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Fangs of Love

Chapter 1: The School

Anzu Mazaki walked out of the airport terminal in a small town off the coast of Hawaii. This town was named Oknuhu. Anzu smiled, looking around the small airport. It seemed as if she had just been here yesterday…when in reality; it had been ten years ago. In fact, she had lived here those ten years previously. When she was six years old, she and her family had moved to Domino, Japan.

Now, she was starting her junior year of high school, here in Oknuhu, Hawaii.

Anzu was looking around for a familiar face. She had had a best friend back here. That friend was going to let her stay with her until she was sent off to school.

Where was Kyrie?

"Anzu? Is that you?" a strongly accented Hawaiian voice called out. Anzu turned her head and saw a girl waving to her. A smile broke onto Anzu's face. Even after all these years, she still recognized her best friend!

"Kyrie!" Anzu broke into a small run and ran over to her companion. Kyrie beamed and met her. Anzu dropped her bags and hugged her friend tightly. It had been a decade!

"Kyrie! I can't believe it! Look at you!" Anzu pulled back, surveying her friend.

"And you!" Kyrie smiled, "Yet you'll always be Anzu on the inside. That sweet friend of mine from ten years ago.

"It's a shame I had to leave," Anzu cocked her head, "But I'm back! For two years, at least!"

"Like last time? Wonderful! Come on! My parents want to see you again!" Kyrie took some of Anzu's bags and dragged her to another pair of familiar faces.

"Mr. and Mrs. Kohanu!" Anzu smiled. Mrs. Kohanu smiled and hugged Anzu.

"Oh, it's so good to see you again, dear! Kyrie talking about you just wasn't enough! Oh, we've missed you. We're glad you're back!"

"Hello there, sweetie," Mr. Kohanu extended his hand warmly. Anzu took it, and he pulled her into another hug. Anzu smiled. She had been best friends with Kyrie for two years (enough to make a strong and lasting friendship). They had always kept touch throughout the ten years, usually talking through the post, instead of the phone. And still, as they had back then, this family felt like a second one to Anzu.

Then again, she supposed she had quite a few families…. No, she was not to go thinking about that again. She was here! Finally!

The family chatted with Anzu as they headed off to pick up Anzu's other belongings. Afterwards, they set off towards the town where Kyrie lived. Her own house was just ten minutes, by car from Anzu's new school. So she had heard from her father.

They pulled into the small driveway, and hauled themselves out. Anzu flung herself out of the car and stood, looking around in every direction. It was all coming back to her now! There was her old home, across the street. There was the small mall down a few blocks, with the rest of the shopping centers. The houses all looked the same. She smiled. It felt like she was reliving a memory.

"Glad to be back?" Kyrie came up next to her.


Over the next couple of days before Anzu had to go to school, Kyrie took her to all of their old hangouts, that weren't too childish. Some things in Oknuhu were new to Anzu as she passed them, but thought that she might see more of it as the two years passed.

They had the best of time together, in their short three days.

All too soon, it was the first day of school, everywhere in Oknuhu.

The friends hugged again on that day. Anzu's bags were already packed into the family car again. The two friends pulled back. Anzu had to go about an hour early, just so that she could meet her new principal and get settled in, before the school day actually started.

Kyrie smiled, "Hey, it's not like we're hours apart anymore. Now, you're much closer…I think. Right? You can come back on the weekends as much as possible, right? But we'll still keep in touch?"

"Of course! Why all of the questions?"

"Well…" Kyrie stared at her quizzically, yet still with an air of humor, "all of this time that you've been here, it was because you have to go to school. You've never even told me where you're going."

"I haven't?" Anzu inquired, taken aback. "Your parents haven't even told you?"

Kyrie shook her head, "I was waiting for you to tell me."

"Oh, well, I think it's a place called…uh…Oknuhu…Private? Yeah, yeah, that's it!" Anzu looked at her friend. Kyrie's face had fallen.

"You're…you're going to Oknuhu Private?"

Anzu cocked her head, "Yeah…why?"

"Anzu! Why didn't you tell me? You shouldn't be going there!"

"Why not?" Anzu replied, taken aback. "What's wrong with it?"

Kyrie scrutinized Anzu carefully, "What did your parents say to you about this school?"

"Umm…" Anzu looked at her fingers, counting off the ideas, "It's really small: there are only like…fourteen other students there currently. It's a co-ed school, though Dad said the population is mainly made up of young men-"

"Anzu! The entire student body IS made up of young men! Really hot ones by the sound…and looks of it –I mean, they come to all of the national celebrations, and they look REALLY gorgeous, but-"

Anzu cut her off, "What!" Anzu cried out, "But…isn't it a co-"

"Yes, it's co-ed," Kyrie replied, "But no great amount of girls has gone there for ten years! Sure, we get almost one female going there every year…though that stopped a couple of years back. However, the ones that did go there end up running out of that school like mad not one month into the year! They don't bother with all of their belongings, even. That's how much they want to get out! They run all the way from there to here!"

"W-What's so bad about the place?" Anzu shivered.

"I'm not sure exactly. I mean…maybe the guys get a kick out of scaring only females out-"

"Wait. You said that ten years ago, it generally became a "male-only" school. How was every girl chased out then if they had more numbers?"

Kyrie sighed, "They say that ten years ago, this rough bunch of foreign boys came in…and started the trouble. Either the females graduated or took themselves out of the school. The ones that remained ran out. We're also starting to wonder if they've caused the sort of…plague that came to us ten years ago-"

Anzu was suddenly snatched out from Kyrie's side.

"Dad!" Kyrie walked after him, as he dragged Anzu away.

"I'm sorry, Kyrie, but you'll just have to talk to her on the phone. We're late as it is."

"But I haven't explained-"

"You've explained enough," he said, turning around, and sending a fatherly glare at her. Kyrie froze. She knew he had heard her and Anzu talking. Many of the adults in Oknuhu thought that the boys' troubling matters were all superstition or rumors.

Mr. Kohanu opened the door for Anzu, and she grudgingly got inside. As he was walking over to the other side of the car, Anzu mouthed, "What plague?"

Kyrie was just about to answer, when the engine started up and the car started rolling backwards. Instead of giving an answer, she yelled out, "GOOD LUCK! AND BE CAREFUL!"

Anzu waved, and sighed, collapsing onto the back of the chair. Good luck indeed….

Anzu Mazaki stood at the bottom of the grand concrete staircase outside; stone steps leading up to Oknuhu Private. Mr. Kohanu had left her there, as he was not her parent or guardian, and was pretty much useless for her interview. Anzu sighed. She looked up the stairs and at the separate buildings.

She saw one building labeled Administration. She supposed that was where she was to go. It was a small two story building; twice as big as an average two story house. She looked to the right, where another building read Recreation Hall. Anzu had no idea what lie in there. The last building, to the right of the Recreation Hall, encircling around the back of it, was the Doom Rooms. These rooms looked like small little hotels: the ones with the door leading out onto a cement walkway. The walkways were turned inwards, towards the center of the land they encircled. Windows marked the rooms. The Doom Rooms weren't too big, as even when this had really been a co-ed school, not many people could either afford, or would send their children there.

This didn't bother Anzu at all. She liked small schools. The only thing that bothered her was what Kyrie had said:

The school population was consisted of entirely young men. That, and the "plague," which Anzu still didn't know what the heck it was.

Anzu sighed. She had to leave now, or risk being late for school after her meeting. As she walked up the concrete steps, taking her possessions, she noticed that the land of the school was in fact very beautiful. Small, grassy, rolling hills; Oknuhu's Golf Course not too far (within walking distance) from the school; flower beds lining the walkways and stairs; and more. The actual walkways and ramps seemed to be big enough for bike riding and walking at the same time. In fact, Anzu noticed an almost full bike rack not too far off.

When she reached the top of the stairs, and walked a little farther, she gasped at what she saw. On the other side of the school –the hill obscuring the view- was a beach! It was a beautiful beach too! If Anzu had not been too preoccupied with her warnings, she would have been overjoyed, and loving it here already.

"Miss Mazaki?"

Anzu spun around, scared out of her wits. She sighed, when she saw –whom she recognized from the photo online- as the principal of Oknuhu Private.

"Hello, Mr. Pegasus," Anzu smiled, walking towards him. Pegasus was a man with shoulder length white hair, that covered one of his eyes. He had red eyes, a far as Anzu could tell. He also wore a red suit.

"Hello, indeed!" he smiled, shaking her hand, "And welcome to Oknuhu Private!"

"Thank you," she bowed her head slightly.

"Such manners! Your father was right: you are quite the young lady," he laughed politely.

"Oh…thank you," Anzu murmured.

"Come now. The others are having breakfast currently. I suppose I'll just take you to my office, where we can have a small chat about certain affairs. –Oh! Let me help you with those," Mr. Pegasus bent down to pick up Anzu's two suitcases. Anzu carried her other small bags. They did not speak again until they had gone into Mr. Pegasus's office on the second floor.

Anzu had only barely glimpsed at the first floor, as the stairs were right near the doorway. The hall was clean and brightly lit, due to the many windows from the rooms and the large wall window at the end of the hallway. There was a great view of the beach from there.

They entered Pegasus's office and put Anzu's things near the door. Pegasus offered Anzu a seat across from his desk, and she gratefully accepted.

"Now," Pegasus stated, getting down to business, as he sat, "What do you think so far?"

"Well, it looks wonderful," Anzu smiled, truthfully, "But…" she hesitated, wondering whether she should tell or not.

"You have heard the rumors then?" Mr. Pegasus folded his hands beneath his chin.

Anzu simply nodded her head. To her surprise, Pegasus laughed.

"Pay not attention to them: they are a bunch of lies. I will say though, that the females that run from here are the only true part of the rumors. I believe they only run because the boys here give them a hard time…if you catch my drift."

Anzu looked at him queerly, "I guess so…."

"You have nothing and no one to fear here. However, if you would like to follow suit with the others, and leave, I am not stopping you. I understand."

Anzu sat there, quietly for a moment. She was thinking. She set her face and finally looked up at Mr. Pegasus, "I will not leave."

"Ah! Very good!" Pegasus clapped his hands together once. "Now, with the matters of your room. Normally, the girls have the boarding areas opposite the boys. You have noticed the Doom Rooms, yes?"

"Yes sir," she nodded, "But might I ask? What do they encircle?"

"The side of the Recreational Hall makes the fourth side of the square, and the school pool lies in the middle. The pool is used both for Physical Education and leisure."


"Would you like a room on the opposite side, as usual, and be quite by your lonesome? Or, there are the rooms that are on the adjacent side to both walls of rooms that the teachers occupy. You could stay in one of those rooms."

"The teachers live here too?"

"Oh yes."

"Well, er…I'd like one of those rooms, sir."

"Very good," he nodded, taking a key from his desk. "You have room twenty-eight. It is on the first floor."

"Thank you," she said, taking the key he handed her.

"You have been told this is a small school, I presume?"


"Good. In that case, you should know that all of your classes will be with the same twelve others, except for about three classes."

"Everyone here is in the same grade?"

"Yes. The other two students we have here are a few years younger, and therefore take more private classes, apart from you older ones. Oh, and before I forget, here is a copy of your schedule. You have four classes a day, and all eight on Friday. The teachers are like all other high schools: they do assign good amounts of homework. But as you see, every student has one study hall."

Anzu looked over her schedule. On Mondays and Wednesdays, she had English class with Instructor Odion first; a Foreign Language class with Professor Hawkins (which class would she take in that one?); there was a blank in the next slot, only with the teacher's name next to it: Professor Dartz; and lastly for that day, she had Professor Hawkins again in Science (Physics was this course). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, she had History with Miss Ishizu; Study Hall, overlooked by the principal himself; Physical Education, with Coach Raphael; and lastly Math (Pre-Cal) with Mr. Muto.

The list seemed clear enough. She had only two questions. "Sir? Which foreign language am I taking?"

"That is for you to decide."

"Right now?"

"Of course. We offer whatever the student pleases here, as this is a small school. Spanish, German, French and Latin are the current standings, however. We can offer you a private tutor though-"

"No, no…I'll just have a German class."

"Very good," Mr. Pegasus nodded. "Have you taken German before?"

"Yes, sir. Two years of it."

"Very good. You will be prepared for this class then. I was hoping for that, so that we would not have to start you off in Class One and bring you up to the others' standards.

"Alright. So…if Professor Hawkins teaches all of the Foreign Languages-"

"There are different time slots for the student, depending on what language they take. Study Halls, Languages and Mythology and Folklore classes are often rearranged, according to the student.

"Mythology and Folklore? Where is that?" Anzu answered, scanned the sheet. It wasn't listed….

"The black spot, dear. You must choose one: either the study source of Mythology, such as the ancient stories of the ancient people, or folklore: something of a newfangled idea. Professor Dartz teaches both. Which would you like? I say…the folklore seems to be the most popular, but there are still some members that take mythology."

Anzu didn't know why people would like folklore better than mythology. She had always known many people who preferred the latter. She herself had always thought mythology much more fascinating than common folklore. And they actually offered it as a course in itself at this school? How cool was that! Anzu was beginning to forget her past worries….

"Mythology, please."

"Grand. I will inform Professors-"

"But how did you know this?"

"Excuse me?"

"You said he schedules varied upon the student's desire. Yet you had my schedule already set! How did you know-?"

"Your father had some pretty good guesses. He said that you had some keen interests in the subjects." Anzu smiled. Good old dad…. "We just wanted to make sure that this was alright with you. It is never difficult to change ones' schedule here."

"Also, lunch is in the break between the second and third class of the day. Breakfast is at seven o' clock, and ends at seven fifty. Dinner begins strictly at five forty-five PM," he explained, "School begins promptly at eight o' clock, as you may well know. Anything else you would like to talk about?"

"Um, yes sir," Anzu responded, "Are we ever allowed to go back to Oknuhu?"

"Ah," Mr. Pegasus reclined in his chair, "The students are all taken there once a month to do what they please. It is always on a Saturday, near the middle of the month. Every month, you will be informed as to what day. We also go there for special holidays, festivals or some other sort of celebration." Anzu nodded. Kyrie had told her this. Speaking of Kyrie…. And as if reading her mind, he added, "You are allowed to use the phone in your room, though there is a limit to two hours per student per week. Should you have a laptop…as was required…you can plug that into sockets into your room, for a free power source and connection to the Internet. Though we ask that you do not keep hooked up to the Internet 24/7."

"Yes sir. Is that all I need to know?"

"I believe so, unless you have further questions?" When she did not answer, he stood, "Very well. We can get you settled in before school begins, and I will lead you to your first class. Odion will make sure that someone leads you to your other classes for the next two days. They really are not difficult to find." In an afterthought, he added, "…Have you had breakfast?" Anzu nodded. "Good. Perhaps we should wait, then, to surprise the young men until they are all inside the classroom."

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