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Daimaomon's Last Stand! Hope and Light Perform a Miracle!

Outskirts of Server. Devil's Castle. Sector 00666

Daimaomon's form was already larger than half of the entire throne room itself. The brave warrior's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Wha… What! Impossible!" Leomon exclaimed. "You can't be this strong?"


"Damn! Hurry it up, everyone! I'm not sure if I can hold out against this guy much longer, but that doesn't mean I'm not going down without a fight!"


As Leomon faced off with the towering Daimaomon, he turned around and was in relief over the fact the children were moved into a farther distance. The appearance of Daimaomon was truly frightening. His muscular body was not just massive but embedded with sickly veins. His face twisted with a sinister, devil-grin and a pair of fangs protruding from out of the mouth. His satanic aura intensified.

"There's nothing my attacks can do to hurt this monster. He even said so himself… Only Angemon and Angewomon can do real damage to him. If War Greymon and I simply attack with melee force, the angels can implement their holy attacks where Daimaomon can least expect them. We're going to have to give this our best. This monster's rampage must be stopped before he does serious damage to the Digital World."

Daimaomon slowly steps forward to approach the brave warrior. The lion man held his sword to his side while preparing himself for the final stand with the demon lord.

Back outside the castle area, War Greymon sets Tai on the ground and laid him to rest against a seat. The angels lowered the cage containing TK and Kari. Using her arrow, Angewomon broke the padlock on the cage door. Kari came walking out while carrying TK on her right shoulder. The boy was still completely out of it.

"Kari! Is TK going to be fine?" Angemon asked worryingly.

"He's… just unconscious. He'll be fine as long as we set him down to rest with my brother. They both need that medicine you guys had earlier," Kari said.

"That's if Leomon has anymore. Right now, he's engaged in combat with Daimaomon. I don't know about you but I'm going to go lend him a hand," War Greymon stated. "Angemon. Angewomon. You two can stay here with the children or accompany. It's your choice, but I'd recommend us working together. This monster's ki just shot up through the roof… and I mean that literally!"

Pointing out towards the Devil's Castle, War Greymon showed Angemon, Angewomon and Kari a sight not to behold. The Devilman lord was now bigger than the actual tower top and smashed through the ceiling of his former throne room. Kari gasped out in horror and hugged her partner's leg out of fear.

"Don't worry, Kari. With us three, we'll aid Leomon in every way possible."

"I know you guys will, but what Daimaomon says is true… He claims to be stronger than Venom Myotismon. You guys think you can handle him? We, as a team, aren't even complete…"

"We'll figure something out something, Kari. Our past enemies have been defeated and Daimaomon is just another name to check off that list," Angemon said. "Kari… You stay here to look after TK and your brother."

"Ok… But you three be careful. All right?"

"We will, Kari. That's a promise," War Greymon nodded. "All right, you two! We're moving out! Leomon will need our help! Follow my lead!"

Once finishing his declaration, War Greymon flies off directly towards the tower where Daimaomon fully emerges. Angemon and Angewomon soon tag along behind War Greymon, in attempt to catch up with the faster warrior. As they arrived at a closer distance, they caught a full glimpse of the gigantic Daimaomon smashing through the tower and turning it into a pile of rubble. Leomon managed to leap out of harm's way just in time and lands outside the castle grounds.

"Hey, Leomon!" War Greymon calls out to the brave warrior. "Looks like you'll be needing a hand!"

Leomon looks up to find War Greymon and the angels levitating down to join him.

"In more ways than one, War Greymon. This monster's power is incredible! I haven't even begun to attack yet, but I can certainly feel his strong ki. War Greymon. Angemon. Angewomon. We must be careful. There's no telling how much damage this bastard is going to cause if we let him free to roam across the Digital World!"

"I agree, but have you forgotten that only Angewomon and myself can inflict any holy damage on him. Daimaomon even said so himself…"

"Perhaps he's just bluffing. If we attack together, I'm sure we can inflict more damage than from just you two."

"Whatever the case maybe, we must stop him! Before it is too late," Leomon stated while holding onto his sword tightly. "War Greymon. I suggest we attack first. Together, we should give Daimaomon a run for his money."

"Good idea. I couldn't have thought that myself. Let's do it."

Once Daimaomon advanced closer towards the four digimon, Leomon and War Greymon both fly out simultaneously towards the Devilman lord. The duo scattered across the battlegrounds and went to implement attacks from different angles. Daimaomon turned around to his left side to see Leomon sheathing his sword, putting his hands out and charging up a ki ball through his palms. He turned to the other side to see War Greymon holding out his hands to collect a massive dose of earth energy to create an ever-so familiar orange energy ball: the Terra Force.

"Ha! Attack me from two angles! It won't do you any good!" Daimaomon laughed. "I'll simply catch them! So, give me your worst!"



The warriors launched their attacks from opposite directions. Daimaomon stood his ground and put his hands out at opposite sides. He manages to catch the attacks with relative ease. He crushed the Terra Force within the tight grip of his left hand. Leomon's blast fizzled against Daimaomon's right hand.

"He caught our attacks! Just like he said he would! Damn!" War Greymon cursed.

"Don't give up, War Greymon! We can still attack him with physical force!"

"All right, but let's hope it's worth a try!"

Daimaomon charged out towards the duo once again and threw out his hand. They managed to maneuver away to the side while the demon's gigantic fist smashed through the ground. War Greymon came flying down to deliver a spinning claw attack. However, Daimaomon quickly phases out from sight. This caught the warrior off guard and he immediately turns to find Daimaomon delivering a hand swipe. War Greymon was swatted down against the ground, but the warrior immediately bounces back on his feet. Leomon flew out at Daimaomon and attacked him with an array of fists. Despite his large bulk and size, Daimaomon was maneuvering from the barrage of punches quite easily.

"What's wrong? Can't me with your best punches? Even I'm surprised with myself over how easy I'm picking you two off!"

As soon as he finished smack talking, Daimaomon slams a right fist into Leomon's gut. The force was enough to nearly knock the wind right out of the brave warrior. Leomon held his gut and lowered himself down to the ground. Daimaomon rushes forward with incredible speed and knees the warrior in the face.

War Greymon seized the opportunity and flew forward. He pulls his left fist back and went to stab the demon in the back with his armored claws. Unfortunately, Daimaomon sensed his foe coming and leaped up overhead. This caught War Greymon completely off guard and he realized that Daimaomon was levitating behind him. Before he had a chance to turn, Daimaomon wrapped his massive arms around War Greymon and applied a tight bear hug on the mega.

"Now I've got you! Ha! Scream out and beg you, douche bag!" Daimaomon laughed.


"War Greymon!" Leomon roared. "Hang on!"

Instantly jumping back to his feet, Leomon still ached from the blow to his gut. He mustered his strength to fly across the battlefield to aid War Greymon. As the two warriors were fighting tooth and nail against the demon, the angels stood by until the right opportunity presented itself to attack.


"Not now, Angewomon. Not when one of them gives us the signal."

"But, War Greymon's in trouble… I'm sorry but I can't let this drag on any longer. That monster will crush him!"

"I understand how you feel, Angewomon, but we're the only ones who can make a difference. Only our powers will be effective if we hope to damage Daimaomon's near impenetrable body."

Growling deeply in frustration, Angewomon could do nothing more than be a spectator. She hated to sit on the sidelines when her comrades were being beaten to death by a powerful monster as Daimaomon was currently demonstrating. But, she can only intervene when either War Greymon or Leomon give the signal.

Suddenly, Daimaomon turns over to give the angel pair a watchful glare. He simply shrugged them off since he knew that attacking him with his back turned would be a fatal error.

Slowly getting up onto his feet, War Greymon coughed out dust from his mouth. He turned around only to come face to face with the demon himself. Daimaomon flashes him a toothy grin and then… SWAP! He snatches War Greymon by the throat with one hand. The demon takes mid-flight above the castle grounds and pointed down towards the earth.

"Time for you to go for a ride, friend!" Daimaomon laughed heartily.

Giving a thumbs down, Daimaomon proceeded to take a nose dive towards the ground. War Greymon attempted to struggle under the demon's tight grip but it was to no avail. So, the warrior attempted one trick. War Greymon wrapped his hands and legs around Daimaomon's left arm. The demon stopped at near mid-flight before slamming into the ground. War Greymon stabbed his front horn into the mighty giant's shoulder.


Daimaomon screamed out as the horn stabbed directly through the flesh. The warrior released his horn from the wound mark and began slamming his fists into Daimaomon's chest. The demon staggered back from each blow and huffed deeply to himself. War Greymon jumps forward, delivers an elbow shot into the demon's torso and leg sweeped the behemoth. The demon lost balance from the leg sweep maneuver but immediately lands on his arms. He stood on his hands before leaping back on his feet.

"Damn… You're quick on your feet when you have to be you bastard," War Greymon cursed.

Smirking upon the warrior's remarks, Daimaomon phases out from sight. War Greymon was caught off guard and he instantly turns around to find no traces of the demon. That was a close call, at least for now. War Greymon stood frozen once he felt a noticeable ki reappearing behind him. War Greymon quickly shifts his attention towards Daimaomon and prepares to stab him with his armored claws. The demon caught both arms just in time and slams a big boot into War Greymon's face.

"Pathetic. You aren't even worth my time, warrior. You two have greatly disappointed me," Daimaomon frowned. "But, that just means more victims to kill. Now, we'll start with you, War Greymon… Since you're the strongest amongst these clan of weaklings."

As Daimaomon advanced over towards the fallen War Greymon, a massive energy blast struck the demon across his back. The villain stopped to feel his back being singed from the sneak attack. However, it wasn't anything that would make him notice nor worry. Daimaomon turned around to find Leomon standing out with his right hand held out. The demon frowned and phased out. Suddenly, without a second to recover, Leomon was hoisted by his necklace collar. Daimaomon held Leomon up like a prized trophy and punches him across the face.

The strong punch sends Leomon sailing across and through a castle wall. With Daimaomon's back turned, War Greymon snuck up behind Daimaomon and applied a full nelson lock on him. The demon struggled to break free and kicked away to release himself from War Greymon's grip.

"That was low of you, warrior! Sneak up on me like that!"

"Don't… be such a hypocrite! You would have had the same idea… Besides, you appear behind me before you attack… So, consider us even!"

Daimaomon thrashed about to throw War Greymon off of him. The angel pair watched on from afar and remained frozen. It wasn't time for them to intervene just yet until the signal was given.

The demon smiled and overpowers War Greymon. He throws the mega digimon off of his back and flips him over. Daimaomon hoists War Greymon on his right shoulder and takes flight mid-air above the castle grounds. Unleashing a battle cry, Daimaomon slams War Greymon hard through the ground. A collective cloud of smoke emerges from where the warrior was slammed. Daimaomon leaps out of the crater hole left behind.

"Ah, don't tell me you've given out already, warrior. It's a shame. I have to end our little game. I'll be sure to send you and your comrade to the after life together so you can converse about your pitiful performance," the demon said as he placed a hand out across the crater. "Goodbye…"

As a ki ball was materializing within Daimaomon's palm, War Greymon waved his right clawed hand out of the crater. With little strength he could muster, he waves out to catch the attention of the angels. The signal was immediately flashed. It was their time to attack.

"All right, Angewomon! Now!"

"It's about time!"

Flying out across the battlefield, the angels prepared to arm themselves with their respective weapons. The male angel raised his staff out while the female armed herself with her holy bow. They flew overhead and prepared to unleash their attacks on the gigantic demon. Angemon pulls his right back to let loose a massive holy energy out of his fist.


Angewomon pulls back on her bow and releases a large white arrow. She lets it go and watches it flying directly towards the overgrown demon.


The angels launched their respective holy attacks for the demon. Hopefully, their aims would hit their mark. Daimaomon quickly turns to see the double attacks coming and went to leap over. However, War Greymon was there to stop him and held onto his right foot. Daimaomon kicked away at War Greymon.

"Let go!"

"Sorry… But that isn't going to happen… Hand of fate! Celestial Arrow! Hit your marks!"

As Daimaomon gasped to face the other direction, the arrow pierced through his right shoulder and the holy beam struck him against the chest. Daimaomon unleashes a painful scream with the arrow stabbed through the flesh of his right shoulder. Even when he tried to pull it out, it would only repel his demonic hand away.

"Damn! Those crushed angels!" Daimaomon hissed.

"Good… You guys actually got him…" War Greymon stifled a weak chuckle.

"I WILL NOT HAVE NONE OF THIS!" Daimaomon roared out in furious anger.

The demon increased the size of his arms and formed a dark aura around his massive body. His eyes darkened yet flashed a crimson flare. Raising his right hand, he pointed out his fore finger and electrical streaks surrounded it. Then, he waves his hand out across and sends out an energy wave.

"OH NO! YOU GUYS! GET BACK!" War Greymon screamed out.

Off from the far distance, Kari noticed the massive amount of power coming from where the fight was occurring. She caught glimpse of Daimaomon's frightening presence and kneeled beside her fallen brother. She dragged TK closer out to where she was sitting and held onto him.

"C'mon, you guys… You can do it… Oh, if only there was anything I can do to help you, Tai… TK…"

"So you two little angels want to play with the big boys! You dare to attack the great Daimaomon in such a manner? You've asked for it! Prepare to meet your death! DAIMAO-KU CRUSHER!"

With a simple wave, the demon sends out a massive wave across. The angels barely managed to maneuver away from the attack. Daimaomon, however, waved out his hand and sent the wave directly outward and away from the castle kingdom. It was launched out across to where a large mountain range stood out amongst the background. Within a matter of seconds, there was an eruption in the background and a flash that engulfed the once majestic mountain range.

The digimon and the child look out to where the massive mountain destructive blast occurred. Debris of rock came hurtling across and showered over the kingdom. Angemon spun his staff around to keep the flying rocks at bay and used holy beams to incinerate anything larger than a boulder. Suddenly, a large rock was hurtling to where Kari was standing. The girl gasped out in horror before she could even blink. Then, as she closed her eyes, the rock was immediately stopped at its tracks. Kari opened her eyes to find Angewomon lifting the massive object. The child of light sighed a relief.

"Whew… That was close. Thanks, Angewomon."

"I'm just glad to know that you're doing all right, Kari," Angewomon hurled the rock away.

"Don't give up, guys. You still have a chance!" Kari calls out to the digimon. "At least, I hope they do have a chance… We can't afford to lose here."

The demon lord chuckled to himself over his handiwork. With one hand swipe, he managed to send a blast that destroyed a small mountain range in the distance. All that was left of the mountain range was a pile of rubble and debris.

"So, what do you think, fools? That was just one dose of my power and there went a mountain range. Imagine if I had hit you two angel twerps with such a powerful technique?"

"Too bad your attack didn't catch us," Angemon said.

"Perhaps, but I was only being a little cautious over my domain. I've built this kingdom with my own two hands and it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Now, enough idle chit-chat. I've come to realize that there isn't any point in continuing to drag this out. You four have disappointed. So, as a going away present… I'm going to send you four fools straight to the digital after life. After that, those two children of Hope and Light will hand me their crests without you fools meddling in my affairs! Now, let's get this over with!"

"No! You can't! We won't let you!" Angewomon declared. "Don't you ever put your hands on Kari!"

"Or TK for that matter!"

Laughing at their futile threats, Daimaomon levitated above the entire domain and clenched his fists tightly. His body crackled with a powerful dose of electricity coursing through his increasing muscular body. His teeth clenched tightly with bellowed growls echoing. War Greymon emerged out of the crater and looked up. Even Leomon pushed off the debris he was buried under.

"He's going for it again! Damn!" War Greymon exclaimed. "Argh… My body still aches, but I'm not going down without a fight! Angemon! Angewomon! Hang in there!"

"Angemon! We have to attack him before he has a chance to wipe us all out!"

"Right! It might be a risk…"

"We're willing to take…"

"Let's do this."

Meanwhile, back on the other side, Kari was kneeling over her unconscious brother and TK. Several tears dropped from her eyes and she buried her face in her hands. She didn't want anyone to see her cry but the young Kamiya couldn't help it. Their digimon were on the brink of death and they could be next if Daimaomon has his way.

"He's… He's just like that heartless monster, Myotismon! He craves for nothing more than death and power! Again, I'm powerless to do anything… Even Angewomon and the others can't hope to stop him… What can I do with my brother and TK out…?"

As she convulsed in tears, the crest around her neck began to glow. She took notice of this and gasped. In case she had forgotten, her crest was that of Light. It purifies the darkness and restores the health of those close to her. This trick worked when the digimon were reenergized to finish off Daimaomon's henchmen. Could she tap into her crest's power to revive her brother and TK?

"This could very well be what I needed! Whatever healed the digimon… It can heal TK and Tai! If we have any hopes of beating Daimaomon, then we will have to be together… Even if it's just the three of us… It's worth a shot… Here goes!"

Holding out her crest, Kari kneeled over and closed her eyes. It looked as if she were concentrating while tapping into her inner strength.

"Crest of Light. Give me the power to protect and save my loved ones from this creature of darkness. Hear my call… I need you!"

There was a few moments of silence, and then… The Crest of Light began to emit a bright, pink aura. Kari looked down at her crest and smiled. This is exactly the boost she needed to revive her brother and the young boy. The crest sent down two beams of light towards the two unconscious forms. They became engulfed by the whitish-pink light. Even Tai's injuries were being healed.

"My gosh… It's working! This is a miracle… This Crest of Light is amazing!"

As soon as the light died down, the two unconscious boys were slowly moving about. Kari let out a sigh of relief and kneeled over. The first to awake was TK. The blonde sat up and held his head.

"What… What just happened? Last I remember, I was in the cage… Huh, Kari? You're free! And…" TK said as he quickly realized he too was free. "Whoa! I'm free, too!"

"Our digimon came to rescue us, TK," Kari smiled. "I'm glad you're all right."

"I can say the same for you…"

"Hey… Who turned out the lights…?" Tai asked before sitting up.


The goggle boy turned to find Kari leaping into his arms. The girl wrapped her arms around her older sibling and cried happily. Caught by surprise, Tai pat his sister on her back to comfort her.

"What's going on here? I thought we were still in the castle?" Tai asked.

"I'll tell you about it later… But our digimon are in danger as we speak!"

"How so?"

Pointing out to where the four digimon were preparing themselves to battle Daimaomon. Tai took notice of Daimaomon and was flabbergasted. TK, too, was in utter disbelief.

"Whoa! Look at the size of him! He's bigger than the throne room we were in!" TK exclaimed.

"Looks like Daimaomon's been taking his steroids!" Tai cried out. "Insane! But… Our digimon are struggling? Damn! War Greymon doesn't look too good, but what are they waiting for?"

"Daimaomon is preparing to waste them with a powerful attack, Tai. He used one to destroy a mountain range far off from this domain," Kari informed him.

"Oh… crap. I didn't think he was capable of this much damage. War Greymon and the others are going to have to step up their game!" Tai growled while setting his eyes on the standoff.

"Tai! We've got to do something!" TK cried.

"I know… But, what can I do? The only thing left is… Wait! Daimaomon can only really be hurt by holy based attacks! I remember him bringing that up! TK and Kari are the key to Daimaomon's rise and defeat. If I can get these two to tap into their crests' powers, then Daimaomon will be in for a rude awakening! This is just what we needed!"

"So, what do we do, Tai?" Kari asked.

"TK. Kari. I know this is asking too much but I want you two to tap into the powers of your crests."

"Why? Do you have something in plan?" TK wondered.

"You could say that, but it deals more with your partners guys. You two possess crests Daimaomon wants badly. But, the crests can also spell his own demise. If you two tap into your crests, then Angemon and Angewomon will have their powers recharged to the point where one of them will deliver the final blow to that monster!"

"Wow, you really though this one through?" an impressed Kari asked.

"Heh… I'm not even the sharpest knife in the drawer… But, I can surprise myself sometimes," Tai chuckled. "Anyway, that's what you two have to do. I just hope to Kami-sama that it works."

"We'll give it our best, Tai!" TK nodded.

"Watch us do our thing," smiled Kari.

With that said, the two kids stepped forward and held their crests tightly. They concentrated for a few moments with Tai standing out as a spectator to witness this event.

"If they can do it, then so can I," Tai grasped his crest. "Crest of Courage. Help my sister and TK gather their courage to call upon the deep powers of their crests. By combining their powers, along with mine, we want to create the weapon necessary to defeat Daimaomon. Please, for our sake and for the Digital World! Daimaomon must be stopped before he goes on a psychotic rampage! Give us and our digimon the strength to overcome this evil!"

Soon as Tai tapped into his crest, the trio watched as three beams of light emerged out of their items. The symbols of courage, light and hope were fully displayed for all to see. The digimon caught glimpse of the beams of light and soon Daimaomon caught glimpse of them. A confused look crossed his face until he saw the symbols of hope and light.

"Wha…? No! They're tapping into the powers of their crests! I can't let them go on! Those crests' powers are supposed to be mine!" Daimaomon roared. "Very well then. I'll just change course… You hear that, fools! I'm going straight for your human friends instead!"

"No! You can't!" War Greymon exclaimed. "Your opponents are us! Leave the children out of this!"

"I'm afraid I can't do that. As long as the children of hope and light continue to tap into their power, they will eventually become more powerful than you can imagine. Especially that girl… Her light is a threat to the darkness. There are other beings out there besides myself who will want her dead!"

"Like Myotismon… You are no different!" Angewomon growled. "We won't let you harm Kari or any of the other children!"

"You will never get past us anyway," Angemon said. "So, why don't you just surrender before we attack with extreme force?"

"In the conditions you fellows are in, I doubt you can do anything to inflict any kind of damage on me! Digi-Destined children! Your fates have now been sealed!" Daimaomon directed his attention to the trio. "You'll become nothing more than a pile of debris when I'm done with you. You saw what I just did to that mountain range, child of light! Just think what this will do to you and your petty comrades!"

"Tai! Kids! You have to get away from here now!" Leomon exclaimed.

"Wait! They're already tapping into the powers of their crests! They can't move in their current states!" Angemon stated.

"Then, I'll have to do it myself!" War Greymon roared while launching himself across.

"It's too late to save them now! Die, children!" Daimaomon waves his hand across to send out his attack.

Once Daimaomon directed his wave attack directly towards the children, War Greymon boosts his speed in attempt to catch and stop the attack in time. The wave attack drew nearer and nearer. The trio remained stiff and their crests quickly formed a protective barrier around them. The wave was halted and dissipated in the process. The demon gasped out into shock once realizing his attack did nothing but dissolve.

"What!… No! Those damn children have already tapped into the power of their crests!"

"Oh… Thank goodness," War Greymon sighed a relief.

"War Greymon! It's me, Tai! Listen up! This is very important!"

"Tai…? How are you able to link a telepathic message to me…? Wait, that would due to crest, right?"

"I guess so, but listen up. TK and Kari will be transferring energy into their digimon. By doing this, one of them can be strong enough to deliver the final blow to this monster. So, it's up to you and Leomon scale him back for the time being."

"Ok, Tai. That shouldn't be a problem as long as Daimaomon doesn't inflict another one of those hand waves…"

"Right. I'm counting on you, buddy."

"I understand. Don't worry. Leomon and I won't let you down."

Once cutting off his telepathic link with Tai, War Greymon motioned over to Leomon.

"So, it's back to the direct approach?" Leomon asked.

"That's right. Let's make this one count."

Upon stating this, War Greymon flies out above the castle grounds to meet Daimaomon. Leomon managed to follow along and stands by with the mega warrior. Daimaomon angrily roars before flying across to deliver a double clothesline. The warriors flip up and over the massive beast. War Greymon spun himself into a tornado and slams directly into Daimaomon's back. The brave lion warrior takes advantage with an array of fists across Daimaomon's body.

"That's it, guys! Keep it up!" Tai exclaimed. "All right, TK. Kari. You two know what to do."


With TK and Kari stepping out into the open, they held their crests above. The crests shot out a pair of holy beams, one orange-yellow and the other pink.



"Use the power of our crests to increase your strength! It's up to you two to defeat Daimaomon once and for all!" the children exclaimed in unison.

The angels felt the beams entering their bodies and their powers were ultimately reenergized in the process again. This was the much needed boost necessary to defeat the mighty demon.

"Now, Angewomon! Give Angemon your energy. It will be him to deliver the final blow!"

"Kari, are you sure? Wouldn't be better if Angewomon helped, too?" TK asked.

"Oh, she'll help. She'll give all the power to Angemon and he will deliver his Hand of Fate. Maybe his best one ever."


"You're just going to have to trust me on this one, TK."

The boy contemplated his choice until he finally gave into her plan. He made his final decision.

"All right, Kari… If you think it will work, then I believe you."

"Angemon. Give me your hand," Angewomon held out her right hand.

Nodding to the female, Angemon grabbed her hand and felt a surge of holy energy entering through his body. This was not just Angewomon's power but also the energy from Kari's Crest of Light. Angemon jolting with the extra boost.

"Wow… I never thought my power would be this much stronger with mine and your combined strength…"

"Now, it's all up to you… and chance," the angel of light smiled. "Good luck…"

"Now to wait… War Greymon and Leomon aren't going to hold out much longer. C'mon, you two can do it!"

Back at the battle, Daimaomon grabbed both War Greymon and Leomon with tight grips around their throats. He slammed their heads together and dropped them as if they were garbage. Just as he was about to levitate to snatch up War Greymon, the demon felt an uprising power coming from the distance. He quickly pointed out to find Angemon with a large collective dose of holy ki coating his right fist.

"What's this! That Angemon! He's managed to increase his power!" Daimaomon thought. "That's it! Those two urchins are responsible for this! I should have kept a close eye on them!"

"Now, Angemon! Let him have it!" TK calls out.

"Here he comes!" exclaimed Kari.

"Do it, Angemon!" Angewomon shouted.

As his friends cheered him on, Angemon seized the opportunity at hand and flew towards Daimaomon. The demon watched on with utter disbelief while sensing the strong holy ki emitting from Angemon. He puts out both hands in attempt to stop the angel at his trek and vanquish him in the process.

"It's over for you, Daimaomon!"

"I'll block it!" the demon declared. "I WON'T LET YOU WIN!"

"Let you? I'm afraid you're done for! CHOU HAND OF FATE!"

"I'll block it!"

Suddenly, a pair of energy blasts came hurtling out from the ground. One struck Daimaomon in the back and the other was swiped away from a backhand by the demon. Daimaomon looked down to find War Greymon and Leomon with outstretched hands. That was the last straw. Daimaomon was beyond angry as he prepared to launch an assault on the duo. However, he did not take into account that Angemon was still aiming for him. He held his outstretched hand while it surged with intense holy ki.




"He's got to gamble everything on this one fist! Don't hold back, Angemon!" Tai exclaimed. "Let him have it!"

"You can do it, Angemon! I believe you!" TK shouted.



The angel flew directly at Daimaomon with an image of the Hope symbol flaring out of his holy aura. Daimaomon's eyes widened in shock as the holy beam pierced through his demonic aura and then there was a grand explosion of white light.


The demon lord's face contorted in pain and his eyes nearly bulged out. Across his lower torso was a large gaping hole and Angemon was flying across the other side of the demon. Daimaomon lets out a horrifying scream and spat out a mouth full of blood. The digimon and the humans were relieved. TK jumped up and raised his hands up.

"He did it! Angemon got him!"

"I can't believe… He got him!" Tai laughed. "Whoa, I wouldn't want to be Daimaomon now."

"Yes… It's about time… I thought for sure our sneak attack wouldn't pull through," War Greymon muttered before falling to his knees.

"The demon's ki is dropping… And Angemon's losing power! Here he comes!"

As Angemon came diving down from mid-air, he de-digivolved back into his rookie form, Patamon. The tiny winged rookie plummeted towards the ground. TK gasped out in horror and ran off to catch his partner. Fortunately, Angewomon flew past the boy and swiftly snatches Patamon in her grasp.

"I've got you," Angewomon smiled.

"Ahh, nice catch…" Patamon let out a sigh of relief. "How did I do…?"

"Take a look for yourself, little guy," War Greymon pointed up towards the skies.

The demon was still in mid-air and glaring down at his incapacitated body. He couldn't even get a clear vision of his surroundings and watched everything blur. Gagging out a mouthful of blood, Daimaomon rubbed his hands over the gaping hole and looked down at his blood-stained palms. It was flowing with a purple-crimson flow.

"He went right through me…" Daimaomon gagged. "Unbelievable… To think that I, the great Daimaomon, would be defeated… Heh. Heh. Nothing I can say… but 'brilliant'. But don't go celebrating so soon… Don't think that we demon digimon can disappear so… easily… I will be back… When you least expect it… Unlike other digimon, I will not be sent to Primary Village… I will be given a second chance in a darker realm… This shall be the last time we will meet… COUNT ON IT!"

Just as he bellowed his final words, the demon lord's body exploded. It didn't just explode into data. It simply just detonated into a black smoke cloud. The digimon shielded themselves from the incoming debris of smoke and charred pieces.

"Damn! Next time, he had better give a warning before he pulls off something like that!" Tai exclaimed.

"We did it! I can't believe we actually beat that creep!" TK exclaimed. "You were awesome, Patamon!"

"I was surprised myself…" the winged rookie replied.

"You're not giving yourself enough credit, my friend," Angewomon said.

"But, I did find something odd. He didn't explode into data and he referred to some dark world," War Greymon pointed out to what Daimaomon had said earlier.

"You know that's something I wanted to ask. Leomon, you know what Daimaomon said about going to a dark world and not being sent to Primary Village?" Tai asked the brave warrior.

"… Well, I've heard tales that some demon digimon are capable of returning to life after death," Leomon stated. "However, that is merely a digimon's myth. Daimaomon could be bluffing or maybe not. Whatever the case maybe, we'll be sure to face him again sometime."

"If he ever shows up, we'll show him whose boss," Tai replied. "Heck, Patamon will show him who the 'mon is, right little guy?"

"Yeah…" Patamon muttered before succumbing to a deep sleep in Angewomon's arms.

"Yes, sleep tight, little one."

"Tai. How about we get out of here and meet with the others back at the amusement park? I'm sure they're waiting for us," Kari suggested.

"You're right. Leomon, will you be joining us?"

"I'm afraid I must leave to go heal my injuries and continue with my training. But, I will be available whenever you children need me," the brave warrior stated. "Until then, farewell and lets hope to cross paths again."

Giving a hand wave to the children, Leomon rushes off across the castle grounds and flies directly up above the skylines via his Bukujutsu. The warrior boosts his battle aura and disappears off into the distance.

"I don't know about you guys but I sure am beat," yawned TK. "It's been a long day."

"I'll have to agree with TK," Kari nodded.

"Ok. Well, I did spot a small digimon village before we arrived here," Tai said. "It's right over beyond that mountain… Well I can't call it a mountain range anymore, can I? It's already far out across many miles off. I'm sure the village is still intact and didn't take Daimaomon's blast. What do you say we go check it out and see if they can provide us some place to sleep."

"That sounds like a great idea," TK smiled. "Patamon's already out of it…"

"I hope the others don't get too worried about not returning back," Kari said.

"Oh, I wouldn't worry about that," Tai replied. "I'm sure they'll be just fine. Anyway, let's get going. It's getting dark out here."

With that said, Tai hopped onto War Greymon's back and levitates above over palace of the now deceased demon lord. Angewomon flew up with the children on her back and Patamon in her arms. They set off from the former stronghold and off to the village Tai had spoken of. However, there was one thing that really bothered the Digi-Destined of Courage. He wondered… where was Matt Ishida?

"Matt…? Just where are you…? We could have used your help! Maybe, you did leave because of our argument. You must really hate me that much to not show up. But, that's still no excuse for not rescuing TK! He's your brother! I don't know what the hell you're thinking, but this has got to stop! If we ever cross paths, things are going to get ugly between the two of us. I wonder… Where are you?"

Deep within Digital Space. Inside the mysterious spaceship

Inside the room where Matt was being baptized, the dark figure was looking from behind a separate room. He sat front row behind a glass window to bear witness the young boy seated on the chair. Matt's eyes were closed with a device attached to his head and whatever the images were being transmitted into the poor boy's mind was disturbing. The room itself was dark, which was a symbolism of what the dark figure represents. Empty. Cold. Dark. Matt's face contorted with pain as veins appeared around his forehead. Gabumon was on the ground and thrashing around. He was the first to become subjected to whatever images were displayed through the device. His eyes widened and were emitting a dark crimson glow.

The seated figure chuckled to himself once witnessing the baptism both Matt and Gabumon were undergoing. This did not seem like any religious ritual of any sorts, but it seemed to be quite effective. It would be a matter of time before the Digi-Destined of Friendship succumbs to the darkness. The young boy's mind became filled with poisonous and unforgiving images.

Another door opened up within the examination room where the seated figure was witnessing the boy's baptism. He didn't even bother to turn around to see who was stepping inside. It was none other than the insect warrior who had accompanied him.

"Ah, Commander Shadramon. How are our fleets doing?"

"They are progressing well, sire. They have been sent to exactly five planets. We expect those planet's kingdom's to be conquered," the digimon identified as Shadramon spoke.


"How are the boy and his digimon? Have they been fully baptized to the powers of darkness?"

"You'll be amazed to know that this boy hides quite a large amount of darkness hidden within his heart. I was able to exploit his inner turmoil and used fake images of his rival, the Digi-Destined of Courage, as a murderous traitor. I even exploited his love for his brother and created alternate scenes of his beloved brother's demise."

"Wow, you sure are fueling this boy with rage."

"I want to motivate him even further and have him grasp the powers of darkness. I'd rather have him as an obedient servant representing my cause."

"Ooo! Good! So, he's going to end up as terrible and ruthless as myself. Or how I used to be," Shadramon chuckled.

"Yes and soon, Yamato will confront his rival and destroy him when he has the chance. With Gabumon baptized to dark side, his powers have grown extraordinarily. Yamato will be my ultimate weapon to purge the worlds across the Digital Universe. In fact, I've found the perfect aide to accompany him and Gabumon."

"Who have you chosen?"

"Sergeant Etemon… He may not be one for brains but his brawn will be of some use for Yamato."

"Sergeant Etemon? Not bad. I'm sure Yamato will be a loyal servant for your cause, my lord."

"Thank you. Now, anymore updates?"

"Nothing except that the Demon Corps will be returning from Planet Recca."

"Have they purged that world and it's inhabitants?"

"Yes in a matter of two days. Considering how mighty Recca's forces have evolved."

"But nothing compared to our military muscle, Commander?"

"No sir. They never stood a chance against our standing armies."

"I've lost count on how many worlds we've purged and conquered on our many invasion campaigns. Only the worlds from the Southern quadrant ever gave us trouble. But we were able to crush Zhuqiaomon's forces. His Deva mercenaries were forced to retreat to his world after we've done away with their armies. Oh, and how can I forget about the legendary Amazons and their old kingdom? Queen Garudamon never knew what hit her. Unfortunately, the princess Andromedamon escaped when a particular Royal Knight rescued her. Let's see… Oh yes, then there were Griffinites. Their race already has become extinct."

"You know… It's no wonder you destroyed the Digital World of the Northern sector many digital cycles ago."

"Yes and the last remnants of the Digital Knight forces were wiped out thanks in part to me."

"And that good for nothing Taito was forever vanquished from my life. I can safely say that the eastern sector will soon fall under our rule."

Just then, a radio transmission had caught Shadramon's attention through his scouter. He pressed the communication switch and spoke through.

"Commander Shadramon here… What's your report, Captain?"

"Sir! We've arranged a meeting with our entire squadron in Hangar Unit #23. We await your orders."

"Very good. I shall be there in a few moments. Hold the men there until I return."

"Yes, sir!"

Turning off the communicator on his scouter, Shadramon looks over through the glass window and noticed Matt sitting up from his seat.

"He's finally come to, my lord…"

"I can see that, commander. Allow me to speak to him."

With that said, the being activated levitated out of the examination room on his hovercraft and entered the chamber room. He set his sights directly on Matt, who stood upright with his head lowered. The boy was breathing heavily and had sweat pouring down his forehead. It was as if he had awoken from a long nightmare that lasted hours. The dark figure chuckled before hovering closer to the boy.

"How are you, Yamato? Did you embrace the darkness?"


"I take it you were overwhelmed with the baptism procedure. That's not too surprising. Since you are the second human to ever become succumbed to this darkness. The human before you, Cyrus, had a much stronger will and embraced the darkness. You clearly didn't want to accept since you are afraid of betraying your brother. There's no need to worry, dear child. When you kill your rival, you have my permission to bring your brother to our cause. It would be great to have you two serving my cause. Together, we can crush any resistance put against us. The four Holy Beasts of the eastern sector have already been sealed. It's be great if you would aid me in finding the legendary Digicores."


"Come now, Yamato. It's time to embrace your new life. Abandon the whole Digi-Destined shtick. It's over. You will be groomed to be my next great commander after Shadramon. In fact, your partner has potential to become even stronger than Shadramon. I can see it, but Shadramon doesn't see it. So… Yamato. Will you help me? We shall crush our enemies and spread fear across the Digital Universe. Nobody will ever dare to oppose us."


"What is your answer, Yamato Ishida?"

Lifting his head up to face the overlord, Matt's eyes flashed a sinister orange flare. His pupils were red and irises a pale white. The darkness had overtaken Matt. The baptism was complete. All he could ever see in his mind was his hatred for the one named Taichi Kamiya.

"I… I… I live to serve under you, Lord Burizalor…"

Upon hearing this, the evil warlord himself was finally revealed from out of the darkness. The seated figure laughed, which oozed with wickedness and malice. His face was decorated with dark blue colorations on the side of his cheeks. His head was round and sealed under an armored like helmet. The center was circular and dark blue. His lips were black and lipstick covered in appearance. A pair of horns protruded from the sides of his head. His eyes emitted a crimson flare, indicating the true evil he presented.

"That's right, Yamato. You now live to serve me. You and Gabumon shall prove to be great assets for my cause."

"What is the first assignment you ask from us, Lord Burizalor?"

"I shall go retrieve first class Sergeant Etemon. You three will begin your first assignment on Planet Recca. Destroy any survivors from the war's aftermath and capture any resources they have available. When you're done, the planet will be immediately annihilated.

"Yes, my lord…"

"Perfect. He's completely obedient under my command. It's going to be quite interesting to have a human Digi-Destined serving for me. If Gennai had been a witness to this, he'd be horrified. Oh, how I wish to see that mortified look on his face! Ha! This is what you get, Gennai. You knew full well that a Digi-Destined would join me and now look! It's only a matter of time before the legend of the Digi-Destined is crushed! Ha! Some saviors they've turned out to be. I no longer have to worry about such feeble creatures anymore. At long last, I can become the conqueror of the Digital Universe!"

With the tyrant chuckling in thought, Matt sat up and stood up straight with his eyes flaring a sinister crimson flare. The stage was now set. The Digi-Destined would eventually be fighting a powerful enemy, but little do they realize that one of their new enemies was one of their own. Tai will soon have to confront Matt if they ever do cross paths. That is one battle the Digital World will never forget. Friendship against Courage. The newly baptized Digi-Destined against the Digi-Destined leader.

"Tai… Our paths will cross again. You can count on it! I shall take my brother back and end your pathetic life! Lord Burizalor has finally opened my eyes… At last, I am free from that bastard Taichi. Doubt leads to fear. Fear leads to hate. Hate leads to the darkness. I shall remember those words, Lord Burizalor. May your empire spread and conquer. I wish to become a witness to it. But allow me the opportunity to take Taichi Kamiya's life. It is my destiny to and nobody else's."

Planet Recca. Sector B-9870

Laying across the battlefield was a pile of corpses. Some of which were Minotaurmon and Knightmon. One visible figure stood out amongst the piles of bodies. It looked like Devimon, except this one was wearing dark-grayish chest armor and a brown leather tail tightened around his waist like a belt. On this Devimon's face was a scouter device attached on his right side. This is one of Burizalor's most loyal soldiers, Neo Devimon. Although a weaker, lower class, Neo Devimon always carried out his missions to purge whatever remaining soldiers were left. He presses a button on it to pick up any calculations of approaching powers. Nothing yet… That is until he picked up a strong energy level. He found a Triceramon charging out in a maddening rage.

"Well, looks like those grunts missed one," Neo Devimon smirked. "So, you want a piece of me? All right then."

Neo Devimon held out his right hand and created a large energy orb. He hurls it across and watches it expand across. The blast caught Triceramon and incinerated him in the process. The sinister devil chuckled at his handiwork and found no traces of the monster anywhere.

"Looks like I overdid it," Neo Devimon chuckled. "Such a pitiful battle power, too. A 210? C'mon! I can get a better exercise with someone with a higher power!"

Just then, he had just remembered. He had reminded himself before to make a stop to the main Digital World within the eastern sector. He was supposed to find the one named Agumon in attempt to recruit him to Burizalor's forces.

"Agumon… I know you're out there. Gennai had taken your egg from our incubators. You were originally intended to serve our cause but you were delivered to the Digital World by Gennai. Now, from what I understand, you've already found the human Gennai had instructed you to join. Oh, that's going to change, my friend. With my persuasion, I can perhaps get you to rejoin the side you were always destined to align yourself with. Well, you better not hide any longer, Agumon. Your destiny has arrived!"

With that said, Neo Devimon marches across the land of morbid corpses and activates the space pod he arrived in. He took a whiff of the air and licked his lips.

"You will rejoin us like you were always meant to, Agumon… It's your destiny!"

Neo Devimon steps inside of his space pod. The pod closes up and takes off into the skies. In a matter of moments, it disappears across the planet's skies and through the atmosphere. It leaves through orbit and off into the outer space regions of the Digital Universe. It would take at least a few days to reach the eastern Digital World at his pace. But for, Neo Devimon… The trip will be worth it. The fates of the Digi-Destined and Agumon will forever be changed once this invader reaches the planet. That itself begins the story of… The Digital Invaders Saga…

Play Digimon Adventure series ending theme "I Wish"


Well, that wraps up the first movie. I admit it's not my best showing, but it seemed to be worth it. The next set of movie fics will be better and have faster paced action. Plus, there will be Digital Fusions along the way! I pretty much covered the finale with Daimaomon, a possible return by the demon lord, how Matt converts to the dark side, Neo Devimon beginning his quest to find Agumon and the revelation of Burizalor:D

This also will explain the reason why Matt becomes a slightly OOC character in D-Fusion. You can thank our lovable bastard Burizalor for that one. Oh, and I would like to give credit to Youkai Youko and Belletiger for the Amazon idea. It's theirs. I figured the Amazon digimon, too, would have become victims of Burizalor's empire. This Amazon kingdom is not the same from the Pharaohmon fic. In fact, the Amazons power levels are higher in this universe. As great a villain Pharaohmon is in my mega crossover, he'd get vaporized by Burizalor and Zeed in seconds flat. Shoot, I wouldn't want to put him against Zeed. That's just too cruel. :P

This is pretty much one of the many prologues leading up to the first D-Fusion saga: The Digital Invaders. Speaking of Burizalor, I'll be writing a one-shot chapter fic based on the monster himself, including an in-depth look behind his dark past. However, I'll warn you that it will be quite graphic on blood, violence and disturbing images. Also, there's a chance I want to write a prequel series based on the war stories of the Digital Knights and other digimon forces battling Burizalor's empire. After watching the Star Wars Clone Wars mini-series, I figured I should write a mini-series on the wars. It'd be interesting, but the movies come first. In fact, I still owe some of you the Dimitri Movie Special. I'll get to that hopefully sometime in the summer.

Now here's what to expect in my next movie fic Gyrogmon's Invasion. Basically, an alien digimon invader seeking new territory to conquer. He wants to compete against Burizalor in taking planets but happens to run into the seven Digi-Destined (Matt won't be in this movie fic). Now, the kids and their digimon must stop Gyrogmon from taking the planet. Yep, that's your basic plot. Not much, but should have some good action. Just to remind you, this movie fic will NOT be in continuation with the D-Fusion series. So, there are no spoilers to worry about. Though. I'd read through the Digital Invaders saga entirely and at least a little of the Burizalor Saga.

Well, that's about all I have to say. This weekend I'll be off to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I'll let you know how it is. Until then, I bid you farewell! Next up, The Wrath of Pharaohmon Chapter 33 and Gyrogmon's Invasion. Peace!