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"I'm not letting you stay with me for this, Tonks. That's final." Remus said calmly.

"But Remus -," Tonks began to plead before Remus cut her off.

"No buts, Tonks. Something could go wrong with the potion. What if I attacked you?" He asked, grabbing her hands and holding her close. "I don't know what I'd do if anything happened to you. Especially if it were because of me."

"I want to be here for you." Tonks stated simply, resting her head on his shoulder, knowing the battle was lost. He wasn't going to let her stay with him for his transformation. He wasn't even going to let her stay in the house, she had to go back to her flat for the night.

"I know you do. And I appreciate it. Really. But you know I can't let you stay. Even with the potion there's just no guarantee that I won't accidentally bite you. Or lose that small grip on my human mind it gives me and wind up deliberately attacking you. I don't want to risk it."

Tonks sighed heavily and gave him a light kiss. It wasn't that she didn't understand his reasoning, she did all too well, she just wanted to be with him. It was his first transformation since they had become an item and she wanted him to know that she really was there for him. Remus sometimes had small insecurities about his lycanthropy and Tonks wanted to make sure he really knew that she didn't mind it one bit.

"All right, Remus. But I intend to call by floo later tonight to make sure you're okay. Deal?"

Remus smiled at her, touched by her concern for him. "Deal. I'll make sure that I'm in the kitchen or at least near enough to hear you when you call."

Tonks grinned merrily, happy to have gotten a compromise out of him on such a touchy subject. And even more happy to know that she'd be able to check in on him. She hadn't missed Snape's glares and wouldn't put it past him to fiddle with the potion. As it was already nearing the time for his transformation Tonks gave Remus one last lingering kiss before leaving him for the evening.

"I'll check in around 11:00, okay?"

"I'll be waiting for you."

"Okay." Tonks smiled playfully at him as they reached the front door. "Be good tonight." She quickly kissed him again. "I'll see you tonight." And she was gone.

Remus smiled to himself as he watched her disapparate from the front porch. It was a great feeling to have someone who cared so much for him, he thought to himself. Sirius had, of course, cared for him and watched over him during his transformations, so had James when he was alive. And Lily had always asked after him. But Tonks was different. She also fulfilled him on an emotional level that his friends weren't able to reach. But Tonks not being an animagus didn't allow her to stay with him for his night as a Werewolf. It was too dangerous. Who knew what could happen? Lost in thought, Remus made his way up to the bedroom that was set aside for his transformations to prepare himself for the evening ahead.

Tonks apparated into the alley behind the apartment she rented out and was making her way around to the front doors when she heard a silky voice behind her.

"Hello Nymphadora." Snape purred coming up close behind her, his billowing robes catching in the breeze and wrapping around her legs.

Tonks whirled around quickly, her mind recognizing the voice just moments before her eyes saw his face. Her moment of panic turned into aggravation and disgust as she recognized the man standing before her.

"It's Tonks, Snape." She declared irritably, placing her hands on her hips and taking a small step back to pull herself from his robes. "Not Nymphadora. How many times do I have to tell you that? What are you doing here anyway?"

"I was just hoping I'd run into you." Snape replied smoothly, advancing almost imperceptibly in on her.

Tonks sighed and glared tiredly at him not really in the mood for his games. "Well, tell me whatever you wanted to say quickly. You're keeping me from my evening."

"All alone tonight, Tonks?" He asked provocatively, restraining himself from reaching out to her. "Didn't the Werewolf want you tonight?"

Tonks's eyes widened at his innuendo before they narrowed in anger. And before Snape could react he found her small hand making contact with his sallow cheek leaving a stinging red welt.

"How dare you?" She hissed pulling her wand on him and muttering a quick 'petrificus totalus.' "How dare you?" She repeated.

Snape watched her advance on him and felt a jolt of fear tickle its way down his spine. He wasn't expecting her to happily jump into his arms and shag him silly in the alley but he certainly wasn't expecting such hostility either. Clearly, he had underestimated this woman.

Snape stood there paralyzed with no way to protect himself from the woman emanating raw fury at him. Her eyes flashed dangerously and she sneered at him with more contempt then he imagined she could. He was intimidated. Very intimidated. And, he noticed with a hint of sarcasm and self-loathing, he was aroused. 'She's damned beautiful when she's angry.' he thought to himself.

Tonks stood before Snape and forcibly restrained herself from using every curse, hex, and jinx she could think of to cause him misery. 'How dare he come here and talk to me like that!' she yelled in her head.

Finally, after a few moments of watching his eyes dart back and forth in fear Tonks spoke, her voice slow, deliberate, and coming out in an evil hiss.

"I don't know what you were thinking, coming here like this. But I will tell you this: it was neither an intelligent nor an appreciated move, and you should consider yourself fortunate that I have not hexed you into next week."

She paused for a breath letting her words sink in, and Snape watched her waiting for her next words, hanging on every breath. Quickly, she leaned in and grabbed him around the throat snarling her next words.

"Also, I will have you know that Remus may tolerate your attitude towards him -"

Snape felt his erection quickly subside as she brought up Remus.

"- But," she snarled at him. "I - WILL - NOT!" She glared at him until he blinked his eyes in response to her words. "Nor will I tolerate your disgusting behavior towards me. Do I make myself clear?"

Snape blinked again in response, unable to move his head.

"For your sake, I sure hope I did. I won't be so nice if this happens again."

With that she walked up the rest of the alley before she released the curse on him. Without a backwards glance at him she turned the corner and went up into her apartment still fuming.

Tonks paced her small apartment afterwards wishing she could talk to Remus but knowing he would have transformed already and wouldn't be able to speak to her. Every so often she would glance up at the clock waiting for it to near 11:00 so she could at least make sure he was in a better state than she was.

Time seemed to trickle by more slowly than usual and Tonks tried to find things to do to occupy herself for the next two hours. She tried to clean up a bit, but when she broke her fourth knickknack she gave it up. She was just too strung out over Snape and that little fiasco in the alley to keep her mind on anything other than that or Remus. She contented herself with pacing for the next hour.

Finally, 10:45 rolled around and Tonks grabbed a handful of floo powder and threw it in the grate. She knelt down and stuck her head inside shouting 12 Grimmauld Place anticipating seeing Remus again. The familiar swirling feeling took her over and she stopped in the grate at Grimmauld Places kitchen just before she started to get dizzy.

"Remus?" She called softly, not immediately seeing him. "Remus are you there?"

Remus's ears perked up as he heard Tonks call his name. He had been trying to wait for her but the transformation took too much out of him and he had only managed to make it to the kitchen before falling asleep on the floor. Gingerly getting up he made his way to the fireplace and sat down before her trying to smile at her from his wolves mouth.

"Hiya Remus. You doing okay?"

The large silvery wolf looked at her a moment before making a nodding motion with his head and giving her a small bark.

Tonks smiled at him. "I'll take that as a yes then."

She looked at him for a moment pondering if she should tell him just now about what happened in the alley with Snape. She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind though deciding to tell him once she could talk to him as a person again. She wasn't quite sure what he would and wouldn't recognize in what she said to him. And, if he did understand everything that happened, she didn't want him hurting himself trying to get out of the house to get at Snape.

"Do you want me to come over with you?" Tonks asked hopefully.

Remus shook his head and growled softly. He was pretty sure that everything would be okay but he still didn't want to risk it. Seeing a person and not feeling the need to attack was one thing, but he couldn't promise that once he caught the smell of her he would still be okay.

"Okay. Okay. I won't come over." Tonks said, resigned to staying home for the evening.

Remus felt bad at the rejected look that momentarily crossed her face but was relieved that he wouldn't have to worry about hurting her. He just hoped that she would know that he really did want her there and would have let her stay if he could have been one hundred percent sure that it would have been safe.

"Well, I suppose I ought to let you get back to sleep." Tonks said with a slight yawn. "I've got work in the morning and you're looking quite tired."

Remus nodded his head in agreement wishing she didn't have to leave so soon but aching to get back to sleep.

"I'll see you tomorrow night, Remus." Tonks blew him a quick kiss and gave a wave before pulling out of the fireplace and heading off to bed.

Snape sat in his dungeon living room and pondered the episode that took place an hour ago with Tonks in the alley. Her refusal of him had only amplified his all consuming desire to posses her. To take her from Remus and make her his. His pants began to feel tight as he recalled her face contorted in anger, her words washing over him like venomous kisses.

He rubbed his hand over the front of his pants imagining the moment when he would have her. Her lithe body writhing under him, calling out his name, begging him for more. And, oh, how he would give it to her. Making her crawl to him on hands and knees, pleading with him to forgive her for making him wait so long. And then he would bend her to his will, and eventually break her. Make her live only to please him.

His breathing became ragged at the enticing site that placed itself just behind his eyelids. He closed his eyes and drank in the scene before him. His rubbing became more frantic until he finally reached up and undid the buttons to his pants, deftly slipping his hand inside and taking a firm hold of himself.

He groaned loudly thinking of how Tonks's mouth would feel on him. Her tongue flicking over his hard length, teeth gently scraping him, as she kneaded his balls with her free hand. With a grunt and softly moaning Tonks's name, Snape grasped himself firmer and jerked harder as he spilled himself over his hand.

Snape cast a quick cleansing charm and tucked himself back into his pants. Satisfied for the moment he stood up and began to look through his book shelves for a particular potions book that would help his dilemma of how to make Tonks want him. His fingers glided deftly through the shelves, skimming lightly over the spines of the books. There were several to go through and it took a while before he found the one he wanted.

"Ah. Yes, there you are." He murmured softly, picking up the book and cradling it almost as if it were a child.

He flipped the book open and scanned the ancient and yellowed pages. Finally, in the back half of the book he paused and let out a low whistle finding what he had been looking for. It would take him a couple of weeks to brew, he thought, scanning the ingredients. And it definitely wouldn't be easy. But a skilled potions master such as himself wouldn't have much trouble brewing it. The tough part would be to get her to drink it.

Snape stared at the pages laid out before him for several moments before he spoke again.

"Liquid Imperious... My new best friend."