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Chapter one: I'll always be right there

I swear to you - I will always be there for you - there's nothin' I won't do
I promise you - all my life I will live for you - we will make it through
Forever - we will be
Together - you and me
Oh n' when I hold ya - nothin' can compare
With all of my heart - ya know I'll always be right there

This single word kept on resonating in his ears. Yes. She had said yes. And in a few moments she would say I do and his whole life would finally mean everything. He couldn't really believed this day had come. After his story with Nina, he always felt unnecessary. She used him and her betrayal destroyed any confidence he might have had in himself. But then her trust and love made him believe again. And now every day he was acutely aware of his luck. Since the very moment she kissed him, two years ago in that dark corner of C.T.U., he just knew it. He knew she was the one would could make him feel alright again. He had always liked her, he was strongly attracted to her, but this kiss revealed to him how much he was in love with her. She was desperate and destabilized when she clung herself to him for comfort and after that all he was hoping for was that this moment they shared meant as much for her that it did for him. He wanted her to care for him but most of all he wanted to protect her. Michelle went trough so many things on that dreadful day. He didn't wanted her to have no one to turn to for anything anymore. He wanted to be her rock.

I believe in us - nothin' else could ever mean so much
You're the one I trust our time has come - we're not two people
Now we are one - ya you're second to none
Forever - we will be
Together - a family
The more I get to know ya - nothin' can compare
With all of my heart - ya know I'll always be right there

He remembered the day he proposed. They were simply lying in bed, cuddled against each other. They have had an exhausting day at work and didn't have the energy to do anything constructive. They just made out and talked during the entire evening. They had just made love and Michelle was resting in his arms, slowly caressing his chest with her fingers.

- Do you know how much I love you? he said.

- Of course honey.

- And you do love me?

- You know I do. Why do you have to ask?

- Enough to marry me?

- … Oh my God.

- Is that a good "Oh my God" or a bad one?

- …The best one! Really, you can't possibly know how happy you just made me!

- I could say the exact same thing…

Then he just picked the ring he had laid on the nightstand (just like he thought, she didn't even noticed it). It was a really simple one, a small round diamond on a silver setting, with two tiny ruby on each side of it. He knew she wasn't fond of ostentatious jewelry and hoped she would like this one. She let out a slight gasp when he put it on her finger. She admired it for one second before wrapping her arms around Tony and giving him the most memorable kiss of his life. He kissed her back, blissful. His life, no their life had just started.

Forever - we will be
Together - just you and me
The more I get to know ya - the more I really care
With all of my heart - ya know I'll always be...
Ya know I really love ya - ya nothin' can compare
For all of my life - ya know I'll always be...right there

Their engagement time had been close to perfection. Michelle was contemplating her ring all the time, giving him a malicious smile when he caught her doing it. He just loved it when she was doing it. There had been little difficulties at work with the announcement of their marriage, with everyone already knowing how serious their relationship was. Chappelle didn't protest, to Tony's surprise, and Jack actually gave him a big smile when he told him, a thing that was more and more rare recently. His secret mission and his breakup with Kate were giving him a hard time and he was quite down these days. But Jack was genuinely happy for his friend. There was this only cloud in Michelle and Tony's otherwise blue sky. Not being able to tell her about the Salazars. Just keeping something from her was killing him. But he knew that she would eventually understand it when he would be at liberty to open up to her. Apart from that, all was so amazing.

And now, standing at the altar, the only thought on his mind was Michelle. Everything else was disapearing. He was so glad this was happening. From now on, she would always have him to depend on. He would never let her be hurt or lonely. Whatever she needed, he would give her. He would simply be right there.