Title: Accepting Destiny

Author: DarkLegaices

Rating: T

Note: Okay now this is my first Yu-Gi-Oh and Digimon fiction as was as it being the first crossover that I have ever written. This is you warning if you think its not very good, but if you have faith, I'll be able to make it work.

Summary: A crossover between the third season of Yu-Gi-Oh and second season of Digimon. In this altered story line, during the time when Kaiba and Mokuba were still at the orphanage, Seto witnessed the first appearance of the Digimon in the Real World. Nearly ten years and twelve Digidestined later, Seto must learn to accept his destiny in the Digital World before and can accept his other in the Real World. But little does he, the Digidestined and the Millennium Item holders know that sometimes destiny can have a mind of its own…

Disclaimer: As you all know, I don't own anything to do with either show.

Prologue – Memories of Monsters

It was late into the night when fate found the young boy staring sadly out at the city beyond the place he now called his home. The memories of his parent always seemed to haunt his mind at this time of the night – the same time that they had tragically die only two years before.

From that moment on, life for Seto Dyama had never been the same.

Trapped in a large city orphanage with only his younger brother Mokuba – well that wasn't entirely true, he had once (only just that day) a pair of imaginary friends (or that's what everyone thought) that had shown up out of the activity room television. But once they had vanished on him an hour before with out saying goodbye, Seto could once again feel the stabbing sensation of that loss press against his young heart painfully. No one in this place of broken dreams really cared about him or his brother – it was just a false smile here and there to pass the time and whenever he saw it, he wanted ever more desperately to escape. But at this very moment, while the world slept around him, he could only stare out at the city lights and the darkness that surrounding and knew that something of great importance was coming.

Unable to bare that feeling in the pit of his stomach, he looked over at the bed closest to the window where his brother slept, silently wished him peaceful dream and then slipped out the window. The chill of the night air was the first thing that hit him as it cut through his thin flannel pyjamas. Grasping a hold of the tree next to the window, he slowly began to descend. By the time he reached the ground and was sprinting off towards the gates around the property, the feeling Seto was drawn by had magnified by ten.

Suddenly there was a voice nearby which stopped him in his tracks.

"Kari! Kari!"

It was followed by the sound of a small whistle being blasted in repeated intervals.

Someone was calling to another – it sounded like that of a child and the whistle had to have been the reply. Taking a deep breath of relief, Seto continued on. He was just nearing a bridge overpass when a deafening roar filled the air causing him to stumble backwards in shock. The air was then filled with a downpour of dust and debris from shattered cement that had been broken by something very large that towered hundreds of feet over his head.


He heard the shout of the name, as it sounded very familiar for some reason, but he could only gaze of in mute horror at the creature that loomed above.

"Oh kami-sama…" he whispered to himself, eyes wide.


It was that name again. Power, strength – it had to be the name of the creature, the monster that he saw before him. Turning he saw another monster descend out of what looked like a hole in the world before in made to attack the first monster. That was when he saw two other children – a boy about his age and a girl about that of Mokuba's.

"Look out!" he cried stepping forward, but was only thrown up into the air to come crashing down a moment later.

The two kids were completely unaware of his presence there, too distracted by the noise and the attack that commenced around them. But he couldn't be concerned about them right now his mind was screaming, as he had to worry about himself. Wincing and panting as more debris from above came raining down, Seto could only drop to his knees, close his eyes tight and wait of it all to be over.

And for a second he thought it was, but when he opened his wide terrified blue eyes, he gasped in shocked amazement at what he saw around him. It was a golden crystal bubble that seemed to be protecting him from the monsters and their destruction. He watched as the two children, the little girl sobbing piteously as suddenly it was all over. The monsters were gone, leaving only him, his golden bubble and the two other kids amongst the dust and the late of night.



At that moment, Seto Kaiba was suddenly jarred awake, panting in shock as he tried vainly to keep a grasp on the memories he had only just witnessed. He looked around himself to see that his class had only just ended and the few remaining students were looking at him in concern and as fate would have it, it just had to be Yugi Motou, Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardner.

"Hey Kaiba, you feeling okay?"

He turned to look directly at Joey and forced himself not to grimace. The concerned look on the mutt's face appeared to be genuine, even when it was he it was directed at.

"Why do you care?" he replied darkly as he willed his pounding heart to slow down.

"Because you were talking in your sleep"

"So? Was it anything overly embarrassing that you plan to use as blackmail?"

"No… we were kinda wondering who 'Greymon' was"

Seto felt a shiver race up his spine when he heard the name from his dream be spoken aloud. Something was telling him that they had no business knowing anything about that.

"I don't know" he snapped and began, almost a little hastily, to gather up his books.

"Well it didn't sound that way" the blonde muttered only to be jabbed in the ribs.

"Back off Joey" Tea growled, giving Seto just enough time to slip past them and head for the door. "We are not trying to start a fight"

"Yes, listen to your cheerleader koinu, it might just save your life one day"

He could hear Wheeler growl as he was just about there when Yugi was suddenly blocking his path. The shorter looked defiantly up at him and it was one of those moments that the shrimp didn't look just like a timid little geek.

"Your trying to avoid telling us something" he mused, not really asking a question but stating the obvious.

"It's none of your business"

"This has something to do with your destiny Kaiba – I can sense it!"

"And so what if it is" Seto found himself yelling as he took a step towards the younger boy, one fist raised. "But I don't believe in destiny – I never have. Its just a fairytale for the weak and can't be bothered with it. I'll have you understand once and for all that I am my own person and I have been since I was forced to grow up at the mere age of six. Now if you don't mind, get the hell out of my way and leave me alone!"

He pushed roughly past Yugi, sending him crashing into the wall and out into the crowed halls of his high school. He strode away on what might have appeared to be a warpath, causing the students to part like the Red Sea in his wake, but really he just wanted to be away of it all. His mind was still on that monster he had envisioned – had those memories been for real? No they couldn't be. The only monsters that existed were Duel Monsters and they were just part of an electronic game.

But there was no denying that when he had been only eight years old, he had seen his first monster.

Unable to banish those thoughts form his mind, Seto did the only logical thing he could think of doing – he skipped his next class and headed strait of the first empty computer lab he could find. In the well-lit room he selected one of the computers on the farthest side of the room and plopped down. Removing his coat and book bag, Seto set to work on the keyboard. It wasn't hard calling up a search engine, but it was when it came to convincing himself that just looking up a name reference on the internet was not going to come back and bite him in the ass.

He stared at the blank blinking screen as it waited for him to enter in what he wanted to find.

'Oh come on now' he mentally goaded himself. 'You can do this or are you really afraid of just a little name that you dreamed up in LaLa Land?'

Taking a deep calming breath, Seto raised his slightly shaking hands and let them fall upon the keys.

Search: G – R – E – Y – M – O – N…

Greymon… Grey monster? Could that be what it meant? Taking another breath and with hand shacking fully now, Seto directed to mouse towards the GO button and clicked.

- Somewhere in the Digital World -

"What going here?"

"How am I suppose to know?"

"Well you're the expert – you figure it out"

"Give me a brake"


Veemon and Gatomon quieted instantly. They turned to smile innocently at a very flustered Patamon.

"So what do you think could have caused a disturbance so powerful that it could the Digi World?" Gatomon asked as she watched her smaller friend pass.

"Yeah" Veemon added. "That was powerful"

"I don't really know" Patamon confessed, looking just as confused as they felt. "I got the same feeling I did when all of our Digidestined partners were first recognised and brought here. But what could it be? Another Digidestined?"


"Could be…"

"Then lets find out!" Veemon shouted and a screen popped out of the middle of nowhere before them. "Locate all Digidestined!"

Read outs featuring all of their partners appeared and began to scroll down. It didn't look like anything had changed till the information had completely scrolled up the screen and it was at the bottom. There was nothing there until a blinking light sparked to life and a new profile was added.

Name: Seto Hikaru Dyama (Kaiba)

Age: 18

Occupation: Student, CEO (Kaiba Corporation), Duel Monsters Champion

Family: Brother, Mokuba – 13

Location: Domino City, Japan

Partner(s): N/A

Crest(s): N/A

A picture appeared next to the description and it was that of a tall boy with light brown hair and secretive cold blue eyes. He looked sad, as if he had suffered too much for one his age.

"Looks like we have another mission"

Still alone in the empty computer lab, Seto Kaiba breathed a sigh of relief as the search came up blank. There was no such thing as a monster called Greymon and that had to mean those memories were just a dream after all.

"Well that good. I was starting to – "

He stopped short as the screen came back to life, words slowly typing out across it.

'Hello Seto Dyama, its time to accept your destiny'

Stumbling back and causing his chair of fall over, Seto was unable to determine how the computer knew his birth name because suddenly the world around him was spinning completely out of control and then it went black.

So how was it? Did I do an okay job for my first shot? I'll admit the only other kinds of fics I've written so far have been Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel or Harry Potter. Please review – I'm dying for feed back. Later!