In the darkness of space, millions of lights twinkle. Their light brings life to the dark skies. One of the specks of light is a blue, wet, world with the land around the water constantly shifting and moving. Mighty earthquakes shook the earth in the time of the dinosaurs—before the humans, the birds, the tigers, and even mammoths.

Many of the dinosaurs found it tough to survive. Routes that once existed had disappeared and many of the migrating dinosaurs found it difficult to find their way to their home to a land of green trees, fresh water, peace and prosperity for all—the Great Valley.

There is a story that is told to many creatures where time seems endless and where a world in a world watches over the Earth. The story of this place has been told a thousand times over. It is a mysterious world; no one has ever seen or heard its whispers…but if you listen you may have the opportunity to hear it.

Original concept by "Threehorn"

Revised version by "Arvens" (Adam Raychel)