Note: This story starts about two months after the episode "Wedding Bell Blues". Lorelai and Luke are still separated and Rory and Logan are still seeing each other on a no strings attached base.

Chapter 1:

"Hi Sookie! Do you know where I can find my mom? I've been trying to reach her all day, but all I get is her voicemail or answering machine."

"Oh, hi hon! Your mom is in the stables yelling at Kirk. Supposedly he forgot to lock the door last night. She has been doing that a lot lately; yelling at everyone around her. Even Michel is afraid to speak to her and tries to avoid her whenever he can."

"Yeah, I've been worried about her. Since her break-up with Luke, she's been pushing me and everybody else away. I just wish they would get back together. I know they still love each other and Lane told me that Luke is grumpier than ever and mistreating his customers. But I tell you what. I will come over after my Friday night dinner at my grandparents and try to cheer her up a bit. Could you make sure to give her that message?"

Dinner was actually quite nice, Rory admitted to herself while driving to Stars Hollow. After her grandparents wedding party she had been very upset with her grandmother. But the anger cooled down and she could see that Emily really was suffering under Lorelai's silent treatment. Rory even tried to fix things between the two of them, but Lorelai was still hurting very much and wants to have nothing to do with her mother.

When she arrives at the house she sees that it is completely dark and deserted. She turns around and drives to the Dragonfly Inn. She is really worried about her mom. Lorelai is totally shutting herself off from all of her loved ones and has been working at the Inn every waking hour of the day. Sookie told her that her mom even spends the night there sometimes.

Ten minutes later she pulls up at the Dragonfly Inn. When she walks up to the reception she finds her mom yelling at Michel. Michel is grinding his teeth and looking up the ceiling trying very hard not to talk back to Lorelai. When he sees Rory, he lets out a sigh and says "Thank god Rory, you're here! Take that awful woman away from me."

Rory is shocked to see her mom like this. Lorelai lookes very pale and it seems like she also lost some weight. She takes her mothers arm and drags her outside. Lorelai starts muttering that she cannot leave, because she has work to do, but Rory tells her that that is nonsense and that the Inn needs a break from her. It is time to go home.

When they arrive home Rory asks her mom, what she would like for take-out. Lorelai tells her that she is feeling nauseous and doesn't feel like eating. Rory tells her that she really needs to eat because she isn't looking so well. Lorelai tells her that she is fine and that she does eat. She been having a craving for strawberries and liquorish lately, driving Sookie and Jackson totally insane, because it isn't the season for strawberries. It is only in the evenings that she's not hungry because she's feeling nauseous. At this moment she claps her hand in front of her mouth and looks totally shocked at Rory.

"What wrong mom?" Rory asks.

"I think I might be pregnant! When I was pregnant with you I also got my morning sickness in the evening. I always wondered about why they called it morning sickness."

"What! Are you sure? Is it Luke's?"

"Yes of course it is Luke's; who else would it be from?"

"Well, you know you can be a little bit slutty and it wouldn't be the first time you slept with dad."

"He stop it there Cujo. You're mean. You know I haven't seen or spoken to your father since the party."

"I know. I know. Wow mom, this is big."

"I know. How could I miss all the signs?"

"Well you've been so wrapped up in work lately, that you wouldn't allow yourself to think about anything; especially things that consider Luke. Are you gonna tell him? I don't see why you two just cannot kiss and make up."

"No Rory! He made it perfectly clear that he cannot be in a relationship with me and will just have to respect that. And I'm not gonna tell him anything yet, because there's nothing to tell yet."

"Well everything is closed right now, so we won't be sure until you can take the test tomorrow. So for now let's order some food and watch a movie."

Lorelai walks to the phone to call Al's, when Rory calls out from the living room: "You know we could watch Babyboom or Baby's day out!" Lorelai throws a pillow at Rory and tells her that if she doesn't stop being so mean she will cast her aside and start a new life with her new favorite kid.

"Mom, are you okay?"

It has been 20 minutes since Lorelai locked herself in the bathroom. Earlier that morning the two of them drove to Hartford to get a pregnancy test. Lorelai didn't want to buy one in Stars Hollow, because she was afraid that by the time she had taken the test all of Stars Hollow would know. She had decided on buying three different pregnancy tests, so she would be absolutely sure of the result.

"Have you taken the test already, or are you still building up some nerve?"

"No, I've taken all the tests."

"So! Is it positive or negative?"

"I cannot look. I've been sitting in the bathtub the last 15 minutes."

"Well you have to look, or else you're never gonna know."

"Can you look for me?"

"I could do that, but to do so you would have to let me in."

Lorelai opens the door and jumps back in the tub. Rory walks over to the tests and picks them up. She turns around to Lorelai, who is looking at her with her big blue questioning eyes.

"Mom! Your gonna have a baby!"