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Chapter 9

"Why can't we just ride with Harry?" Ron complained as they stood outside of the Leaky Cauldron. Their luggages had been brought out and were currently being loaded into one of the sleek black limos that Draco had provided for them. "Why does he have to ride with Malfoy?" he demanded.

Hermione patiently looked at him. "Ronald," she said in a firm voice. "Harry must ride with Draco because they need to be with each other, especially in these first few stages of their bonding. They need to strengthen their bond if they are going to survive the next term at Hogwarts."

Ron snorted. "Too bad Malfoy has to survive," he muttered.

"Of course he has to," Hermione snapped. "And stop being so negative about him, especially around Harry. Harry cannot be confused about his feelings about Draco, or else their bond will never strengthen. With a strengthened bond, Harry will be able to control his magic even more. We cannot risk Harry losing control of his magic."

"And Malfoy will help him control his magic?" he asked dubiously.

"Yes, Ron." Hermione smiled. "He will."

Ron looked away from her. After a few moments, he looked back at her. "I'll try to put up with him for Harry's sake," he said grimly.

Hermione smiled. "Thank you." She hugged him.

"Merlin, at least I had the decency to get Harry in a room before I started touching him," a voice drawled behind them. They turned to see a smirking Draco standing in front of the entrance with a blushing but smiling Harry next to him. Hermione smiled when she saw the casual way that Draco laid his hand at the small of Harry's back.

"Malfoy," Ron said neutrally.

Harry looked at him in surprise. Draco just smirked more and glanced at Hermione with a raise of his brow. She smiled softly with a raise of her own brow.

"Weasley," Draco replied. He glanced past them towards the limos. "I see our transportation is here." He looked at Harry, his smirk turning into a soft smile. "Your friends will be riding together." He looked at the Hermione and Ron. "The driver will take you wherever you want to go," he told them. "We have hours yet to get to King's Cross and Harry and I have to do something first."

Ron opened his mouth to question him but Hermione cut him off. "That's fine," she said with a look in Ron's direction that had him shutting his mouth. "I'm sure that Ron and I will be fine."

Draco smiled. "Good." He turned back to Harry. "Are you ready?" he asked softly. Harry nodded at him and turned to Hermione and Ron. "I'll meet you guys at the station." He smiled reassuringly at them and let Draco lead him towards their limo.

Hermione and Ron watched their limo pull away, into the easy flow of London traffic. "I hope we didn't just sign Harry away to the Devil," Ron commented to Hermione.

"Well, they do say that the Devil takes care of his own." She laughed at the pained look he shot her and pulled him towards their limo. "Come on," she said as they climbed in. "Let's go take the Devil's advice and have some fun."

Draco silently watched Harry gaze out at the shops they passed along the busy high-class London streets. They were in one of the more esteemed villages, where the rich and the famous went for their every need. Today, it would fill Draco's most urgent need at the moment.

"Where are you taking me?" Harry asked him quietly. He turned away from the window and looked at Draco.

For a minute, the beauty took Draco aback. His heart seemed to stop for a full moment; stopped by the sheer fact that this beautiful being before him was his – belonged to him, as much as Draco belonged to Harry too.


Draco shook his head. He stared at Harry, his face flickering with an emotion that Harry couldn't identify. "You said me name," he said dazedly. "You called me Draco."

Harry frowned. "Isn't that your name?" he asked, confused.

Draco leaned forward from his seat across Harry. "Yes, but for the longest time I was Malfoy to you."

Harry sat back in his chair. He looked down at his folded hands in his lap. "It seems so natural to call you Draco," he said quietly. He looked back up at Draco, his eyes pleading with him. "Why?" he whispered.

Draco scooted forward silently until he was in the seat right next to Harry. "The bond," he said simply. "It'll make you feel things that you've never felt before."

"So, what I'm feeling is only because the bond is making me feel it?" Harry said.

"No," Draco said hastily. "It's what your instincts are making you feel. Completely real emotions that the bond just helps surface."

Harry stared at him silently.

Draco smiled. "I'm not lying to you. I promise."

Harry smiled softly. "For some crazy ass reason, I believe you." His eyes lowered and he stared at Draco's mouth. Slowly, he leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against Draco's, his eyes fluttered and closed as he did.

Draco sat still, letting Harry control the kiss. He slowly sat back, making Harry leaned forward the kiss until he climbed in Draco's lap. Heat flared between them instantly. Draco moaned as Harry gasped into his mouth. Tongues battled as the kiss heated up. Tearing his mouth away from Harry, Draco grasped Harry's head and attacked his neck with his tongue and teeth.

Harry tipped his head back. "Draco," he panted to the ceiling. He choked when he felt Draco's free hand slide from his hip to cup his ass. His hips bucked forward and he cried out when Draco pushed his hips downward, making Harry's rear along with the bulge in Draco's pants.

"Feel this, Harry," Draco whispered in Harry's ear as he groaned. "This is the truth."

Suddenly, the intercom above them beeped. It was the driver informing them that they were one minute to their destination.

Quickly, Harry pulled away from Draco and sat in the seat across. He kept his eyes down low as he straightened his appearance. He looked up slowly and scowled at the grin on Draco's face. "Don't laugh at me," he said darkly.

Draco laughed and narrowly avoided the kick to his legs. "I can't help it, you're a prude."

"I'm not a prude," Harry said defensively. "I just happen to have modesty."

"That's not modesty," Draco said with a grin. "That's the sign of a blushing virgin."

Harry gasped. "Take that back!" he demanded. "Thanks to you I'm no where near being a virgin anymore."

"I know, isn't that just great?"

Harry rolled his eyes as they pulled to a stop. He looked out the window at the small shop. "Why are we at a jewelry shop?" he asked. He looked at Draco in confusion.

"To pick something up," was the reply.

The door opened and Draco stepped out. He held out a hand and helped Harry out.

"What are we picking up?" Harry asked.

"Our rings. Well, your rings," Draco added. He raised a brow at Harry when he suddenly stopped. "Is anything the matter?"

Harry stared at him incredulously. "Everything's the matter. I don't need rings."

Draco frowned. "All right, we'll get one ring. The engagement ring."

"The engagement ring?"

"Of course. Did you expect me to let you walk around without one? Everyone at school would try to win you if they didn't know that you were already taken. If I truly had it my way, I would have you wear the engagement ring and the wedding band."

"But we're not married," Harry protested.

"By only the formal records," Draco clarified.

"But a ring?" Harry whined.

"Yes, a ring."

"Can I wear around my neck at least?" Harry asked desperately. He huffed a breath at the stony stare. "Fine, but it better not be all damn flowery."

Draco smiled. "Of course not. This ring will only be temporary until I get the Malfoy Family Engagement Ring from my mother."

"As if she'll ever give it," Harry muttered darkly. He stopped.

Since when the hell did he care?

Draco prodded him towards the shop. "Come on. Let's get the ring, get some lunch and we'll go to King's Cross."

They entered shop and were greeted with a smiling saleslady. "Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter!" she greeted. "What a pleasure! What can I do for you today?"

"We're here to pick out an engagement ring for my fiancé," Draco said.

She beamed. "Congratulations to the both of you! Now, what are you looking for?" Already she was steering them towards the most expensive rings.

"Silver, not too much but noticeable, unique and will go with my family's engagement ring. In case you want to keep this ring," he said at the look Harry sent him.

"Ah, how about these sets here." She brought a tray of ten rings. There were thin bands and bulky bands, all with many small diamonds or few large diamonds.

"What do you think-" Draco started to ask, but stopped at the expression on Harry's face. Harry was staring intently at a silver band that was a quarter inch wide with intricately carved Gaelic symbols that had diamond studs in all the spaces. Unique and went with the Malfoy ring. Harry seemed to love it.

It was perfect.

"Let me see that," Draco ordered. She brought it out and he took it. He took Harry's hand in his and slipped it on slowly. His eyes met Harry's as it slid all the way on.


"We'll take it," he said softly, his eyes never leaving Harry's and his hand never letting go of Harry's hand.

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