"So, what are you thinking of picking?" Akiko, a chespin, asked, staring at the lab door.

The fennekin to her left scuffed the gravel with his foot. "I dunno..." Daiki mumbled. "I'm sure they're all great."

Kaito laughed and punched him lightly on the side. "Yeah yeah, but what do you want?"


"Good morning!" said Professor Karatachi, ushering the children in to the lab. "Nice to see everyone out bright and early. I hope you're all ready for your pokemon journeys. Now, as usual, we have a black-haired trainer, a brown-haired trainer, and a yellow-haired trainer. This year, I also have a rare red-haired-"

"I want that one!" Kaito shouted, hopping up in excitement. "Definitely!"

The professor nodded and opened a door. A human with bright red hair headed out.

"My name's Kaito," the froakie said. "And I've picked you to be my trainer! How about I call you...Red!"

"Hmph," it said. "If you're gonna call me something, give me a better name than that."

"Okay." Kaito thought. "How about Crimson?"

The trainer grinned and punched the air. "Yeah, that's a great name! I'm Crimson!"

And now you have some idea how weird it is to me when authors have talking pokemon get picked by pointing at a pokeball because the trainer likes how the pokemon looks and then the first conversation is the trainer announcing their name because they never have one already.

Also, this is two hundred words long, or a double-drabble, so it also lets me remind everyone: the term drabble means precisely a hundred words and involves a degree of thought. If you're trying to communicate you rushed the fic out the door, you want "slapdash" or similar terms.