Author's Note:

Hey! I've actually edited the story now, since there were bits in it I didn't like and most of it was grammatically (and interest-wise) amiss anyway, so I fixed up a lot of stuff, due to the fact that I wrote this story three years ago or something. And I'm heaps better since then, embarrassed to think that I ever wrote this story in such a dumb way *frowns* - oh well, I've fixed up most of the less interesting parts and I may have missed some, so I'm sorry if anything is still wrong. I tried my best not to change any of the plot, so that remains the same!

Love Fëaruin

The Light of Love's Eternity

Matt's POV

It had been a while since the last time I had seen Mimi and already I missed her. It had only been about one month at the least but I had a feeling for her so powerful… it was as if I wanted her by my side for eternity.

The last time we met we were battling the reborn Miotismon and at his defeat I could not feel more relief than to be able to hold her again without worrying she would get hurt, or that I would have to let her go again soon after. I could almost remember the glistening brown of her eyes… the soft fragrance of her hair… every embrace that was so close and personal that it seems as though no one would be able to break that barrier, if it was one.

Tai came to my side, watching me lean out the window, seeing that I had been observing a pair of love-struck canaries cuddle in the warmth of their affection. He tilted his head sideways in that curious way of trying to read other people's thoughts.

"Thinking about Mimi again, Romeo?" he snickered in a teasing tone. I didn't bother answering that question. If I had said yes, he would have made a big fuss about it. If I had denied, he would have called me a liar… then make a big fuss about it.

"You know, I've been having some thoughts. Where would I be able to-"

"DigiWorld," Tai replied without hesitation.

"I'm not surprised you miss her, Matt," Sora said as she came to stand between me and Tai. "Go to the DigiWorld and meet her. If you part for too long, it probably won't be the same, if you know what I mean. This may sound slightly dramatic but… in a writer's world, you can say passion may not burn as bright."

I turned and saw their convincing smiles as I thought of Lillymon and Weregarurumon who had feelings almost as powerful as mine and Mimi's, or Tai's and Sora's- though I know they never realize it. I smiled back and picked up the telephone, hearing the dialtones I had rung so many times I knew each pitch off by heart.

Mimi's POV

I sat on my bed, thinking about the last time I had seen Matt. It had been at least a month ago I think, the last time I got to see deeply into eyes so bright and blue, to blush and suddenly tilt my head down, only to hear a soft laugh and be held tight in a warm embrace… I don't really think I need to go on.

The telephone rang and I was disrupted from all my thoughts. 'Let the answering machine get that,' I thought, annoyed at being interrupted by a mere phone call.

"Hi, this is Mimi," my voice came out of the answering machine. "I can't answer your phone call at this moment. Please leave your message after the tone, otherwise be a complete jerk like Taichi Kamiya and hang up. –beep-"

Suddenly I heard a familiar laugh. "Hey Mimi," Matt's voice pitched out from the speaker. "Your message-"

Without hesitation I ran to the answering machine, turned it off and picked up the phone.

"Matt?!" I yelled excitedly.

"Oh, Mimi," he said in a surprised tone. "I loved your message, it's very… accurate. I was wondering if you'd like to come to the DigiWorld this afternoon and meet me there?"

"Uh… why so sudden?" I asked, trying to hide the excitement in my voice.

"Well, you know…" he said coolly as I heard familiar Tai and Sora giggles in the background, "I haven't seen you in a while, and I kinda miss you… not that I'm saying Sora and Tai don't because I know they do… oh, I'm not saying that T.K. and Kari and all the rest don't either because…"

"I know what you mean! Thanks, you're so sweet," I said with a big grin across my face. "Let's say two hours, yeah? See you then."

I hung up the phone and walked in front of the mirror, wanting to look as attractive as I could for him. I wore a pink halter top with the letters of 'Superstar' written in large silver printing, long purple trousers and a silver crucifix around my neck. It made me pleased, and I was sure that he would notice something. Feeling enough satisfaction with the way I looked, I flicked back my flowing pink hair and grabbed the DigiVice from my dressing table.

Narrator's POV

"Mimi!" Matt shouted, looking around. "Where are you…?"

"Matt?" Mimi's voice came. "I'm over here!"

Matt ran over to the direction from which Mimi's voice had come. His jaw almost dropped when he saw her; she looked so cool, so beautiful, and so perfect. He flushed at the sight of her, and his knees became so weak he could hardly walk. (Then again, he felt as if he couldn't stand)

"Hello," she greeted him warmly, standing on tiptoes to the tall Matt to kiss him briefly. Matt returned the kiss with relish, giving a short, soft moan.

"Look's like someone's having fun," sounded a chortle and two familiar voices from behind.

To be continued…