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To the Victor Go the Spoils

Ladymage Samiko

Part 1

Sarah woke slowly, the sunlight playing hell with her eyes as she

opened them warily. That had been some party last night with Hoggle and

Ludo and the others. She was just glad no one had brought alcohol. The girl sat

up, clutching her head, and looked around her room. Miraculously, it was


Then she saw the Goblin King sitting at her vanity.

She screamed bloody murder and quickly scooted back against the


"Sarah?" her father called. "Sarah, honey, are you all right?"

Sarah watched the Goblin King closely as she tried to answer her

father. He merely raised an eyebrow and smirked as she stuttered, "F-Fine!

I'm fine, Dad! I was-uh-I was having a nightmare!"

"Okay, dear." Sarah listened to his footsteps retreat down the hall,

then turned to the still smirking king. "Dammit, what in the hell are you doing

here?" she hissed. "I played your game and I won. Go away!"

"I can't do that, Sarah," he said evenly. "As I told you before, what's

said is said. You played my game and you won. And to the victor go the


"What is that supposed to mean, Jareth?" she asked suspiciously. "I

got Toby back; he was the 'prize' in your game, wasn't he?"

"You still don't trust me, do you, Sarah?"

"Am I supposed to?" she shot back. "You've made me go to Hell and

back. You've lied and deceived me at every turn. And all this is is a _game_ to


His eyes flashed fire and ice. "I have never lied to you, Sarah." Even

his voice was icy. "I did as you asked. You are the one who refuses to take the

responsibility for your own actions." Just as quickly, his temper cooled. "And

why shouldn't it be a game? Can't you see how amusing mortals really are?"

"I don't think there was anything funny about last night."

"Such a pity," he murmured. "And you showed such promise." His

eyes swept up and down her form. Sarah was _very_ glad she had gone to bed

in her clothes. It would be impossible to face the Goblin King in her pajamas!

"Well?" she asked belligerently. "What do you want? Just tell me so I

can get on with my life."

"I am here to wish you very good tidings and a long reign, Your

Majesty," the king replied, sweeping into a low bow.

Her legs collapsed under her, sending her back to her mattress with a

thump. "_Excuse_ me?"

Jareth's eyes twinkled. "You defeated me in my own kingdom. By law,

that makes me your vassal and you, technically, are Queen of the Underground.

Therefore, Long Live the Queen. I am at your service, my lady." Sarah simply


"Sarah!" came her stepmother's harsh voice from the other side of

her bedroom door. "Get out here this instant! You have chores to do, young


Jareth turned to face the door with a scowl, but before he could do more

than lift his hand, Sarah grabbed his arm. "Don't you dare!" she whispered.

"I'd love it, but don't even think about it!" To her utter surprise, Jareth lowered

his hand, grumbling.

"Oh, very well. As Your Majesty commands," he said reluctantly.

"Before I forget, though... Catch!" He tossed a Crystal at her, which she

caught instinctively. "The Key to the Kingdom, fair one. Try not to lose it."

"Is there anywhere I should keep it?" Sarah asked nervously. She

hadn't been in charge of her own life, let alone an entire kingdom!

"You have the power," Jareth replied, making and unmaking a Crystal

of his own to demonstrate. "Just put it away."

Sarah tried several times. "I can't." The man sighed in exasperation,

causing the jabot of lace at his throat to quiver. Crossing over to her, he pressed

against her front to back, taking hold of her wrists. She jerked away in


"I'm only trying to help, Sarah." He hadn't let go of her wrists. "Just

relax. Let me control the power through you." Strangely, she did as he asked,

closing her eyes to help herself concentrate. She shivered as she felt his

gloved fingers slide up her wrist to interlace with her own. Stop that! she

told herself sternly.

"Now feel the strength within you," he murmured in her ear. "Feel for

the space outside of time. And make the two one." Sarah shivered again as

she could feel him delve into her being, pulling at something she never knew

existed there, drawing it out to their fingers. Then she knew--though she

couldn't see--that just in front of her was a tiny pocket of unbeing, the space

between one moment and the next. Together, the pair slipped the Crystal into


Sarah opened her eyes and turned to face him, face flushed. "That

was incredible! I never knew I could do that!"

He watched her intently, seeing the joy in her smile. "So beautiful,"

he whispered to himself. "And so cruel."


A few moments later, Sarah was darting down the stairs. She had

told the Goblin King to stay put and stay out of her stuff while she dealt with

her parents. Oddly enough, it seemed he was actually prepared--though

obviously not happy--to do as she wished. The girl puzzled over it as she

walked into the kitchen.

"Well, finally!" snapped Karen. "I'm glad you've decided to join the

rest of the world, Your Ladyship! Some of us _do_ have to work, you know."

Sarah sighed inwardly, knowing she get a tongue-lashing if her

stepmother heard her. "So what do I have to do today?" she asked.

Karen finished fussing with her purse before answering. "Your father

and I are going into town today to do some errands. I expect you to keep an eye

on Toby, of course, and the laundry needs to be done. Also, the living room needs

to be cleaned for the party tonight. I expect it to be finished by the time we get


"Yes, ma'am!" Sarah gave her a sharp salute and brought her heels

together. The older woman rolled her eyes.

"You need to take your responsibilities seriously, Sarah! Honestly! I

won't have my friends think I'm raising a total incompetent. So try to act like

an adult tonight. If it's not too much for you," she added spitefully before

stalking out the kitchen door.

"Bitch," Sarah told the closed door.