By Hikaru Hayashi

Story from InuYasha

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The Unbreakable Bond

Chapter 1: A Forgotten Past

A young boy with long silver hair sat in the darkness of his small bedroom. As he listened to the men in the next room, yelling…he knew the conversation was about him. He hoped his mother would be able to tell them off, just like usual, but he really didn't know the reason for all of the shouting…he was only just shy of his fourth birthday.

But even so…he knew the argument was about him. He listened to the screaming, although he was supposed to be asleep…his dog-like ears perked up, his amber eyes shone in the darkness…

Just get rid of him…he's nothing but trouble…

I can't do that…I love him…he's my son…

He's a hanyou…he can't be trusted… (Tr.: Hanyou-Half demon)

How do we know he won't turn on us when he gets older…what's to stop him from doing harm to other people…

No…! I won't let that happen…He's very kind…he won't hurt anyone…

We don't know that…get rid of him…or we'll do it for you…

No…leave him alone…leave my son alone…he hasn't done anything…

Just ignore her…

A hard slap. The boy hid under the covers as he witnessed his mother get slapped to the ground.

The door fell in. Five men with ropes and sacks came into the frightened boy's room.

His mother was crying. "I'm sorry, son…" she sighed. "I'm so sorry…my poor little InuYasha…"

"There he is. Get him," one of the men shouted as another grabbed the boy.

InuYasha whined. "Mommy…! Help!" he screamed, kicking and biting the men.

His mother just cried. She knew she couldn't do anything. This would be the last time she saw her beloved son.

The men dragged InuYasha out of the room, kicking and screaming. "No! Let go of me! Mommy! Help!"

The door slammed. The mother cried even harder as she looked out a window into the darkness. She could still hear the screams of her son. Then, one of the men shouting "Shut up"…a loud noise…the screams die out…the mother covers her head in her lap as she hears the door open….

A man's voice, "Minako-san…what was that…I heard screaming from next door…is everything alright?"

The woman looks up into the friendly face of her next-door neighbor. "Oh, thank goodness it's just you…they've taken my son!"

The five men stand on a bridge with a sack. Top of the sack was tied with a rope.

"Heh. Say good-bye, you little hanyou brat. We won't let you defile our town's good reputation…" One of the men says as he throws the sack over the bridge…

3 Years Later… Hey you…stop…get back here…

These shouts arouse the attention of a wide-eyed young girl with semi-long black hair. She watched as three officers were in hot pursuit of a boy her age with long silver hair and amber eyes.

"Stop! Thief! Thief!" the officers shouted.

The boy cried as he tried to escape the officers. "You've made a mistake…I haven't stolen anything…!"

The girl recognized the boy at once. Though they had never formally met, she saw him around all the time. He was a peculiar boy; he lived under the bridge. She didn't know how he survived with out help. Maybe he just didn't trust anyone for a reason that was beyond her knowledge.

But she decided she needed to help him out. She needed to distract the attention of the officers chasing him, so she called out, "Oh, help! Help!" then quickly scampered behind a bush.

Upon the phony call for help, the cops ran right past the silver haired boy, knocking him hard to the ground. "We'll come back for you later…" they snapped.

As soon as the cops had cleared the vicinity, the girl jumped from behind the bush and ran towards the boy. "Oh! Are you okay?" she said as she knelt down besides him. "Don't worry, those cops won't bother you again."

The boy looked up, trembling. When he saw the girl, he got up and attempted to run, but then fell right back down. "Oww! My leg!"

"Daijoubu. (Tr.: "It's all right.") I won't hurt you," The girl said reassuringly. "Watashi no namae wa Higurashi Kagome desu. Anata no namae wa nan desu ka?" (Tr.: "My name is Kagome Higurashi. What's your name?")

The boy looked at the girl called Kagome. He found her to be very strange, but he had never talked to a girl before. He wondered if all girls were like this.

"Well, aren't you going to tell me your name?" Kagome said.

"Uh…it's InuYasha…I think…"

Kagome giggled. "You think? Do you not know your own name?" she chirped playfully.

"Um…I…don't know…" InuYasha replied quietly as he stared at the ground.

Kagome immediately felt guilty when she realized he was serious. "Oh. Gomen nasai… (Tr.: "I'm sorry…") I didn't realize you weren't joking…Well, what happened? I mean, people don't just forget their name. And why were those officers chasing you?"

InuYasha didn't respond at first. He just stared at the ground. "I…don't know…I was just going for a walk…I didn't hurt anyone! And they just started chasing me…"

Kagome was no longer listening. She was more interested in the boy's appearance. He appeared to have two cute-looking dog-like ears on the top of his head. She wondered if they were real. Ooh! I want to touch them! she thought she reached up and touched his ears.

InuYasha stared confusedly. "Uh…what are you doing…?"

"Oops! Sorry!" Kagome said as she pulled her hands back and fiddled with them, blushing madly. I can't believe I just did that…but I couldn't help it! They're so cute!

InuYasha noticed that Kagome was giggling. "Why are you laughing at me?"

Kagome stopped. "Wha…?"

"You were laughing at me!" InuYasha shouted as he stood up, forgetting about his sprained leg. "You laughed at my ears!"

"No! I didn't…I just like them."

"No! You laughed at me because I'm a hanyou!" InuYasha shouted loudly. Then he growled.

At this, they both fell silent. InuYasha stared at the ground. Kagome gasped. He's…he's a hanyou…! she thought as she stood up to run away.

"No…please don't run away…" InuYasha said quietly, his face turning a dark scarlet. "I didn't…I didn't want to scare you…I just…if you knew I was a hanyou…I thought you might tell people…"

Kagome stood where she was. So he doesn't trust people…that's why… "I won't tell anyone. In fact, why don't you come home with me? My family is really nice. They'll like you. I know I do."

InuYasha looked up. "You mean…you'll take me in…? Even though…I'm…"

"Sure!" Kagome said as she grabbed his arm and dragged him away. "So, what happened to your family…?"

InuYasha didn't remember his family. He didn't know if he even had a family. Actually, he didn't remember much of anything at all; he didn't know why. He didn't answer Kagome's question. If she found out that he had a memory gap, she would really think he was strange. It was better that she didn't know.

He's not answering… She thought. I guess he doesn't want to talk about it. It must be really bad…Maybe I shouldn't have asked…

The two kids finished the walk to Kagome's house in silence.

End Chapter One

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