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Penname: LiveLoveLaugh

FanFiction Story: Such Sweet Sorrow

Summary: (Sequel of Backstabbing Love) In the Wheel of Fortune, Sakura tries her luck on men.

Golden Words: 6:45 am

The dawning sun was rising, casting a golden gleam on the surface of the Hidden Leaf village.

He ran a hand through his wispy silver hair, yawning underneath his cozy face mask. Hatake Kakashi stretched his muscles and threw back his straight posture into a lazy slouched one. He threw on a green woolen robe and went into his tiny kitchen, filling a kettle of tap water from his sink faucet.

While the Copy Ninja waited for his water to boil on the stove, he slipped onto his comfy gray and blue patterned armchair, selecting an Icha Icha Paradise volume from his book shelves. He propped the orange novel in his fingerless gloved hands, giggling and blushing coyly when he read the mystery context from his book fetish.

He sensed someone outside his window before the person could tap on the glass. He cocked one eyebrow and glanced from the corner of his right eye. A shady dark figure stood crouched on top of his porch, staring with tense eyes within a trembling pale face.

"K-Kakashi…" he whispered uneasily.

"Naruto?" the masked shinobi replied, pulling up the window to let the blast of cool morning air enter within his small apartment, "What are you doing out here?"

The blonde climbed in with fidgeting movements, darting his inconstant electric blue eyes everywhere but his old teacher.

"What's going on…?" Kakashi asked, putting down his book and offered him a seat on his favorite chair. Uzumaki Naruto took it gratefully but he was nervously trying to see something that wasn't there.


"She's going to find out…" Naruto murmured with distress, gripping his hands together.

"Who's going to find out what?" Kakashi asked, a little surprised and curious.

"She's going to know what I've done…" the young man whispered with grief.

The older ninja looked at him questionably, "You're not making any sense, Naruto."

"She will find out about what I done every night," Naruto collapsed into a nervous wreck, making Kakashi stiffen. He bawled, he cried, "She's going to find out and she'll hate me for it! I KNOW IT! I shouldn't have done anything! But I knew for four months! I knew dammit I knew! And yet I could not tell her even though she was crying and crying outside the room—I just didn't do anything—now she's hurt and upset, she's stuck in her GODDAMN room! I'm so stupid! I AM SO FUCKING STUPID!"

"NARUTO!" Kakashi roared, snatching his subordinate's collar and pulling him down roughly on his seat before he rampaged like a madman in his house.

Goddamn it he would not have that when his collection of Icha Icha was stacked so neatly.

The mustard-color haired tyke was crying, "I shouldn't have stood there idly! I should've told her when I had the chance!"

"Naruto…you're not dropping enough hints…" Kakashi muttered awkwardly, sitting next to his crouched form on his carpeted floor.

"…Kakashi…I had so many chances—a thousand at least! She won't forgive me…I-I can't even forgive myself…" Naruto spoke mournfully.

The atmosphere around was intense, the sun slowly came up like rising orb of glowing fire that burned auburn and gold through the small glass windows in his old teacher's apartment. The heat glare soon set up to the backs of their necks.

"I had to do it, I had to," the fox boy whispered desperately, his eyes dilated and his entire body was sweating bullets, "If you were in my shoes and you knew about themthis—what would you have done? TELL ME!"

"I'm not so sure what you're talking about, Naruto…have you done something to Hinata…?" Kakashi asked worriedly. He did not want Kurenai kicking his ass in this lovely morning for bad teaching.

"I don't know, I don't know, I know nothing!" Naruto screeched, grabbing full his head, "I must have! Hinata was crying and pleading for Ino to stop fighting with Shikamaru—Her beautiful eyes must have been red—and I was sitting there like an IMBECILE! And when the four of us were in there, the other two were outside clawing each other to fleshy bits! It was horrible, the waiting, the anticipation, THEY WANTED TO KILL HIM and I could not…say anything…"

"When did that happen? I thought you were having dinner with Sasuke and Sakura…?" the one-eyed Sharingan holder's mouth quirked a little remembering his little flower who was ranting on and on about the special get-together yesterday.

He would have laughed seeing them smile and laugh over sake and sweet dango. It just bought back some good memories before the entire Orochimaru fiasco rolled in. It's been too long, besides they all deserve a break or two.

It was good for the kids in Team Seven to hang out—

"Kakashi…" Naruto's electrical blue eyes were blurred with sad awful tears, "S-Sasuke-teme a-and Sakura-chan a-aren't t-together a-anymore…"

The only sounds they could hear was the steam whishing from the kettle spout.

"We broke up…Sasuke and I aren't together anymore…as of last night…" Haruno Sakura replied faintly, trying to hold on the last bits of strength she had had with her when she bravely ended things between her past love and herself. Her stupid, childish twelve year old self.

It was the past, today was the present. She wasn't going to be that girl on the bench anymore. No more would her foolishness take her away from the truth of reality. And in the present, she was Haruno Sakura, a respectable kunoichi with the strength and beauty to conquer the world.

Because of Hyuuga Hinata, she was certain she could become more beautiful like a blossoming flower.

Thanks to Yamanaka Ino, she was able to be stronger and more confident, and she was more than able to lift up her bigger-than-average forehead.

Looking her two roommates gave her the new shine, the new glow that surrounded her entire body. That made her the new her.

She was waiting patiently, though a little impatient (Can you blame her?), just waiting for their faltered faces and their astonished cries. It probably go on for hours with the weeping and pity they would most definitely give her. They would ask her questions why Sasuke made her so terribly upset and why she break up with him, and how did it all happen. But just talking Watanabe Ami and her ex boyfriend would bring back stomach churning feelings. She did not really mind though.

Bring on the drama and the box of Kleenex.

"And?" Ino asked.

Though that was not the answer anyone was expecting.

"What?" Sakura said, her eyes wide.

Hinata kicked her foot against her blonde's heel, sending her a look.

"Wow…uh…I thought I would expect more emotion…" Sakura asked rhetorically, lowering her eyebrows in a confused expression.

"Oh sorry—AND!" Ino cried, exaggerating.

The pink-haired woman looked startled, none the less just ignored her friend's weird behavior, "Uh…well, I suppose I can tell you the details…"

'Even though we hear every single bit of it,' ran into the girls' minds.

"Where's that Uchiha?" Hyuuga Neji muttered angrily. He did not tolerate tardiness.

"How the hell am I supposed to know, Hyuuga!" Inuzuka Kiba snarled, tapping his sandaled foot on the dirt ground. His giant grown-up nin-dog Akamaru growled impatiently.

Nara Shikamaru just grunted and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He leaned against the rough bark tiredly with light bags under his dark eyes. The muffled screaming and quarreling with his soon-to-be-wife was not a good way to spend a night at her apartment. Of course he had always had other ideas what to do with her and her bed—but that wasn't the point.

It was just so troublesome that he forgot about the mission the next day—come on! Who ever heard of four Elite Hidden Leaf Jounins escorting an overweight greedy feudal lord from his damn palace to geisha house five blocks over!—but he felt a little guilty leaving Ino alone in the apartment with two weepy teammates and a freezer stuffed with what seemed like a thousand low-fat low-calorie sugar-free organic ice cream buckets.

Damn her terrible habits.

And that fucker Sasuke.

"You can't really blame him…" Shikamaru whispered to himself quietly at first, until the other shinobi heard him.

"What?" Kiba piped, raising a rough brow up into his shaggy brown hair. Neji listened inattentively, without reacting in the slightest bit.

Might as well tell them before they go rampaging through the village streets, and tearing up the place to look for that bastard—who clearly was now twelve minutes and seven seconds late…wouldn't their separation already have been heard by now?

"Eh, Uchiha broke up with Sakura-san, not like it's a big deal—"

"THEY WHAT!" Kiba, Akamaru, even (amazingly) Neji exclaimed—since when did he understand dog?

"Troublesome…" Shikamaru muttered to himself, his slender brows furrowed.

To Be Continued