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6 yrs later (Sukiyo 18 Izumi 14)

Today is one of the most important days in a teens' life time, and that day is Graduation day.

"Today is the day" Sukiyo says to herself as she smoothes out the wrinkles on her graduation dress. "I'm finally graduating high school and then, off to college." She says looking her self over in the mirror

Suddenly a knock on the door is heard and then, the bedroom door is opened.

"Well look at you." Krad says slowly walking into Sukiyo's bedroom and closing the door behind him. "You look so mature, seems like it was only yesterday when you were just learning how to walk." He says reminiscing. Sukiyo just stares.

"Graduating," Krad states sighing " it seems so sudden."

" I thought it didn't come soon enough." The blonde girl says while trying to put her hair up. "I mean, I will miss you and dad and Izumi but it will be great to finally set my own rules and go at my own pace."

" You say it like going to college and being a bit more independent is easy." He states as he begins to help the girl with her hair.

"I know it's not, and I know that and things will not come easy for me, but at least I'm getting out there and living my life." Sukiyo says with a smile

Krad just smiles as he puts the finishing touches on Sukiyo's hair

"But, you know I think I'll miss your cooking the most." The girl says giggling

At that instance Izumi burst into the room

"Can we please hurry it up," Izumi says quickly "Mom, Sukiyo; dad says if you don't hurry we're going to be late.

Krad just nods as he and Izumi walk out the room quickly, while Sukiyo takes one last glance at her self in the mirror before she follows suit.

Several Hours Later—Graduation

"Sukiyo Mousy" says the headmaster. Sukiyo walks on stage to shake the headmasters' hand and to receive her degree.

"Dark, our little girl is all grown up." Krad says whispering as he tries to stop the tears from flowing.

"Yeah, all grown up." Dark says grabbing Krads' hand and squeezing it gently.

After the Graduation Ceremony

" So, Nanami how does it feel to have finally graduated." Sukiyo asks her best friend

"It feels kind of odd, but in a good way." The brown haired boy states

"I am so excited that we are finally going to be on our own, no more adults or little brothers." The blonde girl says skipping around Nanami.

"Skipping around like a little kid, how mature." Izumi states walking up to the two eight-teen year old

"Like you know what's mature or not." Says the blonde girl

"I know mature people don't skip." The golden eyed boy says countering

"Hey now don't argue, today is supposed to be a good day." Krad says as he walks up to the group of teens with Daisuke, Dark, and Satoshi following behind him.

"Yeah, now is not the time for arguing, now is the time to be happy and to applaud the two brand new college freshman." Says an overly happy Daisuke

"Things are going to be a lot different for everyone." Dark starts to say "Things are going to feel awkward for a while."

Everyone just looks around at each other thinking how life is going to be from now on. The awkwardness that will hover around the group for several days, as they all get used to their new life styles as time goes by.

"Well I think now is a good time to take a group photo." Satoshi says breaking the silence

"Oh joy a photo." Says Izumi sarcastically, while he goes to stand with the other members of his family while Satoshi sets the time on the camera.

"We have 5 seconds until the camera goes off." The blunette says walking over to the group and waits with the others for the camera to go off.

Once the five seconds are over the camera takes the shot forever capturing that one happy moment in time.

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