Title: Domestic Battleground

Rating: T – not suitable for younger children, because I have a dirty mind.

Summary: The Doctor promised Jackie he'd take Rose back for special occasions. But a whole week with her family? Will he survive, and more importantly, will Rose?

Notes: This is the prologue. Chapter one should be up later today or tomorrow morning.

Dedication: Jillybean. Here you are, hon.

The angrier the Doctor was, the louder he got. By his current sulky silence, Rose knew that he was merely annoyed, not truly angry.

"You did agree," she pointed out reasonably. He grunted and bashed something. He was lying in one of the floor cavities, trying to fix whatever was stopping her having a hot shower. "It was part of your agreement with Mum," she continued. "Remember? You take me back for holidays, birthdays and special occasions. She won't say anything about me disappearing off."

"I remember," the Doctor muttered. "Pass me that thingamajig?"

Rose inspected three different tools before handing a random one over. There was silence for a few minutes, then:

"A whole week?"

"Yeah," Rose nodded. "A whole week of family." She slumped against the wall. "Damn. Any chance of the world ending?"

"Ha! I'd be so lucky!" He sat up. "Your mum doesn't like me," he reminded her.

"You don't like her," she retorted. "It won't be that bad – she's staying with Auntie Julie, and we'll be with Auntie Bridget."

"But we can leave afterwards?" the Doctor checked hopefully.

Rose nodded. "Yup. Right after the reception, we're off. I promise."

"Hmm." He disappeared again. "Will there be cake?"

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