By Hikaru Hayashi

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Chapter 3: Miroku


I can't believe I just did that…they were so nice to me…! The Higurashi family was so nice to me! And me…I blew smoke in their faces. I just yelled in their faces. I can't believe it!

So, they kinda deserved it. They shouldn't have asked so many questions. I told them not to ask so many questions! Questions about things I didn't know…questions I don't have answers for…

But…now they might not let me stay! I don't wanna go back out on the streets!

I was locked out of society…because I was a hanyou…because I was different…it just wasn't fair! But…Kagome and her family…

They were so nice to me! They took me into their home. They made me a part of their family. And now, they might kick me out! I felt like I could trust them. I haven't been able to really trust someone since my brother Miroku-san. I felt like I could trust them! And now, I might have to leave!

Please, Mrs. Higurashi! Please, Kagome! Please let me stay! I don't wanna be alone anymore!

I was alone and without memories of my past…I was frightened until Kagome came along. Please! I don't wanna be afraid anymore!

Help me, Kagome! Help me, Miroku-san! I'm scared! I don't know what to do…I'm so confused.

My brother Miroku-san…where are you? Where did you go? Will I ever see you again?

My past…my memories…can I find them…if they exist? Where would I start looking? What if I'm searching for the rest of my life for something I don't have?

I'm so lost…please help me…somebody, please help me…

Normal POV:

InuYasha's thoughts piled up as he sat on the roof of the Higurashi residence, thinking about how nice they were to him and all he could do was yell in their faces.

The thought of having to leave came back to him over and over again. He began to cry, his thoughts overwhelming and confusing him.

"Not fair…" he sniffled. "It's not fair…! I don't wanna go back out on the streets…they'll treat me like trash again…"

Behind him was a little window, like a sunroof. It was open, and there was a ladder; it was what he had used to get on the roof in the first place. InuYasha could hear the voices of the Higurashi family. He leaned over to it and perked his ears up to hear what they were saying:

"Please, Dad! InuYasha didn't mean it. Really he didn't."

"I don't understand why Nii-chan was so angry…"

"Well, Kagome did find him out on the streets."

"Unfortunately, that's just where he might find himself again."

"Honey, please…"

"I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. After all, he is a hanyou…how do we know he won't try to hurt us when we're sleeping?"

"Please, Dad? InuYasha wouldn't do that. I know he wouldn't."

"How do you know this for a fact, Kag?"

"I just know. He just needs somebody to care for him. He was all alone when I found him. He's not wanted."

"Now I see why. I think your father's right on this one."

"No, Mom. I think Sister Kagome's right. I think we need to give InuYasha one more chance."

Sighs from the Higurashi parents.

Two votes from the parents to let him go; two votes from Kagome and Houjou to let him stay. Souta was much too little to understand what was going on, so he didn't have a vote.

InuYasha sighed. He knew he was gone. Although the votes seemed to be a tie, he just knew he was gone. He crawled away from the sunroof and lay on the roof.

It was dark, and it was cold out that night. InuYasha shivered. "They're gonna make me leave…" he whispered. "I just know it…Oh, please, Kagome! Don't let your parents force me out. Please let me stay…"

This was his final thought for the night as he drifted off to sleep, all his other thoughts still bunched up in his head.

While he was asleep, InuYasha had a dream:

InuYasha woke up on a hill in the village. It was the same hill by the bridge that he lived under. Everything seemed the same, but something was different. He didn't know what.

He sat up. He heard a voice calling him:

"InuYasha! Good Morning, InuYasha!"

He looked towards the direction of the voice. It was his friend, 7 1/2-year old Tanaka Miroku. "Good Morning, Miroku-san!" he greeted.

"You know, you slept in this morning," Miroku said cheerfully. "What's going on, Hanyou?"

InuYasha laughed. Miroku always joked with him like this. He knew that Miroku was a good person and wouldn't tease him about his being a hanyou.

Even so, he replied, "Don't even joke like that, Miroku-san! It's not funny."

"You're right," Miroku replied. "Gomen nasai, InuYasha." He smiled at his half-demon friend.

InuYasha woke up. Even though it was cold, he was sweating. "I remember now…" he muttered to himself as he covered his face with one hand. "Miroku-san!"

He heard a knocking on the roof behind him. He swirled around, startled, only to find out that it was just Kagome. "Oh, it's you…"

"Hey there, InuYasha," Kagome said cheerfully as she came onto the roof carrying a giant comforter. "I…um…I thought you might be cold, so I brought you this…" she said shyly as she handed him the comforter, her face was beginning to turn red.

Kagome…InuYasha thought, smiling as he took the comforter. "Arigatou, Kagome!" (Tr.: "Thank you, Kagome!")

Kagome smiled, blushing. "Do itashimashite, InuYasha," she replied. (Tr.: "No problem, InuYasha.") She turned to head back inside, when she said, "Who were you talking to, InuYasha? I heard you talking in your sleep."

InuYasha was quiet as he sat under the comforter. "…That was the last time I saw him smile…" he said to no one in particular as he stared off into space.

"Saw who, InuYasha?" Kagome asked as she sat down next to him.

"My friend, Miroku-san," he replied. His reply was almost automatic, as if he had almost forgotten that Kagome was there. He looked at her. "He was always so happy. Like you, Kagome."

InuYasha told Kagome about the dream he had. When he was finished, Kagome asked,

"Why is this so important to you, InuYasha?"

"Because, it's a memory!" InuYasha replied. "I had just remembered it. That day, the last time I saw Miroku-san, even though it was sunny that day, it rained that afternoon…hard…"

It was the worst storm I ever remembered. The river was flooded and though lots of people in the village tried to help keep the flood back, it was no use.

Everything happened so fast, which is probably why I couldn't remember until now…

We were warned not to go near the bridge, but that bridge was my home! I couldn't just abandon it. It was very old, and falling apart, but even so…

Kagome nodded. She remembered that. It was only a few months ago. It was the reason they had to rebuild the bridge. She listened as InuYasha continued his story.

The water was coming up on the bridge as we stood watching. "How long do you think it'll hold out, Miroku-san?" I asked, shouting so he could hear my voice over the roaring water.

"Not much longer…" he shouted back. "InuYasha, I think we should get out of here!"

"NO!" I shouted back. "I don't care if this whole bridge collapses! This is my home. I'm not leaving, Miroku!"

"But, InuYasha!" He called to me. I didn't hear him. At that moment, a tide wave from the flooded river washed up onto the bridge, completely destroying it. Miroku and I were still standing on the bridge when the wave hit…

I remember hearing his voice for the last time…calling for help…calling me for help…

InuYasha continued to stare out into the starry night sky. "I don't know what happened to Miroku-san after that. I remember someone helping me out of the raging river, asking me if I was all right. He didn't seem to care that I was a hanyou at the time. I didn't answer the man when he asked me if I was okay. I was too frightened…and I was worried about Miroku-san…I haven't seen him since…he could have drowned for all I know!"

Kagome noticed the look of sadness in InuYasha's eyes. Poor InuYasha…she thought. He misses his friend Miroku a lot… "Cheer up, InuYasha," she said smiling. "I'm sure you'll find your friend Miroku! I know you will. I'm sure your friend is okay."

"Oh, Kagome…" InuYasha sighed. He put an extra part of the giant comforter around her shoulders as he brought her closer to him.

Kagome looked at him in confusion. "Wha…"

"Kagome…will you stay out here with me?" InuYasha asked, that sad look still in his eyes. "I…I really don't want to be alone."

Kagome sighed. "Okay. I'll stay. But only this one night."

InuYasha smiled. "Thank you…Kagome…"


Poor InuYasha. He really misses his friend Miroku. I'm glad I came up here to talk with him.

Miroku was InuYasha's only friend for a long time. It's only natural that he would miss him so much. But, I've got a feeling that they'll meet again. I just know they will.

InuYasha doesn't remember much about his past, and he seems to have memory lapses. So the fact that he remembers about his friend is a good thing! I think it's a step in the right direction to finding his memory.

I don't think he wanted me to know that he doesn't remember his past. But, now that I know, should I tell him? I might be able to help him. I've come this far; whether he wants to admit it, I'm stuck with him all the way…!

Daijoubu, InuYasha! I'll help you with anything that may help you get your memories back! If you need anything…I'm there for you all the way…

I'll always be here for you…InuYasha…

End Chapter Three

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