UNNC: Fairy Odd Adventure

The Appearance of the Second Demon Male

The gates opened, letting the carriage fly in. The female palace guards went to formation and saluted as it passed them. Some played trumpets, and some played the drums, announcing the safe return of the Princess.

As it stopped in front of the palace, a large door opened, revealing a group of female fairies, some were aged, some young… while in the center, stood the Queen. The carriage door opened, revealing Ara. She took a few steps down before she was helped by some guards present.



Ara smiled, and gave a small wave towards the gathered soldiers. Some cheered. Others clapped. The Queen herself rushed towards her daughter, looking a bit torn.

"Ara… Ara my dear…" she stated as she gave her a hug.

"Mother… please, I'm alright…" Ara replied.

The Queen released her hug and looked at the princess.

"Your wing is hurt… goodness. We have to get someone to look at that. Did they hurt you my dear? Were you harmed in any way?" she asked.

"No, mother," Ara replied softly. "I… was treated well."

"No matter… I shall have some healers give you some honey to help you heal," the Queen immediately snapped her fingers, calling the attention of the some fairies. She looked at them, and in a clear voice, stated, "My daughter will need some assistance. Tell the healers to prepare their best honeys."

The fairies bowed. "Yes, your majesty," they replied, and flew away. The Queen then looked towards the gathered crowd of guards, and raised her arms.

"Witness the wanton lust and evil of our enemy… the Males! They have kidnapped our Princess, most probably trying to siege me, using her as a hostage… our Kingdom is lucky that the Princess has returned safely, and relatively unharmed."

The soldiers cheered.

"But… let this be a warning to all of us…" the Queen stated. "Our enemy is brutal, merciless, and perverted. We must not hesitate any longer. For enemies such as these, we should be as cruel and as brutal as they are! FOR THE KINGDOM!"

"FOR THE KINGDOM!" the soldiers shouted.


They shouted and cheered as the Queen finished her speech, and the fairies surrounding her, along with the Princess, moved towards the palace. Ara could still hear their cheering even when the door was shut firmly.

The fairies who accompanied the Queen then looked towards Ara, and each gave encouraging words. After that was done though, they left both the Queen and Princess alone, which gave Ara an opportunity to ask her mother what was bothering her.

"Mother… can we talk?" Ara asked.

"Of course, my dear," the Queen replied.

The two walked on the halls, while Ara tried to sum up her courage to ask. Finally, after a few moments, she took a deep breathe, and finally just let what was on her mind out.

"Mother… is it true?"

"What is true, child?" the Queen asked.

"About the MLA's leader being your son?" Ara asked.

The Queen stopped a step, but then continued, almost unnoticed.

"What are you talking about, child?" the Queen asked.

"I met the MLA leader… his name is Gen, and he told me that he was your son…" Ara stated. "He talked about this war… that it hasn't gone on for hundreds of years… and it was because you hated your…"

"Complete lies, my dear," the Queen cut Ara off, turning around to look at her. "I don't know what they have told you when you were captured, but they probably did that to confuse you. Go to the healers, dear… let them take care of you."

"But mother…"

"No buts, my dear," the Queen stated. "I have a meeting with the council. Rest up, my daughter."

Ara watched the Queen leave with a frown. She knew… her mother was lying.


The Queen looked towards her daughter who was now leaving the hallway, probably going towards the healers, or her room. Her frown showed for the first time. Looking towards the shadows, she declared in a clear voice, "Come here!"

Five shadowy figures landed around the Queen, and kneeled in front of her.

"Yes, your majesty?"

"What have you discovered with your dealings with that… male who was supposed to show my daughter how terrible males are?" she asked.

"He has failed, your highness," one of the shadow figures replied. "We received word from Unit 5 that he didn't succeed, and was killed for it."

"Excellent," the Queen stated. "How about the MLA? How are they moving?"

"After conquering the town, they are slowly moving to the next," one of the shadowed fairies proclaimed.

"Purpose?" the Queen asked.

"From what we've heard, they are spreading lies about your rule, my Queen," another fairy replied.

There was a slight pause and the woman seemed to think for a good while before she spoke again.

"How are the people receiving the lies?" the Queen asked.

"While most do not believe them, it seems there are some who are taking their words to consideration… especially the older fairies."

"The leader of the MLA is quite charismatic," another shadowed fairy added softly.

The Queen's lips twitched.

"Tell the team watching them to kill him… and when they get the chance, wipe them out. All of them," she declared.

"Yes, your majesty," they declared.

"I shall bathe myself in honey to heal my injuries," the Queen waved her hand as she turned around and left. "And… assign someone to watch over my daughter. I have a feeling she might try and escape. Now, leave."

The shadows disappeared, and the Queen continued on her way.


"You sure she's safe?" Naruto asked to Gen as they walked towards the next town.

"Very sure," Gen nodded seriously. "The Queen would not want to harm her only heir, now would she?"

Naruto had to agree with that statement, but he still didn't like leaving Ara alone. While she may have been a complete brat, she was a decent human… err, fairy.

"So, what's the next plan?" Naruto asked.

"Go to the next town, and spread the word," Gen stated. "I may need your help again, Naruto."

"Ah… not doubting me anymore?" Naruto grinned.

"No… you proved to me last time that you definitely work in a world different to mines, and your ways are much more effective than some of mines," Gen admitted.

Naruto laughed a bit.

"Well, I am gonna be the next Hokage after all!" Then, he paused, and muttered in a low tone, "Well… that perverted toad did teach me some good stuff…"

"A toad is your teacher?" Gen asked, slightly hearing what the blonde teen just said.

"Not a real toad… though the way he acts around women, he could have fooled me," Naruto muttered this last part darkly, "Your mom would love my teacher."

Gen laughed at Naruto's expression when he said it.

"The Queen doesn't like men."

"Yup, and my teacher will prove her so right she might actually love him," Naruto replied. "Okay… maybe not, but it would be fun to see."

After a few minutes of moving, someone suddenly flew to their front. It was another male soldier fairy, and he kneeled in front of Gen.

"Sir…" he stated solemnly.

"Report?" Gen asked.

"Yes, sir. One of out units is missing," the fairy stated.

"Which Unit?" Gen asked.

"Jack's unit, sir," he replied.

"Odd for Jack to be missing," Gen muttered. "Call in a unit to go back to the town, and see if they were just left behind. We'll stay and camp here until your return."

Naruto briefly wondered if it was that efficient. Looking towards Gen, he asked, "Do we have to take camp here?"

"We've marched for almost 3 hours. If we continue to march on, while we send a unit back, they'll need at least 6 hours to get back to us if we continue on our pace," Gen replied.

"Can't they run for it, or fly?" Naruto asked.

"Unfortunately, no…" Gen shook his head. "The Queen still employs hunters, and they are quite a handful for us. Three or four of them would get my unit captured or killed, so we stick to the low branches even in great numbers. I do not want my forces diminishing… I barely have enough to storm to a much heavier defended town."

Naruto gave a nod.

"I understand… but you're more of a sitting duck when not moving. Look, send me in," he stated. "I can move very fast, so I won't have trouble catching with you guys. And since I'm just one person, I won't be detected much."

"You're risking yourself. If a hunter fairy finds you…"

"I can handle hunter fairies just fine," Naruto stated.

Gen gave a small smile.

"Ah… yes. You can."

"So?" Naruto asked. "Should I go now?"

"Agreed," Gen replied. Looking towards the male fairy soldier, he stated in a clear voice, "Ignore my order to you. Get back to your post, and tell your unit leader that I have assigned someone to check Jack."

"Yes sir," the male fairy saluted, and flew away.

Gen looked towards Naruto, and gave him a nod. Naruto smiled, jumped in the air and placed his feet on one of the overhanging branches, and began to dash back fast, while the MLA continued on their march.


"You know Uzumaki, there's a distinct possibility that not only are you a moron, but you're also absent-minded."

Naruto spun around to see Aaron sitting on a nearby branch sipping a cup of tea. He made a face.

"Oh... its you," Naruto muttered. "Don't waste my time... I got something to do."

"Like what? Getting a date with a princess? Besides, as Budsy would tell you, you should pay attention when I'm giving out freebies," Aaron stated as he sipped the tea and then made a face. "Whoever said fairies could make good tea had the taste buds of a Hutt."

"I'm going to next town to see something," Naruto muttered. "And if you don't like the tea, don't drink. Now... leave me alone."

Aaron tilted his shades up, a slight glow emanating from behind them.

"Show some respect for your elders. Or don't you care about that mist ninja who punked your sorry ass?" he asked, challengingly.

"What ninja?" Naruto asked.

"The ninja that shrunk you?"

There was a moment of silence. After a while, Naruto's face changed, from blank to panic.

"Oh... no... damnit! I completely forgot!" he exclaimed.

Aaron snapped a picture, then pocketed the small camera with a smile.

"Now that was a kodak moment. Go ahead, ask me what's up with that."

"… I'm not going to," Naruto muttered. "Damnit... what now? I can't just go and find that stupid ninja and leave them like this... nor can I just stay..." He began to mutter unintelligently.

"Hmm? What's that? Oh great, kickass and supremely cooler than-myself Aaron, would you help? Well, I just might," Aaron suddenly declared.

"I wasn't..." Naruto paused for a moment. "Uh... you will?"

"Oh come on. Didn't Budsy tell you anything about me? You really should have asked him you know. How about this?" Aaron gestured towards the castle in the distance. "You get to have your fun and games with the battle of the sexes, and I'll find your mist ninja. But..."


"You owe me a favor, which I'll collect sometime later," Aaron replied.

"... Its nothing bad, is it?" Naruto asked.

"Ever hear of the first rule of dealing with the devil?"

"... who?"

"Ask Budsy. He should get the joke. Trust me, I'm not going to ask you to do something you wouldn't do normally," Aaron chuckled.

"Fine. I hope I can trust you though..." Naruto muttered.

"If I were a real bastard, I'd jump you right now and take a happy memory of this woodland place," Aaron shifted to his female form. "So be thankful."

Naruto snorted.

"You wouldn't," he stated, sounding sure.

Aaron smiles slyly and sashays up to Naruto.

"Don't call my bluff boy. You're not man enough." She kissed Naruto on the cheek. "Have fun. I'll let you know where the ninja is after this is over."

Naruto rubbed his cheek with a bit of disgust.

"Stupid... whatever you are..." he stated as he jumped away and dashed off in a direction towards the last town. Aaron fell down laughing.

"Hahahahahahaha! Oh man, that was so worth it," she got up and waved to the rapidly retreating Naruto. "So long screwy! See you in Saint Louie!" She turned towards a different direction. "I'd love some applause, but the 4th wall is still up, so technically I shouldn't be hearing any. Ta-ta for now." Aaron vanished.


"Stupid Aaron," Naruto muttered. "More like moron… now where am I?"

Naruto took a few more leaps towards the higher branches as he began to move faster. If he could get it right, he would be in town, find that asshole Jack, and hopefully convince him and his team to fly back towards the others. He also hoped that Aaron wasn't just kidding with him on the deal they just made. He'd rather find that ninja himself, but he couldn't afford to leave behind Gen.

He automatically stopped when he heard a flutter of wings. Hiding behind some leaves, he watched as a group of black-wearing female fairies flew fast below him. He wondered briefly about that before checking if the coast was clear, and moving on.

He arrived towards the outer perimeter of town, where it was already louder than earlier when the MLA had conquered it. The guards were also freed, and back to their positions in the tower, and the gates were very much closed, and shut.

"There is no way that ass would have been left there…" Kyuubi's voice rang clear in his head.

"Agree," Naruto muttered. "They are acting like their enemies are gone. And if Jack is really in there… he's pretty much screwed; he won't be able to get out. And I don't think he's that stupid. "

"Maybe he is," Kyuubi muttered. "The fairy race isn't exactly… smart. Very primitive."

"Shock collars?" Naruto asked, remembering some of that hunter fairy's memory when he hacked in her head.

"Their only technological marvel… collars for slaves," Kyuubi seemed to roll her eyes. "Very creative. Very technologically advanced. Maybe next thing they'll invent are lights. And books! That way, they can add to their intelligence."

"They are intelligent enough to speak, you know," Naruto stated.

"The ability to speak doesn't guarantee intelligence," Kyuubi countered. "It's the ability to read and write."

Naruto smiled. He watched the town a few moments before he saw the gates suddenly open. Going out were more fairies wearing black clothes, and this time, they were bringing a wooden carriage along.

Unlike Ara's carriage which took her home earlier, though, this carriage was much simpler, designed in carrying bulk stuff, which what it was doing. What kind of stuff, though, Naruto couldn't guess, because a cloth made of leaves covered it.

The group of black fairies passed over him, along with the carriage. He was about to ignore them and go right in to town, when one of the wheels of the carriage suddenly hit on an intruding stump in the branch they were on. An arm suddenly came to view from under the cloth. A masculine arm.

Naruto's jaw opened, and suddenly felt something ram his back hard. Falling out of the branch, he tried to right himself up only to feel a sharp pain in his neck, as a whip flew and wrapped around it, constricting his air passage.

Landing on the lower branch hard, a high heel was slammed on his upper spine, crushing his lungs slowly, while the whip tightened around his neck. He growled.

"What is this?" one of the fairies in black asked, most probably the leader.

"A male spy," replied the fairy. "What do we do?"

"Kill him," the leader automatically said.

"Don't think so," Naruto muttered as he extracted scalpels from his hand, and used it to cut off the whip wrapped around his neck. Since she had been pulling on her weapon, the sudden release got her to trip back, releasing the ninja from his position.

"GET HIM!" the leader shouted, and the other fairies sprung to action. The speed the way they reacted though surprised Naruto a bit… they already got their whips out, and took aim at him.

Flipping up before those whip tips would come in contact to him; Naruto extracted scalpels and reformed them to a katana before he got on his feet. There was a loud crack as the whips hit the place where he was earlier, and blonde teen placed his feet on the branch firmly, his eyes now doing a head count.

He ducked when another whip lash came to him, and dashed towards the attacker, hoping for a quick knock-out, only to be intercepted by another whip. He jumped out of his way, his attack canceled… and had to jump again as another whip came at him.

Naruto growled. He began to hate the coordinated attacks… He grabbed a few scalpels and threw it in an arc towards the fairies. Some nimbly dodged. The others took it in the air. None got hit… but that was the point of the attack.

His brother Laharl had taught him something about the scalpels. Since they were connected to his mind and psyche, hence allowing him to control them, he could also connect to them, allowing him to see through their 'eyes'. It allowed him to spot enemies and their attacks.

Naruto closed his eyes, and began to feel the scalpels around him. He placed his sword down in the branch, and placed his hands in front of him, in a defensive stance which Laharl had taught him again, and waited for an attack.

He suddenly bent to the right, extracted a few scalpels, grabbed the whip tip that came at him, and pinned it to the ground with them. He did the same with another whip that came at him after a second, until the fairies realized it was useless.

"Everyone, stop with the single attacks!" the leader said. "Just come in at once. I doubt he can stop all of our whips!"

The other fairies nodded, and shouted as they charged at him, hoping their multiple attacks would catch the male off guard. Naruto smirked a bit; he opened his eyes, and grabbed his sword as multiple whips came at him. Twirling the sword, he caught all their attacks with it, and at the same motion, stabbed the branch ground hard, pinning the whips.

Then, the scalpels he threw earlier suddenly extracted themselves from their places, and rushed towards the shocked fairies, and hit them hard. Some screamed.

They grabbed the daggers hidden underneath the whip's handle, and tried to block the incoming scalpels. The blonde ninja smiled, and rushed to action, dashing towards a few fairies in the ground, and systematically began to knock them out with well placed kicks and punches that his teacher taught him for the past two years.

The pervert was good for something at least, in Naruto's opinion.

While it seemed Naruto's attacks were working, the fairies slowly began to recover. Now that there were no more flying scalpels around, they now refocused their efforts on blocking the incoming blonde… but by then, it was too late.

Their numbers dwindled to only three, and without their whips, they were easy pickings. Naruto dodged the two swipes at him, and hit both offending fairies in the jaws, knocing them both out, and rushed towards the leader, and pinned her by the neck to the tree trunk.

"You… you're no normal male!" the female fairy leader declared as she tried to get herself loose.

"Never said I was," Naruto answered back. "Now… who are in the cart?"

"A traitorous male… who failed to serve the Queen…" the fairy replied easily. "They deserve death… and soon, your precious MLA will follow them to the void!"

"What are you talking about?" Naruto asked, his eyes narrowing. "What do you mean traterous male who failed to serve the Queen… and what about the MLA?"

"You expect me to talk, male?" the fairy asked.

Naruto then suddenly smirked… and the fairy screamed. In her eyes, the male suddenly transformed into a hideous creature, with green skin, red eyes, his arms now bulky with muscles, and spikes coming out of his elbows…

But it was the tentacles behind him that made the fairy cry in horror. The tentacles were… she couldn't fathom any thought as those tentacles grew closer and closer to her own body. She could feel the slime it secreted in her skin.

"The male was supposed to rape the Princess to make her hate your species! But he failed, and was killed for it!" she exclaimed desperately.

The blonde monster growled softly.

"And about the MLA leader?" he asked.

"We've sent a unit to kill the MLA leader!" the fairy shouted, writhing in horror as she felt the tentacles in her inner thighs. "They left earlier! They should be there!"

"Thank you…" the male's voice was horrid to her ears. "Now… I'll let you experience the pain of a thousand years!"


Naruto just hit the poor deluded woman on her chest, knocking her down, and let her go. She crumpled in a heap on the supporting branch. He had used the Demon Eyes again to extract information, and by kami… what info it was.

"Did you listen?" Naruto suddenly asked.

"Of course I did," Kyuubi replied.

"Was she telling the truth?"

"She was too terrified not to," she replied. "After all, in her mind, you did transform into their idea of a real male."

"This fairies need to get a life," Naruto muttered, as he walked towards the cart. "For them, males have green skin, red eyes, and lots and lots of… eh, for tentacles."

He could hear Kyuubi laugh a bit.

"It supports the idea they are actually quite… perverted… themselves."

Naruto uncovered the cloth covering the bodies in the cart, and recognized Jack at once. His neck, from the looks of it, was broken. The other males were stabbed in the heart. Very professional… very ninja like, actually.

"So… if she was telling the truth… I'm supposed to believe that Jack here was actually a traitor of the MLA, working for the Queen to rape Ara… only so she would hate males?"

"We'll probably never know the whole truth, but yeah… that's how I'd view it."

"We're in the wrong world," Naruto muttered as he dashed away, back to the MLA. If the fairy told him the truth, then the fairies he met earlier were actually the unit coming to kill Gen. He hurried up.

"We're in a fucked up world."

Naruto could only agree, and sped up. He needed to reach the marching MLA quickly, so concentrated more charka on his legs, and dashed away, leaving behind the fairy leader who shivered terribly.

She had opened her eyes again the minute the male in the black coat moved away with incredible speed.

"Demon…" she whispered hoarsely.


"We've been watching the pigs march for a good while," one of the dark dressed female fairies told her unit leader. "When are we going in to kill their leader?"

"Patience…" the leader muttered. She grabbed a mirror, and positioned it so the sun would glint on it. "We're about to attack now…"

After a moment of waiting, the leader looked weirdly towards the leaves. She positioned her mirror again, and waited. When there was no return signal, she looked towards her companion.

"Check the other groups. They aren't responding to me," she commanded.

"Roger," the fairy then moved away, slowly up to fly towards the others.

After a few more minutes, she found no progress or result.

"What is going on?" the fairy asked.

"You're looking for your companions?" a voice on her left asked.

"I think they are down there," another voice stated from her right.

The fairy looked down, and gasped. It seems the MLA stopped marching, and was looking towards a group of identical looking males who were holding her soldiers. She cursed.

"Damn it… looks we have to do it ourselves," the fairy declared, looking towards the right. "Come… on…"

She stopped on her tracks when she saw a blonde male smiling at her.

"Yo," he greeted.

She looked towards her left, and saw an identical male.

"I know what you're thinking!" the other male stated. "Actually, no… but I can guess."

The female fairy shouted in shock as the two males grabbed her hard, and suddenly jumped from the branch they were positioned in. They fell fast towards the other males, and landed on the branch hard… so hard that the two males holding the fairy disappeared in a puff of smoke on impact.

Before she could move, other blonde males surrounded her, and entrapped her. They began to tie a rope around her, and some of them were even talking amongst themselves.

"That was kinda cool, wasn't it?" one of the males declared.

"Quite!" the other stated.

"What is going on here?" Gen suddenly declared, looked towards the clones of Naruto with confusion.

The other clones looked at him, and smiled. One by one, they began to disappear in puff of smokes, and left one Naruto in front of Gen, who looked at him seriously.

"These fairies were sent to kill you," Naruto announced. "Seems like we rattled your mother's cage."

To Be Continued

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