Chapter fifteen: When I Look Into Your Eyes

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This takes place the day after the last chapter.

I don't own "The Princess Bride". I've never even seen the whole thing, lolz.

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Knock, knock, knock.

"Can I come in?"


Beastboy opened the ER door and grinned at Raven.

"Uh oh," Raven said, noticing his toothy grin.

"'Uh oh'? What's that supposed to mean?" he questioned, feigning a hurt voice.

"That smile can only mean you're up to trouble."

Beastboy chuckled and shook his head. "Nooo, I just wanted to see if you were feeling well enough to watch that movie we talked about?"

The dark girl nodded and stood up.

"Are you sure you should be walking yet?

"I'm fine. Besides, there's no way I'm letting one of you guys carry me."


"...Do I really have to answer that?"

"I guess not."

Raven followed Beastboy out into the living room, where the others were happy to see her.

"I am most jubilant that you have decided to join us friend Raven!" Starfire chirped eagerly. The young princess pat a spot on the couch next to her, indicating she wished for Raven to sit next to her. Raven obliged.

Robin sat on the far left, with Starfire to his right. Cyborg sat on the far right, with Beastboy to his left. Raven sat in between Star and Beastboy.

"So what are you going to force me to watch?" Raven asked, curiousity tinting her voice.

"We let Starfire pick. Ask her," Robin answered.

Starfire lept up, and presented a movie box from behind her back. "Tonight's viewing shall be..." She paused for a moment to build up drama. "The Princess Bride!"

Everyone let out relieved sighs, having been afraid that she might've picked something outlandish.

Starfire cheerily popped the DVD into the DVD player and resided in her spot on the couch once again.

About half an hour into the movie, Raven began to feel drowsy. (That tends to happen when you just fought off near-death, yanno?) Her eyelids gradually became heavier until she couldn't fight it anymore. She allowed sleep to overcome her.


Raven's eyes flittered open. "Ack...I fell asleep..."

She realized she was leaning on something, and found it to be Beastboy. "Oh, gosh, I'm long has the movie been over?"

"Eh, bout 20 minutes..." he answered, shrugging his shoulders.

Raven sat up straight, and glanced around the room. Everyone else had left.

"I'm so sorry...I didn't mean to-"

Beastboy interrupted her. "It's alright! Don't apologize. You probably needed the sleep anyway. Oh, and thanks for watching the movie with us."

Redness spread across Raven's face. "Well, yeah...uh...sure."

She stood up and left the room, flustered.

Beastboy smiled as he watched her leave.


Three days later, on monday...

"Hello, friend Raven!" a familiarly loud voice greeted to the girl sitting by the window.

"Hello, Starfire."

Starfire sat down excitedly next to Raven.

"I wish to engage in a brief chat about something."

Raven pulled down her hood and faced Starfire. She noticed that the red-haired alien held a radio in one hand and a laptop in the other. "What about?"

"Do you often listen to the radio?"

Raven tilted her head side to side, trying to decide. "Eh, not really. I'm not that big on music."

"Oh," Starfire said an octive lower, disappointed. But nonetheless, she continued. "Have you ever heard a song that made you think about someone?"

Raven raised an eyebrow, surprised at her question. "Why do you ask?"

Starfire smiled. "I am simply curious."

"Well..." Raven had to think for a minute. "I don't think so."

"Then I wish for you to listen to this!" Starfire turned on her little radio, and it played a very queer song.

It seemed to be in a foreign language. It was soothing and unsettling at the same time. Even though Raven couldn't understand it, the song struck a cord.

"Starfire, that's cool and all, but I can't understand it..." Raven commented.

"That is what the internet is for, yes?" Starfire thrust her laptop into Raven's arms.

The empath sighed, and opened the laptop. A window was already opened with the english lyrics displayed.

"Read them," Starfire prompted.

Raven scrunched her face up. "Fine..."

She read the words quietly and slowly.

"'Although we wish to meet tonight, we can't. My window is being shaken violently. More so by the storm than the rain. Don't worry about the tragic emptiness; our love will certainly grow more and more. Maybe our luck will sprout and it'll be okay. Just have faith. Our first meeting was ordinary one, but it was more noticeable than everyone else's. I can't figure out this feeling's purpose, but the warmth of love is given by fate, correct? But even if I'm alone in my room, we can be together in my dreams. It's my only destiny. Although we wish to meet tonight, we can't. We're drowning in overwhelming emotions. That's why I want to meet you, but tragically... It's much too late to go back; this was the last of my faith. When you think of someone, a painful moment comes, doesn't it? Until just now, I've been breaking down over and over. When the pause passes away, I feel differently. A force I can't see puts me at ease. I haven't forgotten that experience...It's my last destiny. Although we wish to meet tonight, we can't. My window is being shaken violently. More so by the storm than the rain. Don't worry about the tragic emptiness; our love will certainly grow more and more. Maybe our luck will sprout and it'll be okay. Just have faith.
I cried the night when I thought
About his mysterious face.
It's entirely a Love Song.
That's why I want to meet you
But tragically...
It's much too late to go back
This was the last of my faith.'"

Raven took a sharp breath. "Why did you make me read that?"

Starfire smiled again. She seemed to be doing that a lot. "Do you not understand?"


"The lyrics."

Raven looked back down at the lyrics displayed on the screen. "I don't understand them. And more over, I don't understand why you made me read them."

"Print them out and ponder them, please. You shall understand soon."

Starfire picked up her radio and left Raven, staring blankly.

"What was that about...?"



"Hey, Raven, what are you reading?"

"Just some silly thing Starfire forced on me."

"What's so silly about it?"

Raven handed Beastboy the paper she had been holding. "Read it yourself."

Beastboy obeyed and began to read. A few minutes later (he is a slow reader, after all), he handed the paper back.

"Seems kinda depressing to me," he observed.

Raven agreed. "Well, yeah, but there's something to it that I'm just not getting."

Beastboy's ears perked up. "What do you mean?"

"'s depressing and uplifting and lonely and..."

"Hopeful?" he prompted.

"Yeah...all at the same time. But I don't get how it can be all of those things at the same time."

"Well..." Beastboy scratched his chin in thought. "Love is like that."

"Like what?"

"All mixed up. It never makes sense."

Raven glanced at the paper again. "...Maybe you're right. But that doesn't explain why Starfire gave this to me."

"Dunno. But I kinda like it. Think you could get me a copy?"

Raven made a face. "You like it?"

"Yeah. It's kinda how I feel sometimes."


"Yeah," he confirmed. Then added, "Sometimes."

"I could make a copy...if you really wanted it."

"I would like that." Beastboy smirked.



"Hey, Raven. Haven't seen you in a while."


Raven sat down. Nai ((zomg, she's baaaack!)), the girl who worked at the cafe, stood on the other side of the counter.

"What can I get you?"

Raven shrugged indifferently. "The usual, I suppose."


Nai disappeared into the kitchen for a minute then returned with a cup. "Here."


Nai leaned on the counter. "So, I see you recovered from your injuries?"

Raven looked surprised. "How did you know about that?"

"Your friend Beastboy told me."

"He came here?"

"Yeah. Bout everyone heard about what happened to you, though."

Raven cast her eyes down, a dark blush crossing her face. "People...knew?"

"Yeah. Word was all over the place. They say it was that Starfire who spilled it first."

"Ah," Raven said. "Figures."

"Mm'hm. So, uh..." Nai began to twiddle her thumbs, a habit that she seemed to have. ((see the last chapter that had her and you'll find this so))

"What is it?" Raven asked suspiciously. Nai always started stuttering when she was about to start bombarding one with questions.

"Well...has Beastboy told you anything...important lately?"

Raven's face twisted into one of confusion. "Important? No...why do you ask?"

Nai chortled a little. "You're telling me here that you're an empath and you donn't know? Or are you purposely being oblivious?"

Raven growled. "It's...none of your business, anyway..."

Nai smirked. "I know. That's what makes it so interesting."

There was silence between the two, and without a word, Raven stood up and left.

Nai shook her head. "Heh..."


The next day went uneventfully (besides a futile attack from Plasmus which was quickly resolved), but it was Friday when something happened...

"It's been a pretty nice week, huh?" Robin commented to no one in particular.

Starfire, who was always listening to Robin, nodded vigorously. "Yes, most enjoyable!"

Beastboy and Cyborg were not even paying attention to the Boy Wonder. Cyborg was wrapped up in his video games, and Beastboy was seemingly watching.

Robin noticed the dull look Beastboy held, however.

"What's up, Beastboy?" he questioned slowly.

"Neh?" Beastboy mumbled, looking up.

"I said...what's up?" Robin repeated.

"Oh. Nothing." Beastboy stared at his lap.

Robin watched him quietly for a moment then said "Is it about Raven?"

Beastboy heard Robin that time. "Wh-wha huh? Why do you say that?"

"Call it an intelligent guess. She's probably on the roof; why don't you go talk to her?"

Beastboy pondered the thought for a moment then gave it. "All right."


As always, Robin was right. Raven was on the roof. Her thin legs dangled off the side of the building, and the wind softly caressed her violet hair. Beastboy had no other choice than to talk to her.

Raven turned as he sat down next to her, surprised at his company. "What are you doing up here?"

Beastboy opened his mouth as if he had an explanation, but he closed his mouth again, seemingly unable to produce the words.

Raven dismissed his lack of words and turned her attention back to the rippling waters. However, she continued to talk.

"You wanted to talk to me...about something important."

Beastboy shook his head 'yes'. "How...did you know?" Then he remembered. "Oh, the empathy thing, right?"

"Actually..." Raven closed her eyes. "When I look into your eyes, sometimes I can kinda of...I don't know how to describe the feeling I get."

The changeling nodded slowly. "It's like...that song."

"Which one?"

"The one you printed out lyrics for. It goes 'I can't figure out this feeling's purpose, but the warmth of love is given by fate, correct?' I remember that line sticking out in my head."

"Oh, right. I remember that part."

Raven pulled up her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. "So...what was it? That you wanted to tell me, I mean."

Beastboy shrugged. "It's just...after everything that's been made me I feel."

Raven's eyes widened slightly as she figured out what he was about to say.


"Don't," she commanded.


"Don't say it."

"Why not?"

"Becausse you don't need to. I already know."

Beastboy sighed. "And I know what you're going to say."

Raven cast him a curious look. "Oh, really?"

"You're going to tell me that it'd never work, right?"

Raven smiled, almost relieved. "Exactly."

The poor shapeshifter's pointed ears drooped. "I knew it..."

"I'm not finished talking," Raven chastised. "That's exactly...the opposite. Of what I was going to say."

Beastboy's ears perked up again. "'re so mean," he whined playfully.

Raven allowed a small smirk to play on her lips. "I know."

"So..." Beastboy began. "Do you know what I'm going to do next, Miss Empathy?"

The young girl looked him in the eyes, then shook her head. "No clue."

"How about..." Beastboy paused, and Raven was foolish enough to face him. "I give you a hint."

He placed one hand under her chin and pressed his lips against hers. There was some hesitancy on Raven's part for a moment, but she allowed him to embrace her.

He pulled away from her and grinned like a child.

"Hm, let me guess..." Raven said sardonically, hiding a smile.


And so, the story ends happily. No doubt, the authoress forgot to attend to many matters in this chapter and the authoress doesn't care at this point because she's simply happy to have survived through the whole story.

THE END! ((dies))

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