Author's Note: READ THIS NOW! Ok, I know Whitney Houston's song isn't a DDR one or at least, not that I know of, but for the purpose of this fiction, I needed to use it. So please, no reviews saying "This song isn't on DDR"; guys, I know. Well, thanks loves for reading this.

"Clocks strikes upon the hour, and the sun begins to fade, Still enough time to figure out, how to chase my blues away"

The music began to flow, pulsing around the room making the two occupants start tapping their feet to the rhythm, and in the girl's case start singing as she stepped. Her brown hair was up in a clip, strands hanging down on her neck, and in her face, while her green eyes focused intently on the screen.

"I've done alright up till now, it's the light of the day that shows me how, And when the night falls
my loneliness calls."

The boy watched her as she moved, her feet stepping on the arrows, the line at the top going rainbow. His calm brown eyes studied the movements from behind silver glasses and he smiled faintly as the girl began to grin and have fun.

"Oh! I wanna dance with somebody; I wanna feel the heat with somebody, oh! I wanna dance with, somebody, With somebody who loves me."

The girl smiled as she sang, wondering if the subconscious message would get across, but still happy as she played one of her favorite games. Her feet moved quickly to hit all the combos and singles and get a perfect score. She wanted to dance with the boy behind her, but as long as she could have fun, it was okay…because maybe one day he'd notice her.

"Oh I wanna dance with somebody; I wanna feel the heat with somebody, Yeah! I wanna dance with somebody, With somebody who loves me."

The boy was watching her intently now, wondering if this was some sort of sign, or clue to him, but his mind soon turned away that suspicion, it was like this crazy girl would go for a shy guy like him, right? But watching her dance, even if it was just hitting arrows, made him want to try his luck at dancing. Maybe with her?

"I've been in love, and lost my senses, spinning through the town, Soon or later the fever ends
and I wind up feeling down."

The two's thoughts were only on each other, thinking on how they loved the other, but they never could tell them because the love may end. The girl danced on, her green eyes becoming deep pits of emotions, and the boy sat there wondering he'd get his chance to dance with the girl he loved.

"I need a man who'll take a chance, on a love that burns hot enough to last, So when the night falls
my lonely heart calls."

The beat moved on, the girl grew resolute in her decision to tell him when the song was over. Her thoughts became determined and she planned it out, hitting the last three beats with hard counts and without looking at her score, she turned around.

"I…I was wondering if you'd like to dance." She said, smiling faintly, faint blush lighting up her face, making it glow.

"I was dying to," he answered, smiling as he stood up and walked towards her. He put an arm around her waist and with a smile, "Shall we?" and with that he leaned down and gave her a light kiss.

"Don't you wanna dance, say you wanna dance, don't you wanna dance...with somebody who loves me."

Ending note: So yea, that idea has been bouncing around in my head, so I wrote it. Um, so yes, I hoped you enjoyed reading it!