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Ryou sighed as he looked up to the sun. His father had taken a job in Egypt, digging in a lost city. It seemed to be and expert at with holding the secrets buried there. Half way through the dig his father did something very unlike him and invited Ryou to the dig site. Of course Ryou jumped at the chance to spend time with his distant father. So here he was a week later on his way out to the work site, top of the jeep off and the sun in his eyes. His father sat beside him going over paperwork. As he placed his hand upon the ring the dark presence inside it remained ever still. He was afraid of the chaos his yami would be able to cause on a job site, but Bakura had been oh so quiet since they arrived in Egypt.

He leaned over to his father for a moment, "What was the name of the town father?"

"Elna Kuru" his father replied with a smile on his face "The town of thieves"

With this Ryou felt the spirit of the ring stir a bit but quickly settled back down as if he had never been there.

Meanwhile back in Japan Yugi was stretching as he got up from doing his homework. Tomorrow he had his finals for World History, Geometry and Chemistry. Then he would be done for the year. Summer was finally going to be here.

Half way through the day Ryou was getting sorta bored. He didn't want to insult his father and make him thing that he didn't enjoy spending time with him – he did very much. But with all due respect…it was just a bunch of dirt…they really hadn't found much of anything. They were just going of some old papyrus scrolls found in a palace that dated back to a pharaoh whose name they couldn't even translate…It very much sounded like a wild goose chase to Ryou.

When he couldn't take the boredom any longer he told his father he was thirsty and was going to get a drink and wander off a bit from the dig site. Sand sand and more Sand that was all Ryou saw in any direction. He pulled out his sunscreen with his pale skin he had to remember to put it on at least every two hours out least he be red as a tomato the next day. As he was re-applying it he took a step and fell- as he did he let out a scream. Sand poured in around him as he hit the bottom of a stone floor…He tried to stand…his ankle was sore but not broken as well as his butt. He coughed getting the sand out of his mouth.

It was then he was able to take in his surroundings. It was an old plain stone building. In his mind it clicked that this must be one of the houses of Elna Kura…it was real. As this thought filtered through his mind the spirit of the ring became restless. Where ever he was his Yami didn't like it…He tried calling for help again but no one came.

Ryou sat down against the wall, hoping his father would figure out he was missing and send people to search for him…he hadn't wandered that far off. He sighed brushing his hair out of the way and knocking some of the sand out of it. As he did so he glanced at the opposite wall. It had hieroglyphs on it…odd he thought people usually didn't just go and write on their walls. Or so Ryou thought maybe the Egyptians were weird or something. Anger filtered through from the ring and Ryou sent a silent apology.

As he brushed it off he found he could read it. This surprised him slightly till he remembered Yugi telling him how he Marik and Kaiba had been able to read the writings on The Winged Dragon of Ra. Some of it had worn away with time. But as Ryou ran his hand across it he read what he could make out.

/Past Forgotten Future Unknown./

/Spirits Unrest and Children Alone/

/Discover the Past Ancient and New/

/The Balance of Light and Darkness Shall Ring True/

/As the Sunsets Will You Still be You/

As his hand reached the end he felt a warmth shoot through the ring and then all the sudden it was cold….nothing was there. The spirit of the Ring was gone.

Half way around the world Yugi was settling down for bed, when all the sudden the puzzle started glowing. He grabbed it just as he felt the pharaoh leave.

"Yam!" he screamed not knowing what was going on. But it was to late his friend was already gone. He dropped the puzzle and cried not noticing that it glowed a second time.

The ring glowed again as a presents reentered the ring. Ryou sighed as the spirit if the ring returned…but it felt different. Less hostile and more confused.

"Yami…" Ryou prodded. Usually he was smart enough NOT to bother his darker half but something felt wrong.

Ryou nearly fainted when the Pharaoh materialized next to him. "Ryou…what how…where am I? Where's Yugi"

"I have no idea…all I remember is falling down here. Read the hieroglyphs on the wall" He pointed as Yami looked at them still listening to Ryou "Then Bakura was gone and a moment later you were here."

Yami looked puzzled at the wall. "That…means Bakura must be…" As he looked back at Ryou

Ryou covered his mouth with his hands. "Bakura must be in the puzzle now"

With that Ryou heard voices above him. Yami quickly moved back into the Ring as Ryou called up

"Down here! I fell down a whole" Ryou was pulled up 10 minutes later and given a large hug from his dad. 1.) because he was safe and 2) Because he has discovered the lost city….Ryou wasn't sure how he was going to approach his dad after that about returning home so the he could help his friend….

As Yugi slept Bakura snuck into his soul room. It took Bakura little to know time to figure out he had been transferred from the Ring to the Puzzle. What better time to get dirt on the pharaoh then when he was trapped in said Pharaoh's hikari's body? He looked around and saw all the random toys and duel monsters cards. It was almost sickening nothing that he could use against the Pharaoh. He was about to give up when he noticed a crease in the wall. 'Jackpot' thought the thief. It was something so hidden that he was sure the pharaoh hadn't seen and the squirt probably did his best to hide from the cheer squad. This was better then gold. He made his way over to it and pushed but as he did a force sucked him in and slammed the door behind him. When he became aware of his senses again he was incorporeal form, in a house.

He saw a woman at the stove cooking. The house was in disrepair. His eyes scanned and landed on a pair of children playing at the table. There was a girl with long golden hair highlighted in purple. She had to be around 10-12 yrs old with a petite frame. The other however was instantly recognizable. Golden locks framed his face, midnight black etched around it tipped in red. "Yugi' floated through his head. Though at this time he couldn't of been older then 7 or 8.

He was beginning to wonder what was so special about this scene when a man with jet black hair ran in, as an explosion racked through the air.

"Amira take your brother to the shelter now" his voice left no room for argument and the girl stood, taking her brother's hand hastily. With calmness, that wasn't normal for ones of their age in such a situation, made their way out of the room. Bakura was forced to follow, of course this was Yugi's memory. As he left he caught the man saying "This isn't good Kaiba-Corp has gone all out-…" He turned back to Yugi and the girl as they made their way down a whole in the floor. Quiet yes but in his eyes he spoke of the fear he was feeling.

"Amira are they really going to be ok?" Asked little Yugi as the explosions became louder and more frequent.

"Yes Yugi" the girl said hugging him to her.

Time seemed to take forever to pass, and Bakura could look outside but the battle was still going on. All the sudden though the house shook more violently and a loud /crack/ was heard. From there things went in slow motion. A support beam fell and headed straight for Yugi. But Amira was there first and knocked him out of the way. The sickening crunch of bones breaking was heard and she coughed up blood.

"Yugi' she croaked out as blood flowed from her forehead covering her face. "Run, hide, don't let them get you" and then her eyes closed.

"Amira" the small boy screamed over and over, tears spilling from his eyes. Bakura wanted to grab the small boy, hold him and tell him it would be okay, but he couldn't he was rooted on the spot, a cold chill going down his spine. Never mind he was just an unseen spirit. Finally Yugi stood and moved to look outside. Everything was on fire or smoking. Bodies were everywhere. He hide behind the remains of a car and cried. Blood cover the body lined streets. Bakura recognized the two adults that had been with Yugi earlier, they must have been his parents. As the sun rose and everything feel silent. There was nothing left. The town was destroyed- leveled Yugi was the only thing left alive.

Bakura felt sick and the eerie familiarity of the situation hit him and he couldn't take it any more as he cried for himself and for Yugi. He found himself in Yugi's soul room again and could sense Yugi's tears. He must of forced him to relive the experience. He then did something he had knowledge of but never attempted before- he manifested in front of Yugi. He hugged the boy tight, who cried deep into the spirits embrace. Yugi at the moment didn't care who was comforting him with soothing words.

As he looked up though at first he was frightened to see the thief before him, but he saw the sadness in them and gasped.

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you." Bakura said solemnly moving a strand of Yugi's hair behind his ear. "I'm so very sorry I made you relieve that nightmare."

"I…I had almost forgotten….but it …its always there." Yugi said silently wiping his tears away.

"I know." Bakura said with a heavy voice.

Yugi's eyes narrowed "How could you know…" he said almost hurt.

Bakura sighed. Most would say he was going soft and maybe he was. But right now Yugi needed to know someone else understood the pain. That he wasn't alone.

"You know I've been after the Millennium items for sometime now but do you know why?"

Yugi covered up the puzzle. "I always thought it was because you wanted the powers of the Pharaoh"

"Far from it. I want to destroy them" Bakura stated

Yugi looked confused "Why?"

"Because they are evil very evil Yugi." Bakura began Yugi looked confused but did not speak so Bakura continued. "You see back in ancient Egypt…….." And Bakura told Yugi his story. How his home town had been slaughtered to create the items, this ordered by the Pharaoh. And how he believed that if he destroyed the items he could set their souls free and allow them to move on.

At the end Yugi looked down. "Yami can't remember anything about his past. You seem to remember it clearly but its still been 5000 years…We were are trying to recover his memories. If…if what you say is true and he ordered the destruction of your village for this… then… then I'll help you destroy him. But please let us figure it all out. You might reminder something incorrectly."

Bakura sighed yet again. Something in him felt he couldn't deny Yugi this after everything. And he was right it had been 5000 years…and things were a little hazy and hard to recall even for him.

"For you Yugi I can do that. I can do that." Bakura said hugging the petite duelist.

"Please…" Yugi said looking up at Bakura.

"I..I don't want to be alone tonight...can…can you stay? " Yugi said shyly.

"I can do that too." And Bakura did something that shocked them both. He smiled.

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