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Kanius Productions Presents…

01 Digital World. Sector 0196-320. Continent of Server

The Continent of Server. The desert landscape indescribably steaming hot and nothing seemed at all hosptialable. The sun's radiation cooked against the scorching sands. Strong winds blew against the sand and pushed away tons of gravel into the air. The skies were still clearly blue. It's amazing how much time has passed since the fall of Etemon's Dark Network. The former digimon terrorist, with a bad Elvis impersonation, was nowhere to be seen ever since a group of children known as the Digi-Destined stopped him. It was the legendary goggle head hero, Taichi Kamiya, and Metal Greymon that defeated the Dark Network leader.

Since then, the area once occupied by the Dark Network had all but faded. Those who formerly were employed had escaped into freedom. No word has been heard from either Etemon or Datamon. However, the Continent of Server was still occupied by yet another evil hand at work. However, his installation wasn't on the Continent of Server itself. Rather, his base was by air.

A large ship shaped like a warship blimp was taking a cruise across the skies. The outside is decorated with metallic steel and decorated with a green-white coloration. On the sides were symbols of Kanji lettering. They were the mark of the Demon, or the Devil. Yes, these were definitely a symbol of an evil force. Inside was a crew of dastardly and ruthless monsters.

Inside, there was a dark and ominous room with several mysterious figures grouped inside. Some were pioneering the ship, another stood by a throne and a massive figure sat inside the throne as if he were an emperor. In this case, it was an emperor of darkness.

The figure standing by the throne bared the resemblance of a cobra with its hood expanded out. His skin is greenish brown and a long, segmented neck emerged. Its eyes are yellow with black, thin irises, which were frightening to bare witness. Despite being a skin, the creature had a bipedal body covered in a black cloak. The hands were covered with gray gloves and his boots are brown. Around its neck is a pendant with an emerald green ruby embedded at the center.

The other crew members were much larger than the snake creature. On the far left side stood a beast with the features of a grizzly bear. His snout was short with a face nearly human in appearance. Standing on top of his head was Troll-like flaming, orange hair. His eyes are yellow with green irises. The body on this beast was massive and muscular. In fact, his whole body was entirely muscle covered with fur. A set of bronze body armor covered the beast's chest, limbs and waist. On his left side is a sword sheathed.

The monster at the center is a demonic creature with reptilian yellow skin. It's face was hideous and enough to cause an individual to scream out in a banshee-like shriek. Its mouth is rowed with dagger-like teeth. On both of his hands were clawed gloves, similar to the infamous 'Claw' used by the horror film cult-icon Freddy Krueger. A long, chameleon tongue wiped the sides of its mouth. His outfit consisted of a white shirt top and black pants. His back was arched in a hunchback. Yes, in other words, this creature was a freak of nature to behold.

The creature on the right side is a green praying mantis creature. Its body is thin and segmented. The eyes of the insect are red with no irises. The arms are equipped with blade-like spikes used to crush its prey under its sheer strength. However, the insect also was wearing its own outfit. It was a Chinese-style black 'Sensei' outfit. Its head is covered with a red headband and a silver belt was wrapped around its waist. The insect's mouth is covered with mandibles.

Turning his attention to the warlord sitting on the throne, the cobra gazes up at the creature and clears his throat.

"My lord. We have arrived at the former site of Etemon's broken Dark Network. Don't mind me asking but what are we doing here?" the snake hissed nervously.

"Simple. There's still some further investigation needed to be done here," the warlord answered in a deep, malicious manner. "There have been rumors of a group of seven children seen here. Coincidentally, Etemon was never to be heard from again. Now, it's my firm believe that these seven children are the Chosen Children of prophecy."

"What? You're saying these are the children chosen to save the Digital World!"

"That's precisely what I am saying, Viprismon," the dark-hearted individual answered. "It's no wonder there hasn't been a word from either File Island or Server. Etemon and Devimon were both slain. Now, I've just received word that Myotismon has too fallen."

"Even Myotismon, my lord?" the beast monster asked.

"Just a few moments ago when Myotismon set off to find the Eighth Child. He succeeded in finding the child, yet he failed to capture the petty human. That ignorant fool brought this upon himself."

Turning on a monitor that sat beside his throne, the warlord focused his attention on footage from the real world. It fully displayed Myotismon being struck down by Angewomon's Celestial Arrow. Then, it switched to Venom Myotismon defeated by War Greymon and Metal Garurumon. The villain had his eyes fully focused on the children's seven crests, but most specifically on TK and Kari. The Children of Hope and Light.

"So, this little girl is the eighth child Myotismon failed to capture? Feh, I should have gone to Earth myself," scoffed the dark figure. "There's absolutely new excuse for this failure. Myotismon has shamed us all."

Rising up from his throne, the figure emerged from out of the darkness. He was tall at about seven foot two in height. A black cloak hood concealed his identity and a flowing black cape stretched down his back. His full body attire consists of a dark violet shirt with matching color pants. Wrapped around his waist is a red belt. On his chest is a white circular shape and red outlining around the edges. At the center is a Kanji symbol mark, which itself represented the name of this warlord's clan, Devil Clan. His shoes are brown and made out of fur hide. The creature's skin is light green-blue in pigmentation. He removes his black hood to reveal a sinister, demon like face. His eyes are neon yellow with black pupils. It's mouth opened wide to reveal a row of sharp teeth and a pair of vampire-like canines at the top and bottom. Elf-like ears were revealed on the sides of his head. Claws were fully displayed on both hands. Decorated with patches of red spots across his arms, the arms themselves were muscular. The mere presence of this tall demon was ominous yet frightening. Even Myotismon himself would be trembling in his boots. A dark purple-mist aura shrouded the warlord.

"We're leaving Server."

"So, soon?" the mantis gasped.

"Mantoidmon, WyvernMonzaemon and Slicermon. We shall be setting a course for Sector 12809!" the demon announced.


"Do pardon me asking, my lord, but what's significant about that area? There's nothing but low-level scum not worthy of our time," Viprismon stated.

"Yes, but that is where the children will be arriving from out of their world. All eight of them."

"Eight? So, they've brought along the eighth child?"

"I have what I'm looking for: the ones inheriting Hope and Light. If I can destroy them, then the other Digi-Destined shall fall before my might!"

"Yes, but might I suggest we capture them so we are aware of what their Crests are truly capable of?"

"I already had that in mind. If I can capture those two, I can destroy the children and use their crests to kill the other Digi-Destined," the dark warlord laughed. "I'll finish off where that incompetent Myotismon failed! Because, I, Lord Daimaomon shall restore credibility to the Devil Clan! Ha! Ha!"

"You heard, our great lord! Set a course for Sector 12809! On the double!" Viprismon called out.

Letting out a triumphant pre-mature cry, the trio designated the coordinates of the ship to Sector 12809. The ship set off towards this exact location where the eight Digi-Destined would arrive. The malicious laughter of Daimaomon was heard echoing out of the soaring ship. His chance of confronting the legendary eight Chosen was soon at hand. Daimaomon just could prove to be greater in strength than even Myotismon, but there was only one way to find out the true strength of this demon…

Daimaomon's Conquest for Power!

"Hi everyone, this is Tai Kamiya, leader of the eight Digi-Destined! Boy, what a rough couple of days we've endured back home! It was just several moments ago where our city was nearly devastated by that maniac, Venom Myotismon! Luckily, our Crests unified their power and stopped him before he had a chance to unleash his full power. Good thing we had War Greymon and Metal Garurumon! Because it was them that located the weak spot within Myotismon's 'Beast' mouth and released a heavy load of energy directly towards that spot. As a result of our team work, that no good punk was vaporized and no longer a problem! But, what we saw in the skies afterwards was simply shocking. Somehow, we were seeing the Digital World in the skies! Something was wrong and we had to investigate this matter. Using our Crests, we created a beam that will send us back. On our way, we said out goodbyes to our families. It was truly heart breaking to leave them, but we knew the Digital World was in trouble. It's our responsibility as Digi-Destined to return to finish our job. Well, here we go again… Tai Kamiya, signing off."

Digital World. Miles Away from the Digi-Amusement Park. Sector 12809

Upon their arrival away from an empty amusement park, the eight Digi-Destined found themselves laying around the ground. They picked themselves up and slowly one by one regained their senses. The first is a boy with brown puffed-spike hair with a pair of goggles on his head. His attire consists of a blue t-shirt, a yellow collar and buttons decorated on his shirt, brown khaki shorts, white tennis shoes, white gloves and a black arm band around his left arm. His skin is slightly tanned orange and has auburn eyes. Sitting by his side is a pink, odd-shaped pink head. It's eyes are red and sprouting out the sides were long, thin prehensile ears.

"Owww… Man, next time we ought to find ourselves a softer spot to land," Tai winced while rubbing his backside.

"Well, at least we're in the Digital World," Koromon groaned.

"So, we are back… Oh! Guys! Is everyone all right!"

"Just peachy," answered the voice of Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi.

Tai turns around to find a boy with red, spiked hair wearing an orange shirt, brown shorts and purple shoes with a yellow lighting streak decorated on the sides. His gloves are yellow and strapped on his back is a backpack equipped with his yellow pineapple laptop. A pink ghost-like creature with tiny arms and a black eyes scurried over to his side.

"Well, we've certainly found the perfect place to crash," Izzy moped. "Motimon? Are you all right?"

"Just a little dizzy from the ride," Motimon shook his head. "Whoa, head rush!"

Emerging out of a pair of bushes was a girl. She appeared to be a tomboy in appearance. Her orange-red hair was short and reached down around her neck level. The girl's outfit consists of a yellow shirt with a white collar, a pair of red gloves, blue jeans and a pair of red shoes. Covering her head is a blue helmet rather than a hat. She was occupied by a tiny pink creature that looked like a radish. In fact, it's top had a blue-flower sprouting at the top with yellow tubes emerging out and a longer, orange tube protruding at the center. Its eyes are green. At the bottom was a circle row of tiny 'legs'.

"Well, you two seem to be doing well," the girl named Sora smiled. "Yokomon. Does this place bring back memories?"

"Yes! This is where we came and warned Agumon not to eat the 'Mushroom of Forgetfulness' at that amusement park," Yokomon pointed out.

"Hey! You're right!" Tai replied as he stared off towards the distance. "That is the same amusement park!"

"What! Are you sure?" the cry of a little boy echoed out.

The trio turned around to find a little boy, eight years old to be precise. His outfit consisted of a large green hat that looked like it had consumed nearly his entire head. The center of the hat had a blue circle. His shirt is dark green with light green sleeves at the sides. His shorts were brown, khaki with yellow socks and green-white shoes for his feet. Hints of blonde hair were seen emerging from underneath the hat. His eyes are blue yet beautiful as the heavens. One word pretty much sums it all for this boy: small, but it is very understandable since he is only eight. This is Takeru "TK" Takashi.

Accompanying the boy is an adorable little cream-puff with white skin. It was tiny, four-legged and had rosy cheeks. The little creature's eyes are black and marble-like with white tiny pupils. A pair of long, segmented ears emerged from the top sides. It gave a slightly toothy grin as he met with the other creatures better known as Digimon.

"TK! He's right! Doesn't this just bring back bad memories?"

"Yeah, this is the same place where Demidevimon tried to break us apart. I'll never forgive that little jerk."

"Me neither!"

Behind the little boy is a taller boy with the same blonde hair and blue eyes. In fact, this is TK's older brother, Yamato "Matt" Ishida. His blonde hair was spiked up as if he had combed it the wrong way. Basically he looked like a young rock star, except without the wild accessories. His sleeveless shirt is green, his jeans are blue and boots are brown. The gloves on his hands are gray. Underneath his right arm was an orange furry little creature with a peach muzzle. His adorable eyes have red pupils and black irises at the center. Protruding out the top of its head is a long, sharp horn. A smile forms across the creature's face before looking up at Matt.

"Ah, home sweet home," the creature known as Tsunomon stated.

"I remember Demidevimon lying to me about TK," Matt sighed. "From here, I would meet with Joe at the Vegiemon Diner."

"Ugh! Thinking of that place brings back bad memories!" the voice of Joe calls out.

Everyone directed their attention over to oldest and responsible member of the Digi-Destined group. He stood tall with slicked blue hair and a pair of goggles covering his eyes. The pre-teen's outfit consists of a light blue shirt and a sweater-like yellow vest, brown khaki shorts, long blue socks and a pair of red-white shoes. On his left arm was a wrist watch. This was none other than Joe Kido. He carried along a medical bag with the necessary essentials.

Hopping along beside Joe is a seal-like animal with white fur and a streak of orange hair on his head and slightly across his back. Purple patches embedded his head, feet, back and even decorated the tips of his ears. A pair of claws extruded through his feet. His eyes are yellow with black irises at the center. A clever smirk forms across his face.

"Who would ever think we'd be back here?" Joe wondered.

"Hey, it was bound to happen, buddy," Gomamon shrugged.

The next walk out of hiding was a little girl, who was the exact age as TK. She was even a little taller by a few centimeters than the boy. Her hair was brown and a short length that reached down to her ears. The girl's eyes are auburn. Her accessories consisted of a yellow shirt that reached down to her waist, a light pink scarf around her neck along with a whistle, pink shorts reaching down past her knees, white socks and orange-white shoes. Her radiant smile made her a sweet, innocent and kind. This is Tai's little sister, Hikari "Kari" Kamiya.

Standing by Kari's side a small puppy-like animal with pretty blue eyes, rosy cheeks and a ring collar around her neck. This was the exact ring that once encircled her tail when she was Gatomon. This is Gatomon's rookie form, Salamon.

"I'm glad everyone is all right. So, this is the Digital World? Wow, this place looks incredible!" Kari gasped out in astonishment.

"Yep, and this is only on sector," Salamon nodded. "If I remember correctly, we're in Sector 12809. I remember coming here during one of my assignments for Myotismon."

"Everyone seems to be here," Tai said. "Well, I guess we can start by-"

"No, we're not complete! Where's Mimi?" Joe calls out.

"MIMI!" the group exclaimed out in unison.

Suddenly, a loud, familiar scream echoed from out of the forest. The group turned around cautiously and found a girl running out of the forest. She stopped and fell down to catch her breath. She looked like your usual girly girl. Mimi was shorter compared to Sora and most of the other boys. Her hair was light mix of orange-brown. However, most of her hair was hidden underneath a large pink sun-cowboy hat. A long pair of bangs came down the sides of her face. Her eyes were a tinted orange and her face was quite adorable. The female's wardrobe consisted of a reddish cowgirl like outfit with a skirt reaching past the knees. A brown belt engulfed her tiny waist. Her feet accessories included pink socks and white-brown shoes. Her gloves are brown.

Mimi sat up and lets out a comical laugh. Everyone, thinking that Mimi was seriously in danger, fell backwards in disbelief. Emerging out of the bushes towards Mimi's side is a tiny green plant creature with brown-eyes, a pale face and tiny claws on its feet.

"Don't worry, guys," Tanemon sighed. "She just saw another piece of sludge and thought Sukamon was around."

"Yuck, but still! I don't want to be reminded of that yellow custard!" Mimi gagged while sticking her finger in her mouth.

"Sukamon?" Tai wondered.

"A digimon Mimi had encountered," Izzy pointed out. "I think I have him in my digimon files. Yeah, I do!"

"We'll worry about that later," Matt scoffed. "We have more important matters to attend to. We're here to find out why our world is able to see the Digital World in the skies. Now, I say we start by beginning to search every square mile of this world."

"Are you nuts! You know how long that is going to take us!" Joe panicked. "That'll take us forever!"

"Chill out, Joe. I'm sure there's an alternative solution," Izzy replied.

"Yeah, just leave the great minds to think this over," Tai said. "In the meantime, how about we go and check the amusement park? We can probably find some clues to the recent events."

"That's a good idea," TK agreed. "What do you say, Tokomon?"

"Yeah! With Demidevimon gone, we can probably ride on the roller coaster just to pass the time!"

"Maybe Salamon and I can join along?" Kari asked.

"Sure! Yeah! You're going to love it, Kari."

Clearing his throat and catching everyone's attention, Matt stomped his foot down and had a serious demeanor across his face. He looked like he wasn't prepared to waste anytime at the amusement park. The Digi-Destined of Friendship was determined to investigate without interruption. TK turned around to face his brother. If there was anything that TK did not like from his brother, it was his tendency to lose his patience.

"Going to that amusement park is nothing, but a waste of our time. We should be going out into the Digital World and search for anything peculiar. Plus, I doubt there's anything worthwhile to see from that place."

"Which is why we should stay here and wait to see what Izzy can find through his computer," Sora said.

"That's another waste of our time. I say we go out and explore the Digital World. Every corner," Matt growled, showing signs of immediate impatience. "I don't care if you guys disagree with me, but I'm sticking with that plan. TK, you come with me."

"But, Matt… We're not even sure on how good that will do," TK replied.

"I'll have to agree with your brother on this one, dude," Tai said. "I mean, if you haven't noticed but that amusement park is apart of the Digital World."

"I didn't forget that, but why don't we find another location where nothing like roller coasters get in our way?" Matt snapped of a sudden, almost as if he already a different person.

"Matt. Please, stop arguing," TK begged.

"Yeah. You two cut this out before we get into another pointless argument, which will lead us nowhere," Sora attempted to talk to the boys.

"I'm not the one who's objecting to everything," Tai grunted. "I'm only suggesting we check out the amusement park as a first site to investigate."

"And I say we got out into the Digital World instead!" Matt retorted.

"Please, stop fighting!" Mimi cried.

"TK, is your brother always like this?" Kari asked.

"You should have seen them argue when they were trying to look for me on File Island," TK nodded. "Heck, they even argued on how to climb Infinity Mountain."

"If we don't stop them, then their argument is only going to get nasty," Tokomon suggested.

"Come on, you two! That's enough out of you!" Joe exclaimed.

"So, you suggest we out and search every corner of the Digital World? You don't even know what you're looking for. You'll only get us lost in the process," Tai said. "That's why I say we investigate the amusement park and get some rest there before we head out in the morning. Besides, I'm sure they have food there."

"Yeah, you can't let a digimon go with an empty stomach!" Koromon hopped excitedly.

"You can't argue with that, Matt," Tsunomon nodded. "Um, Matt?"

The blonde was staring off into space until he finally came back to his senses. Suddenly, something had snapped within him and a fierce glare appears across his face. Whenever anyone disagrees with him, he would have a tendency to lose his patience and snap. TK was one person who sometimes on the receiving end of a verbal outburst from his own brother.

"Fine! You guys can go to the amusement park, but I'm going off into the Digital World on my own! I'll meet up with you guys a little later."

"Hold it, Matt! You're not going to leave this group!" Tai shouted. "You're just going to split our team up!"

"This is a decision I've made and that's final! It's not as if I'm running off and abandoning you guys. Maybe if I go off into the forest, I can find some clues there."

"Sounds reasonable. Maybe you ought to let him, Tai," Izzy shrugged. "I mean it doesn't hurt…"

"But, I want to keep this group together without us being split apart. What if one of us goes missing and we're going to have to postpone our mission."

"Tai! Maybe you ought to give me some space because I'm getting sick of being bossed around by an imbecile who can't even come up with a good idea if it hit him in the damn head!"

"Whoa! Whoa! What's with this outburst all of a sudden? Did I just strike a nerve?"

"You bet your ass, Tai!"

"Matt! Watch the language!" Sora snapped. "There are kids here! Including your own brother!"

"Well, TK will just have to get used to it! He can't just go untainted without being exposed to some colorful language! That's the reality of life! Even TK will have to learn to live with it!"

"Matt! You ought to be ashamed!" Mimi cried out. "Kids like TK and Kari shouldn't have to listen to that potty mouth!"

Matt backed away from the group and nodded his head in shame. Then he looked down at his hands. He felt as if some kind of dark force was overwhelming him and dragging him away from the light of 'reality'. He looks over towards Tai and felt a burning desire to show him whose boss.

"Tai! It's you! You can't even let me make my own decision! You're no leader! You're a dictator attempting to hold everyone, including myself back! People like that disgust me! If I were the leader of the Digi-Destined, there wouldn't be any problems. Even Tai would have to agree with me or he'd face my wrath!"

"Well, what are you going to do, Matt? Let's hear it," Tai demanded.

"Stop this!" TK cried out. "Tai! Matt! You two should be leading the team!"

"He's right!" Sora agreed. "You two are simply being stubborn fools! You two are the strongest of the team and ought to lead us to the right path."

"Well, Sora… I'm afraid there's only room for one leader," Matt whispered under his breath.

There was a moment of silence as Matt lowered his head. The group looked over towards the Digi-Destined of Friendship while wondering what he was planning to do next. Matt lifted his head up and narrowed an icy stare over towards Tai. The Digi-Destined of Courage was a bit taken back but stared right back at Matt directly. Scoffing to himself, Matt turns around and directs his back to the group.

"Matt? Just what are you thinking?" Tsunomon asked.

"So! That's it! You're just going to walk out on us!" Tai exclaimed.

"Matt! Please!" TK cried out while running up to his brother.

"Don't, TK. It seems your brother wants to go out on his own! Let's face it even you're starting to mature more Yamato," Tai stated.

That was more than Matt could take. He simply wanted to turn around and strike Tai across the face with a balled-up fist. However, he maintained his composure and started walking off towards the distance. Tai held TK back before he even had a chance to catch up with the older blonde.

"Matt, just what has gotten into you? You've never been this mean? It's almost as if you had become a completely different person," TK whispered.

"Let him go, TK. He just needs some time to cool off. I'm sure he'll be back," Tai assured the boy.

"I just hope you're right, Tai."

"Yeah. That's all he needs. Just a little time out to cool off his thoughts," Sora nodded in agreement. "Though, Matt sure didn't seem like himself. Maybe we should have stopped him?"

"Well, our team's already dissenting," Joe sighed.

"Cheer up, Joe. Matt will be back. He's just been stressed over what happened back at your home," Gomamon said.

"Wait, or maybe he's a little emotional when he saw our parents seeing eye to eye," TK thought. "It was great to see the family together for a while, but… Oh! All of this can be so confusing!"

"Don't worry, TK. He'll be back. A real brother wouldn't abandon his own sibling," Kari comforted the boy.

"You're right… He has Tsunomon to protect him."

"Just like how I'm here to protect you, TK," Tokomon purred.

As everyone gazed over towards the distance, Matt disappeared through the forests with Tsunomon. The sun was already starting to set and the background skies were turning into a faint pink. Dusk was about to break out soon within the Digital World. The Digi-Destined knew their only place to rest up for the night was the amusement park.

"It's already going to be dusk, you guys. Mind I suggest we go to the amusement park? I'm sure there's a place to rest there," Izzy pointed out.

"Oh, I'm sure there's somewhere we can crash for the night," Motimon nodded.

"Ooo! I hope they have those hotel rooms with the nice comfy beds and a nice relaxing hot bath!" Mimi giggled excitedly.

"Well, she sure is excited," Sora sighed. "Don't bring back bad memories of Devimon's illusions."

"Well, I know for sure that amusement park is no illusion! I say… Last one there has to guard for the night!" Tai cried out but not long before taking off.

"Hey! No fair!" Kari exclaimed.

"No way! I'm not going to be guard for the night!" Joe shouted.

"Matt. I just hope you and Tsunomon will be just fine for the night," TK thought. "Tai. Hopefully you and my brother can become better friends. You know… so you two won't ever fight again. I can only hope…"

As the seven children and their partners ran off to the amusement park, Matt and Tsunomon found themselves a stone to sit on. The blonde looks out towards a large, beautiful lake. Pulling out his harmonica, he began playing some excellent tunes to calm his mood. Tsunomon yawned as he was soothed by his partner's harmonica tunes. This is exactly what Yamato needed before he sets back to reunite with his friends, or was he? What exactly was on Matt's mind? Well, what Matt won't realize is that a certain overlord of darkness would greatly influence his decision. The Digi-Destined of Friendship's life would never be the same again.

However, unbeknownst to these two, the warship harboring the villainous Daimaomon and his men was on their way over towards the amusement park. They would soon land, find the children and attempt to carry out their execution. It would seem Matt and Tsunomon had seen this coming, but that was not the case. The other Digi-Destined should have taken Matt's advice instead and they would regret it.

Looking out through his monitor, Daimaomon picked up a perfect view of the entire amusement park area. His men had immediately picked up the whereabouts of the children.

"My lord, we have arrived," Viprismon announced. "Shall we move in and attack?"

"Yes," Daimaomon snickered. "Send out our foot soldiers. I want to put their digimon to the test. I need to be convinced that they are truly the same children who defeated Devimon of File Island, Etemon of Server and Myotismon."

"Will do, Daimaomon-sama!"

"We'll just see if these whelps are the Digi-Destined of legend. Once I capture the two children of Hope and Light, then I shall use their powers to destroy the other children and collect their heads! I shall become the one that officially killed the legends! By the time I am through with them, the Digi-Destined will be nothing more than a MYTH! Ha! Ha!"

The evil Daimaomon has finally arrived at the site of the current Digi-Destined's location. Just who exactly is this demon? He seeks to capture the Digi-Destined of Hope and Light, in order to use their powers to destroy the Digi-Destined. After breaking out into another argument, perhaps it was a good idea for the Digi-Destined to join Matt. Alas, it is too late to reconsider. With Matt and Tsunomon gone, the seven other children and their partners are left to face an upcoming threat from a being more powerful than either form of Myotismon. Will they react to Daimaomon's foot soldier assault in time?


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The Assault of the Devil Clan! Daimaomon, Stronger than Venom Myotismon!


Max: You don't want to miss out!

Whew, I've managed to write up close to a 6,000 word chapter in one day. Not bad. I told ya'll these chapters would be short, but I hope this was a good start with my first official movie fic. As you can see, two subplots have been created. Matt leaving the group, only to run into someone we are all somehow familiar with. For those of you new to the series, wait for this story to finish before heading to the Digital Invaders Saga.

And the second plot is Daimaomon himself. His character is a hybrid of (King) Piccolo Daimao and Garlic Jr. He'll be displaying some rather nasty powers as the movie story progresses on. I'm not sure how long this will last. I predict somewhere in the neighborhood of between five to six chapters. Wish me luck. Until then, peace!

(Update 4/28/05: Got rid of lyrics)