Friday, December 19th (Still) Roughly 5 PM

So basically I'm going crazy.

I'm surprised that I'm able to sit still and write all of this down, but I need get this all out somehow. If I don't, I'm convinced I'll explode.

All I've been able to do is think about Mia and what she's doing. What I did wrong. Both questions I have no answers to.

I've called her house four times and finally her mother sighed, "I'm sorry, Michael. As you know, she's locked herself in her room… the door's been taken down, but she hasn't come out."

"How is that possible?" I wanted to know. Knowing Lars's strength, he could have easily just thrown her over his shoulder.

"She climbed out the fire escape."


This girl has been giving me way too many mini heart attacks as of late.

Another sigh. "Yes, she has… Clarisse! What are you doing here?"

What? Mia's grandmother is there now?

"Take me to her!" Was the last thing I heard before the phone went dead.

Great. Just great.

And I still don't know what I've done wrong.

Same Day, roughly 8 PM

Lilly just called.

Mia came to the dance.


Saturday, December 20

When I was about to turn twelve years old, all I wanted for my birthday was a laptop.

I didn't care what kind of laptop. I just wanted one. It could have been the most grotesque looking hunk of junk in the world but if it worked, I wanted it.

Laptops had just been invented then and I had to have one. I was obsessed with my computer and loved everything about it. One day at the computer store while getting a new mouse (my old one broke) I saw a laptop. The man at the cashier told me that the laptops were portable and didn't need to be plugged in for a certain amount of time. More than anything in the world, I wanted one of those laptops.

I should mention at the time, I had an attitude problem. Much similar to the one Lilly has had all of her life. You see, I was a little smart-ass back then and always talked back to my teachers. Never mind if they were complete imbeciles who didn't know the difference between the quadratic formula or the Pythagorean theorum. The point was, I was a terror to have in the classroom. I always corrected/talked back to my teachers and didn't give a care about the homework they assigned us.

My parents tried everything. Psychoanalyzing me, taking me to another psychoanalyst, a psychiatrist, a therapist. I bet if Dr. Phil was well-known they would've taken me to him. Nothing worked.

So when I started whining about wanting a laptop, my parents came up with a plan. They told me they would get me a laptop for my birthday if I stopped correcting/talking back to my teachers, even if they were wrong.

Which I did. Immediately. I wanted a laptop that badly.

So when they did, and I first charged it up and took it with me to school, I knew a joy such as I had never known before in my life, and never expected to feel again.

That is, until last night.

I am completely serious.

As you know, Lilly called last night and told me that I had better get my butt over to AEHS because Mia was there and this was my last chance. So I hurried it over there like the lovesick dog I am.

Luckily, I made it just in time. She was just turning to Lars and saying, "Come on. We've been here long enough. I still have a lot of packing to do. Let's go."

Then she turned and saw me, standing there, out of breath, with an un-tied bow tie. Okay. So… not what I was expecting in terms of first appearances. So sue me. I was in a hurry.

But I pushed down these doubts and said instead, "I didn't think you were coming."

She glanced around nervously, her pretty face flushed. "Well, I almost didn't."

I wracked my brain for something to say that wouldn't make her cry. "I called you a bunch of times. Only you wouldn't come to the phone."

No shit, Sherlock. Think of that all on your own?

Looking down, Mia looked like she would rather the gym floor open up to reveal a pool she could drown in. And I'm her inspiration. Great.

I couldn't help but blurt honestly, "Mia… with that thing today. I didn't mean to make you cry."

Her gaze still on the floor, she said, "It didn't. I mean, it wasn't that. It was something Kenny said." Which was a lie, of course. Her nostrils were flaring. She can be so cute.

But I said, "Yeah. Well, I heard you two broke up."

Suddenly, though, I had had enough. I couldn't keep up this game. It was time we stopped hiding, stopped playing with each other. "The thing is… I knew it was you. Who was leaving those cards." Okay, not until approxiametely twenty-four hours ago, but that's a minor detail.

"You did?"

"Of course I did," if I sounded a little impatient, sue me. "Lilly told me."

Her face the picture of shock, she finally met my eyes. "Lilly told you?" She cried. "How did she know?"

I waved my hand, still impatient. "I don't know. Your friend Tina told her, I guess. But that's not important."

Mia's gray gaze had left me by then, finding Tina and Lilly. Instantly they narrowed. "I'm going to kill them," she murmured.

This was ridiculous. This wasn't even about the stupid cards. This was about us. "Mia," I grabbed her shoulders, shaking them slightly. "It doesn't matter. What matters is that I meant what I wrote. And I thought you did, too."

There. I said it.

To my relief, she didn't even hestitate. "Of course I meant it."

But I still didn't understand. Shaking my head, I had to know. "Then why did you freak out like that today at the Carnival?"

She looked a little surprised, but met my eyes and said, "Well, because… because… I thought… I thought you were making fun of me."

Oh, Mia.

I didn't hesitate either when I replied, "Never."

And then I did something I should have done a long time ago.

I kissed her.

And unlike my other experiences, which were far and few between, it was… it was…

Well. Finally. If that made any sense.

Let's just say it was a feeling that words can't describe.

We kissed through Lilly's rants and analyzing remarks on how sad it was that we were in love with each other for the longest time and blah blah blah.

We flushed with the catcalls and congratulations were got from Boris, Tina, Judith, Felix, and Trevor.

We kissed again through Lana Weinberger walking past and saying, "Oh, God, get a room, would you please?" (Now that little witch knows what it feels like to have to be subjected to PDA.)

We slow danced the night away until Lilly ruined our fun, saying, "Come on you guys, it's snowing so hard, if we don't leave now, we'll never get home."

…And we kissed again with the snow falling down around us, on Mia's stoop to her loft. And it was hardly weird at all with her bodyguard complaining he was cold.

Love must do crazy things to people, because in the span of twelve hours, I've noticably changed.

Lilly says that I'm too happy and is disgusted by the fact that a smile hasn't left my face since. Even if Mia's left for Genovia. No matter. I'll wait for her.

My parents say that they enjoy this change in me. And then they try to psychoanalyze me to figure out how this happened.

Trevor says that he knew all along that I was hot for my little sister's best friend and Judith told him that to know something requires a brain, which Trevor apparently does not have. Ouch.

Felix just gave me a knowing smirk, the smart-ass.

And although I know things will be tough, especially considering Mia's a princess and about four years younger, she's worth it.

Besides, I have the feeling we'll get our own "happily ever after" anyway.

… Oh boy. I have turned into that puff Romeo.

And I don't even care.

0 0 0

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