Now I call Brainy "Brandon" in this chapter. I honestly tried to find his real name, if he had one, but there are very few websites on Brainy; so if anyone knows Brainy's actual name or if he has and actual name please tell me so I can make that change.

Chapter 2: Baseball and Plans

Brainy followed Helga as she followed Arnold and Gerald to the park. He stayed a good few yards behind Helga, she had pretty acute hearing. Arnold and Gerald went to an open part of the park and played some catch talking about things Helga and Brainy could not hear, because of their distance.

When Helga turned around to grab her locket Brainy quickly climbed into the tree Helga was hiding behind. Even though he looked quite geeky and uncoordinated Brainy was actually very athletic, not in the same way as Gerald, because he was never really into sports. But climbing trees, scaling fire escapes, jumping on haunted trains, climbing through caves, and getting hit in the face on a daily basis makes a guy pretty tough.

Helga once again began reciting brilliant poetry off the top of her head. How she did that, Brainy was still confused.

I suppose it's just one of those things about Helga Pataki. One of those things she hides from the world.

Once again the longing for human touch came upon Brainy. He hated and loved that feeling; because he always seemed to upset Helga whenever he appeared behind her, but he always did get the touch he was longing for so much.

He made up his mind to do things as usual, if he was going to change any of his actions it would be on the camping trip.

He followed his normal procedure of wheezing and getting smacked; then watched Helga stomp off again through cracked lenses.

Brainy's walk home was like any other day. A few stray cats crossed his path as he walked down his street. Brainy never told anyone where he lived, because he feared pranks and rude signs on the door.

The iron handrail wobbled as he walked up the three stairs to his door, using the handrail out of habit. The stairs were chipped and the handrail was rusted, but his house looked no different from the other ones in the city of Hillwood. Well except for the area which Rhonda Lloyd and a boy known as Pea Pod Kid lived, but Brainy rarely considered those castles as houses.

Walking into the house he smelled a familiar musty odor. He knew his Aunt was home, because she always wore that same disgusting perfume. The inside of Brainy's house was fairly normal even if he wasn't. They house had three bed rooms, one for his parents, one for him and one guest room. They had a kitchen which was openly connected to the living room, which lead to small study that his parents had made into an office.

Glancing at the table he saw another tuna-fish sandwich, and concluded it must be for him. He picked it up and proceeded to the living room where his aunt was watching Cops.

"Brandon, can you believe these people. Why don't they just show them the incriminating evidence they've already given themselves away" Brainy's aunt asked him, calling him by his proper name.

Brainy simply shrugged, while taking a bite out of his sandwich and sitting down in the other recliner.

His aunt looked at him for a moment and said, "Why don't you ever talk? You can't honestly be that shy can you?"

Brainy shrugged again.

His aunt sighed and handed him a piece of paper.

Brainy glanced at it and, seeing that it was his permission slip to go on the camping trip, got up to go pack.

Up in his room Brainy placed the permission slip next to few picture frames on his bed side table. There were 3 of them, the first being a picture of Brainy with his mother and father: Not many 9 year old boys, aside from Arnold, have pictures of their parents on their bedside tables. But Brainy never got to see them, they were always at work, but his aunt took care of him. Many times Brainy felt a strong sympathy for Arnold and his missing parents. Sometimes he felt like his parents were missing also.

The second was a picture of his pet iguana that had died recently from some strange reptile disease. He had been one of the few friends Brainy had… actually his only really friend.

The third was a collage of Helga's pictures from kindergarten to the present. He chuckled at this picture, and wondered if maybe he was as obsessive as Helga. But realized he didn't write poems about her or have a shrine of her in his closet, so he couldn't be that obsessive…although he did stalk her.

But that's more for her safety than anything else.

Brainy knew he was lying to himself, but brushed it off. He had to plan on how he could get Arnold and Helga closer together on this camping trip.

He turned on the radio to his favorite jazz station, and went over to open his window, hoping the scent of his aunt's perfume would leave his room at least, then proceeded to rummage through his closet for and old suitcase and other possible camping "essentials" he may need for his work on the forest.

As he packed he thought up new plans and schemes, much like Helga does, only without maniacal laughter…

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