Chapter 1 The Battle and the Conqured

There was a whispering dark rumor that traveled from kingdom to kingdom that a vampire survived the final massacre of all vampires. He would create an army of vampires far more powerful then any of our human armies, and like a cancer would cover us in darkness and keep us in this Dark Age.

We were one of the last kingdoms to stand against Kain's army and his rule over the land. Like the other kingdoms that had fallen, it came our time to fight the vampire army. I was the only female in the army, for women were looked down on, but because I had blood of a great Sarafan warrior I was trained and placed in the army.

We made plans to split the leaders of the army away from the troops; there would be six of us to do this task, while the rest fought the troops.

"Comet, you'll lead the head leader to the dead end behind the bakery, Tulane, Jacob, Richter, and the other two, lead one of them to one of these dead ends." said the General. "I want you guys in civilian clothes when they attack"

"General, sir, why must Comet get the head leader and not one of us?" asked Tulane.

"Because, of her blood and powers she should be able to take him down and I trust her, dismissed!"

We moved out and got ready for the vampires' attack on us. Everyone in the village helped as we placed up blockades and shelters. But this would prove useless when the vampires came.

They came over the hills at night like a dark ocean, coming towards us. We all stood ready for orders. As the first wave of vampire's came upon us, the first order for archers where yelled. I stood near the bakery looking for something to get the Leader's attention. I knew what he looked like, but how to get his attention was hard. Turning around I saw a big rock, smiling I picked it up.

As I got the rock in a good throwing grip I heard a crash. Looking up to see where the sound came from, only to find out that the vampires had broken through. I stood there dumbfounded not knowing what to do. Until I saw the great lord himself the head of this worthless army come through the gates. Seeing him brought me back from my state of shock. I threw the rock and it hit the black stallion that he was riding knocking him off. I stood there and watch as he stood up and looked around, straight into my eyes. I turned and ran down the alleyway after giving him the follow me sign.

We quickly came to the dead end where I had hided my sword until the most prefect moment. Turning around I lead the vampire to believe that I was afraid and I stood there watching as he approached me ready to kill. As he swan his sword there was a loud cling as my wrist band collided with the sword and I followed up with a punch catching him off guard; his head moved towards the side from the impact.

"Welcome to your downfall, vampire." I said thinking that I had the upper hand.

I watched as he put away his sword and turned his face back to look at me.

"You're smarter then you made me believe." he said. "But you made a mistake of picking me to challenge." with that he back handed me, cause my lower lip to bust open on the side as I landed on the ground. I looked up at him as my angry engulfed me, watching as he licked my blood off his hand.

"Your blood taste good. I shall enjoy feasting on you, when you're dead."

Enraged I raised my hands and whispered a spell, and watched as it sent him flying backwards towards the wall. As soon as that was done I got up and ran towards the sword. I reached for it getting ready to pick it up and attack him, but his foot stopped me from getting it off the ground and before I knew it I was in his arms. I thought it was over for me, that he had won and was getting ready to bite my neck. I felt my hair move away from my neck and my heart quickened. I felt the pressure of his hand push my head to the side then forward; I closed my eyes waiting to feel the piercing of his teeth.

Instead I felt his firm hold around my hands and I opened my eyes to see that he was binding my hands in front of me. I looked up into his bright green eyes as he finished binding my hands together. I felt nothing, no feelings, no pain, just my angry that was still alit. Finally he was done, breaking the gaze with me, he push me down the alleyway back to where the battle was.

I expect to hear sword clinging and battle cries but instead I heard silences as we reentered the street. I looked around dumbfounded wondering why we had fallen, and emotions welled up inside of me at how quickly the whole kingdom had fallen. We were the last hope to hold back the vampires from taken the last two kingdoms. If we didn't defeat them then no one could. My thoughts were all shattered into pieces and I was trying to place them back together, when I felt a firm push on my back, sending me face first into the street, right in front of the other leaders of the vampires. I looked back at him, my angry worse then before.

"What is this Raziel?" asked a buff vampire.

"She's been chosen." I heard him said.

"This wench is the chosen one?" asked a bald headed one.

I heard footsteps coming towards me then with a firm hand on my head pushing it down and pulling back my hair once again. I could not see their faces, and I really didn't care, I just wanted to die or runaway to the next kingdom to fight him again. He didn't fight me fair and I wanted a rematch. I heard his voice but I was so caught up in my rage that it was muffled. Then I heard raised argument, my chance to run, but first I had to do something.

I ran up to the leader and punched him in the jaw. Then I turned and started to run away in a different direction. I didn't get very far; I was push back down to the ground. I watched as he walked up to me.

"Well I must say my girl, your punches are powerful. But not powerful enough to hurt Me." he said and bent down and gripped my chin.

"Keep your hands off me, beast." I said angrily and pulled away.

"Don't talk to Lord Raziel like that." ordered at tall slender fellow and slapped me.

My head turned and I felt the warmth of the slap as it went away.

"Jonathan, you will not harm the chosen one." I heard Raziel ordered.

"Yes my lord."

"Get me, my horse and another one. We're done here, no need to stand around!" I heard him yell.

I sat there on the ground and watch as the horses were marched in, then with such grace Raziel jumping in the saddle. It didn't take long until a vampire pulled me up by the cuffs and placed me on a horse next to him. I sat there and got settled on the saddle while I heard the one thing I didn't want to hear.

"Burn the kingdom; gather the food and the horses. We're going to the pillage."

My horse shot forward and nearly knocked my off. I looked ahead and watched as the horses marched to the east. What light the moon gave off as much as I loved her, she did not comforted me as I heard the crackling of roof tops and saw the bright orange and yellow wave that laughed at me.