"Harry?" Sirius called from the living room. "Dumbledore needs to talk to you for a second."

Harry put his book aside and got up. It was only the first day of summer vacation, what could Dumbledore want already? "Coming!" Harry called back, then left the study. He was dressed in muggle clothing, jeans, a white t-shirt, and his leather jacket, and wored his hair pulled back. He slid down the banister of the stairwell and joegged to the living room, where Dumbledore's head rested in the fireplace.

Harry had told Dumbleodre about his Hideaway via a letter delivered by Hedwig, and then Remus had secretly connected the fireplace to the floo network. "Yes Professor?" Harry said, sitting in a chair.

"Good afternoon Harry," Dumbleodre greeted, "I just received a letter from the head goblin at Gringotts. Apparently, your parents had an addition to their will, and as the executor of it, I am now asking you come to Hogwarts so that we may fully activate it."

Harry blinked. A second will? "Alright Sir, I'll be right over; just give me a few minutes."

"Very good, I will see you soon then Harry." Dumbledore's head vanished with a slight pop.

Harry found Remus and Sirius and explained to them what Dumbledore had just said; neither of them had known about the Potters' second will. Harry got his two wands then apperated to Hogwarts by bending the wards; something the founders had taught him. He appeared in front of the gargoyle that was the entrance to Dumbledore's office. "Er—lemon drop?" The gargoyle didn't budge. With a small sigh, Harry began to list every sweet he knew, both muggle and magical. When at last he said "Canary Cream," the gargoyle leapt aside.

Dumbledore was talking to Fawkes when Harry entered. "hello Harry." He said.

"Hello Professor." Harry replied.

"Lemon drop?"

"No thanks."

Dumbledore nodded and popped one of the sweets into his own mouth. "Well, the addition to your parents' will is quite simple. It merely states that you are the owner of three plots of land. One is in Ireland and it consists of two hundred aces of land, mainly grasslands. The second is a small cottage in the United States, near a town called 'Denver.' The last is a few miles from Britain; it is a castle. I believe it is somewhat damaged and slightly smaller than Hogwarts, if the reports I was given were accurate." Dumbledore picked something up and offered it to Harry; he took it.

It was a gold ring with a ruby in the center. A sword and wand crossed over a many-flamed sun was depicted with copper wire in the center of the ruby. "That ring connects you to all three estates, it is the Potter family heirloom. By thinking of which ever estate you wish to go to, the ring will deliver you there; much like a portkey."

"Have you tried it?" Harry asked.

Dumbledore shook his head. "No, but many old families had such things, and I remember your father using it to escape from school many times."

Harry slipped the ring onto the middle finger of his left hand and felt a flood of comforting warmth spread through him; it quickly receded. "If I haven't been there before, can I go?" he asked.

"Not until you have seen it, which is why I took the liberty of creating a portkey to take us." Dumbledore then offered Harry a top hat; Harry touched it and felt a jerk behind his navel. Harry found himself and Dumbledore standing in the middle of a lush, grassy field. There was a slight breeze, a few clouds, and Harry felt very relaxed. "This is the first estate." Dumbledore said, then offered him the top hat once more. This time they were transported to a pine forest in front of a cabin. Harry approached the door and cautiously opened it. His ring gave off a brief, small burst of light and the door opened further without a sound.

There was no dust or cobwebs, and it was only one floor. The kitchen was at the very back of the cabin, as was the dining room—both were done in muggle fashion. There was also a living room, a study, a bedroom, and a bathroom—all were simple, but elegant. The many cabinets gave Harry an idea.

After he finished exploring, Harry and Dumbledore portkeyed to the castle that Harry now owned. It was on the edge of a large lake, a little ways from a forest, and about four times the size of The Hideaway. There were six towers, two of which had collapsed. The entire thing was made of grey stone with dark blue roofs. Some of the windows were shattered and more than a few of the doors were hanging precariously from only one hinge or so. Harry entered, and found several storerooms filled with rugs, brooms, potions, and non-perishable food items. I'm not sure I'll be trusting those, Harry thought wryly, and then continued down. There were dungeons, a few passageways that had once been secret, and astronomy room, several bedrooms and bathrooms, an empty study, and even an indoor quidditch pitch. With the exception of the empty, sullen atmosphere, Harry thought it was pretty nice. Again, he had an idea for its improvement.

Dumbledore tapped Harry on the shoulder. "I'm afraid I must leave, I have a meeting soon. I trust you will be alright on your own?"

"Yes Sir," Harry replied, while thinking, wow, big change from last summer—couldn't be left on my own for ten minutes…

"I will seen you soon then Harry, have a good day." Dumbledore nodded, and portkeyed away.

Harry first used his elemental abilities to reconstruct the two fallen towers, and the few places where the roof had fallen in. Then, he called up some wind and a bit of water from the lake to clean the entire castle. The grime and dust he transported to the front hall, where he banished it.

Harry began to examine the castle closer, and his ring vibrated whenever he passed certain places. When he pressed the ring to them, be it a statue, bookcase, wall, or empty frame, there was a shift and a passage appeared. In two hours, Harry found a total of seven passageways in addition to the five that had already been revealed, then fixed.

His exploration finished, Harry began to furnish the castle. A few of the bedrooms he combined into an infirmary, and three of them he turned into lounges; each decorated in a different style. He was sure to put a fireplace on each of the six floors, as well as fix any broken windows he came across.

Once every single room was cleaned, furnished, and double-checked, Harry went back to The Hideaway for lunch, to tell Remus and Sirius about his new estates, and to rest—it was a lot of work.

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