If I'm Not Totally Wrong, Say I'm Right

10-26-2005, CY

AN: Here it is! The end to Slowmance! I'll explain why after the fic.

As I think you all know now, a girl named RiceballxChan has stolen my story and is rewriting it on with Fruits Basket characters.

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"We're completely lost!" Krad grumbled, picking leaves out of his hair.

"Ah, don't say that…" Came the calm reply from his lovely companion. "We simply..." Dark glanced around at all the trees, "...took a wrong turn or two."

"Sure." Krad growled, storming ahead.

Dark smirked and followed, "Y'know, they say that when you're lost, you should keep going in one direction and you'll find your way home."

"Oh, I believe it, Dark! Come here!" Krad's excited voice called from up ahead. Dark ran up to where the blonde was, stepping over a few fallen branches.

Krad smiled at him, "The lake edge! We found it!"

Sure enough, it was the lake edge, and from where they were, they could see the camp about half a mile to the east.

"Alright!" Dark grinned as they took off running down the rocky lakeshore.

They ran for five minutes before they came to a giant gap where a rushing river crashed down over large boulders and into the lake.

Krad sat and caught his breath, I really need to work out more… He smiled to himself.

"Whatcha smiii-ling about?" Dark grinned at him.

"Well, what's with you?" Krad knew that grin. The same grin Dark had given him back in camp before this whole muddy affair had happened.

"Oh, nothing." Dark turned away, with the same wide grin printed on his face.

"I've had it with 'nothing'! What is it!" Krad grabbed Dark's shoulder and turned him around to face him.

Dark stopped grinning and just smiled a kind, warm smile. "You're so pretty, Krad. You look like an angel."

Krad blinked in surprise. Pretty? Angel? The only word he could manage was "Huh?"

Dark grinned again, tucking his hands behind his head, "And a girl!"

Krad frowned, "Just shut up." Dark did so, other than his constant snickers and sputters.

Krad ignored him and looked out at the lake. Floating out a little ways from where they were was a brightly colored object. The raft! Krad suddenly grabbed Dark's shoulders, shaking him. "Dark! The raft! The raft is out there!" He pointed at it and ran over and waded out into the water.

Dark came to watch, exclaiming, "Alright!" But as Krad swim out and brought it back Dark noticed that the raft had a hole in it. It was limp and deflated.

"Great." Dark sighed, coming to help haul it onto the rocks.

Krad crawled up beside him and leaned to look over his shoulder, "H-how is it?" The water had been freezing; he shuddered from the cold.

"If we tie something tight enough around this part here, we could probably make it back." He glanced over at Krad, who was still shivering badly. "What do you think?"

Krad hugged himself, "Sounds g-great!"

8 8 8

"Row faster!" Dark commanded, paddling with his branch.

"I'm rowing as fast as I can, Your Worship!" Krad snarled over his shoulder.

"No you aren't." Dark snickered, "Put your back into it!"

"Fine!" Krad stabbed the water and pushed it backwards as hard as he could.

By the time they reached the shoreline, both their arms (and their backs) were a little sore, but they still ran to the car.

"Daisuke!" Dark opened the door. Daisuke was fine along with a sleepy-looking Satoshi. "Hey…"

Krad looked over Dark's shoulder, "Satoshi!"

8 8 8

What fun… Satoshi thought sarcastically, hugging Daisuke's arm and staring out the car window. We didn't even get to go fishing… We did get to hike. He smirked at the back of his older brother's head, At least, they did. He hugged his red-head and smiled.

8 8 8

"Satoshi, you go off to bed." Krad instructed his younger brother as he turned back to Dark. "Dark, I'll drive you two home if you like."

"Can't we spend the night, Kwad?" Daisuke asked cutely, holding tightly onto his favorite blue-haired boy's arm. "I'm too tired to go home…" He trailed his eyes down to his toes, smoothing a yawn with his small hand.

Krad blinked in surprise, I don't recall him ever saying my name before… Strange. The blonde shrugged a shoulder and looked at Dark, "What do you think?"

Dark yawned widely and slumped a little, "Sounds good to me."

Krad waved a hand at the toddlers, "Fine then. Satoshi, take Daisuke to your room."

"Come on, Dai-dai." Satoshi whispered softly, gently wrapping an arm around Daisuke and leading him off.

Dark glared at their backs and pointed an accusing finger. "Why the hell is he sleeping in Satoshi's room?"

Krad glanced at him before hanging his coat up. "Well, what's so wrong about that?" He shrugged, "They're both boys. What could happen?"

Dark still leered after where the kids had gone, "I don't know… I just don't like it!"

Krad snickered and walked past him, towards his own bedroom. "You're hilarious, Dark."

"Eh, say whatever you like." Dark followed him to the bedroom door. Krad turned around and stared at him.

There was a long, heavy silence.

"Can I, uh, help you?" Krad asked, leaning on the door frame. Dark nodded.

There was another long, heavy silence.

"YES?" Krad prompted, expecting Dark to have responded by then.

"You're standing in the way, first of all." Dark gestured for Krad to step aside.

Krad raised an eyebrow, "In your way to what?"

Dark scratched the back of his head, "The bedroom."

Krad gazed at him evenly, "The bedroom? You mean my bedroom, Dark. You get the couch." He pointed coolly back at the living room.

Dark glanced over his shoulder at the living room and then back at Krad. "Um, why?" He smiled and shrugged, looking heavenward. "We're both boys, what could happen?"

Krad snorted and backed inside the bedroom, closing the door halfway, "Good night Dark."

"Nuh-huh!" Dark pushed the door open and stood inside in front of Krad. He smiled at the blonde. "Good night Krad!" With that, he turned and pranced over to the bed, rolling back the covers.

Krad crossed his arms and walked over in front of Dark, blocking his way to the bed. "What makes you think that you get to sleep here? Daisuke had it rough, almost drowning and all. I figured he needed a soft, warm place to sleep." He held up his index finger, "You, however, are an adult man. The couch is soft."

Dark sighed and swung an arm under Krad, lifting him completely off the floor and up into his arms. "Krad. I know you love me. You don't have to play it so tough, I'm not gonna tell anybody." Gently pulling Krad's face up, Dark kissed the blonde.

Krad was too shocked to move and stared. Dark broke the kiss and held Krad close. "Let's get some sleep, huh?"

Krad wrapped his arms around Dark's shoulders, smiling. "Yes. Let's." He felt dizzy with joy, Where'd this come from? He thought of protesting Dark's sudden change of heart, but it wasn't worth the loss.

8 8 8

"See?" Daisuke whispered to Satoshi, "I knew they liked each other."

Satoshi nodded, "I owe you $2." Daisuke giggled quietly and closed the door. "Let's get some sleep!" He chirruped.

Satoshi smiled at him. "Let's." He took Daisuke's hand and they headed off too bed.

8 8 8

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I picked my favorite ones from the earlier chapters.

Outtake One: Chapter One

"I'm sick and tired of apologizing for you! What do you have against other kids, huh?"

"Oh! Think real hard Krad!" He points around, "Do you see any other four-year olds with blue hair!"

Krad shrugs, "Well, I misread the label, I guess it wasn't temporary…"

"Gee, y'think!"

Outtake Two: Chapter Three

He doesn't know what he did, there's no point in yelling at him. "I know, I know. I'm just tired and grumpy--"

"You always say that!" The little toddler sobbed.

"Well I AM!" Dark protested.

"Just because you stay up till one in the morning with a new girl every night!" Daisuke made a sour face. "It's gross!"

Dark glared, "It's none of your business what I do at night!"

Daisuke sighed softly. "I guess you're right… "He leered over at his brother. "But not when you do it in the living room!"

"Would you shut up! You're gonna bring the rating up again!"

"Well sor-ry!" The toddler stuck out his tongue.

Outtake Three: Chapter Four

There was a loud snap as the top step gave way, sending Krad and his armload of books crashing to the floor--after he hit the book cart, of course.

At the end of the day….

Keiji stared as Krad staggered towards him. As the blonde stopped in front of him, he noticed that his head, leg, upper left arm, ankle, pinky finger and jaw were all in casts/bandages and recognized what had happened. "You were daydreaming again, weren't you?"

"Jhust shuht op!" The blonde growled.

Outtake Four: Chapter Four

Satoshi blinked at him and Dark noticed the same cute look that Daisuke gave him when he knew he was in trouble. "I'm going home with Daisuke."

The blonde looked slightly annoyed, "Not until you're older!"

Dark stared, "What do you mean 'not until you're older'! They're four for crying out loud! He didn't mean it that way!"

Satoshi blinked at him and said flatly, "How do you know?"

Outtake Five: Chapter Six

Dark put his hand on Krad's shoulder and leaned down close, "How're we gonna explain it to 'em?"

Krad's neckhair stood up, "Explain w-what?"

Dark's grin widened, "About us." He winked.

Krad went back to digging, "Idiot."

Dark pulled Krad around to face him, "Come on, you gotta admit I'm hot!"

"Hot and dumb, maybe."

"I'm not that dumb!"

Outtake Six: Chapter 9

"They didn't just LOOK like it! That was a kiss! I swear!"

"It was not a kiss, Dark." Krad swung his arms over Dark's shoulders, "THIS is a kiss!" And he showed him a real kiss.


Our Little Christmas:

Krad strolled in the door, happily humming Jingle bells while dropping his shopping bags on the table. Things had pretty much came together, other than a couple of arguments about what's right and wrong to the toddlers.

The blonde dug through the bags and pulled out the book he bought. It was thick and heavy. He stared at it a moment. How in the world am I going to disguise this? He waved it up and down. Maybe a really big box. He sat it down and dug through the bag.

It was only one day until Christmas and Krad had just finished his shopping. Now, all he had to do was WRAP them all.

So that's what he did…for the next three hours.


"Cocoa! That's what we need! Cocoa!" Dark grinned down at the two boys.

Daisuke smiled and bounced up and down, "Yeah, yeah! With whip-cream!" He gently grabbed onto Satoshi's arm, "Right, Sato?"

Satoshi nodded, "Sounds good."

The three went into a small coffee shop and Dark got two cups of hot chocolate and one big, strong cup of coffee.

He grumpily followed the toddlers to a bench, where they sat and quietly whispered to each other.

The black-haired man sipped his coffee, glaring at the two kids. Finally, something they LIKE to do... He looked around at the decorated streets and flashing lights. It sure is pretty this time of year... He glanced back at the toddlers, And Krad gets to do all of HIS Christmas shopping while I have to baby-sit. Sighing, he sipped his coffee again. Serves me right for doing my own Christmas shopping so early, I guess.

Daisuke tried to sip his cocoa; it stung his lips. "It's still too hot, Sato..."

Satoshi leaned down next to Daisuke, blowing softly on the steaming chocolate.

Daisuke watched as the steam silently dispersed into the air. The red-head looked back at Satoshi and whispered "Thanks..."

Something cold landed on his hand suddenly. He glanced at it. A tiny snowflake melted on his palm. "Hey..."

"Hey!" Dark called, "It's snowing! Maybe we'll have a white Christmas this year!"

"Yeah, maybe." Satoshi said, not breaking his gaze with Daisuke. "Dai-dai. Look at that." He glanced up.

Daisuke followed his gaze, and saw beautiful white puffs of snow drifting carelessly through the breeze. They fluttered down, swirling and swaying to rest on the ground.

"They're wonderful..." Daisuke said, holding his cocoa close. He looked back to Satoshi, who was staring at him calmly.

"I wasn't talking about the snowflakes, Dai-dai." He leaned forward and kissed the tiny red-head.

A shadow fell over both boys as Dark towered above them, growling. "DID YOU DROWN AGAIN?"

Daisuke blushed and backed up a little.

Satoshi sat back up and sipped his cocoa, "I was talking about the mistletoe."

"Hey, I don't care what you were talking about, keep your mouth to yourself!" Dark snarled, grabbing Daisuke's hand and tugging him to his feet. "We're goin' home."


Krad happily sat the last gift under the tree as the front door swung open violently. Krad got up and came to see who it was that was trying to break his front door. "Hello, Dark. Welcome home."

Dark was coated in snow and looked rather grumpy. "Hello." He stomped past, dragging a hiccupping Daisuke behind him, followed by a grumpy looking Satoshi.

Krad raised an eyebrow, "What happened?"

Dark dropped his coat on the dining room table and sat down on one of the brown-framed chairs, pulling Daisuke up into his lap. "Your little brother kissed Daisuke!" Dark snarled, hugging the tiny red-head protectively.

Krad came over and sat down across the table. "They imitate what they see, Dark."

Dark leaned his elbow on the table. "Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do'? It really applies here…"

Krad rolled his eyes, "We kiss, why not them? Did you expect them not to wondering what kissing felt like? Come on, Dark. How old were you when you got your first kiss? It's harmless. They'll grow out of it."

Dark didn't answer. He just sat, holding a teary-eyed Daisuke and glaring at the table.

Krad smirked and came over to his side. He leaned down and kissed Dark's cheek. "Thank you Dark. I got all my shopping, wrapping, and even most of the cooking done." He offered a pretty smile.

Dark sighed and sat Daisuke down, patting him on the back. "Go play."

Daisuke toddled off quickly, making a B-line to the couch where Satoshi was sitting and sewing a jacket.

Dark and Krad watched them for a minute, Krad leaned against the table edge. He smiled at Dark again, You're so cute when you're mad, Dark.

Dark sat back in his chair, "C'mere, Goldy-locks." He gently took Krad's hand and tugged him over to sit on his lap. Krad wrapped his arms around Dark's neck.

They sat in silence for a few minutes, enjoying each other's company.

Dark sat his hand on Krad's head, "So, where are my presents?"

Krad snickered and sat up to look him in the eyes, "Tucked safely away under the tree."

"Ah." Dark got up abruptly and sat Krad in the chair, turning to head into the living room.

Krad jumped up and wrapped his arms around Dark's shoulders, "No you don't, Mr. Mousey." He slowly turned Dark to face him. "Not until Christmas Eve."

"I'll kiss you…" Dark offered, smiling as handsomely as he could, which was pretty easy.

"No-oo..." Krad laughed, putting a finger on Dark's mouth, "You do that anyway."

Dark swept Krad off his feet and princess carried him to the brightly lit Christmas tree. "But this'll be a special kiss." He sat Krad down and rummaged under the tree, pulling every gift with 'Dark' on the tag to the front.

Krad crossed his arms, watching Dark's feet wriggle under the tree. "Every kiss should be special…"

Dark's arm stuck out from under the tree and waved, "They are!" The arm disappeared back under the tree and rustling commenced again.

Krad sighed, "It took me an hour to arrange those, you know…"

Dark popped out from under the tree and grinned, pine-needles and tinsel sticking out of his hair. "What's the point in arrangin' em, hun? We're just gonna desecrate them in a couple days anyway."

Krad knelt down beside his dark-haired love, "To look nice." He stood up again, re-crossing his arms. A small ding came from the kitchen. Krad glanced at the kitchen and then back at Dark. "I have to go check the last batch of cookies." He leered down at Dark, "Don't you dare open any presents yet."

He turned and walked into the kitchen, calling behind him "Christmas presents you can't open yet, or fresh-baked cookies and me?"

Dark stared at the small red-wrapped gift in his hand, "Cookies." He dropped the present and headed into the kitchen.


"Okay, why are we here again?" Dark grumbled, stuffing his hands in his pockets and hunching his shoulders to cover his frozen ears.

"Because they want to buy us something." Krad answered, hugging his jacket shut.

"But why both of us?" Dark groaned, leaning his head on Krad's shoulder.

"You have to pay for my presents and I have to pay for yours. That's why." The blonde shrugged Dark off and turned to watch the street lights flash.

Dark raise his eyebrows, "Are you mad at me?" He stood next to Krad to look at his face.

Krad frowned, "No. I'm just grumpy from being cold."

Dark wrapped an arm around his blonde. "There's a easy cure for that." He snuggled Krad tightly, burring his cold nose under Krad's chin.

"Ack! That's not helping!" Krad wriggled out of his grip and rubbed his neck. "Your nose is cold!"

"Think I don't know?" Dark mumbled, cupping his hands over his face and blowing on them.

Krad hugged Dark's arm, "Sorry, love. My nose is cold too."

The store's door opened and Daisuke's chubby face poked around the corner, "Krad, you need to pay for Dark's gift now." Before Krad could confirm the command, Daisuke disappeared back inside.


"What is it?" Daisuke leaned over Satoshi's shoulder. They were now safely in Satoshi's room, wrapping Dark and Krad's presents.

"It's a book. I think Dark should read more." The blue-haired boy replied, rolling the tape around the box to secure its bright blue wrapping. "It's about how to be more charming. He needs it." He glanced over his shoulder at Daisuke, "What'd you get Krad?"

Daisuke sat back on his bottom and stared at the messily wrapped package beside him. "It's a pair of bunny slippers. Do you think he'll like them?"

Satoshi shrugged, "It's the thought that counts anyway."



X-mas AN: And they had a happy Christmas. I hope you all do too, saying you even celebrate Christmas. If you don't, have a nice winter anyways!


The End

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