Haku: I plan to make this an mpreg
Kurama: Why?
Haku: Cuz i wanted to see one made for DNAngel...and i havn't seen one so i'll make one
Kurama: Whatever lets just start this

I OWN NOTHING...cept anybody i may create...if you are offeneded by anything in the fic don't BITCH about it cuz i really don't give a damn

Early Saturday morning a tall blonde (Krad) is trying to wake up his lover, who is currently sleeping in his bed.

"Dark" Krad says shaking the dark haired male "Get up and get dressed, I don't want Satoshi coming home to a naked

Dark" Dark rolls over and mumbles "5 more minutes"

Frowning, Krad grabs the bed covers and sheets and yanks them off with force, causing Dark to fall onto the floor with a loud thump.

"Krad, "Dark whines "why did you do that, I was having a good dream"

"You wouldn't get up…. Now get dressed" Krad says as he throws Dark his clothing

"Why are you so angry?" Dark says while putting his pants on "I mean after practically begging me to do you, you should be in a great mood"

Krad's face reddens at the comment "I'm not angry, I just don't want Satoshi to for some unknown reason come in here and see you naked, and then become traumatized"

" Now why would he become traumatized, considering all the times we have made out in front of him and that time he walked in on us he should be immune by now" Dark says with a smirk

"I...I don't wan't something like that to ever happen again….just hurry up and finish getting dressed." Krad says trying to hide his tomato red face

5 min later

After the pair come downstairs Krad decides to make breakfast, Dark who is not allowed in the kitchen…is currently watching TV. Seconds later, the front door swings open as Satoshi enters with Daisuke

"Hey" Satoshi says as he removes his coat

"Good your back, you can help me set the table" Says Krad as he exits the kitchen and enters the Foyer (that's where Satoshi and Daisuke are). Krad then grabs Satoshi and pulls him into the kitchen to help set up. Dark then turns of the television and goes to keep Daisuke company

"Hey Dai-chan, so how was your night with the creepy one?" Dark ask as he walks up to Daisuke slowly. Daisuke just smiles and blushes a but and gives him a thumbs up

Dark frowns in confusion "What's with the thumbs up?" Daisuke looks at Dark for a bit then, runs off leaving Dark alone for about 10 seconds, when he gets back he hands Dark a piece of paper .

"I lost my voice" Dark reads "How?" Daisuke takes the piece of paper and writes something else on it and then hands it back to Dark. Dark then reads the new writing and starts to bust out laughing "You can't be serious" Dark says looking Daisuke in the eye

Daisuke just nods, which causes Dark to laugh even harder. Krad then comes out of the kitchen "What's so funny?" he ask Daisuke just blushes and then walks off into the kitchen to join Satoshi.

"Daisuke lost his voice" Dark says with a wide grin

Krad frowns "Now how is that funny"

"The way he lost it is funny"


"You see Dai-chan's and creepy boi's night together was very hot and heavy…and you should get the picture after that" Dark says as he walks into the kitchen leaving Krad there stunned and alone. Krad thinks a bit "oh…..OH" Krad says out loud as a blush creeps up onto his face. Krad then goes into the kitchen to join the others.

Haku: I think i messed this chap up a bit but it's fine
Kurama: You need someone to preview it for ya like be your BETA
Haku: Maybe someone will want to be one...and i need a muse..i keep losing my flow