performance down. She had hoped that she wouldn't have to get down on her knees and beg Seto to let her work half the day instead of the full day, and in fact, she hadn't had to.

It was interesting, to say the least. Anzu had come to his desk one night, a couple days before practice performances were to begin (the other dancers were still flying over at the time). She first put forth her proposal, and she had looked him straight in the eye. Eye contact was the key, to show that you meant business.

Anzu expected him to ask questions. She expected him to give her a talk that he had no time to find a new secretary to work half the day.

Well, she was not disappointed on one term. He did ask questions. Well, one rather.


And so she told him. She told him that her dance manager had popped up at her door one day, asking her to put on a show in only one month's time, (thus she would need as much practice as possible) and that he had been planning it from the beginning but never told her (here she shrugged her shoulders to show that she herself had no idea what went through the man's head). She also said that after a month, she would return full time.

And Seto's reply:

"Take as much time as you need."

And that was that. He had simply ignored her blank stare for the next moment as he dug around in his desk for the things he needed for his next work assignment.

So, in a daze, Anzu walked out of the office with her arrangements solved.

Honda was working steadily. His article on the upcoming dance performance had given him a nice, first paycheck and also interested much of the populace. Hiroto even told his boss that he could easily interview one of the dancers in the show once the practices got a little more underway. His boss was delighted.

Little Akio Jonouchi was now at home with his parents, and a happy, plump little baby. Mai couldn't stop raving about him, and Katsuya felt like the happiest person alive. Good fortune seemed to be directed towards that family.

The double wedding was set for the next month of June, in the near beginning of the month. The invitations had been sent out, and the couples were as happy as ever.

Anzu was pretty happy with life as well. At the moment, her romance troubles were on hold (save for those with rejecting Larry) and she was happy to be back under the spotlight again.

Of course, five months of going without dancing had left her a tad shabby.

The strict Japanese producers who were co-working with Larry Sr. and his crew made sure to comment on her performance.

"She is the best dancer you have?" one of the ladies snapped, writing a few things down on a clipboard, "She is as rusty as an old pipe!"

Anzu frowned as she stretched on stage, hearing the old-bat talk. Anzu bet all her money that the woman couldn't even spin around on one foot without falling flat on her back.

She would pay said money to see that.

Larry Sr. was sweating as he tried to talk it all out with her, "I assure you, Ms. Chahna, she is the best dancer in the group! She's just been on vacation for several months-"

"Excuses, excuses: it matters not! No dancer should go on vacation if she is truly interested in this profession.

Anzu stretched herself out even more as if to prove to the woman that she was the best, and to take her anger out in the form of inflicting self pain.

"Now then," Ms. Chahna seemed to have had enough bickering about one performer for now, "Where is the other star of the show? He is not here yet! He and Ms. Mazaki cannot practice until he arrives!"

"I was told his plane had just landed twenty minutes ago. He should be here rather soon," Lar was starting to panic once more. It was natural of him. He did it during almost ever practice. It was even worse during show times. Anzu had tried to calm him down when she was new to the troupe, but she was shown that all efforts were futile and everyone just had to roll along with it.

"Where is that man?" Lar paced the way. Anzu jumped off the stage and put a hand on his shoulder.

"It's no biggie, Lar. I can practice myself if he doesn't show up today. Or you can have all the other dancers practice their scenes so it's not a total loss."

"What loss? There'll be no loss with me around, sweetie."

Anzu spun around, unfamiliar with the voice. But Lar was all too familiar with it.

"By God, Kaelin, you had us worried to the bone!" he announced, shaking hands with the man. Kaelin had a slightly tan complexion with ebony hair that was shaggy, but cleanly cut around the ears.

"Anzu, this is Kaelin Tynan. Kaelin, this is Anzu Mazaki. You two are the partners for the show!" Lar announced.

"Hello there," Anzu put out her hand hesitantly to shake his.

"Good afternoon to you," he took her hand, but raised it to his lips instead and kissed it. Anzu was slightly surprised by the action and took her hand back quickly.

"Anzu, Kaelin showed up a few months ago, and boy were we all surprised with this boy's talents! He's the same age as you, Anzu, and just as good! He hasn't been with us very long, but he's taken dance classes almost for life! Isn't that fantastic?"

He must be really good for Lar to rave like this, Anzu though, feeling just a hint of jealousy within her.

"Please, Lar," Kaelin waved his hand, "I'm not nearly as good as you brag about. I've seen some of Ms. Mazaki's performances on tape, and I must say I pale in comparison."

"Nonsense!" Lar responded. "Now then, Kaelin, go get ready for practice. Anzu, stretch a little more if you want: practice a leap or two, whatever." Then he turned to the stage and clapped his hands loudly, calling out once the set was quiet, "We begin practicing formations and dances in ten minutes! Wrap it up!"

Anzu was both amazed and disgusted during the practice. Kaelin was astounding at dance: that was for sure! Of course, it was also this that brought on her petty jealousy. The fact that he had advanced so quickly through the ranks angered her. For all these years, she had practiced and practiced, and she had gotten to where she was through hard work and toil. And she thought SHE was renowned.

But this Kaelin what's-his-name just waltzed right in and took center stage with her! And she didn't even know him!

But he was a wonderful dancer. Right now, for the performance, that was all that mattered. As long as they were both good enough for the dance, all would go well.

Anzu just feared for afterward. She had been the top. She had had the life! Would this guy just take it all from her? Would he take her fame along with him?

Here goes that all-powerful feeling again. I thought those "lessons" with Seto helped to stop that. Then again, we never did "finish" them. I just started…avoided the Kaibas.

Her face fell as she twirled around on stage; her feet moving on their own accord to the memorized dance.

But her thoughts were everywhere but on it.

Perhaps she ought to start actually talking to them again, rather than just saying "hi" or waving and smiling. That was the awful way to avoid problems.

Perhaps she should start going out to lunch or dinner with them again…just as friends. She wanted to revert back to her "this is not a date" thoughts.

It was decided. She was going to have a social life with the Kaibas again. They were her friends after all – they had started being real friends with the group after the saving-the-world business had ended a good decade ago.

But who would she talk to first?

She knew the answer almost immediately. Mokuba. …I have to let him know that even though I MAY not love him the way he seems to love me…that I still REALLY want to be friends with him. I just have to give my heart time to decide.

Who do I really love?
Do I love anyone?

How will I know? What IS love anyway?

Great. Now she was getting into the questions that equaled the status of the meaning of life!

She smiled as she jumped across the stage. Finally, she was reaching the grass that was greener on the other side of the mountain….

She jumped up, ready to have Kaelin grab her torso and legs in the form they were supposed to practice, and everything went well until she could swear, as he began to let go of her, he purposely moved his fingers just a little further up her chest and thigh….

The month was approaching its end, and Anzu was busier than ever. She had tried to find time in her busy schedule to fit in some little lunch or something with each Kaiba, but she was far too busy. The only thing she had been able to do so far was to go apologize to Mokuba for avoiding him so much….


A knock sounded at Mokuba's office door. He looked up, confused as he was expecting no one at the moment, and was surprised to see Anzu peep her head through the door.

"Hey," she said quietly, smiling. Mokuba gave her a small smile back, though the sight of her tugged at his heart. He knew when he was being avoided…. Then again, it looked as if she had been avoided a lot of people for a while now.

"Anzu, what are you doing here? Don't you have some dance thing?" Seto had told him about her time off.

"Yeah, but I wanted to drop by and say "hi," if that's alright," she closed the door as she stepped through.

"Of course!" he gestured to the seat by his desk, "It's always alright to come on by," he put some papers aside and turned to face her as she sat down. "So, how can I help you?"

Anzu looked away for a minute, trying to decide on the right words to say. She then looked up and took Mokuba's hand in hers, "Look…Mokuba, I'm really sorry about what happened a few weeks ago…in the limo and everything. I guess…it just really took me by surprise," she paused for a moment to watch his reaction. He remained unmoving. So she continued, "You've probably guessed, and seen that I have been kind of…ditching these past couple of weeks, but it's not just you, Mokuba…it's…others too. My emotions are just in turmoil and I don't feel much like being around a lot of people. Well…I didn't at least. Now, I'm starting to overcome it, and I rethinking things more clearly. I realize how stupid my actions were: avoiding my problems instead of dealing with them.

"The truth is, Mokuba, I'm very flattered by what you said…and you really seemed to mean it at the time-"

"And I still do," he replied, squeezing her hand. She blushed slightly at the words but shook her head.

"As I said…I-I'm flattered…but I can't say anything right now, Mokuba. I need time…to think things over. I don't know…what I feel yet…but still know that I really do still want to be friends…even if we can't be anything more," Anzu looked directly into his gray-blue eyes. "Just give me time…and we'll see. We'll see what the future holds, alright?"

Mokuba nodded, understandingly. Oh, how he just longed to lean in and give her a small kiss…just to see himself what she was feeling inside! But would it ruin what all this had been about? Or should he just be forward with it? He had done just that once before…but it was before she knew how he felt about her.

What was he to do?

He felt himself leaning closer to her, despite what his mind was thinking. Anzu's eyes looked a bit hazed over. …Was she scared? Or was she lost in emotion?

Was this the right thing to do? Well, it was too late now-


The two snapped out of their trance and flipped their heads towards the door. Noa stood there with some papers in hand.

"Oh, hey Anzu," he gave a small smile, "I didn't expect to see you here…."

"Have you ever learned to knock?" Mokuba sighed, turning back to his desk to sort papers.

Anzu stood up, "Thank you for your time, Mokuba. She then turned to exit and smiled happily at Noa, "Hey there. Long time no see," she gave him a pat on the arm, and then left the room.

Anzu plopped onto her bed, thinking over what had happened just those couple of days ago. Had Mokuba been about to kiss her? It seemed eminent…. It probably would have happened if Noa had not barged in-

Did he do that because he overheard us? And he got je- Anzu jumped up in bed. She rolled her eyes, "Anzu, quit it! You're SO OVERREACTING! Noa has no feelings for you, and he just walked in because he had papers for Mokuba, and Mokuba is his brother, so he can walk in any time!" She nodded, as if to settle the argument with another self, and turned off the light, going to bed.

But her sleep was haunted by the ever present though that doubted her minute's logic….

And she failed to hear the small whispered curse outside her door as a certain reporter tripped over his own two feet.

Noa swirled some pens around in his pen canister on his desk, back at the Kaiba Mansion. His cheek was in his hand as he mindlessly swirled the pens around with a finger.

Those two were pretty intimate sounding from outside, he mused, And what was it that Mokuba had said to Anzu that had her reeling? He couldn't have asked her to be his girlfriend or anything…right? Yet all the evidence points towards it or something like that. I mean, they looked ready to kiss in there! Jealousy really is a powerful emotion….

But those papers DID have to be delivered immediately. Pegasus really seems intent on getting a fast meeting. I wonder why….

His mind then wandered back to Anzu. If Mokuba's made her move on her looks like she's declined. Would I have a chance then? Or does my fate lie with Mokuba's?

Anzu sighed as she exited the civic center, where the dance was going to be held in a week and a half. She stretched as she walked down the stairs. She heard someone opening the door above her and running down the steps quickly, when she stopped, seeing someone sitting on the steps before her.

"And just what are you doing here?"

Noa spun around and jumped up, "Ah! I had a feeling you would be here."

"Seto told you, right?" The footsteps behind her stopped, but she never noticed.

Noa looked to the side, "One might say that…. Anyway, getting to the point of why I'm here," he looked back at her. "We haven't been able to get together for a while. I have the rest of the evening off, and I thought, heck, if you're up to it, why don't we get a bite of dinner to eat?"

Anzu blinked at the sudden request. Just out of the blue like that? Well, she had been meaning to talk to these guys again….

"Sure, why not?" she smiled. Noa's face lit up visibly.

"Yes, Pegasus," Seto sighed, holding the bridge of his nose as he spoke over the phone, "It is agreed. We will meet tomorrow afternoon for whatever it is you've been so anxious to have a meeting about. And it had better not be a waste of my time!"

"I assure you, Kaiba-boy, that it certainly won't! Ta, ta!" Pegasus laughed and hung up the phone. Seto hung up, disgusted. What was that man badgering about constantly anyway? For the past couple of weeks, he had been hammering away to get a meeting secured with Kaiba Corp. What was going on?

And he wanted all three brothers at the meeting tomorrow. It must be really important.

He would tell Noa, who was out at the moment, when he got back home.

Noa and Anzu sat in one of their usual restaurants, eating the classics there. They were chatting happily, and Anzu was glad she had accepted the invitation. This was more fun that she had thought it would be! She had been hoping for a night like this for a while now.

As Noa was in the middle of a small anecdote, Anzu's cell phone rang. She cursed silently and apologized, while digging out her phone.

Using her manners, Anzu excused herself to take the call. She walked outside, then noticed the number and immediately grimaced.

Flipping the phone open, she said, "Hello, this is Anzu speaking. Am I correct in assuming that Larry is calling?"

"We're two completely alike minds, Anzu: it's amazing."

"I saw your number."

"And see? You've memorized it! That actually shows that you care about me!"

"Look, what do you want? I'm kind of in the middle of somet-"

"Where are you?"

"Why do you want to know?" Anzu inquired suspiciously.

"Well, I need to talk to you…face to face."

"I'm busy right now, Larry; can this wait?"

"I'd rather it not, Anzu. I'm in the mood right now, and I know you will be too! You just…sound like it."

"I sound like it. …I sound like it? Larry, the only thing I think I sound right now, is irritated!"

"Ah, Anzu, just give me a chance! I have a perfectly good explanation! If you just tell me where you are, it will all be revealed soon! And then, we can spend the rest of the night together-"

"Larry, what don't you understand about these words? I. AM. BUSY!"


Anzu blinked and spun around. God isn't that cruel, is He? Why would HE let something like this happen!

Larry's face beamed as he switched off his phone, "Well, son of a gun! I can't believe I just walked into you right here! I was just on my way to the car, a couple blocks down-"

"Larry, you're here, okay? Just spit out what you wanted to say!" Anzu snapped her phone shut vigorously, and clenched her fist, "I have places to be!"

"Anzu," he took her hand and looked at her solemnly. "I need to ask you something very important."

A warning siren raged through Anzu's head. Oh, she knew what was coming. But why now? In front of the world!

"Anzu," Larry knelt down on his knee in front of the restaurant, "Will you marry me?"

Not again! Good God, can't this guy take a hint! Anzu took a deep breath. It was now or never.

"I must decline, Larry," she replied politely, trying to hold her anger in check.

Larry's eyes widened, and he slowly stood up, eyeing her sternly.


"Yes. Again, Larry," she replied tensely.

Larry suddenly balled up his fist and hit the side of the building, "God dang it Anzu, WHY! Why don't you ever accept my proposal!"

Anzu felt her face growing red, "Larry, can't you take a hint! You've asked me probably seven times or so now, I can't remember! Hasn't it occurred to you that I'm NOT INTERESTED! I've TRIED to be nice about this for the past nine years, Larry, but you're just…aggravating! You keep trying to make it seem like we're a couple and that I'm interested in you, but it's not like that! Don't you get it? I don't love you! I never have, and frankly, I don't think I ever will! So just lay off, will you?"

Larry just stared at her; his eyes burning with anger. "So that's it, is it? After all these years, you decide to break it to me now? After I've waited for you for this long?"

"I gave you countless hints, Larry! How many times did I reject your proposal? Wasn't that enough!"

"Just SHUT UP, you worthless WRETCH!" he suddenly swung his arm out and struck her, sending Anzu crashing to the sidewalk.

She gasped as she felt her bare forearms skid across the ground, grazing her skin. She was almost afraid to look; afraid to see the blood.

"If that isn't enough…I should think you deserve a scar for ever time you sent my heart into pain, Mazaki!" Larry neared her.

Anzu scrambled up, trying to grab onto the things around her to steady her. That fall had but a toll on her back, and her arms hurt like mad now. The cool breeze stung her scraps, and she felt the beginning of the trek of her blood down her arm.

"Larry, STOP! You're out of control!" Anzu tripped, due to her weak knees, and stumbled onto someone's car. She tried holding herself up, but was suddenly pinned against the vehicle by Larry.

"I will have you Anzu…if I have to stoop to the most extreme of measure to do it," he hissed.

"Get away from me," she ground out, breathing heavily at the same time.

Larry suddenly tensed up, and collapsed to the floor; his eyes wide open, but obviously unconscious.

Anzu looked from Larry to who had knocked him out.

"Anzu, are you alright?" Noa was about to walk closer to her, but she flung herself into his arms too fast for him to go first. He held onto her as she cried softly in his shoulder. She had never been in such a situation before, and coupled with all the other stress as of late, it took a serious toll on her.

"I didn't…know what to do," she whispered between her sobs, "I never thought…he'd rush out at me like that. All I did was tell him…what I've wanted to for years! He just…became so enraged and-"

"Calm down Anzu," Noa spoke soothingly into her ear and swayed a little on the spot to comfort her. He still had his arms around her. "You're safe now. And if I have to install your own security crew, I'll make sure he doesn't come near you again."

"That's not possible," Anzu sighed, "He's my manager's son."

"Then talk to your manager about it. I'll make sure this guy stays the night in the station. For assault."

It might have seemed a bit extreme to Anzu, but at the moment she didn't care. She just wanted to stay in Noa's arms for eternity. She felt comfortable there, and he was the sweetest guy imaginable.

"Come on back to the limousine, and I'll take you home." He started walking with her down the walk a bit.

"What about the restaurant?"

"I took care of the bill already. And I'll make sure the police come to pick up your "friend" over there."

"Thank you, Noa," she sighed, laying her head against his shoulder.

Noa moved his hand to her arm, but felt something there. When he took his hand back, he saw that there was blood on it.

"Anzu, you're bleeding!" he stopped her and carefully held up her arms to examine them.

"Ah yeah…he pushed me down…" she averted he eyes.

"What a jerk," Noa hissed. "Come on, we have first aid in the limo. I'll make sure you get bandaged up quickly." He led her along a little quicker now to the automobile and let her climb inside first. He instructed the chauffeur to call the police and make sure they picked up Larry before taking them to Anzu's house.

Meanwhile, he and Anzu sat in the back of the limo. He had retrieved the first aid kit from under the seat and had opened it up to take the gauze and antiseptic from inside.

Anzu let him hold her arm, and he gingerly turned it over to her elbows, where they were skinned terribly, along with the skin below and above them.

"Let me clean that for you," he said, grabbing some wipes and starting to wipe away her blood. She gave a small gasp when the wipes touched her wounds, but held through and sat quietly as Noa applied the antiseptic. He then took the fresh gauze and began to expertly wrap it around her elbow, making sure all parts of the slice were covered before he snipped and clipped it to her.

Then he proceeded to wrapped her other arm.

"Are you hurt anywhere else?" he inquired. Anzu stayed still for a moment to see if she felt pain anywhere else. Her back ached, as did her rear, but that was just from falling down. And if she had any scrapes, they weren't bleeding. The fabric from her clothes probably helped with that.

"Turn around. Let me see," Noa instructed, knowing full well what she was thinking.

She fidgeted in the seat and turned enough for him to see her back. "It doesn't look like anything major. Your shirt tore a bit, and you look like you might have grazed your back, but there's not blood, if that's what you're wondering."

"Good," she sighed. She could always buy a new shirt.

"Are you alright now?" Noa inquired. "Are you positive?" She nodded, smiling slightly. She still hurt in places, but the pain would be there for a couple days before subsiding. She hoped she could still dance well like this. Or well enough, at least. The performance was on in only about two weeks!

They felt the limo start up and Noa stated, "I'm taking you back to your place. We can have your car picked up later, alright?"

Anzu just nodded. "I could always get a ride in the morning to go to dance practice if I needed to."

"I'll get someone to get it for you tonight. But seriously, Anzu, I doubt you'll be going to dance tomorrow. Not with these injuries so fresh. You ought to wait a day or so, until they heal into scars and don't risk bleeding through. If you touch any sensitive spots while the wounds are still in this state, it will sting badly."

"I know, but the performance is on in two weeks! I can't just skip a practice! Everyone is depending on me! I'll make it-"

"Anzu, I'm sure that you're fine enough there. I'm sure you can nail it, having been gone only one day. You're the best dancer I know," Noa complimented softy.

"I'm the only dancer you know."

"Unless you count recognition. Then you still are the best."

"Have you ever seen me dance?"

"I was in New York once," Noa recalled, "I remember coming to one of your dances."

"What?" Anzu looked at him, surprised, "Why didn't you ever come see me? We could have gotten together or something!"

"Ack, I wanted to, but Seto said we were too busy. Turns out we kinda of were."

"You could have at least called in some spare moment."

"True. You got me there," he laughed. She smiled.

"There you are," Noa opened Anzu's door for her and made sure she got inside alright. "You sure you'll be alright?"

"Yeah. Honda should be home…sometime…so he'll make sure I'm okay…I hope," she laughed lightly. Noa smiled warmly at her.

"Well, it's getting later as we chat, so I guess I'll leave you alone now," Noa stated, starting to open the front door.

Anzu waved and began to walk away when she tripped over her own feet. Clumsy idiot!

Noa stepped forward quickly to catch her by her upper arms to avoid touching her in her wounded areas. "Careful!" he warned, "Are you really all that positive that you'll be fine?"

"Yes, yes…I just tripped is all," Anzu replied, lying back against him for a moment.

"Yes, but in your condition, tripping could hurt more than usual.

"True," she sighed. They paused for a moment, just waiting for someone to speak. "…Thank you," Anzu said quietly.

"No problem. I was right here and all-"

"For everything. You got me out of a real jam tonight. And you help bandage me up. You're the best, Noa," she looked up at him, her eyes shining, both with happiness and tears.

And the words seemed to come from their own accord, "You're what I'm here for," he responded, blinking as he heard himself say those words.

Anzu looked at him long and hard, before reaching up to caress his cheek.

Slowly, she stretched upward to meet his lips, and he instinctively followed suit. Upon contact, Anzu slid her hand to the base of his head, running her hand through the bottom of his hair.

Noa held her tenderly, not wanting to hurt her, but still wanting to get the most out of this kiss. He pressed a little harder on her lips, and she responded willingly, slowly wrapping her other arm around him.

She was practically just lying in his arms as he supported her, but he didn't care. She was his at the moment, and he was hers.

She pulled away for a moment, looking into his steel blue eyes. She whispered, out of breath, "Shall we take this-"

"Somewhere less public?" he kissed her forehead.

"Exactly," she replied, feeling as if she was about to melt in his arms.

"Of course," he responded. She continued to lay her head against him, but still lead him to her room. They stepped inside, and Anzu closed the door behind her.

She put her hands on his chest and looked up to him again, seeing the moonlight from the windows reflecting in his loving eyes.

"So where were we?"

"Cliché," Noa smiled, "But the answer is oh so desirable," he leaned down and kissed her once again.

Hiroto walked into the penthouse, putting his keys and things on the counter. "Boy, what a late night," he yawned, stretching, "I hope not every night writing up articles is like this. I hope my next one isn't as lengthy…or critiqued so harshly," he added in a grumble.

"Anzu, you here?" he suddenly called out, not too loud though, in case she was sleeping. "Well, I didn't see her car out there…so I guess not," Honda shrugged. He took a right down the hallway and was made his way to his room.

He changed into his nightwear and was just about to crawl into bed, when he heard a small giggle come from the room next door.

Honda furrowed his brows, "What the…. Anzu?" He walked to the door joining the two rooms and pushed it open slightly.

Honda's eyes widened. Yes, it was Anzu. But she was currently with someone else as well. And they were looking pretty suspicious there on her bed.

Well, at least he didn't see clothes on the floor or anything. That was a breather.

But who the he- He stopped. The moonlight shining in her room bounced off the top of the man's head. The boy sat up from kissing her and Hiroto got a pretty clear shot of who lay there.

NOA! Noa Kaiba! What the heck is he doing here! With her! …In bed! I knew they were pretty close…but THIS intimate?

He stood there in shock for a moment, both trying and not trying to watch the two making out in supposed privacy.

Suddenly, his new, reporter instincts were kicking in. He had a deadline to meet by the end of the week.

It's…it's perfect! Two celebrities…getting together! But…no! I can't do that! They're my friends, especially Anzu! She'd kill me if I wrote that!

But I need a story! And what could I possibly find in a few days? This could be my only chance!

Well…what if I only took notes for a possible story? That way, its here for backup, and my not get published at all! Yes! Compromise is the best answer!

And without another thought towards whether or not this was the right thing to do, Honda grabbed his new, small notepad and began somewhat detailed observations of what he was witnessing. The article did not have to be huge, but he needed to get down enough substance to make something out of it, just in case he needed to resort to this.

Had Honda known what he would be getting himself into, he might have shut the door when he first laid eyes on what was going on. But as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.

And currently, "Curiosity" was making out on her bed, while the "Cat" was watching every move.

Okay, just clear some things up with that last section, NO, the two are NOT doing anything TOO intimate (you know what I mean!). They're just harmlessly kissing…while in her bed. You know? Yeah…. Now next chapter, it may say that They picked up a couple things…jackets or whatnot, but they did not totally strip down! Just wanted to make that clear…. I know it would seem weird for Honda to be watching them…yeah…you know…but kissing is a different story. Reporters fish into everything all the time, and that's what he is now.

Anywho, I hoped it was…worthwhile…for the few of you that read it. But I update it just for you guys! Be happy. It was somewhat hard to get this chapter down. I'm starting to forget everything and loose some inspiration…but hopefully it'll come back to make the story better. I hope you're still enjoying it, and I hope you liked the chapter enough! PLEASE REVIEW!