By Satu

The black and gold queen lay on her side on the pile of quilts. She was curled in a ball, her arms wrapped around herself. Little diamonds of water fell from her eyes and splashed on a cushion. He would be back soon. The door swung open and she stared at the tall ginger cat standing in the doorway. He grinned, showing long, razor sharp fangs. His eyes glinted red as he stared at her. With a quiet shick his jagged claws extended. He pounced towards her, landing on her with a muffled thump. She jerked forward and he laughed, an evil cackle that fell like glass on her delicate ears. He raked his paw across her face and she started to sob.

"That won't help you Demeter," he rasped into her ear. He rubbed her breasts and slid it down.

"No," she sobbed. "Not again. I beg you." He just laughed and slid his paw lower. It reached her hips and he grinned. She beat at him with clenched paws, knowing it was no use. He bent his head and kissed her mouth, hard. His tongue wiggled inside her mouth, like a foul worm. She twisted her head to the side, but he caught it and brought it back to his. He broke away, licking his lips. He shifted so he was lying on top of her. She clamped her thighs together but he wiggled his hips so they parted. He trailed one claw absently down her neck to her breast, little drops of blood beading on her skin. He grinned, revealing all of his gleaming teeth. She felt a piercing pain in her abdomen and screamed aloud. She started to struggle and he laughed. His hips pulled back then rammed into her again. The searing pain was increasing as he thrust. Her muscles locked and she lay, stiff as a board, underneath him. He frowned and clawed her legs. She started to struggle again and he cackled. He continued thrusting into her, grinning the whole time. Hot tears ran down her cheeks and he smeared them over her face. He groaned with pleasure and spasmed. Feeling the hot liquid squirt into her, Demeter whimpered. He pulled himself off her and lay on his side. He stroked down her body and she shuddered. He had done it. Again. Her body was torn and bleeding, purple and black peeking out from under the crimson. He stood up, pulling her with him. Kissing her hard on the mouth, he pushed her to the door.

She screamed and sat up, coated in a fine sheen of sweat. She felt two strong arms wrap around her and she swiped at them. A tom's voice, musical and kind, cried out and she clapped her paw to her mouth. She sighed and slumped into his honey scent, licking at the shallow cuts in his arms.

"Demeter?" the tom asked, his deep eyes, a mixture of aqua and green, focused on her. "Are you alright?"

"It was that dream again Coricopat," Demeter said, her voice breaking. "Why won't it stop." Tears twinkled in her eyes. He stroked her ears and she started to cry, harsh sobs that wrenched themselves from her chest. She could hear Tantomile sobbing next door.

"There is no answer to that," he said. "You just have to survive through it. I'm here for you."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

She nodded and dozed off, safe in the warm, loving circle of his arms.

The arms tightened around her and started to stink like sour sweat. She screamed, a long pure note that penetrated the gloom around her.

The End