The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and….Luke Skywalker?

A.N.: Because I'm a J&H junkie and love angsty characters. Musical and book based. Um, yeah, enjoy….

1. Both love their daddies

2. Both accused of being gay (I got this in a review. It was sort of an Obi-Wan/Luke sorta deal. Creepy….)

3. Both live "the façade."

4. Both have talked to evil/good versions of themselves.

5. Both have accidentally killed people

6. Both want women they can't have

7. Both are "pursuing the truth."

8. Both called crazy

9. Both oh so cute.

10. Both engaged/wanting to be engaged

11. Both tortured and angsty

12. Both threaten suicide

13. Both chicken out of it.

14. Both have women in love with them that they are only barely aware exist.

15. More to the point, both have really, really hot, sexy women in love with them that they are only barely aware exist.

16. Both occasionally go to nightclubs to drown their sorrows (Jekyll gets the Red Rat after his engagement party, Luke just goes to that one place on Naboo.)

17. Both of their names can become pet names by a "ie." (Jekkie, Lukie)

18. Both are tired of life

19. Both are afraid to die

20. Both have bad nightmares

21. Both have severe health problems

22. Both act like heroin addicts in withdrawal.

23. It could be argued that they both "advertise and support drug use." I guess.

24. Both really get a kick out of being evil.

25. Accept they don't like it

26. At least, that's what they keep telling themselves.

27. Make bad decisions under the influence of alcohol and/or painkillers.

28. Both can be extremely reclusive.

29. And just a tad crazy.

30. Both end up slaughtering people in nasty ways that they regret afterwards.

31. Both upper class

32. Both are obsessive and slightly compulsive.

33. And damn does it ever get them into trouble.

34. Both are generally all around nice guys

35. They're both murderers with a guilty conscience.

36. Both end up playing the field of seduction.

37. Both are not one, but two.

38. They are evil and good.

39. And they walk the fine line

40. That they'd cross if they could.

41. And I am done quoting musical lines.

42. Even though they're kinda nifty.

43. Shutting up now.

44. Both make promises they try to honor

45. But ultimately fail.

46. Both end up trying to dig themselves out of the hole they've landed in.

47. One bursts into song about it and the other one probably would if he could.

48. Has Luke killed a prostitute? We will never know.

49. Has he slept with one? That one I can answer – no.

50. And if he has, then he's been keeping secrets.

51.Both die, eventually….

52. Both get married? Well, one tries to, anyway.

53. But that didn't really work out…

54. I'm running out of reasons…

55. I'm a proud fangirl of both. There.