By: Couy-Chan/C.J.Y.

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> > >

Why today? The tall blonde had been trying to get books to sit up straight all day, only to have them fall over again. Maybe I should quit this job and become a super agent!

Happily imagining exciting gun fights and top secret missions, Krad shoved a tall black book back in place. He sighed, Give it up, old boy. My nineteenth birthday has come and gone and I'm still working here. The gold-eyed man smiled, then laughed at himself for thinking of quitting a job he'd had for four years. "I'm a librarian." He stated proudly, continuing in a high voiced secretary-like tone, "Are you finding everything alright, or are you just blind? Shall I write it on your eyeball, draw you a map or just point it out?" His chipperness had turned to a bitter tone as he checked his watch--2:05. His eyes grew wide. He must be here already!

Dumping the books he held, Krad sped over to the history aisle. Why quit a job where you see your dream guy every Tuesday? There he was, his black hair looking messy and wild, his elegantly slanted purple eyes scanning over the thickly bound books. Krad watched him for a moment, feeling dazed.

"He's totally gorgeous…" The blonde sighed dreamily, imagining his tall, dark and totally gorgeous hero and himself standing on a moonlit, rose covered balcony, holding each other close. The soft blue lighting made his 'love' look twice as lovely, his wild ebony hair floating gently in the soft summer breeze.

"Krad my love…" He whispered, leaning close, tenderly stoking the blonde's cheek. "You are the only one for me." He leaned forward, pulling Krad closer and then they-

The picture ripped into pieces and blew away, Krad giggling at his stupidity. Yeah right. He sighed and went back to stacking books, feeling a little bummed.

> > >

Krad got out of the car and went up the walkway to the 'Sweet Dreams' daycare center. It had been another long day. But, as on all Tuesdays, Krad was contemplating why he never talked to 'tall, dark and gorgeous'.

And, as on all Tuesdays, he decided that he still was too nervous to talk to his dream guy. Feeling pathetic, he opened the door and strolled inside. He immediately noticed his little blue-haired brother was sitting on a chair near the front desk.

"Are you Krad Hikari?" A brunette lady asked, sitting her paperwork aside to give the blonde a lazy gaze.

Krad gave Satoshi a threatening look and nodded, "Yes. Yes I am, what is it?"

"I'm sorry," the lady sighed, "But we can't have a child like that here. He has gotten into fights every day and the parents of the children sent home with bloody lips and noses request that he be removed. I'm very sorry, but you should see somebody about this before you get sued."

Krad rolled his eyes, very used to hearing such things and grabbed Satoshi's wrist, dragging the toddler out the door with an offhanded, "Sorry." Krad slammed the door, turning on his little brother. "What did I say?"

The blue-eyed boy bowed his head, saying softly, "That if I got into another fight, you'd kill me."

"I'm sick and tired of apologizing for you! What do you have against other kids, huh?"

"Nothing…" Satoshi was now playing with the buttons on his shirt, eyes filled with tears.

"If it's nothing then why do you do it?" Krad leaned forward, hands on his hips.

The blue-haired boy sniffled, "I-I don't know…" He rubbed his face, taking a shaky breath. Tears ran down between his fingers.

"Then you think about it." Krad stood up and patted his brother's head, "Come on, let's go."

Krad brushed his teeth slowly, his thoughts drifting between Satoshi and the black-haired man. I wonder where he lives…? Krad stared in the mirror, his slanted gold eyes staring back.

What if he doesn't like long hair? The blonde pulled a knee-length bright yellow lock over his shoulder and played with it.

He pondered what short hairstyle would look good on him, when another thought edged its way into his mind: What if he's straight? Krad blinked at his reflection, feeling his heart turn to stone and drop to the bottom of his stomach.

He rinsed his mouth and washed his toothbrush, shoving it up onto a ledge near the sink. I guess no guy that beautiful could ever want someone as weird as me anyway, even if he did like guys. He couldn't be single anyway.

Pushing all happy thoughts to the back of his mind, he crawled in bed. Satoshi was already there, facing the wall. Krad pulled the covers up and lay on his back; he was very much ready for bed, having spent an hour finding a daycare center that opened at five and didn't have very many kids there. He had finally found one, the 'Rainbow's Gold'.

The blonde reached to flip off the light when Satoshi rolled over to face him. His face was still wet and he hugged his pillow over his mouth. Krad shrugged and turned the light off.

As he settled back into bed, Satoshi snuggled up against him. Krad closed his eyes. The night was cool and the clouds threatened to rain.

Drifting off slightly, Krad imagined his dark-haired love, a blood-red rose between his fingers, a dreamy smile playing across his lips. Hmm, lips. Krad smiled, fantasizing what kissing the taller man would feel like. Warm, soft, sweet-

"Krad…?" Krad's dreams froze and shattered, falling into a heap.

"YES?" He forced pleasantly, rolling to face Satoshi. His blue-eyed brother was shaking, his tiny hands covering his face.

"Do you still l-love me?" Krad felt guilt bite onto his heart, straining the seams. Satoshi was still crying, trying his best to do so silently.

Krad reached out and pulled him gently to him, placing a hand on his head. "Even if I don't say it much, of course I do."

> > >

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Number One:

"I'm sick and tired of apologizing for you! What do you have against other kids, huh?"

"Oh! Think real hard Krad!" He points around, "Do you see any other four-year olds with blue hair!"

Krad shrugs, "Well, I misread the label, I guess it wasn't temporary…"

"Gee, y'think!"

Number Two:

"Do you still l-love me?" Krad felt guilt bite onto his heart, straining the seams. Satoshi was still crying, trying his best to do so silently.

"Well, not REALLY. You're kind of a pain in the ass and you-" Satoshi suddenly pops out a dagger and tries to impale his blonde brother, missing and maiming Krad's pillow.

"NOT REALLY! NOT REALLY!" Krad is now out of bed and running for the door, "SAY IT OR DIE!"

"Okay, okay! I love you!" Satoshi grabs his feet, tripping him.

He crawls onto Krad's back, knife raised above his head, "Say it like you mean it!"

"But I don't-"

"Then DIE!" Stabbing and yucky spurting noises are heard.

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