With a new member to the Order, things are sent into a whirlwind. Especially because it is none other than Draco Malfoy, confessed Death Eater, with a plan for the surviving members. But during his stay at headquarters, there are a few sections he hadn't seen coming. Involving a certain redhead with a temper to match.

DISCLAIMER: All characters, settings, and magical occurrences were all conceived and created in the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling. Nothing except the glorious plot is property of mine. No profits are being made from my writing.ANOTHER WARNING: This story will contain some SLASH as the main pairing will be Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley. If this bothers, offends, or just grosses you out, you can save yourself a lot of pain and heartburn and just click the back button. If you are intrigued (as I am by this rare pairing), stick around. I can only hope not to disappoint. Also, there is some implied HP/BZ as well as mentions of HG/SS. This whole piece is of course D/R-centric though so it isn't much.

There was an eerie sort of silence in the room as it was filled by another's presence. The blonde crossed his arms defensively across his chest and awaited any sign that someone was alive. He was not let down either as a redhead from across the table leapt up to his feet, eyes glaring angrily, ready to pounce.

"You have to be bloody kidding me! Why didn't you just invite You-Know-Who himself?" Ron directed this question at Harry who sat silently. It had after all been his idea in the first place. "Harry, you can't be serious?"

"As much as I enjoyed the dramatics, Weasley, he is indeed serious and I don't really know how well inviting Voldemort would work for this organization," Draco couldn't help but smirk his response at the scathing redhead. Ron opened his mouth to speak but Snape beat him to it.

"Mr. Weasley please sit down before you humiliate yourself even more. As skeptical as I am, I'm sure Potter has a perfectly sane explanation as to why he's come to trust Mr. Malfoy," He still spat Harry's last name as though he'd taste poison on his tongue. A way that only one other had ever managed to do.

Ron reluctantly sat back down, but did so with a glare in the general direction of the blonde in question. Harry motioned for the empty seat beside him and Draco moved without hesitation. Not able to help himself, he fixed the redhead with a final smirk before returning his attentions to Harry. Ron couldn't help but notice there was something shining back in Harry's green eyes. At this, Ron was even less sure if he could understand the sudden wave of emotion that washed over him.

"As I was saying, I think we may have found a bit of a savior when it comes to information. I've had some information passed along to me from Draco but I think it may be best if he explain," Harry announced to the group of individuals at the table.

It was a group you may have suspected. Snape obviously, almost every Weasley head was present, Hermione, Lupin, McGonagall, Tonks, a few other surviving Aurors, and Harry himself. There was a very noticeable vacancy at the table. Dumbledore had taken ill months before and was steadily growing worse. What made the entire ordeal even harder to bare was that there was a curse surrounding his condition and Voldemort was tampering with his life. Very dark magic and not something easily reversible.

Draco did not seem too confident in Harry's decision but went along with it anyway. "I shall be very blunt. I was a Death Eater. Though perhaps the most important fact to consider with this was that it was not by choice. Though you never exactly make such a choice. More often than not you are propositioned. You can join this group, what most pureblooded families consider an honor, or you can die. It isn't a very hard decision to make. Especially if you've been primed from birth," Draco paused a moment considering where he should go next with this. "I knew that it was not what I had wanted with my life but there was little you could do. So I stuck it out for a few months and then decided that it was too much. And in turn, I turned to the only person I knew could be trusted, enemy or not."

"Before I ostracized myself, I managed to procure a bit of useful information. Firstly, that this curse over Dumbledore is curable but the counter curse must be spoken in the same vicinity of the caster. Meaning unless someone is within feet of Voldemort, there is no way to stop what is happening and soon, Dumbledore will die," Draco added the last bit and that clinched it for the room. There was a collective gasp taken by the occupants. "Secondly, the Ministry is almost out of control. The Death Eaters are working in nearly every department and it will not be long before they are in charge. This much is certain."

"What do we do then? If the Ministry is already slipping away, is there anyway to take control back?" Hermione's voice resonated over the light chatter that began to absorb the room.

"There has been much thought given to the situation and we think that Snape should take over," Harry declared suddenly and Snape snapped his head around in surprise.

"I am not wishing death upon myself in such a manner, Potter," He sneered.

"Neither are we. You're the only one left with ties to Voldemort. He trusts you still. He also knows that the school and Ministry have given their full support. It is the only way to know that we have a handle on the situation," Draco rationalized, figuring that the Potions Master wouldn't curse him as easily.

"Unfortunately, he's right, Severus. You'll be back to playing both teams again," Hermione commented quietly. She seemed slightly pained by this herself. She'd recently spent a great deal of time with her former professor working on any cure they could for their ailing Headmaster.

"We wouldn't have asked this of you if we hadn't thought it was the only option we have left," Harry defended himself to everyone this time. As much of a greasy git as Snape was, no one was going to be keen on the idea of sending him off like that.

"I'll give the idea some thought," Snape replied simply, sinking back off to his own thoughts immediately.

"I think that we should consider this meeting adjourned for the evening. We all could use some sleep." Molly Weasley's voice was still the same motherly tone she'd had years before when they were still at Hogwarts. Now, even a year after their Hogwarts tenure, she still coddled the bunch like first years about to depart.

"I think that's a good idea. I second that," Remus added to the mix of discussion.

"Sounds good to me," Harry smacked his hand down emphatically.

Draco watched as the others departed, lingering a moment in the room. Ron seemed to notice this as well and approached the blonde in thought, his disdain for him not wavering.

"I'm still not sure about you, Malfoy."

"I still don't like you, Weasley. We're even," Draco took this as the end of the conversation and left the redhead behind fuming.

Draco sat silently in the back of Grimmauld Place. He'd been there a few days now and he still did not care much for the atmosphere inside the building. Too stuffy and all together too Gryffindor. Draco gave a quiet sigh. It seemed so much more peaceful outside.

"Blaise wrote me this morning." It was so like Potter to interrupt these few serene moments he was allotted. "He asked how you were doing here cooped up with all of us do-gooders."

"I'm surviving, surprisingly."

"We're not that terrible," Harry reasoned and Draco finally turned his head to face the black haired man.

"Yes you are." He turned his head back around at this, not letting the little bit of smile he may have worn be seen.

"Either way he's going to be by soon. Thought he'd help keep you company."

"I'm sure it has nothing to do with me."

"What do you mean?" Harry questioned, sitting down slightly behind Draco.

"What else did the letter say?" He turned slightly as he asked his question and the red tinge Harry's cheeks held was enough for him. "Just as I suspected. I doubt I'll see much of him either way."

"You are an utter prat, Malfoy."

"So I have heard. At least I'm an insanely attractive prat. You however, are just a prat," Draco replied wryly. Harry fixed him with a glare standing up.

"You always know the right things to say."

"I'm humbling you."

"This is why you're sitting out here all by yourself. No one else can take too much of your humbling," Harry did smile at this remark and went back inside the house off to presumably write Blaise back.

And he was back to his silence. At least with Potter's visit out of the way, he doubted there'd be another interruption.


There was no mistaking that voice. Especially the tone that came along with it. No one else seemed to speak with such passion and conviction no matter what it was he was saying. If nothing else, the redhead had that going for him. He could keep even the most absentminded enthralled. Not that Draco would ever admit this out loud.


"Are you involved with Harry?" He blurted out all at once. Draco stifled a laugh and picked himself up off of the ground.

"Certainly not, Weasley. Where as Potter is more up my alley than say Granger, I think you may need to look a little taller and a little darker though scratch the handsome bit. Needless to say, Potter is nothing more than an ally." As soon as he spoke those words he knew he'd explained too much. Given away more than he should have.

"You two just seemed kind of close," Ron commented offhandedly.

"Well things are not always as they seem then are they? I try not to go after the foolish-hero-who-will-get-himself-killed-in-battle type. Not very stable in the long run."

"Wait, Harry is seeing someone?"

"A bit slow there, Weasley? Potter may in fact be seeing someone though I hardly think it is my place to say so. Though I would love to see your face. I doubt anything could top your face at the thought of Potter and I," Draco was almost laughing at the image as he walked passed Ron and back into the house.

Ron watched him go and sat down in the spot the blonde had once occupied, letting his thoughts gather around him. Harry and Malfoy weren't together. That was…reassuring? Well yes, he didn't want his friend with someone so inherently evil. Besides, who could picture the two of them together, anyway? Most certainly not. Harry belonged with someone else. And Malfoy. Well Ron couldn't really see him with anyone else. Like he just didn't belong there. Especially not with any of the blokes close to them there.

It wasn't that Malfoy wouldn't be a catch, he supposed. He did have money despite his current decision. He was witty when he wanted to be. At least Ron assumed as much seeing as his wit was usually negative. He was brutally honest most of the time. You wouldn't have to worry about him lying to you. And let's face it, he wasn't terrible looking. In fact, quite the contrary. Not that Ron was noticing or anything. He definitely wasn't. Not at all.

With that thought, Ron realized he'd had enough sitting outside for one evening. He just needed a nice cold shower instead.

Draco noticed things were off after the redhead dropped the powdered sugar for the waffles all over the table. If nothing else, Ron was always careful when it came to his food and suddenly, there was less waffle than sugar. Ultimately, the food was thrown away and two more returned to his plate. Something just seemed to be weighing at on his mind. At least this was what Lupin had commented on. Ron had furiously blushed red denying any and all accusations. Yes, definitely off.

Though to be fair, the blonde really went out of his way to avoid the other man. He did not need to be clashing with him there. Not when Weasley had home court advantage or whatever those muggles used in such a case. He knew well enough he was lacking some support there. Though he wouldn't be averse to testing the waters a bit.

Somewhere between meetings and lounging with little else to do, Draco had managed to pick up the habit of reading anything he came in contact with. He'd read during school but it was mostly the required reading or something similar. Well and then excluding the few potions texts and volumes he'd scoured more recently. He never had honestly sat down and read for the pure enjoyment of it. As he started the third book, he was beginning to see why Granger had become so fascinated. One could very easily and simply lose themselves within the pages. He often found that the case, having found a nice quite corner of the house, mostly unoccupied and a relatively comfortable sofa to lounge on.

He had not been paying any attention to his surroundings, completely enthralled in the pages of the newest novel he'd picked up, Pride and Prejudice. He had not thought it would be something to hold his attentions and in honesty, he'd only swiped it from Granger when there were no other prospective offers. To his dismay, he found he was quite enjoying the book, muggle-ness and all. That was short lived.

"Hiding, Malfoy?"

Draco looked up abruptly nearly dropping the book in the process. At this, he fixed a scowl on his face for the intruder. "Just avoiding, Weasley."

"Avoiding what?"

"Avoiding you!" Draco exclaimed, lifting the book back up again. Silently hoping that if he did so, Ron would take a hint and scamper back to his little friends.

"Well I hate to rain on your parade, Malfoy but this is my spot," Ron said as a matter of a factly.

"Excuse me?"

"I've been coming here for as long as I can remember and I don't need you invading it."

"I've been coming here for the past few weeks and do not remember having seen you here once. Signifying that you've relinquished your rights to said room and I am taking over. Meaning, get the hell out," Draco bite back as bluntly as possible.

"You cannot just take over the rights to the room because I have been busy. It doesn't work that way."

"I do not see why not," Draco had reverted back to the book in front of him, trying hard to tune him out. Maybe he if didn't say anything he'd just go away. Yes, it was a thought.

"It just doesn't."

"Look, Weasley, I would just like to finish my book. Is there anyone you could shut your abnormally large mouth. It's bad enough you're invading my space let alone rambling on."

"But…" The look he received stopped that statement in mid-air and Ron resigned himself to having to share the space for the time being. He moved towards the opposite side of the room, positioning himself as comfortably as possible in one of the old dusty chair. Giving a casual glance up, it was the first time Draco realized that he had brought something with him.

Ron pulled the pages open, one by one; briefly admiring whatever it was that was on them before turning to the next. Finally, he it seemed he'd found a blank page and Draco observe him pulling a muggle pencil out of the binding and watched silently as he began what appeared to be sketching.

Draco did not pretend that there were a great many things he didn't know about Weasley but this certainly was a new development. He had never considered him to be much of an artist in any form. Though he had mastered arguing at a very early age. Probably all of those siblings. Survival of the fittest or something like that.

"I'd prefer if you didn't stare, Malfoy," Ron commented, barely looking up from the page.

"I was not staring, Weasley, I was pondering the oddity that is you expressing yourself in such an artistic manner."

"I'm drawing. You don't need to build it up that much."

"You just never struck me as the type," Draco shrugged slightly, trying to once more focus on the book. He sighed lightly knowing the focus was now gone.

"Well you never struck me as the type to read muggle literature. Especially literature that Hermione reported missing not too long ago," Ron raised a brow at him, before averting his eyes back to the page before him. Draco shrugged his shoulders.

"Some people are so absent minded sometimes. Forgetting where they've left things," Draco played it off, knowing full well he'd been caught but honestly not caring either way. "So why is it that you do draw?"

"Well, after Ginny died, I found that I needed a way to express myself better and it seemed that this may be as good a way as any," Ron shrugged it off, trying his hardest to keep his attentions set.

"Are you any good?"

"I don't know. I haven't exactly held an art show for everyone to gawk."

"You haven't shown anyone before?"

"No, it seemed like a more personal thing," Ron added offhandedly which caused him to wonder why he had volunteered such information to Draco Malfoy in the first place. He didn't even feel comfortable explaining it to Harry let alone his arch-nemesis from school.

"Let me see."


"Oh come on, Weasley. At least I'll be honest."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

"Come on," Draco coaxed, getting almost no reaction from the redhead at all. "Just let me see."

"I'd rather not," Just as Ron was looking up to say this directly to the blonde, Draco had snatched the book from his fingers, backing up slowly. "Malfoy, just give it back."

"Oh calm down. I'm sure it isn't that bad," Draco said in a less than reassuring voice and flipped to the first page. As he was admiring the work, he could faintly hear Ron muttering something about taking it from him.

The first picture was a setting a school. That much was obvious. Right down near the lake underneath of a rather large tree. There was the faint outline of someone sitting beneath the shade and scrawled at the bottom was "Her Place." Draco didn't need a guess as to whom this was. After all, he had started after he'd lost his little sister. He wasn't about to admit that the picture was indeed very good, much better than he would've suspected.

He flipped through the next few pages at a more rapid pace; glancing only slightly at them until he reached the page he'd been working on that day. Where the others were of friends or different settings, this one was shocking. It was the beginnings of someone Draco perceived as himself. Though he didn't get a good enough look for this was when Ron had lunged and in the midst of trying to gain control of the book, they found themselves toppled over on the couch Draco had once occupied.

In sheer luck, Draco found himself atop the redhead, book mostly still in hand. With a second glance, he proved his former assumptions to be true. "This is me," He sounded rather dumbfounded given the tone of his statement and Ron's only reply was a sheepish look in the other direction. "You drew me. Why?"

"It just seemed like a good idea at the time."

"So it was just convenience?" Ron hesitantly nodded. "You a really terrible liar, Weasley. Why?"

"I don't know why. I just started drawing. And that's what came out," Ron dared to meet his gaze though it was a little reluctantly. He still looked rather nervous about his drawing being discovered. Or maybe it was that Draco was still more or less straddling him on the small sofa. And he felt that the room was getting pretty warm and his pants pretty tight.

Draco didn't miss a beat in the current developments. He raised a brow in question as one certainly couldn't miss what Ron was trying hard to hide. No pun intended of course. He thought about making a nasty comment or even blackmail because that always worked so well in the past but something else took hold. Before he knew it, he'd leaned forward, resting his weight more on the body beneath him, and ghosted his lips lightly over Ron's.

Ron started off trying to act very taken back but his body obviously had other plans. As Draco pulled back slightly, thinking he'd sorely mistaken the situation, Ron snaked his arm around the back of his neck pulling him back down, their mouths crashing together. Like most things that ever occurred between the two of them, it became a struggle for control, their tongues working the other over for the dominance they sought. Draco found himself slowly working down Ron's reserves and allowed his hand to drift lower, fingertips lightly caressing the skin just about the waist of the redhead's pants. Giving him no more time, Draco's fingers undid his pants, slipping down in between the fabric of Ron's pants and boxers.

It felt to Ron as though his entire body was experiencing shock. He'd done a bit of kissing and light fondling with Hermione back at Hogwarts but with the impending doom as Harry often called it, jokingly of course, he hadn't considered giving anything like this a go with someone else. Let alone another bloke. As Draco's hand stopped over the rather large bulge in Ron's pants, he felt himself buck into the new attention, his body reacting without second thought.

Encouraged by Ron's eagerness, Draco felt he should once more test the waters though just as he began to initiate more, there was the tell tale sign of footsteps. In a panic, Ron ripped himself out from underneath Draco, snatching up his notebook in the process. Moments later as Ron scrambled about, Draco watching rather amusedly on the sofa still, the door opened and Harry peered in at them.

"Dinner's ready." He stared awkwardly at them a moment, probably wondering how they could have possibly shared a room and not murdered one another. "Malfoy, you may want to find a way to return that book to Hermione. She'll hex you into tomorrow," Harry commented before leaving the door slightly ajar and retreating from the pair.

"I do not think I've ever seen anyone move quite that fast, Weasley. You really should learn to calm down sometimes," Draco chided picking his book up and leaving Ron alone in the room with his thoughts.

Life around Grimmauld Place was getting tense for everyone. Suddenly, and once more, Draco and Ron couldn't be in the same room together. Or at least Ron stood up abruptly and fled except at meals. There was no place else to go and Ron was not going to miss his meals because of a Malfoy. No one quite understood what had happened and Harry was really beginning to wonder what had gone one that evening he'd found the pair of them together. He had not gotten around to asking either of them yet. It seemed as though it was more awkward than a random argument they once had.

Ron hadn't brought himself to going back to the room where it had all happened. He wasn't quite sure how to decipher the exit Draco had made. As if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. As if he hadn't just been getting ready to…well Ron chose not to think about that. No sense in wasting time fretting over something that didn't or won't happen. It sounded like some weird proverb his mother would rattle off. The woman had an endless amount.

Anxiety returned as Harry decided to call a meeting for that evening. They were still undecided about the Minister of Magic nonsense and it was time to decide. That left tensions high amongst the others. Strangely enough though, Harry had been in better spirits since another Slytherin crossover had come for a visit. Harry was rarely seen without Blaise Zabini and Ron supposed that was his answer to the question he'd asked Malfoy weeks before.

Malfoy. There he went again thinking about him. It was just better if he didn't. Though it was pretty damn hard when he was a couple seats over from you, actually smiling at something Blaise was animatedly describing. Ron had never to his knowledge seen Malfoy smile and he was thankful for that. It was an infectious smile. A smile that left you waiting for another and with one yourself. It wasn't fair that Malfoy had that as well.

"Ok let's get down to business so we don't have to be here too long. I spoke with Snape this morning and we came to a few conclusions," Harry announced to the group. All eyes suddenly fixed on the former Potions Master for his decision.

"I've decided, in the best interest of the Order as well as Dumbledore's well being, that this may be the only option left to pursue and I'm going to take this task in stride. After all, there isn't anyone else who could at this point," He didn't sound too thrilled with the option over all. In fact, several people at that table didn't.

"Yes but there really must be another option. I cannot stand the thought of sending you off to death," Hermione immediately spoke up with a conviction that had everyone listening.

"This isn't a death march, it's politics. And the only thing we have left," Snape stood straight up from his seat to match her stance.

"Then we have to find another option. I will not support this," She fixed a harsh glare upon him and pushed her seat back, exiting the room without a backwards glance. It was very unlike Hermione to get so emotional like that. Her reason usually would've kicked in and realized what was really going on. Though with that outburst, several people at the table experienced just that.

Snape sat back down and sighed deeply, leaving the floor open to anyone else. He certainly didn't have anything to say following that performance. In fact, most people seemed to be at a loss after that. There were just too many questions to ask to even know where to begin.

"I think for now, it might be best to adjourn this meeting and regroup. It looks like we all could use it," Remus chimed in sensing that things were not about to get any better any time soon.

"Alright, we'll try and talk about this more later in the week," Harry sounded defeated. He'd be off lately absorbed in his own life that suddenly his two best friends seemed so utterly foreign to him. Hermione obviously was stressed about this thing with Snape, one thing he didn't really want to consider. And there was something going on with Ron and Malfoy and he was going to get to the bottom of that if Blaise had to do it himself.

Draco crept quietly down the corridor not daring to wake any of the sleeping. He did not want to deal with their wrath so late at night. If only he hadn't forgotten his book from that afternoon tucked safely in the sofa cushion. He had just been getting to the good sections too. Wasn't that always the case?

He hadn't heard or seen Weasley in the room since their incident and he wasn't sure how he felt about that. He had never intended for anything to happen with him to begin with but that hardly mattered now. What mattered was, was that he could not get that moment out of his head for the life of him. Anytime Weasley was in a close vicinity, he felt ready to take him on the table. It was quite unnerving.

He quietly opened the ancient door and entered, he was surprised to find the faint glow of several candles lit around the room. More so that his sofa was occupied by a sleeping figure. He did not even need another guess. Discarded on the floor was his ratty sketch book and across his chest was the book Draco had come to retrieve. He was startled by how peaceful he looked upon that sofa that evening. Even Draco couldn't bring himself to disturb him.

Out of curiosity, Draco bent down and picked up the discarded sketch book and sank down to the ground, flipping through its contents. He stopped briefly to admire the drawing that had first initiated their kiss that evening. He was thoroughly surprised as he flipped the page and found more pictures. One of him seemingly in thought. His eyes seemed so cloudy and worried in the picture he drew. He briefly wondered if that was how he often looked. The second was of his smiling at the table. He assumed the table was from the meeting earlier that evening. It didn't seem like anything to write home about. He had his arms crossed over his chest and an amused tint to his face.

On impulse, Draco took the book, closing it tightly, and blew out the candles in the room, leaving the redhead to sleep. He highly doubted there would be confusion as to who had made off with his drawings. No one else knew. Or at least they hadn't before.

"Malfoy, I know you took my book and I'd like it back," Ron's voice sounded utterly tired. Draco reasoned that couch couldn't have been the most comfortable.

"You had my book. It only seemed fair."

"Well your book is still tucked away while mine however is in your possession," He now sounded slightly irritated. Or maybe it was nervous. Was he still hoping Draco had looked inside the pages? He certainly had to know better than that.

"I was intrigued by your drawings," Draco told him simply, smirk growing on his face as he got comfortable watching the redhead squirm.

"You looked at them?"

"Of course, Weasley. And as much as it pains me to say, you have a lot of potential. Talent even."

Ron seemed uncertain of how to respond to such a comment. He felt that he should thank him but Draco had stolen the book and was now holding it over his head. It didn't seem highly likely he should be thanked for anything.

"And here I thought you had been avoiding me. It seems maybe studying me is more to the point."

"It's just a drawing."

"Is it? It didn't seem that way in there. And the look on your face may suggest otherwise."

"What does it even matter? I doubt it would matter to you either way."

"You sound so sure," Draco sounded surprised by his comment. Weasley played the discard very well. Too well in fact.

"You leaving so quickly seemed like a pretty good indication."

"You nearly hit the ceiling when Potter showed up. Nothing else was going to happen that evening," Draco informed him, eyes studying the nervousness that was shining straight through in Ron's face.

"Did you want something else to happen?" Ron could almost kick himself for even vocalizing such a thought. Why did he always set himself up like this?

"Well I do try not to start something I wouldn't like to finish." This caused a blush from Ron and a smirk from Draco. "But this isn't about what I want, Weasley. It's obviously about what you want and whether or not you'll admit it," Draco paused. "You can come get that book of yours this evening. I'm sure you know where."

Draco really was not obsessing over whether or not Weasley would come to get the book or not. Either way he told himself he could catch up on the reading he'd missed the night before. A lot of good that did him. He couldn't concentrate well enough to get passed a page let alone anything else.

As time wore on, Draco knew it was probably getting rather late and there he sat. He really had been sure that Weasley would've shown by now. Perhaps it was for the best though. They didn't need any more awkward moments between them. They certainly had their fair share.

He wasn't going to waste a second longer. It was worth the shot and now that chance had expired. Draco was sure he was ok with that. Just as he stood, both books tucked close to him, the door hesitantly opened. As Ron took a step into the room, the pair of them eyed each other awkwardly.

"I didn't think you were going to come," Draco admitted, staring at him skeptically.

"I didn't either."

"Well here's the book," Draco handed it over and no sooner had it went to place in it his hands that the redheads free hand wrapped around his wrist, pulling the two together. "Weasley…" Draco started to talk and Ron stopped him quickly, with his mouth.

Like days before, they quickly were acquainted with one another and every detail of their mouth. Draco pressed Ron back, letting the door click behind him, pressing their bodies flush against one another. He smirked lightly into their kiss, hearing the soft moan that escaped Ron's throat at the sensation. Draco pulled back, tracing searing kisses along the corner's of Ron's mouth, his jaw line, ghosting kisses over his collarbones and began moving downward.

As Draco showered him with the kisses, Ron felt his hands begin to slowly undo the pants that Ron wore. Draco was wasting no time this time, easily getting them undone and sliding them down. "What do you think, Weasley? What do you want from me now?" Draco's hand teased lightly, skimming lightly up the redhead's exposed thigh.

"You bloody well know what I want from you!"

"You never been to clear about that, have you?" Draco did give him some mercy, his hand completing its trail up his leg. In a fluid motion, Draco had slipped down Ron's boxers and had sent the redhead into a euphoria of feelings as he went down on him. Ron had no control as he bucked into Draco's mouth, the blonde matching his strides. Ron held out as long as he could before he came in a fury inside Draco's mouth.

Wasting no time at all, Draco returned back to Ron's mouth, hungrily wanting more. "Ron…" He moaned against the other's mouth, his own erection throbbing for release.

Despite the surprise that he felt for hearing his first name come from Draco's mouth, he knew what it seemingly meant. From the feel of things before, Draco had at least some experience in that department and Ron was seriously lacking. He wasn't entirely certain it would be as enjoyable as he may have liked.

With little trouble though, Ron managed to switch their positions, attacking the blonde's mouth and working at removing what clothing stood in his way. It was all too soon that he found himself on the ground working hard to imitate what Draco had done to him. The moans coming from the blonde was enough encouragement that he was doing something right and when he came, Ron awkwardly swallowed, wiping his mouth. Draco sank down to the ground with him.

"That was bloody amazing," He leaned lazily over, capturing Ron's mouth once more. He was surprised at how natural it felt to him. Like he was supposed to be doing this all along. Ron just smiled; leaning into the kisses, feeling just a bit more exhausted that he'd ever felt before. It all was very ironic, he supposed and he'd consider that in the morning but for then, none of that seemed to matter and that was ok.

Ron could tell it was morning but he wasn't certain of the actual time. He had a sneaking suspicion he may have missed breakfast. He moved to roll over in what normally would've been his bed when he realized that it was indeed a sofa and where there wasn't much room for one person, there were two. Curled up rather snugly beside him was Draco Malfoy. It hadn't been a dream after all.

He thought about a few things at that moment. Waiting until Draco woke up though that might have been a rather awkward situation. Getting dressed and trying the forget it happened approached but that hadn't worked well before. Or he could just bolt. All of his plans were dashed as suddenly he felt the body beside him shift and stretch, announcing he wasn't the only one awake.

"What time is it, Weasley?" Draco questioned, keeping his eyes shut and attempting to block the sun with his arm.

"It's Weasley again is it? And I don't have a clue."

"Something else you'd prefer?"

"Well Ron sounded pretty good last night."

"I'm sure it did. I could've called you Voldemort and you would've found it arousing," Draco told him, yawning lightly and realizing sleep might be officially over for the morning.

"Meaning?" Ron shifted away from him as best he could.

"What do you mean? I'm not going to declare my undying love for you or anything," In typical fashion, Draco was painfully blunt.

"I don't expect miracles."

"Then what do you expect?" Draco questioned sitting up now sensing it was turning into a conversation much too deep for this morning.

"What does this mean about you and I?" Ron elaborated.

"It means that you, like most, found my attractive charm too much to resist," He knew from the look he got it wasn't the answer he was looking for. "Does it have to mean something?"

"Yes, it does."

"Well perhaps we should try and easier question. What do you want it to mean?"

"What I mean is, is this going to be a one time thing and that's it?" Ron ignored his question all together. He did not want to ponder that one at all. He could easily go along with whatever Malfoy had planned but he still wasn't sure he could accept that he did want to be with Draco anyway. It made everything so utterly confusing.

"Listen, Weasley, I'm not sorry this happened but I hadn't expected you to get all crazy this morning," Draco started slowly, pulling himself off of Ron and off of the couch. "Given our current situation," He started in between pulling his clothing from the night before back on. "I don't think that there is much that can come from this. I hadn't really planned on you believing there would."

"So that's it then? We fool around a bit and then you're done?"

"What else is there?"

As the blonde turned to leave, Ron found himself growing steadily furious. Why had he expected anything more? He knew for a fact that Draco would probably play with his emotions. He'd witnessed it first hand before. He'd told himself that he shouldn't get involved. Nothing good could come of it and now there he sat. Alone and not as angry as he thought he would be. The emotion that was normally anger turned out to be hurt.

As things progressed concerning Snape and his role in the new ministry project, Harry quickly found there were many other things going on around that house that could also use this attentions. The Ron and Draco Situation, as Blaise had affectionately named it, had gotten even more out of hand. Ron had become detached and the two alternated between meals, hoping the other wasn't there. Harry knew something had happened but really wasn't ready to ask what.

Hermione had of course noticed too and when Harry had come to her concerning it, she wasn't entirely surprised. Ron and Malfoy had always had their troubles but this was getting unbearable. Draco walked around devoid of emotion, much like during school without the bite. Ron walked around devoid of anything, rarely commenting and often times angering quick quickly. She had her guesses but it was all still speculation.

"I don't know what to do, Hermione. Ron won't talk to me, Malfoy won't talk to me. He won't even say anything to Blaise. Something happened."

"I'm certain of that but what? They've had so many arguments before that it is hard to believe one could send them over the edge like this," She was thinking out loud, tapping her finger lightly on the rim of the cup that housed her tea.

"I doubt it anyway. A lot of things have changed and Malfoy isn't quite the prat he once was."

"What happened to him, Harry? People do not change like that for no reason. I'm not saying he's been a ray of sunshine or anything just…different," She'd been wondering just that since the Slytherin had come to Order headquarters the first time.

"Malfoy's sick. After he'd made his decision to leave Voldemort, he'd contacted me. We'd made plans to meet and he hadn't shown. Blaise and I had then decided to just go to his flat to figure why he'd stood us up. It was a horrible sight when we'd gotten there, Hermione. The whole place had been torn apart and we'd found Draco hunched over the toilets. He wouldn't tell us at first what had happened but it seems his father had poisoned him. A poison so powerful that the counter has to contain the blood of the caster. And the caster was Lucius Malfoy."

"His own father? That is terrible. Where's Malfoy at?" Hermione asked in a concerned tone. She didn't care for Draco even still but she could not imagine someone having a fate such as that.

"That's the problem. We aren't certain. He's heavily warded himself since he escaped from Azkaban. Trust me when I say we've already looked," Harry sounded defeated. He'd found a sense of fondness for the blonde and certainly didn't want to see his fate end that way.

"What about the poison? What effect will it have?" Harry was silent for a moment and looked away. Hermione seemed to understand this well enough. "How long?"

"There aren't many traces of this from before. Our best estimates are a few more months. He should begin to get ill and then things will only get worse from there," Harry paused a moment. "He refuses to talk about it now. I think he firmly believes we'll never find Lucius in time. Blaise has been trying since that very day. Even Snape couldn't provide us any insight."

"Wait, Severus knows about this?" Harry nodded shortly. "He never mentioned a word of this to me. We could've been looking for a way around this. There must be something more you can do."

"We're already looked into it. Blaise it seems was the resident bookworm in Slytherin. He'd got everyone around here beat with the amount of dark magic he knows. He says there are only two other documented cases of the poison being administered."

"What happened?" She asked with wide eyes.

"We can't let that happen this time, Hermione. He isn't half the git we thought he was and it isn't fair for anyone to have to suffer like that. Slytherin and all."

Ron heard not another word that the pair spoke between them. He had sunk down right outside the door of the parlor when he'd first heard them mention himself and Draco and had stayed, listening to every word they spoke about the blonde in question. Harry couldn't be right. He just couldn't.

It helped to explain quite a bit. Draco didn't believe they'd get Lucius in time. It was times like these that Ron wished Dumbledore had been there guiding them.

Deciding against ever returning that to that putrid room, Draco sat back outside of Grimmauld Place as he had when he'd first arrived. He'd set a blanket down and with a bit of faint light he'd conjured and that from the moon, he'd relaxed, settling into a book. Or at least trying.

What had become of him now? He hadn't honestly been falling for Weasley. It couldn't be true. That wouldn't do good for either of them at this point. It could only end in the worst way and Draco knew this much to be true. There was no other way for things to end anymore. It was all just a waiting game. A game that he knew would be lost.

Ron stopped short of where the blonde sat, watching his closely from behind. Draco still wasn't exhibiting signs of being sick but he'd heard clearly what Harry had said. All he had left was time. Was this why he'd brushed Ron off as he did? Ron's insides were screaming to find out. To just ask.

"Can I help you, Weasley?" Draco drawled as he turned to face the redhead standing there. Ron stared back at him uneasily.

"Why didn't you tell me about your father?"

"I can't give this to anyone else, if that's what you mean. You're completely safe. I've looked this up," Draco explained, willingly himself just to concentrate on the book in his hand.

"That isn't what I meant. Why didn't you tell me he'd done this to you?"

"And where exactly did you think I'd work that into conversation? Wonderful job there Weasley and by the way, I'm going to die soon."

The words chilled Ron through and through. Draco's voice had escalated purely out of anger and Ron liked to believe it didn't have anything to do with him. What made it all worse was the absence of any hope. It was stated in a purely factual manner with little room for a loophole.

"But if they find your father…"

"He's not my father. He's nothing but a pathetic minion who values no one but himself," Draco bite out angrily, slamming his book down on the ground and standing now to face Ron.

"They will find him."

"Don't you get it, Weasley? They are never going to find him! He planned it all this way. He's going to lay low enough I'm not a factor anymore and then he'll use it to whatever advantage he can find."

"Is that why you're here then?" Ron asked softly, not daring to match the tone Draco had taken.

"I had information to offer and Potter was in need. If nothing else I wanted to do something productive with my life."

"Why couldn't you just have told me this?"

"And what would you have done, Weasley? Cuddled me in my despair? Launched an attack to find Lucius? What difference did it make?" Draco wasn't quite screaming anymore which Ron was thankful for. Draco was an emotional mess by this point and Ron knew well enough the last thing he'd have wanted was for others to see him like that.

"I wouldn't have let you leave."

"You didn't let me do anything. I left on my own accord."

"But only because you think you're going to die soon and you didn't want me to have to deal with it," Ron countered on him. Draco gave him a long hard stare.

"It had nothing to do with that," Draco looked away at that, once more just willing Ron to turn and go as fast as he could. Instead, within seconds, Draco found himself enveloped in the arms of his one time enemy. "You don't understand," Draco voice came out muffled from against the shirt Ron wore.

"I think perhaps you don't. When you left, I thought you were just playing a game with me. Seeing how far you could take things and then have yourself a good laugh," Ron told him in all honesty. Draco pulled back a bit meeting his gaze now. "Then I'd heard Harry talking about it to Hermione and I understood. We're going to find him, Draco. We will."

Draco fixed him a curious look at the blatant usage of his first name. It sounded so foreign coming from Ron's mouth but it somehow managed to sound right. Draco wanted to believe him too. He'd heard the same from Potter and Blaise and even Severus. For such a cold man, he certainly had found something to change him. Or maybe it was just someone.

With that, the conversation between them ended. Draco held on much tighter to Ron's embrace, not daring to speak. He didn't want to risk the moment as anything he said would most definitely come out all wrong. And to his credit, Ron didn't speak either. Instead he pulled Draco as close as he could, his cheek falling flush against soft blonde hair. They would figure this out, they had to.

A/N: There you have it, my first attempts at Ron/Draco. I'm not typically as big a fan of Ron as some but I've been reading a lot more of it lately and I couldn't resist trying my hand at it. There are two parts to follow this one which I'm working on now. It had planned it to be a one-shot but as I wrote more I like leaving it open for more to come. I hope you do as well. As always, reviewers will showered with little chocolate hearts. :-D