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NOTE: Welcome to fic #6 (continuous, that is)! I wanted to get this up during the Halloween season (at least: start it…cause it won't be finished in time, of course), so yeah. There are romance undertones in this story. UNDERTONES. I am trying to stay a tad bit away from the romance idea: but that doesn't mean there won't be some….

Also, Noa is not in this fic…therefore, I am saying that…sniffs…unfortunately, Noa's Arc didn't happen (in this fic, of course).

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Haunted Mansion

Chapter 1: Enter the Mansion

October (15)

"I want it destroyed. Yes, you heard me: demolished: devastated: destroyed! I want nothing of it to remain," Seto Kaiba spoke on the phone to a bulldozing company.

"And I want it done as soon as possible. How long will that be?" …. "A MONTH! You expect me to wait a month to destroy that doggone mansion! Argh!" Seto suddenly hung up on the poor man, by slamming down the phone onto its proper place, in the phone jack. He sighed and rubbed his temples. This was going to be harder than he thought.

He wanted the old Kaiba Mansion destroyed. He wanted no evidence of it ever being there. It wasn't that he had ever lived there. No. All he knew was that the property had belonged to Gozaburo, and therefore, it was now his responsibility. It seemed his stepfather had moved into the present Kaiba Mansion a little before Seto and Mokuba had come to live with him.

Seto hadn't ever really given the mansion much thought, however, now that he had some free time to think, and the city of Domino needed more land for various things, he was more that happy to give the retched land away…for a good sum of money, of course.

However, before the work was completed, he did want to see what his father had previously lived in, just out of curiosity. He wanted to see if it was at all like their contemporary home.

Mokuba had wanted to join him; however, Seto wasn't so sure about that. The mansion was run-down: there were leaks, the shutters and floorboards were loose, and vines crept along the whole house. It was literally being devoured by nature.

However, this was only natural. The house had stood for a couple generations of Kaibas, and it had been in generally good shape. However, it seemed that just before Gozaburo had left, he had practically destroyed the home. That's what left it in such condition (also with the help of nature, as said).

However, with the bulldozing company acting so slowly, he could have plenty of time to scope it out. His phone suddenly started ringing again. He hastily picked it up and practically shouted into the phone.

"Seto Kaiba, who is it!"

"Um…Mister Kaiba…it's Raquith's Demolition Company. Sir…we managed to find that we actually can bulldoze your desired area in two weeks, instead of in a months…sir…that is…if you haven't found someone else already-"

"Two weeks?" Seto calmed down a little bit, "That's better. Not as soon as I had wished, however, it works. What are the terms of your business?"

And with that, Seto Kaiba started ensuring the destruction of the building of one of his most hated enemies….

"Seto? Is the mansion going to be destroyed?" Mokuba asked him at dinner.

"Yes, Mokuba. It's falling back to earth: exactly where that heap of dirt belongs," he answered.

"Okay…." Mokuba took a bite of his spaghetti. "Hey Seto?" he started asking, again.


"…Have you decided if I can come with you to explore the remains?"

"I don't know, Mokuba…. It could be dangerous for you to go in there-"

"Oh, come on, Seto! What's so dangerous about it? A few floorboards here and there, but that's dangerous for you too! It's not like Gozaburo set any traps in there or anything for us. From records, it's shown that he didn't even know we existed by the time he moved away. He wouldn't have set up anything."

"True, however, there's also general security. He may not only have had guards and dogs, Mokuba. He could have had much more. Also, this house has been there for years. Dating back, these houses could have some sort of "restricted" passages, which could lead you who-knows-where. And then what? You could be lost for good within that contraption," Seto explained.

"Seto, PLEASE? I really, really, really want to see the house!"

"I really don't know why you want to see it, Mokuba. I'm only going because…because I have to," Seto fibbed.

"Liar," Mokuba stated, "You want to go to see what it looked like, too! PLEASE TAKE ME WITH, SETO!" Mokuba fell from the chair to his knees; kneeling before his brother, with his hands in prayer fashion, and throwing on the world-famous puppy-dog eyes. His large, round, shining grey eyes were even brimming with small tears, threatening to fall if Seto said the "wrong thing."


"SETO!" Mokuba pleaded. Seto couldn't fall for these false tears again... No. He couldn't. He wouldn't. He was Seto Kaiba. His actions weren't influenced by his brother…all the time. He was going to flat out deny his brother. It was just too dangerous and risky.

Seto took a deep breath, ready to reject his brother's request, and tensing up for the oncoming waterfall of tears, "…Alright, Mokie. You can come." Wait. What the heck had he just said? Wasn't he going to refuse to take him along? Did he just invite him to come?

"YEAH!" the tears immediately vanished, "THANK YOU SETO!" Mokuba hugged his brother (albeit over such a useless argument). Seto blinked. No, no, no. He had to get it right now: he was going to tell his brother he had misspoke:

"You're welcome, kiddo." Seto stopped again. WHAT THE CRAP WAS THAT? What was wrong with him today? Why couldn't he speak right? Was he having a sort of…mental dyslexia or something? Saying the thing backwards from what he had intended? Seto sighed. What had he gotten himself into?

Oh well: what was done was done. He would have to live with it. Maybe it wouldn't be so dangerous after all…if they only took precautions. They would visit in a week, just to get it all over with.

Thunder started rolling among the clouds outside: the first roll had been threateningly loud, scaring poor Mokuba into his brother's lap. It had taken them both by surprise, though. Since when had a storm been on the radar?

Seto Kaiba would regret the day he "agreed" to take his brother with him.

A Week Later

Joey nodded his head violently to the music rocking out from the radio in his pick-up truck. His sister sat next to him, and Mai was on Serenity's right. The two were looking at him, worriedly.

"Joey…could you please pay attention to the road and not the music?" his sister asked.

"Yeah, boy, calm down," Mai demanded. "Heck, it's raining outside, making it even easier to slip up while driving. Pay attention already!"

"Sorry guys, but I just love this song!" Joey retorted. Duke was driving his green convertible (with the top down, of course) behind Joey's truck, with Tristan, Yugi, Tea and Ryou as the passengers. They were all coming back from an afternoon out on the town, just hanging out.

To get back to their "section" of town, Joey took a shortcut road on the brim of the city. Duke followed. They hadn't used the road before, but they knew where it led, thanks to maps and such. They drove for a little while, until suddenly, Joey slammed on the brakes. Duke yelped behind their car and shot on the brakes himself. He skidded a couple feet and just barely stopped before hitting Joey's truck.

Joey popped open the door and hopped out, not bothering to grab and umbrella; and circled around the car.

"Joey? What the heck's the matter with you?" Duke yelled at him, getting out of the car himself.

"I just noticed somethin' dat's all," Joey answered, walking to the sidewalk on the other side of the street. The other passengers to both cars became curious and popped out themselves.

"Joey, what did you see?" Tristan inquired.

"Well, just look!" Joey stepped in front of a large iron gate, which had large K's engraved into them. The others crowded around him, and peered through the bars of the gate.

"Whoa," Yugi commented.

"Ditto," Ryou added.

"It's…a mansion," Serenity said.

"Yeah…" Tea looked over it in awe.

"Good God, it's huge!" Tristan exclaimed.

"Amen…" Joey replied. "Kinda creepy too, ya know?"

"Precisely," Ryou affirmed. He was starting to feel a bit nervous standing in front of these foreboding gates. Bakura was acting up in his mind. The spirit was becoming very hyperactive and jumpy. He kept on murmuring some rants about "dark auras" and "evil spirits." Ryou shook his head. He didn't want to think about any of that right now.

"I dare ya ta go in," Joey pushed Yugi further towards the gates. "It's October after all…the "Halloween" month…the month of ghouls and goblins!" Joey laughed manically, or at least tried to. He wasn't doing a very good job, not having practiced, like a certain corporate executive we know.

"What? Crap no!" Yugi stumbled backwards, trying to scamper away.


"I'm not a chicken! If you're so brave yourself, you go in!" Yugi cried back.

"Fine den," Joey stood up straight and tall. He began advancing towards the gates, only going to clamber over them, and come back immediately.

Tea started looking around for some sort of hint at the previous owner, being curious, but found something else instead. Her face contorted into anger.

"Joey…are you blind?"

"No, uh…why do ya ask?" he stopped and turned around.

"How did you miss these signs?" she strode over, grabbed him by the ear and shoved his face into a sign.

"Ow! Tea!" Joey said, as his face was rammed into a sign. "I can't read a ting!" Tea sighed and pulled him back slightly. Joey squinted, and read slowly, "Re…strict…ed…Area…No…Tress…passing. Vio…lators…will be…prostituted? PROSTITUTED? WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE THEY!"

"Not prostituted, you imbecile!" Tristan punched Joey, "Prosecuted! Restricted Area: No Trespassing. Violators will be prosecuted! Duh!"

"Um…then we really shouldn't be here…" Ryou said; turning around, ready to zoom back to the car. Bakura was really starting to scare him right now…. "Besides, we're getting soaked to the bone…." He stopped though, and stared wide-eyed before him.

"Too right: you shouldn't be here," an unfeeling, ominous and dark voice penetrated the shadows.

"AH!" Joey spun around and jumped up into Mai's arms (when it really should be the other way around), frantically, scared to death by the sudden appearance of the ominous voice. Mai sighed and dropped him onto the sidewalk. Everyone turned around and stared at whom stood before them.


"K-Kaiba? Whaddya d-doing h-here?" Tristan stuttered. The CEO had scared him as well.

"Geez, Kaiba! You should warn someone before ya just pop outta nowhere like dat!" Joey scolded from the wet ground, "scarin' us like dat…so evil…" he muttered.

Serenity looked back and forth between the gates and Kaiba; a connection forming in her head, "He owns the lot."

"What?" Joey looked up from the ground.

"Well, at least there's someone smart in the group: I'm surprised it's a Wheeler though," Seto sneered. Serenity frowned at him, and Joey stood up immediately.

"Stop talkin' ta my sista dat way!"

"Get off my property," Seto replied, just as demanding. "I can have you all prosecuted, you know. So the signs say."

"Shove it, Kaiba, we were just leaving," Tea growled out.

"Only reason we're here is because Joey had to stop to see what the heck this place was," Tristan ground out.

"That, I can believe," Seto smirked.

"Seto…what's going on?" Mokuba suddenly popped up behind his brother, "Oh! Hey guys!"

"Hey Mokuba," Mai replied, as did some others.

"What are you all doing here?" Mokuba inquired.

"Nothing. We were just leaving," Yugi said.

"Oh. Seto and I are going to scope out this place before we tear it down. Our stepfather used to live here before he moved into our current house. Seto just wants to see-"

"Mokuba, that's enough. Anymore from you, and they'll be wanting to tag along, too," Seto said, hardly.

"As if!" Ryou suddenly shivered, "I don't even have the bloodiest idea why you two are going in there! It's certainly giving me the creeps! I can't stand it!" Ryou complained. The others all looked at him. They had never seen Ryou so scared before.

Mokuba suddenly looked past his brother and squinted in the dim light. There was only one streetlight on. The others had extinguished. The city didn't really bother with the lights out here on the outskirts. Mokuba's eyes widened.

"Duke!" the boy cried out, "How did you get in there!"

Everyone suddenly turned around, and saw that Duke was indeed standing on the inside of the grounds of the mansion, behind the iron gates.

Seto scowled, "Devlin, what the crap are you doing? Get back out here this instant!" Duke just smiled evilly, his emerald eyes glinting sharply in the darkness quickly, before settling down into a dull green. He just turned his body and began advancing on the mansion.

"Devlin, get your hind back here!" Seto ran up to the gate and shouted at him. Duke paid no mind to him and continued to walk.

"Geez…I had only been kiddin' when I said for someone to go in," Joey stated.

"So this is your fault!" Seto rounded on the blond.

"Quit it, you two! It's not anybody's fault!" Tea jumped in, "Duke's not acting normally! Can't you see it? Something's wrong! We have to go after him!"

"No: I am going in after him. The rest of you are staying out here," Seto directed.

"As if!" Serenity suddenly spoke up, "He's our friend and we have to go help him!"

"No. It's my property, so it's my demands. You're lucky I'm not pressing any charges against you lot, but Devlin's another story. So, I'm going to get him," Seto continued.

"Well, then you'll have to retrieve him with us," Serenity gave a quick affirming nod, and proceeded to the iron gates. She slowly hauled herself up them, climbing over the top and dropping to the muddy floor.

"Wheeler! Get your butt back here NOW!" Seto further yelled.

"HEY! STOP TALKIN' TO HER DAT WAY, YA IDIOT!" Joey reprimanded Seto. "Hold up, Serenity, I'm comin'!" Joey then called out, and clambered up the wet and slippery gates.

"Yeah! Who gives you the right to talk to poor Serenity like that? Wait for me, you two!" Tristan called, and ran up and over after them.

"What is it with you people and disobeying law!" Seto stomped his foot on the ground in frustration.

Yugi shrugged and followed his friends. Ryou sighed and went with the flow. All that now remained were Mai and Tea (save the Kaiba brothers).

"Uh…aren't you two going in?" Mokuba asked, hesitantly, whilst receiving an enormous glare from his elder brother.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK WE ARE?" Mai yelled suddenly, seemingly offended. Mokuba looked thoroughly shocked and confused. Seto had a raised eyebrow as well.

"What Mai means to say is that: why should we give you two the opportunity to look up our skirts?" Tea ground out. "Not that little Mokuba would," she added quickly. Mokuba flushed furiously, and hid behind his brother.

"That was uncalled for: in the presence of a child," Seto spat at them.

"Screw it: it's been done. Now you two either get going or find someway to open the blasted door," Mai folded her arms.

"Temper, temper," Seto sneered, proceeding to the gate. He gave some tugs to it, yet it still didn't open. He gave an extra hard pull, but slipped on the slick pavement, falling onto his backside. Mokuba tried to hide his laughter, while the girls had no such intentions. They had wanted to live to see the day when Seto Kaiba embarrassed himself in front of people: and they were going to thoroughly enjoy it. Seto scowled at them, and stood up, still attempting to open the gate. After getting some help from his brother…and some volunteered help from the girls, they had the gate opened just enough so that they could all squeeze through. Good thing they all had a slim physique….

The others were already at the door, waiting for the other four as Seto, Mokuba, Tea and Mai came up to them.

"Open the dang door already!" Seto ordered.

Joey didn't listen. He was eyeing the mud stains on Seto's shirt and pants, "What happened to you?"

"Never mind! Just open the door!"

"Kaiba, we can't. It's jammed," Tristan explained.

"Then…where's Duke?" Tea asked.

"He's inside," Serenity mumbled out.

"…How…exactly?" Mai squeaked. This was really starting to freak her out. And Mai Valentine wasn't one to usually "get freaked."

"He v-vanished," Ryou stuttered, due to his shaking from the cold rain and the fear growing rapidly inside him.

"What do you mean: vanished?" Mokuba blinked.

"We saw him walk up here; but when we ran up da stairs…he was gone. We saw him…and then our sight was blocked by a section of da wall: but when we could see da door again, we couldn't see Duke," Joey explained.

"And the door is bolted shut," Tristan repeated.

"Did it ever occur to you that he could have opened the door and locked us out?" Seto thought out logically.

"Dude…by bolted, I mean bolted," Tristan pointed to the door frame. Seto squinted, and saw with surprise, that the door was literally nailed into the frame. The door wasn't meant to open…and yet Duke was inside…supposedly.

"H-How do you know he's inside then? Maybe he snuck off somewhere…" Mokuba looked around the yard slightly, only somewhat hoping to see Duke's shadow. He was driven by fear…but he was also driven to find his friend. But this was all so creepy….

"He's inside: I can feel it," everyone turned around to view the speaker. It was Ryou. No…not Ryou. Bakura.

Whew…okay: I'm going to admit that I myself started getting just a little, tiny, teensy-weensy bit spooked near the end of the chapter. You tell me what you think about it: will it be a good story? Do you like it? Is it worthy, so far, of being called a horror story? That's where I leave off…except with one last question…what's up with Duke…?


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