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SEQ CHAPTER h r 1Dark Storms


Where once the sun had shined now shined the moon. The stars were out, showing off proudly in the night's sky while the crickets chirped their gentle song into the night. A light breeze blew by, causing small ripples to form in bands and move across the lake in a lazy manner. There was a peaceful aura in the atmosphere and it seemed as if time had come to a complete stop. In such a peace it was quite easy to push away and forget about painful, dark memories, if only for a moment.

Memories were the furthest thing from Ultra Magnus' mind at the moment. He shifted his arms slightly, moving him and his mate into a more comfortable position. His actions caused Rodimus Prime to looked up with a raised optic. Smiling he leaned down and brushed a sweet kiss on his cheek. Truth be told Magnus was still a little bit shocked that in the process of a few hours Rodimus was now a leader, a friend, and now his lover. It had been difficult at first for them to fully admit their feelings but it had all gotten out after a bit of trouble and now they were pretty happy and content with one another.

"What are you thinking so much on?" Rodimus voice broke into Magnus' thoughts.

"Just about everything. About us, where it's all going to go." The un-official second in command answered truthfully.

"Not regretting anything already are you?" Rodimus tried to pass it off as a joke of some sort but Magnus could pick up on the anxious undertones.

"If I was would I still be holding you or still be here for a matter of fact Roddi?" Magnus replied a little shocked at Rodimus reaction.

Yet Magnus knew why his mate would be a little quick to worry about regrets and such. After all, Rodimus wasn't exactly the first Prime he had been a devoted lover to. He had been with Optimus Prime, the beloved prior leader of the Autobots. Optimus had died from serious and fatal wounds from a difficult and brutal battle with the notorious Megatron, the then leader of the manic Decepticons. While the loss of their leader was felt by every single Autobot none had felt it more then Magnus. The relationship shared between the two had been a very close and strong one, when Optimus died Magnus felt as though part of himself died with him.

Only one other Autobot could have possibly comprehend his pain, and that as fate would have it, was Rodimus himself. During that attack though he had been the young and hotheaded Hotrod. It had been Hotrod who had been used as a shield for Megatron, who had known that Optimus would have never dared to risk the life of a fellow Autobot to take him down , and while Megatron had him he was forced to watch Optimus being shot down to the ground. Thus causing the death of their greatly loved leader. Of course, Hotrod blamed himself; after all how was he to know that the then Prime had already suffered fatal injuries before Hotrod had even become involved? There wasn't and that knowledge didn't help the pair with the pain and void that his death had left behind.

Seeing how close Optimus and Magnus had been it was no wonder that the City Commander had taken a long time to move on; keeping himself more and more into his work then anything else. At the time Magnus had felt that there was never going to be anyone else for him, at least until he realized the gift that Optimus had left behind in Rodimus Prime. Next to Kup Magnus was one of the best choices to help guide Rodimus in his new leadership position and during that time he had come to terms with his grief and begin to fully realize just what his feeling were towards the younger mech. While it had taken a bit of time Magnus had eventually made an attempt to at least tell him. So he had written a letter asking the young leader to meet him at a quick landmark. That had turned out to be one of the best things he had done in a long time. As he had stumbled over his words and struggled with convening his emotions it turned out that it was the same with Rodimus. That void that seemed to cling to him was now gone and for the first time since the lost of Optimus he felt complete.

"It's just.." Rodimus sighed and leaned his head back once more. His body had stiffened and Magnus could see the unsaid words in Rodimus' optics and body language.

"Stop that Roddi, blaming yourself over what happened isn't going to help you in any way. It wasn't and never will be your fault. ..Optimus wouldn't be happy knowing what you're putting yourself through. I sure as hell don't blame you." Magnus frowned slightly at Rodimus, correctly guessing what was on Rodimus' mind.

"Alright. Are you sure though? I mean..I do have you now." Rodimus made small circles on one of the arms that was holding him so close at the moment, fully reassured once more, his tone warm with a smile.

"I think he'd be happy for the both of us." Magnus answered softly after a moment.

Rodimus let out another sigh; however this one was one of content. He had never felt so strongly over another person before and he was rather glad that his newly beloved wasn't trying to keep anything from him. He needed him to be blunt over any issues. He frowned slightly though as a thought crossed his mind. Optimus Prime had been brought back to life once before, even if it was the Quintessons fault for they had messed with his programming. Although he was supposed to be gone, resting finally in eternal peace. However what was to say that Optimus couldn't be brought back again? Though he had hid it well, Ultra Magnus had went through hell and back having to see his then lover the way he was, and then to lose him again. It was enough to destroy even the strongest of mechs. Rodimus never wanted to see Magnus go through something like that again, to be forced to see experience that again, to see his beloved live through that kind of intense emotional pain again.

"Mmm we need to get back. Everyone's probably thinking you've fallen off the face of the Earth again. Or that you've gone and done something stupid to yourself again." Magnus chuckled as he kissed Rodimus again. His tone was warm with a smile and a touch of amusement.

"Nah, Kup knows what I'm up too.." Rodimus replied with a slight snort and lightly swatted Magnus on the head.

"That's a given Roddi." Magnus laughed lightly at the look that Rodimus was giving him.

If Magnus was going to say anything 'enlightening' he couldn't get it out. Rodimus had pushed him just slightly and had claimed his mouth with his own. The current that passed between the two was intense with pleasure and the love that they shared for one another. While it only lasted a moment or two it felt like forever in that moment of perfect bliss. As they parted Rodimus flashed Magnus a rather playful smirk.

"Sometimes Mags, you talk too much."

Magnus chuckled and shook his head while standing up. He held his hand out for Rodimus to grasp hold of while he himself got up, that playful smirk still on his features. Together they had now begun a new road with their relationship, a new pathway to journey upon. Magnus felt like it was going to be a long and pleasant one filled with plenty of happiness. However as they transformed and started back towards the base Rodimus had a foreboding feeling that this was somehow some sort of calm before the storm.