Hey all! Here'sa quick YoBling peice as a lead off from Invisible Evidence's scene of 'Hey, I'm all for it' when Warrick was in the ladies bathroom...it got me thinking lol

"I've lost a button" Cath said, noticing the gap in her crimson shirt from her reflection in the mirror. She fingered at the missing fastener, not realizing the restroom doors had let someone in.


"Sara!" Cath exclaimed, spinning on her heel in surprise

"Were you just talking to yourself?"


"You just said 'I've lost a button'"

"Oh! Er, if I say it out loud I'll remember to sew one back on when I get home" she chuckled in embarrassment

Sara smiled as she joined Cath at the basins and began to wash her hands

"I just went to grab a soda from the fridge" she stated, squeezing soap onto her palms "and I swear something grabbed back"

Cath nodded in understanding, fishing in her bag for her lipstick "Grissom"

"Grissom" Sara smiled, throwing her paper towels in the bin. She held the door open, "You comin'?"

"In a minute" Cath smiled, gesturing with the makeup. Sara nodded and left.

Catherine exhaled deeply "She's gone"

The door to the bathroom stall opened behind her as Warrick stepped out.

Wrapping his arms around her petite waist, he rested his head on her shoulder "that was close"

Cath grinned as she spun around, clasping her hands around his neck "Yes it was"

"It was fun though"

"Yes it was"