This fic is for my older sister, SeCoNdBeAr! She keeps nagging me to do a HarryDraco fic, and I have no idea how to start one. But it dawned to me when I was posting on my Blog…anyway I'll leave you people to find out. I'm not so crazy about HarryDraco pairing, so it might suck…and flamers, keep away! If you have nothing to do, annoy somebody else with your flames. Now let's start!

Journal Chapter 1: Draco's Journal

July 31

I can't believe I'm actually using the stupid Muggle diary Goyle gave me. Argh. Of course I already ripped off the page where he wrote our names with hearts. Seriously, he gotta get a grip. Does he think a pretty boy like me will have anything to do with a useless gorilla like him? At least he's pretty useful in bullying people around…

Anyway I won't waste another parchment, or rather, page, of this journal. I'm gonna give you a name, so you will be almost like a sibling. Blast my parents for wanting to have a single child! The least they could do is pay attention to me instead of going off to that stupid Voldemort and following his orders like puppy dogs. Anyway, about a name. What will be a good name? Hmm…how about Daisy? No, too girly. Mudblood? Nah, I'll probably hate you for the rest of my life if I named you one. Hmm..let's see, Weasley-is-an-idiot? Too long. Oh, I got it. Your name will be Jarry Hames. Now that will really piss off my parents if they ever do come across this thing.

So Jarry, today will be your birthday. Come to think of it, I did heard Bucktooth Granger saying that today is the real Harry's birthday. Should I send him an anonymous card?

Speaking of, I miss that stupid show off. It's not like that, Jarry. It's just I have no one to tease, no one to taunt. sigh Can't wait until the school term starts. That's me, Jarry. I hate summer vacations. I'm probably the only kid who's like that. It's like this:

1) I'm going to be away from the Malfoy Manor.

2) My dad can't beat me there

3) I can bully Gryffindors and idiots (which is basically the same) again

The only drawback is I'll see Goyle and Parkinson again. Argh. It's a shame that I have such good looks that only attracts trolls. I wonder how the Boy-Who-Just-Won't-Die is doing. Who is he thinking of right now?

Oh drat, I hear dad coming up. He must have come from the Death Eater's meeting. I have to put you away now, Jarry. You know how dad is, he gets angry if he see something Muggle or even half Muggle or quarter Muggle. sigh I'll see you later Jarry.

P.S. Add this to my reasons why school terms are the best:

4) I can see Harry James Potter again.


I'm finished :) anyway don't flame me. I appreciate constructive reviews, but no flames. See you again!