Finally Snapped

Summary: Raven's emotions are becoming more powerful, and soon, she has no control whatsoever over them. Can Beastboy possibly help? There's only room for trouble here! BBxR

Author's notes and disclaimer: Welcome to my story! (fanfare plays) Do I own Teen Titans, you might ask? Did Terra die a slow, painful, lonely death? No? Then there's your answer.


Chapter one: That's Just Wrong

Raven glanced at the clock. It read 6:27 AM. Why in the world was she awake so late? Well, late for Raven, anyway. She had been having strange dreams. Her emotions were the obvious cause, and it was beginning to become annoying.

"Wake up! Wake up! It's another beautiful day!" Raven's happy emotion prodded in her mind.

"Uh, would you just hush up?" Raven moaned.

Her emotions were slowly becoming a problem. Not only did they prevent her from sleeping, but she also found herself saying things she would have never said otherwise.

"It's just another day to get in the team's way. (sniffle) Maybe we should just stay in bed," Raven's timid emotion whined.

"Happy, shut Timid up and feed her some prozac," Raven grumbled, rolling over.

To anyone watching, it would have appeared as if Raven were talking to herself. Techinically speaking, she was, but not in the demented, no-life, freaky sort of way.

"Let's jump off of a cliff today!" Brave said ecstatically.

"I thought you were Brave, not Stupid," Raven commented, burying her head underneath her pillow.

"It doesn't really matter who we are. You never let us out, anyway," Timid sighed.

"Today, we'll show you!" Happy said.

"We're gonna take over!" Brave laughed.

That was the third time in the past couple of days Raven's emotions had told her that. It had no meaning to her anymore. "Yeah, right. I'd like to see you try."

Raven finally decided to stop arguing with herself and get out of bed. For once, she actually wanted to agree with Timid and just stay in bed all day.

In the living room, Raven was surprised to be greeted by her teammates who were up irregularly early.

"Friend, Raven, I wish you a good morning," Starfire exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey, Raven," Robin said, pressing a couple of buttons on the remote.

From Cyborg, "Morning."

And Beastboy, "Hey, Raven. Ew, Robin! Change the channel! I hate this show!"

"No way! I've been waiting all week for this!"

"Change it! I'm missing Mew Mew Power!"

"If you wanna watch shoujo anime, then you'll have to shoot me and take the controller from my dead corpse!" Robin then laughed maniacally.

"Dude, you're a moron today!" Beastboy lunged at Robin, intending to take the remote, but Robin jumped out of the way, and soon, they were chasing each other.

Raven silently agreed. Robin seemed to be in particularly high spirits this morning.

"Yo, Robin," Cyborg asked, as Robin ran by, still with Beastboy close behind.

"Y-yeah?" Robin asked, panting.

Cyborg scratched his chin in thought then finally said "Are you sugar high?"

"W-who? Me?"

"Yeah. For one thing, the doughnuts are all gone. Second, you're a little bit weird today."

"I'M NOT SUGAR HIGH! I'M NOT WEI..." Robin's sentence trailed off and he collapsed onto the floor.

Starfire gasped. "Friend, are you all right!"

Cyborg stood over the limp pile of sugar fortified Robin. "He's all right. Poor kid. Once you pick up the doughnuts and start eating, it's pretty hard to stop."

Raven sighed and kneeled over next to her leader. Raising a hand, she said "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos."

(author's note: YES, THAT IS HOW YOU SPELL IT. If you don't agree, then watch "Episode 257-494," previously known as "Don't Touch That Dial." You'll see.)

Robin arose from the floor and rubbed his head.

"I have a throbbing headache...what happened?" Robin asked dumbly.

"You have consumed too many nuts of dough, Robin," Starfire announced sadly.

Robin laughed sheepishly. "Oh. Hehe. Oops."

Raven picked up a cup and filled it with water for Robin. Suddenly, something snapped, and...

"Here, Robin," Raven said, holding the cup out.

Robin moaned and smiled weakly. "Th-thanks."

As Robin reached out to grab the cup, Raven dumped it deliberately on his lap.

Giggling, she explained "I've always wanted to do that."

Beastboy and Cyborg broke out in laughter; the way Raven had dumped the water made it appear as if Robin had wet himself.

After they had finished laughing, however, they stared strangely at Raven.

"Uhhh, Raven? Are you...feeling okay?" Beastboy asked, afraid that Raven was sugar high too.

"I...guess, but...I'm really, really, really sorry Robin. Can you ever forgive me?" Raven's violet eyes filled with tears.

"Calm down, Raven, it's okay...!" Robin said quickly.

"Oh, okay. (sniffle) I guess I'll go, now." With that, Raven left behind her teammates who were both concerned and disturbed at the same time.

End of chapter one!
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