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Chapter Seven: The Open Ended Beginning




"So, they'll be fine?" Hammond clarified, standing between Jack and Daniel's beds in the infirmary.

Fraiser nodded. "Yes, sir. They just need to rest a bit."

Hammond nodded. "Well, I'm taking SG-1 off the mission rotation for a week at the least."

Fraser nodded approvingly. Sam and Teal'c stood off to the side; they looked from Frasier to Hammond to their teammates lying in the infirmary beds. Fraiser looked at them. "You two can stay with them tonight if you want, but not until you both eat something."

Sam and Teal'c looked as if they wanted to protest, but they decided against it. They would eat in the commissary, but quickly. They turned and headed out the door.

Hammond moved to do the same, but first looked pointedly at Jack and Daniel. "Are you two going to be ok staying in these close quarter, or do I have to worry about a fist fight?"

"General, if there's one thing I've learned throughout the years, it's nothing makes misunderstandings between friends look more petty then a torture session with the Goa'uld." Jack said lightly.

"We're fine, general." Daniel elaborated on Jack's statement.

Hammond smiled. "I'm glad to hear that. Get some rest, you both have some paper work waiting for you."

Jack rolled his eyes; Daniel just smiled.


"How's the memory, Daniel?" Janet asked once Hammond left.

"Much better. Pieces are starting to fall back into place now."

Janet smiled. "That's good."

"Yeah, it's about time we get our old Danny boy back!" Jack piped in from his bed.

Janet just shook her head affectionately. SG-1 was finally back to normal.


A bit later, Sam and Teal'c returned. They brought some food with them. Jack was quick to snatch some fries and a piece of pumpkin pie.

"Healthy." Carter said wryly.

Jack just gave her a signature smirk as he ate a few of the French fries.

"How are you two?" Sam asked gently.

"Bored." Jack replied.

"Colonel, you two were just tortured… you need bed rest." Janet interjected.

"Don't you have paperwork or something, Doc? Instead of eaves dropping on us?" Jack said with mock complaint in his voice.

"Hey!" Daniel cut in. "She can stay, after all… over the last week or so, she's been my only guaranteed friend!"

"Yeah, like she'd ever side with someone over you…" Jack muttered.

Sam could not hide the smile. Daniel looked at Janet, whose face was steadily becoming a deep shade of pink. Daniel wouldn't take a jab like that. Especially not like Jack. "Like you have anything to say on the topic!" Daniel was careful to look at both Jack and Sam, who was sitting on Jack's bedside.

Teal'c raised one eyebrow in amusement.

Jack grabbed one of his fries and tossed it in Daniel's general direction. At that, Janet intervened. "Hey, hey. No food fights in my infirmary! I'll pull out my needles if you don't behave!"

Jack sobered immediately. He hated those damn things.

Sam looked from Daniel to Jack, her eyes stayed on the latter for a bit longer than necessary. "I'm really glad you're ok." She said, seriously. She broke eye contact with jack and looked at Daniel. "Both of you."

Teal'c nodded. "As am I. I was concerned that SG-1 would not emerge intact."

Janet nodded. "Yeah, you two are just not meant to fight." She looked at Jack and Daniel. "It's against the physics of the universe or something."

Sam nodded. "I could probably write a theorem on it…"


Two days later, SG1 sat around the briefing room table. They had just finished debriefing the General about their latest mission.

"Very good." Hammond said. "Before we dismiss, there's one more issue that requires attention. We've been running diagnostics on the star gate all week, trying to determine the cause of Dr. Jackson's amnesia. Apparently, Sergeant Siler discovered that, just as he stepped into the event horizon, Dr. Jackson was hit with some sort of energy blast. We can only assume that it was a weapon. This means that the Goa'uld have developed new technology, capable of wiping out people's memories… we obviously need to proceed with caution."

"But why would they shoot someone leaving a plant with it?' Daniel asked.

"Maybe they were testing it, or sending a message?" Carter suggested.

"No, no, I remember!" Daniel said, sounding a bit over-excited. "Jack, on the planet- on the ruins- there was ancient! And it was directions. To a planet. It sounded like weapon stores. Stuff that we could use against the Goa'uld! General, we have to go back!"

Jack looked at the archeologist in amazement. The man hadn't taken a single breath in that whole explanation.

"It seems too risky for a possible weapons store, Daniel." Jack said. "The last thing we need is all of us to have amnesia. They'll know that we'll want to go back and check it out. There are probably guards waiting to zap us as soon as we step out of the gate, Sir."

It was Daniel's turn to be amazed. Was Jack using logic over the need for big, honkin' spaceguns?

Hammond nodded. "We'll go back sometime, Dr. Jackson, but not anytime soon."

Daniel nodded. It made sense.


"Carter, can I talk to you for a minute?" Jack asked quietly, pulling the Major to the side after the meeting.

"Sure…" Sam started. She was curious what this was about.

"I wanted to thank you… for taking care of me through this. I didn't deserve it… I was being an ass."

Carter nodded. "You were… but it was understandable. If you ever need to talk about Charlie or any of it, I'm here… Sir."

Jack nodded. "Thank you, Carter. Same goes for you." He gave her a crooked smile. She loved that smile.

"Food?" Jack asked louder. Daniel and Teal'c turned away from their conversation.

"Sure!" Daniel said.

"I would greatly enjoy a steak." Teal'c said.

"O'Mally's." That suggestion was simultaneous. Sam, Jack, and Daniel were incapable of associating any other restaurant with steak anymore.

Teal'c bowed in approval. SG-1 headed into the corridor.


"So, where are you four off to?" Janet asked SG-1 outside of the elevator.

"Where headed to O'Mally's for dinner and pool. You want to come along?" Jack asked.

Janet looked to Daniel. His blue eyes were begging her to come. She smiled. "Cassie is spending the night at a friend's house, so, sure."

The five of them walked out of the base, into the parkinglot. Teal'c's wide gate led them, followed closely by Jack and Sam, who were speaking animatedly about sharp-shooting techniques in pool, and Daniel and Janet, who weren't talking, just enjoying each other's company.

If only there weren't regulations. Janet thought, watching how close Jack and Sam were, both physically and emotionally. Then, her thoughts drifted toward Daniel. And if only he'd get the nerve to ask me out to dinner sometime alone…

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