Revenge? Whatever!

Hey This is my first story so be gentle.

It was an early August morning at The Burrow, and all hell was breaking loose.

"FRED! WHAT DID YOU DO TO HERMIONE?" Mrs Weasley screeched. Hermione was sobbing in the corner with her hand over her face and a large hat on.

"Why aren't you blaming George?" He muttered almost inaudibly as he was pushed over to his room.

"Because Ginny said that you did it!" She concluded, hinting that he shouldn't say another word. He mumbled something about killing Ginny then he entered his room and slammed the door.

"Hermione dear, don't worry it doesn't look too bad," Mrs Weasley said comfortingly while shooing Ron and Harry away as they were trying to help but their fits of laughter weren't helping. (A/N awwww bless their ignorance to other peoples feelings lol)

"My hair's blue!" She cried and forcefully removed her hat and flung it across the room. Mrs Weasley didn't know what to say but luckily Ginny walked in.

"Ginny look after Hermione, please, I've got to kill your brother." Ginny giggled and ran over to Hermione.

"George says it only lasts two days, so it'll be gone before you know it!" She soothed. Hermione wiped her eyes and smiled gratefully.

"At least he doesn't know about muggle hair dyes. They can be permanent," she sighed, then grinned with an evil gleam in her eye. "But I've got some revenge planned that will put him in his place." She declared triumphantly and fled the room. Ginny shook her head. She didn't want to know what Hermione had planned, she was an evil genius, but she did want to see the look on Fred's face when the deed had been done.

"Hey, Hermione! Wait up! I want to help!"