A collection of Yu-Gi-Oh! crossovers.

Side Deck

Card 01: Tortured Chocolate (Swat Kats)

The two people hiding among the branches of the tall tree, didn't have a lot in common other than the fact they were both male, both had brown hair and they were both secretly super heroes.

One was the CEO of a famous corporation and the other was a mechanic. Secretly, the CEO was the hero with the blue eyes white dragon mask and armor known as Dragoon, who no one believed to be in any way related to Seto Kaiba, since this kind of thing was very out of character for him.

The mechanic was known by his real name as Jake Clawson, but he was also Razor of the Swat Kats, nicknamed Sure Shot at times. Why no one ever saw the Turbo Kat fly towards the hangar that was supposedly a repair shop, it is unknown. Maybe it was for the same reason no one ever considered the possibility that Dragoon was in fact Seto Kaiba under the influence of a lot of sugar.

For the most part their identities were safe, at least until someone decided to reveal their identities in a story and endanger their lives somehow, again.

After establishing what they have in common, I'm sure you must already know what their main differences are. One is a human and the other a kat. Yes, that's kat with k, not the pet kind. He is the kind also known as lynx on planets Lynxia and Splatty.

Jake, being a feline, climbed to the tree quite easily but Seto had some trouble, especially because he refused to leave his precious silver, bulletproof briefcase behind. So Jake had to give him a hand. Normally Seto wouldn't accept help, but in light of his current situation, he made an exception just this once, since his life once was in danger.

You might be asking yourself what is the situation that drew those two to hide up in that tree in the first place; homicidal fan girls of course. Though they were not dangerous on purpose, they were just excited to find their heroes.

While their respective tag along and partner, Mokuba and Chance (aka T-Bone), tried to distract the crazy fans long enough to provide their brother or best friend with some time to escape, there they waited hidden from harm's way, up in the tree.

Sure the fans claim they love them and they don't doubt it's true. But that doesn't mean that pain is any less painful when it is inflicted with love. Good intentions aside, they would be torn apart in the tug-of-war.

Deep down they appreciated the attention of the fans, but they needed some time to breathe, physically heal and mentally recover. Okay, maybe it was too late for that last one, but at least they could still breathe and physically heal, hopefully.

Such is the price of being the favorite. You'd think being loved meant receiving love. But instead they got chased by Mary Sues, have been seriously injured, emotionally scarred for life and even killed several times. How or why they keep coming back to life, nobody knows, maybe it's fan power or something.

Why must the favorites get tortured? That was the question that they both shared. Was it their brown hair, they wondered? Maybe it reminded people of chocolate. Chocolate they wanted to chew on and melt and find other ways to torture their beloved candy. In the middle of their stress induced temporary insanity, that's what they concluded. They were tortured chocolate.

Card 02: Rod Exchange (Cardcaptors)

"The card!"

Though they were two different people,
In different places near by,
They had said the exact same thing,
At the exact same time.

They rushed in opposite directions,
Taking paths that would inevitably meet,
They collided with each other in their speed,
But they hastily got back on their feet.

The girl with brown hair and green eyes,
Was surprised as she began to rise,
The boy had blond hair, violet eyes,
And ancient Egyptian ties.

"Sorry!" She quickly muttered and ran,
She had to catch a card and think of a plan.
Unknown to her she took his darkness,
And he had taken a source of light...

"Master Mark, the Millennium Rod is..."

"Not pink, Odion, I know. Obviously this isn't my rod but where... oh no!"


"I can't seal the cards with this, but I feel a strange power from it," she grinned.

Card 03: To Find a Man and Return What is His (Millennium Actress)

The skies slowly turned dark and the Earth began to shake. Her life was tied to earthquakes, they say.

She looked at the tunnel ahead and started running, hoping to reach the house before it started raining. Finally, she reached the house, just as it started to rain. She pressed her back against the door, away from the water that fell from the skies and she watched the rain. It hasn't rained like this for a long time.

Suddenly the door behind her opened, making her almost fall back, but she quickly regained her balance. A woman, about fifty-something years old, stood at the door. "Come in, you should not be out in this weather."

The girl went inside, "thank you."

The woman led her to a living room and told her to sit down; then she left and returned with some tea, two cups of tea. She gave one to the girl and set the other on a small table in the middle of the living room then left.

After the woman was gone another older woman with white hair and an elegant kimono came. She sat down and drank some tea. "I made this tea myself, it's lotus tea."

"It's very good; this is your house isn't it?" The girl tried to make polite conversation with her host, who so kindly sheltered her from the massive rain outside.

"Yes, I was in my garden when I saw you outside, then it began to rain so I said you should be invited in if you came by. My name is Chiyoko," the old woman smiled.

The girl smiled back, thanked her and introduced herself.

"You're not from around here are you?" Chiyoko didn't get many visitors and it seamed that the Earth had to move before she did.

"No, I came all the way here looking for someone, but I got lost. There's something I need to return to him," the girl explained.

Chiyoko was silent for a moment. "You are traveling in search for a man to return something that is his." Memories started to return to her and there was sadness in her eyes.

"Yes, are you okay?" The young girl asked.

"I'm fine, I just remembered something that I put behind me a long time ago; I was once on a quest too. It was a quest to find a man and return a certain item to him, an item I lost." Chiyoko thought about the key and wondered what happened to it. She probably dropped it during that accident when she was playing an astronaut in a movie, but she was in too much of a hurry to get out of there and didn't bother to return to look for it. Maybe it was best this way; if she still had the key, she probably wouldn't be able to put this in her past. But even without the key, was she truly letting go of her past?

The girl was not sure what she could say to Chiyoko to help lift her spirits.

"It's alright, it happened a long time ago," Chiyoko read the girl's expression and smiled once more.

The girl noticed the magazines on the small table. They all had pictures of the same woman, first a young girl, then a grown up, but she could tell it was the same person in different stages of her life.

The subject of movies came up and as they drank lotus tea and Chiyoko told the girl about her days as an actress, a story that she would retell the next day after another earthquake happened and she went to look for that man again. At the time, she did not know that her key would be returned the day after she met this girl and her quest to find that man would begin once again, in another place.

Time passed and the rain stopped. The girl said goodbye to Chiyoko and continued her quest to find a man and return what is his.

As the girl started to walk away, Chiyoko said from the door. "I hope you find him!"

"Thanks, I know I will! I must find him and return this." The young girl held the item close and smiled as she petted the soft Blue Eyes White Dragon. "Seto can't sleep without his plushie."

Card 04: No Exceptions (Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Chrono Trigger)

A lonely sheet of paper floats endlessly at the End of Time. "The path of time is changing. The universe is at an imbalance. What a headache. If the universe must fall to chaos, why must I find out if I am no one to stop it? Grim's off doing is job again like he did with the inventor, the princess and the swordsman. That was not how it was originally supposed to happen, but the path of time changes, constantly rewriting history. But they must try. They must always try to change things, even if the ending is the same. There are no exceptions, not even for us."

xoxox xox xoxox

I am the Grim Reaper. I am Death itself. I have existed for centuries that come and go, but even in all my years have I ever seen such stupidity as in this day. A boy with a large nose somehow got lost and ended up much further than he was supposed to go.

It is inexplicable but he came to a place that mortals should be able to find. In this secret place I keep many hourglasses of life. The clumsy fool knocked down an hourglass, shattering the life of a human boy before his time was supposed to come; unfortunately it was not his own hourglass. The stupid one left just as inexplicably as he came. I certainly hope I never have to cross his path again until it is his time.

As for the hourglass, there is nothing to be done except do my job. This mortal will just have to go now. Ironically, this boy is quite the opposite from the one who caused his demise. This boy is very intelligent. His presence, I sense, is important for the time continuum, but the world will just have to do without him.

The boy is just like any other human at this time. He has not begun to discover his talents and past and I guess now he won't have that chance, I love this job. To crush the hopes of these silly mortals, what joy! Though I know it may only be temporary, he existed before and shall no doubt find his way back into the land of mortals once again.

While his parents are downstairs, distracted by their own foolish human situations, I find the boy in his room by himself. "Child, it is time," I say in a dark frightening voice.

The boy doesn't look scared. "You're the Grim Reaper. You're Death aren't you?" He asks a little unsure.

"That is correct," I answer. He is brave for a four year old.

"I don't believe in the Reaper," the boy declares with a certainty that would convince anyone except me. I know a lot more about these mortals than they think. The boy is denying what he doesn't comprehend. Smart as he may be, a mortal could never come to understand certain things.

"I assure you child, you will find out that I am quite real." I have no intentions of wasting any more time arguing with a little kid.

"I challenge you to a game of chess!" I stare blankly at the boy. How dare he speak to Death this way? "If I win you will let me live and give up all your powers to me and if you win you can take my soul."

"Why would I waste my time? I'll just take your soul now!" With that said, I brought my scythe down at him and his lifeless body fell to the floor.

A glowing aura, his soul, stands besides me now, a small angel. "Death's a coward," he yells before heading towards the light, stomping his feet every step of the way.

I stood there for a moment. He was just a boy, a little four year old who wasn't supposed to die, but Death forgives no one, there are no exceptions. This event will have consequences. His parent's time in will come soon, but before that, his little brother will be born. The younger child was not meant to survive in this world without his brother and so his time will come as well.

The fate of the world will be in the hands of a Pharaoh's reincarnation. I wonder if he can succeed without his rival. As predictable as they are most of the time, some souls still have a certain amount of control in the path they take, destiny aside. We shall see.

But there is something that bothers me and the fate of this world isn't it, nor is it the boy or his family. I have taken many lives before and guided many souls. Even so, his words stayed, floating in my skull. The fact that Seto thinks I'm a coward bothers me. Of course the opinion of a little brat doesn't matter to me, but still...

I am the Grim Reaper, I am Death itself. All fear me and I fear no one. I will not leave a single life untouched, for Death forgives no one, there are no exceptions. In the future I will not turn down a challenge simply because it comes from a mortal child. With those thoughts in mind, I departed to my next destination some time later.

I didn't know how my own decision to take every life and every challenge that comes my way would backfire. I could have never imagined that accepting a challenge from a little girl over a dying hamster would turn me into her slave. Best friends forever my bony foot, I'm more of a pet to her.

Death surprises many, but not many can surprise Death. Yet regardless of what may happen, there are still no exceptions.

Card 05: Alien (Invader Zim)

Seto looked out the window of his limousine while heading to the Game Shop to duel Yugi. The sky kept getting darker as storm clouds covered the moon and the stars. He never liked the rain. It always got in the way and it just made him wet and he didn't like being wet. He never knew why, but he had a strong dislike for that feeling. Plus it gave Yugi a cold, which made him constantly sneeze, and that was the reason the tricolor haired boy didn't show up for their duel in Kaiba Land as they had agreed. Seto would not let him get away with that.

The black limousine arrived at the Game Shop. Seto exited, holding an umbrella above his head. Yugi's grandfather, Salomon, was the first to see him, a bit surprised by his presence there. "Where is Yugi?" Seto inquired in his usual tone, but today there a clearer hint of annoyance.

"Yugi isn't feeling well in case you came to duel him," Salomon did not quite answer the question.

"Snif," that sound meant that Yugi was near by. "Snif," he was heading in this direction. "Achu!" He was close, Seto could tell by the sounds of his cold. Humans make such strange noises sometimes.

Seto walked past Salomon, completely ignoring him, and stood in front of Yugi. "Duel," He went straight to the point, he was not the kind to decorate his speech.

"Snif, I don't want to duel right now," Yugi then walked away towards the kitchen, walking by again back from the kitchen with several drinks and snacks in his arms, then headed back to his room. He really wasn't in the mood to do much else other than continue his peaceful sleepover.

Ryou understood what it was like to have an ancient spirit to share a vessel with and now that Bakura had actually allowed Ryou to come over, the two hikaris could share their experiences while their yamis occupied themselves glaring at each other.

Of course Seto wasn't going to stand for being ignored, so he followed Yugi to his room. "Are you afraid you'll lose? You can't keep running away!"

"Kaiba, I'm not feeling well enough to duel," Yugi insisted.

"You appear to be well enough to have a little party," Seto commented, while he eyed Yugi's guests. The yamis were materialized in separate bodies, but by now even Seto knew about the spirits and accepted their existence, so he was not surprised. Maybe if he hasn't had his own share of strange experiences, he would still have doubts.

Yugi sighed. He wasn't going to postpone the duel that easily, he should have expected this from Seto Kaiba. It's not that Yugi didn't want to duel, it was just that he wasn't feeling well. "Fine, I'll duel you."

"You shouldn't duel with that cold," Ryou advised, yet ironically, dueling was just what they were doing before Yugi went to get the snacks. Yugi looked at the cards on the floor where they had been sitting before. "This is different," Ryou insisted, knowing Yugi understood his point. "It's just a friendly duel for fun; Kaiba wants an all out real duel." The white haired boy looked at the CEO.

"Of course," Seto confirmed. "Only an all out duel is worth my time."

"You blinked!" Bakura suddenly yelled.

"I did not!" Yami yelled back.

"Yes, you blinked! You lost! I win!" Bakura laughed while pointing at Yami. "The pharaoh lost!"

"No, I didn't you cheater!" Yami glared daggers at the tomb robber, who continued pointing and laughing. The two yamis had been too distracted by their little staring contest to notice Seto's presence. "Kaiba, what are you doing here?" Yami finally saw him. "Yugi, did you invite him too?"

"No, but I did invite Joey, he just hasn't arrived yet," Yugi explained. "But you can stay too, Kaiba."

"Duel," Seto insisted.

"Yugi isn't feeling well, I will duel you," Yami offered.

"Fine," just as they were preparing to duel, Seto noticed that the battery on his duel disk was low, which was to be expected since he's been using it and not recharging it. He attached a cable to it with a plug in the other end and looked around Yugi's room. He found a place to plug it on the wall, but as he did, there was lightning and the electricity short-circuited, causing small sparks to come from the plug on the wall. This was something Seto did not expect, he jumped a little, quickly removing his hand and the cable from the plug.

Yami thought he saw something sticking out of Seto's head when the sparks came out and he jumped back. Maybe it was just his imagination, or maybe it was just dark and he couldn't see what it was clearly.

"Achu!" Yugi's sneeze echoed in the darkness of the room.

"I guess we can't duel," Yami concluded with disappointment.

"We'll duel tomorrow," Seto placed the duel disk back in his briefcase, which he carried everywhere, and started to leave.

xoxox xox xoxox

After Seto left and Joey arrived soaking wet, Yami told them about what he thought he saw. "I think I saw a pair of antennae on Kaiba's head right before the lights went out!" Yugi and Ryou looked at each other, then started laughing. "I saw them! He could be an alien trying to take over the Earth!" Yami insisted.

"Kaiba's a lot of things, but he's not an alien," Joey spoke between laughs.

"Sounds like the pharaoh is seeing things," Bakura mocked, to which Yami responded with a glare.

"I'm sure Kaiba is not an alien," Yugi commented, then sneezed.

"And if he was, we would have noticed a long time ago," Ryou added.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. It was probably my imagination." Yami was not quite sure if there was more to it than that, but he decided to let the subject drop.

xoxox xox xoxox

Seto arrived at the Kaiba Mansion where Mokuba was waiting. First it was the constant unexplained headaches and then a pair of antennae grew on Seto's head.

"It must hurt to hide them under your hair all day," Mokuba acknowledged.

"Yes, but the intergalactic doctor said no more changes will occur so it's not so bad." Seto assured. "I won't turn green, if I was going to inherit my father's real color, I would have been born with it. The doctor said human DNA is strong and always shows up the most when mixed with other races."

"I'm half alien too. Will I grow antennae when I'm your age?" Mokuba asked.

"You probably will," Seto replied.

"Cool!" Mokuba cheered; at least the changes wouldn't take him by surprise.

Seto wished his father would have told him he originally was an alien sent to conquer Earth and his human appearance was only a disguise. Seto guessed his dad must have been waiting until he was older to reveal the truth, but never got his chance after that battle with the enemies of the irken, the accident was just a cover-up. Though Seto wanted to know more about his alien family tree, he had no intentions on rushing off to planet Irk, or revealing his secret to anyone else, even if he could have been the tallest Tallest to rule over Irk.


Disclaimer, I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh!, Swat Kats, Atomic Betty, Cardcaptors, Millennium Actress, Invader Zim, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Chrono Trigger. The idea for Card 05 came from a picture of alien Seto that Laria Kaiba drew.

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