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"We are running out of time, my lord."

Lord Tiranus ignored the advisor that had spoken to him. Indeed, it seemed as though he did not hear the advisor or anyone else for that matter. He silently stared out the window into the foggy night. He seemed very "out of this world" as some would put it. But yet, he was still here, in his body. He was just… pondering.

Pondering about what? Well, that remains unclear, but before this chapter was done we would have a fairly good idea.

"My lord?" High Advisor Stephan stared questioningly at his lord "My lord?" he asked louder.

Blinking, as though coming out of a trance, Tiranus turned away from the window. Sighing, he made his way across the dias and towards the throne. Wearily, as though a condemned man, he sat heavily upon his throne.

After some time he said, "Well, my friend, it seems as though we have no choice."

"Shall I send for him?"

"No," Tiranus said. "There is no need. He wouldn't believe it anyway. What we need to do is just stand aside and let him figure it out. Once he comes into his inheritance, Draco will have no say in the matter. He'll find out soon enough, like every other Heir of the Arduer, who his mate is. And like every other Heir of the Arduer he'll possess the need to claim his mate for himself. Of course, he'll try to battle against it, but he wont last long, his will make him accept the truth. The faster he accepts himself and his destiny. And, he'll do it soon,so we'll just leave everything to him."

"Though," Tiranus said with a sly look to Stephan. "I would love to be there to see his face when he finds out. After all, it wont be no easy feat when he has to win his destined mate over. Especially," Tiranus said with a laugh. "When his Soul Mate just happens to be Harry Potter."