Chapter 2: Pink is the new red

My mouth could have fallen to my feet as I saw Goku standing in the center of my lab, Vegeta in his arms. The prince of Sayians… drenched in blood and his skin covered sickly wounds half covered by thin fabric.

No words left Goku's mouth as he rushed over to me and I knew what he wanted. I spun quickly and was to the Regeneration tanks.

I pressed in a few red buttons with shaking fingers, hearing the machine came to life a moment later. Goku placed Vegeta inside the tank and after pressing another button it began to fill with a now pink liquid.

Sad eyes met mine and I'm sure mine reflected the same emotions back to the young Sayian.

God... who did this?

Who could do this?

Vegeta- he's one of the strongest beings in the universe and someone beat the living hell out of him.

Vegeta thought nothing of it when Yamcha, Oolong, Master Roshi, Tien, and Chaltzu were killed. To Vegeta they were considerably weaker than himself and someone was probably out to get revenge. A weakling he said….

I looked to Vegeta's still form. A weakling? No weakling could do this.

A shudder coursed through my body. Who would be next? I shook my head quickly and there was a sudden comforting hand on my shoulder. Goku…

He smiled softly at me and said everything would be alright. Of course it would be. When Goku said everything would be alright… it was always alright.

"Bulma, I'm going to go home and get some dinner… ChiChi is probably worried sick." I nodded sharply.

"I'll tell you when he heals."

"Will you be alright Bulma?" I didn't know the answer to that question but I knew the lie to it.

"Yeah, I'll be fine." He looked hesitant for a moment but he forced a smile, as did I. He then placed 2 fingers to his forehead and disappeared in a blur of blue and orange.

The second he was gone, I felt my lip twitch and tears at the corner of my eyes. I turned away from the glass tank, my eyes now filled with tears of fear and sadness.

This isn't happening... it can't be…

I would wake up in the morning and everything would be alright. I glanced back to Vegeta through my blurred vision and mouthed, 'I love you.' I knew I would receive no answer like usual… so, I turned away and headed towards my bedroom.

The floor was icy under my bare feet as I walked down the hall to my room. I stopped in the doorway of my room, placing my hand on the door frame as I gazed into the room. I looked to the floor, my eyes taken away from the light that spilled through the window and onto the empty bed.


I sighed and walked towards my bed, slipping off my shirt as I moved towards the dresser. I opened a drawer as I pulled my pants down with my free hand then kicked them away. I grabbed up a thin pair of cotton pants and a matching pink tank top. I unhooked my bra and quickly put on my nightclothes, I was very glad to be free of those tight pants.

I threw back the blankets and got into bed, my eyes burned from lack of sleep as they slowly shut.

My eyes shot open. What the fuck…?

I sat up and blinked back my vision. What was that sound?

Did Trunks come home and not tell me? I crawled out of bed, flipping on the light as I grabbed my matching pink robe.

Maybe Vegeta woke up…

I headed down the hall, walking briskly. "Vegeta?" I called, but received no answer. "Trunks?" Still silence…

Oh god… what if- no it can't be. I shook my head as I quickened my pace. The sound… I couldn't even describe what it sounded like… all I knew was… it must have came from my lab. Where Vegeta was unconscious and helpless…

I was to the door and I shoved it open. "Vege-"

There was pain in my throat and I realized I couldn't breathe. I gasped as a figure stepped in front of me- their face hidden by darkness… their hand- clutching my neck and shutting off my oxygen. Oh god NO!

My hands clawed at theirs, slashing at them with my nails but to no avail. I tried to cry out for help but my voice was only a raspy breath.

A laugh came from the person- monster holding me, slowly choking me to death. Black crept across my vision.

No please god- no don't let me die!

Then the hand was gone and I could breathe. The pulled in air painfully but it seemed like pure bliss. I hadn't realized I had fallen onto the floor until I looked up to see someone looming over me.

Oh Fu- pain flared at my face, and I heard a loud crack as my skull hit the wall… I was on the floor again. I grasped onto my bleeding head. The agony was blinding as I tried to get to my feet, blood spilled into my eyes and through my fingers that tried to hold the wound close and stop the blood flow.

A voice whispered, "This will only hurt… a little." I could sense a wicked grin on the maniacs face as his hand slapped across my face again, my lip splitting and my teeth knocking loose.

"Don't…" My voice was slurred; a copper taste filled my mouth and dripped down my chin. Through eyes blurred with tears and blood, I saw the hand pull back again. It swung forward and I clenched my eyes shut- letting the pain take me over as I felt the back of my skull give away as it smashed against the wall.

To be continued…

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