Summary: Pre, pre, pre-book. This is about Dally and his sister when they lived in NY. It's a crossover with West Side Story but you don't have to have seen it to understand it.

I sat waiting in hope. What was I waiting for? The leader of the gang I was in to meet the guy who asked me out. Why? Because here, on the west side of New York, there's a custom. If a guy wants to date a girl who's in a gang, you have to get her gang leader's approval first. I think it's kind of unfair because a girl doesn't have to meet with a guy's leader, but whatever. What can I do? I was the only girl in the Jets. I'm not saying that I'm so amazingly awesome that they just had to let me in. Nah, my brother and my leader were just real good friends. Dally was the second lieutenant after all. I could hold my own in a fight, though. Dally taught me when I was real young, said I'd need to know how, here.

"Now, Dally," Riff, our leader was saying. Riff, Dal and me were in the other room. "You let me talk first. No butting in. When I'm done you can do whatever you want. Got it, buddy-boy?"

"Yeah, yeah." Dally sighed. "Let's just do this." Riff was letting Dally sit in since he was my brother. We walked in. Sean immediately stood. A sign of respect. Riff and Dally went to sit across from where Sean was, Dally glaring at him. Riff motioned him to sit. I went and sat next to him. Sean was a member of a gang too. An allied gang. The Falcons.

"So…" Riff began. "Why do you want to date my sister?" I rolled my eyes. Riff always said I was his sister even though by blood I wasn't. But hell, he was just as much my brother as Dal was.

"I like her."


"I don't know…I just do. She's just so…I really like her." It made me really happy to hear this. There are those girls who everyone loves. I wasn't one of them at all. This was the first guy to ever like me. I smiled. I looked at Dally. He really didn't like him, I could tell. But it was only because I was his sister.

"So you like her. Fine. Great!" Riff said sarcastically. "But where will you be when she needs you? If she needs help in a fight? If whatever? You gonna be standing there liking her?"

"No." Sean answered. "I'd help her. I wouldn't let her get hurt."

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen." Riff looked at me. I was fourteen.

"How long you been a falcon?"

"Since I was twelve."

"That's pretty young to be in a gang, ain't it?"

"Jack's my brother." I inwardly smiled. I could tell Riff liked this. Jack was the Falcon's leader.

"Really? And he knows you wanna date a Jet?"

"Yeah. He's cool with it."

"Hmm…He know which Jet?"

"Well, there's only one female Jet ain't there?" Riff nodded. He liked him. I could tell. The Jack thing got him. Riff looked at my brother.


"You try to get her in bed and I'll murder you!" He growled.

"Dallas!" Riff hissed. Dally looked at him and shut up. Even though no one could tame Dallas Winston, even he had to respect his leader.

"I wouldn't think of it." Sean said. "I like your sister and I want a relationship with her, not a one-night-stand." Dally just looked at him and didn't say anything.

"C'mon, Dal." Riff said, motioning him to the other room. They were gonna make their decision. I looked at Riff as if to ask if I could come to. He read right through my thoughts. "Cassie, stay here." I nodded and gave him a pleading look. I could hear a discussion going on, though I couldn't hear the words. I looked at Sean hopefully for what seemed an eternity. They finally came back out.

"Fine." Riff said. Sean's face immediately turned happy. Mine too. "But you do anything, and I mean anything to hurt her in any way, and you won't be alive the next day. Got it?" Sean nodded. They shook hands.

"Now get out of here. And tell your brother to bring the gang and meet mine at Doc's at six. Just to hang out a while." Sean nodded, said bye to me, and left. Riff looked at me. I grinned and hugged him. He hugged me back.

"Thanks, Riff."

"Be careful." Was all he said. I then hugged my brother. He hugged me back but said,

"I don't like him."

"I know." I answered.

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