A/N: I, of course, own nothing but the plot. This is a sequel to 'Midnight Desire.' You don't need to read it to get this story, but if you want to know what the dream is that Tonks is talking about you might want to read it. Enjoy!

Tonks woke up with a start and looked around her room at 12 Grimmauld Place. It was only four in the morning she thought with a groan. Lightning was flashing through her window like a strobe light, thunder roared overhead, and the rain beat a fast cadence on her window. Tonks smiled to herself, sleep completely out of her mind, as she recalled the dream that woke her only a few hours ago. It was storming like this in her dream. Only it wasn't a dream this time that woke her this time, but the thunder. The storm that was raging outside only hours ago was getting more and more fierce by the minute.

She slipped out of bed, completely naked, and groped around in the flashing light for her t-shirt. She let out a small 'whoop' of triumph before pulling it over her head making sure it fell to her knees. Sliding her feet into her fuzzy blue slippers she crept out of her room and down to the kitchen careful not to wake anyone.

As she got closer to the kitchen she saw a light shining from under the door. 'It's got to be Remus,' she thought, both overjoyed at getting to see him and worried for him. It had been two months since Sirius died and he was still barely sleeping or eating. Everyone was worried about him; but Remus wouldn't hear any of it, telling them all that this was his way of grieving and he'd get over it when he was ready. She hesitated slightly at the door before shyly pushing it open and striding in. 'He wouldn't be in the kitchen, even at this hour, if he wanted to be alone,' Tonks reasoned with herself.

Remus stood at the window watching the storm. He loved storms like this. When the thunder echoed the growls of the beast within him, the cold rain could numb his skin, and the lightning gave everything a surreal glow. The feelings the storm inspired in him brought him his first real happiness in two months. He felt like he could let his emotions rage like the storm and just let out all the anger, frustration, loneliness, and pain he felt over Sirius' death. He knew he shouldn't blame himself for Sirius dying, but there was a part of him that did. There might have been something he could have done. He replayed the scene over and over in his head. He knew there was no way he could have stopped it, but there was a part of him that wanted, needed, the comfort that self-pity and blaming himself gave him. It gave him an outlet for his grief. And it gave him a reason not to blame Harry. He hated himself when his thoughts strayed in that direction. If only Harry kept up with the Occlumency lessons. If he hadn't let his hatred of Snape make him think Snape wasn't really working for Dumbledore. If Harry kept up with the lessons, Voldemort never would have been able to trick him like that. They never would have wound up in the Department of Mysteries, and Sirius never would have died.

'But it doesn't do any good to place the blame,' Remus thought as he leaned his head against the cool glass. 'Blaming someone won't bring him back.'

Remus straightened up and turned around as he heard the almost imperceptible squeak of the door opening. She had the slightest hint of a blush on her cheeks he noted. She looked kind of cute, Remus thought as he studied her in the oversized blue t-shirt, fuzzy slippers, and the pink in her cheeks. Her hair was black with blue streaks this morning and her eyes were like sapphires glowing in her heart-shaped face. He smiled and wondered if she knew blue was his favorite color. As the lightning flashed in the windows behind her illuminating her body and he was able to see that under the oversized t-shirt she was wearing she had nothing else on. He swallowed hard, trying to push down the sudden wave of desire he felt towards her. 'Down boy! She couldn't have come down here trying to entice me!' He scolded himself. 'She's more than ten years younger than me. What would she be doing tying to turn me on. Quit being silly.'

Pushing down his desire he smiled warmly at her and gestured for her to come into the room. "Morning, Tonks. What are you doing up so early?"

"Morning, Remus. Storm woke me up. I decided to come down for breakfast. Want me to fix you anything?"

"Maybe just some tea. I'm not really hungry."

"Well, I'm making eggs, toast, and bacon for myself. Are you sure you don't want any? Just a little, maybe?" Tonks asked giving him a sweet look hoping it would work to make him try to force a little something down. Even if were only to keep her happy. He'd been looking too skinny lately.

Remus sighed at sat down at the table running his fingers through his hair and shooting her a small smile. "I suppose, but just a little."

Tonks smiled to herself as she started cooking up breakfast. She never really did much cooking but she knew she cooked well. She just hoped she wouldn't spill anything like she usually would and wind up embarrassing herself in front of Remus. She set the kettle down to heat water for their tea and stuck toast in the toaster. 'Go figure Sirius would have had muggle appliances in here. Charmed, sure, but still muggle.' Tonks thought fondly. She put a couple of frying pans on the stove and soon had enough eggs and bacon to feed most of the Order. She went back to the table setting down two plates full of food and smiled sheepishly at Remus. "Guess I made a little too much."

Remus saw right through her and would have been a little angry under normal circumstances. He couldn't explain it, but he was oddly pleased that she would bother worrying about him. That she would take the time to take care of him. It filled up a little of the emptiness he had felt since Sirius died. He gave her a warm smile and as the scent filled his nostrils he realized he was hungry after all. "Thanks," he said and dug in.

Tonks studied Remus as the two of them ate in silence. She loved his eyes. They were so light brown they were almost gold. He couldn't hide the emotion in them so they often showed all of his inner turmoil. He was good at hiding it on the outside though. But his eyes, Tonks sighed dreamily. Yes, his eyes truly were a window into his soul. She moved her eyes up to his hair, brown flecked with premature grey. She knew he was only 38 but they grey sometimes made him look a bit older. Especially now, when he looked so gaunt from lack of sleep and food. But she liked it. She always had liked grey hair on a man. And on someone like Remus it just looked sexy. Tonks smiled as she shoveled some more eggs into her mouth. Her eyes scanned his face. Strong, sad, but beautifully male, she thought. And his mouth, she could feel herself getting aroused again as she remembered what that mouth and those lips would do to her in her dreams. She idly wondered if it would be as good in reality as it was in dreams. 'Probably better,' she thought with a lusty smile as a blush crept up her cheeks. She could almost hear him calling her name, "Tonks... Tonks... Tonks..."

Remus had been watching her watching him for about five minutes now. He was getting a bit uncomfortable. 'Especially when she smiles like that,' he thought as she smiled a bit lustily at him. His mind wandered to what she was wearing underneath her t-shirt, or more like to what she wasn't wearing under her t-shirt, and felt himself getting aroused. 'Maybe I wasn't imagining it earlier,' he thought somewhat happily. Her eyes were glazed over and she was studying him intently. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore, he had to know what was so fascinating. "Tonks... Tonks... Tonks..."

Finally, she snapped out of her musings and looked up at him the blush creeping down her neck and lower under the 'V' of her collar. 'I wonder how far down that blush goes,' Remus thought as a blush crept into his cheeks too.

"Yes, Remus." She acknowledged sweetly, the pink still high in her face.

"Just wondering what was so captivating. You were staring." He said, smiling in a way that left her thinking she was going to melt into a puddle right then and there.

Tonks choked on the piece of toast she was chewing as she realized he noticed her staring at him. "Umm... Was I?" She asked lamely.

He nodded and Tonks knew she was blushing right down to her toes. Mentally slapping herself she offered him a weak smile and replied, "I guess I was just spacing out." 'Please, please, please, let him leave it at that.' she begged whatever or whoever might have been listening to her thoughts.

"Oh, okay then." He said with another smile, knowing she wasn't going to say anymore. "Let me help you clean this up then."

"Oh! You don't have to bother, Remus. I can get it." She was a bit flustered at the idea of having him there helping her after he caught her staring at him. She knew he let her off easy, even if she was thankful for it. She didn't want to risk doing something silly like that in front of him again.

"Really, I insist" he said as he carried the plates and cups over to the sink. "It was very good, by the way."

She felt the blush creep back up her neck and she tried to thank him but couldn't seem to find her tongue. 'He's complimenting you, you ninny! Say something!' She stumbled over herself as she walked over to him at the sink. "Thank you." She said turning on the water and starting the dishes.

That's when he did it. She almost dropped the plate she was washing as she realized what was happening. He leaned in and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "No, thank you," he paused as if not sure what to say before he settled on, "for breakfast."

Remus smiled very pleased as she blushed yet again and looked flustered before deciding it was safer just to continue washing the dishes. 'It's been a long time since a female acted like this around me,' Remus thought to himself. 'Sure there were a few girls at Hogwarts when I was teaching that had a bit of a crush, but after they found out what I was...' He let his thoughts trail off for a second. Even if none of the girls he taught would have been suitable for him to think of romantically it still hurt when he was spurned because of his lycanthropy. 'But Tonks,' he thought with another small smile. 'Who would have thought. And to act like a girl with a crush. She's always so straightforward. It's kind of nice.'

Tonks washed the dishes while Remus dried them and too soon they were finished. Both of them were beginning to enjoy the quiet company the other afforded.

"Well, I suppose I'm going to run upstairs, shower, and get dressed." Remus told her. "I'll see you back down here in a little while. Order meeting this morning, remember?"

"I almost forgot. Nine, right?"

"Yeah." He looked at the clock, it was only 6:30. "Ugh, no one should have to deal with Snape that early." He added winking at her.

She giggled, and he held out his arm to her. "Shall we?"

She linked her arm in his and he led her up to her room. "See you in a little bit then." He said and sauntered off towards his own room.