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Chapter 1

God it was hot. Kenshin ran a hand through his thick red hair and pulled it up in a high ponytail on his head. He also pulled down his sunglasses over his eyes to prevent from squinting over the high Arizona sun that will hurt his eyes.

Kenshin took a long pull off the water bottle he purchased and stepped out of the convenience store and into the heat of the afternoon. He took off his shirt and absently smiled at the two women who smiled their appreciation over his body. He glanced at the newspaper stand and stopped.

Kamiya Kasshin Princess Visits Orphanage.

Kenshin stared at the headline of the newspaper. He pulled out change and purchased the newspaper. Now, the Kasshin Kingdom was a little sovereign kingdom near Britain and their royals, unlike the British Royal Family, get little press as possible. There was a brief article and a tiny snapshot of a small slender woman getting out of a limo outside the orphanage.

Holding the paper closer to his eyes and staring intently at the grainy picture, Kenshin couldn't distinguish her hair color from the black and white picture. But still, photographs are dicey and he couldn't be sure. But still, it could be her.

The features that consumed his dreams even after five months floated through his mind as he stared at the picture. Even after he went back to Arizona, he still couldn't get her out of his mind.

Kaoru! Was that her name?

Kasshin Kingdom. Five months ago, he attended a charity ball on the tiny kingdom. That had been the first time he'd been near his home in ten years. The ball was a masquerade so he could attend without alerting his father, King Hiko of the Hiten Mitsurugi Kingdom. It had been the first time he'd willingly been near his father's kingdom since he informed the king that he would not be succeeding him and becoming the next king.

Kenshin wondered what his straight-laced father would think if he found out that he did indeed seduce one of the Kasshin princess in a garden house five months ago. Not a very responsible act, even if the lady had been as hot and ready as he was.

He'd thought about her a great deal since then. She'd been gentle and sweet, with a hint of innocence that turned out to be more that just a hint. Well at least he told her upfront that he planned to leave the next morning. She couldn't accuse him of not being honest about his intentions. He hadn't told her of his identity. She didn't tell him hers as well. They kept up with the ball's unspoken rule of anonymity. He never expected to see her again but he never expected her memory to be so deeply ingrained that he caught himself thinking about her far too much day in and day out.

Kenshin felt his muscles tense at the thought that she could be here to trap him into marriage. Years of avoiding his father's schemes had made him very suspicious. He could feel his father's hand at the sudden appearance of the princess in Arizona. He took a deep breath and forced himself to relax. Maybe it was just a coincidence. It could be a different princess if indeed his mysterious lover had been one of the Kasshin princesses.

He never intended to marry someone with royal blood. Ever. He planned on marrying a common American girl and settle down in anonymous wedded bliss. There was no way he was marrying a princess!

No way in hell!

He picked up the paper again and read on. She was staying at one of the five star hotels in Arizona. Now that was convenient. It was on his way home. It would give him a chance to visit the princess and extend his welcome.

It was a lovely hotel, Kaoru thought, admiring the immense ballroom and the intricate plasterwork on the ceiling. She was used to lovely things around her. But she wasn't used to freedom.

She supposed that the people walking around her probably took their freedom forgotten. But that was not true in her case. This is the first time she's been out of her country without bodyguards following her around all the time. She was used to schedules, bodyguards, security systems and surveillance cameras. Now she was walking toward the hotel's restaurant, alone. It was incredibly exciting. Daring. And a bit scary.

The maitre d' recognized her as she went in the door of the restaurant. She was led to an alcove that would give her privacy while she was eating. She looked at the menu and ordered the food that most appealed to her. While the waiter rushed off to have her meal prepared, she felt a slight but definite nudge in her stomach. She touched it and thought, Hello little one. Perhaps we'll meet your daddy today.

Kaoru rested her chin in one hand. She hoped she'd be able to find the mysterious man with whom she shared a night of such wonderful loving five months ago. He said he was American though he sounded like a native of one of their neighboring countries. Though he left and returned to the States, he left his card behind, a clue to let her know where she could find him.

Himura Construction, Phoenix Arizona, USA. Apparently, the father of her baby worked for the company. Kaoru hoped that he would be back. Sure that he felt the strong bond between the both of them that night.

But she couldn't wait any longer. He didn't know that she was on a tight schedule. Soon she was going to have to tell her parents about the baby. She couldn't hide her pregnancy for much longer now. It was beginning to be difficult to hide her pregnancy with loose fitting clothes.

It was nice that one of the orphanages that their kingdom gave donations to was located here in Phoenix. It gave her the chance to secretly search for her Prince Charming from the masquerade ball.

He had been so handsome and so wonderful. From the moment their eyes met across the crowded ballroom at the masquerade, she had known that he was destined to be someone really special. They'd danced and drunk champagne and within hours, she'd fallen head over heels in love with him. She didn't even know what his name was! And she was sure that her lover felt the same way.

The memory of the evening still made her smile. She'd talked Misao into telling the guards that she was already in her room, sleeping. Then Kaoru led him to the pavilion at the end of the formal gardens. The pavilion held several chaises for relaxing during long afternoons. They'd made love on one of the lounges and it would forever be ingrained in her memory. He'd kissed her until she was breathless. Then he'd gently laid her down the chaise and –

"I demand to see the princess. Take me to her table immediately." A rough masculine voice pulled her out of her daydreaming.

"Sir, the princess is dining alone and does not want to be bothered." The maitre d' countered. Kaoru's heart sped up as she recognized her lover's voice. She hadn't expected to see him so soon! She stood and fixed her most welcoming smile on her face.

"Never mind, I see her right there." The man bypassed the maitre d' and headed straight for her table. As her lover walked closer to the table, memories of their hours together ran through Kaoru's mind and the air between them sizzled like a silky finger sliding over sensitive skin.

His eyes were like hot, bright amber. Odd, she remembered him to have beautiful violet eyes. Right now, his amber eyes were flashing with a combination of wariness and something she was sure looked like anger.

Kaoru was sure that he would be happy to see her. And he would be thrilled about the baby like she was. Instinct made her sit down and she quickly took her napkin and draped it over her lap and pulled the folds of her tunic loose so that the swell of her stomach would be barely perceptible. Instinct made her realize that now was not the time to tell him of his impending fatherhood. That could come later. After they've gotten to know each other.

His hair was blood red, gleaming in the lighting of the dining room. The night of the masquerade, his hair had been tied low on his back with a slim black thong, now it was tied high in a ponytail on his head. Probably because it was hot outside. But when the night was through, it was disheveled as she ran her fingers through it. That night, his lips curved sensually but now his lips were drawn in a grim line.

"How did you find me?" Kenshin asked.

She didn't expect him to ask such a question with anger lacing his voice. "Your card." Kaoru said. "The one you left me." She added.

"I didn't leave you any card." Kenshin answered. "Oh, don't you remember? It was the one you left on the side table when –-" Kaoru trailed off as understanding dawned on her.

He hadn't meant to leave his card behind that night. He hadn't intended that she know who he was. She was crushed. Kaoru lifted her chin and adapted an expression the Royal Family reserved for the paparazzi. "Apparently, I was wrong to assume that you left your card for me so that when I was in the States, you intended me to look for you." Kaoru said. "I apologize greatly." She added.

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