To the readers of A Wilted Rose
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A Wilted Rose

Chapter Twelve

"But Raven—" Robin tried vainly to explain himself, but she wouldn't hear a word of it – she didn't want to. Robin clenched his fists, so was this how it really was? She would keep in contact with X and she wouldn't give a damn about the team or X's breaking the law?

"Don't start this again, Robin." Raven turned; her power danced in her eyes and she wasn't sure if she could control it this time, "You should know I would never betray you or the Titans! But, whatever goes on in my personal life is really none of your business."

"So, X is close enough to be part of that, is he?" Raven's next argument stopped short, "Raven, stop, just stop." He turned to walk to his motorcycle; even the sound of Raven's yells didn't stop him. The other Titans stood there awkwardly as the two 'friends' went in separate directions to the same place. They knew the T-Tower would have a heavy silence tonight.

Raven stared up at the ceiling of her room, things were getting complicated. Robin wanted her to stop, hell, she wanted her to stop. But, what did she want to stop? Did she want X gone, or did she want to stop the conflict inside the team? But, she knew that in order to stop the conflict she would have to lock away X and any affection she felt for him.

"Friend Raven, please come out." Starfire hovered outside her door, "You and friend Robin have to make the up." It was only a few minutes later that she left to go ask the same thing of Robin, but Raven knew he wouldn't hear of it either. They were both the most stubborn Titans, or, at least, they seemed to be.

X, stop lying to me, Raven clenched her fists, stop playing these games. This wasn't about her, she may have been caught in the web, but it wasn't about her. Not now. This was about him. She stood and stormed out of her room, she would get to the bottom of this and it would be done. That was her mission.

"What brings you here, my Raven?" X looked up from the amulet in his hands; the gold chain slipping and twisting around his fingers. Raven raised a brow at his blatant showing off, but didn't comment. Her eyes took in the small alley, taking note of the escape routes X could take off in. Finally, she raised her hand and X, who still held tightly onto the amulet, was pushed against the wall with black webbed energy holding him to the cold bricks.

"What – did – you – do?" Raven hissed, her eyes were glowing a blinding white and X turned his gaze away. Did she not trust him? His eyes narrowed in offence, he had saved her in a sense, he had stopped her from the overload of her powers. Of course, she'd need them eventually, but he'd been having a bit of fun. It was definitely easier to steal with her powers, but a tad more draining.

"You're still asking, my Raven?" The back of his head was forced against the wall at the last two words. X winced, "No pet names, gotcha."

He sighed loudly (ignoring Raven's glare), and as he broke one of his arms free from the wall he raised his hand to the bottom of his mask. Raven froze.

"Raven... I..." Robin stood at the doorway of Raven's room in the T-Tower, "I'm sor—Raven?" He opened the door with a short code and the leader of the Teen Titans stepped into the dark room. It was empty.

"Right," he spoke, despite the tremors of anger in his voice, "Right." He turned and left the room, his cape billowing out behind him.