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Hiei sat in his tree near Kurama's house. The only thing on his mind was her.

Her. Yukina, his sister. He didn't know why he was thinking about her now. Maybe it was because he was bored and had nothing else to think about. Perhaps it was because it was starting to snow and it reminded him of her.

Or perhaps it was because he finally admitted she was gone. His little sister was gone and he would never see her in this world again.

They had been happy. Yes, he had been happy. Hiei had just told Yukina that he was her brother, and so soon after she had died from and incurable Ningen disease. Then, all his happiness was gone with her.

Incurable. They could have tried to do something. Koenma could have tried, but he said it wasn't in his power. Kurama could have tried something. Genkai could have tried something.

Instead, they let her die.

But why did it have to be her? She hadn't done anything wrong. He was the thief. He was the murderer, yet she was taken away. Yukina was innocent.

And now he was alone.

He'd been alone before, with no one to care about him. But this time, it was different. This time, he wasn't just by himself.

This time, he felt lonely.

Hiei lay back on the tree and closed his eyes to try to get these thoughts out of his head. All he accomplished, however, was to see an image of her in his mind. The worst part of it was…

She was smiling.

How could she smile after leaving him? How could she always be smiling? No matter what, she smiled. She smiled when she was all alone. She was lonely without a brother, she told him. But she continued to smile.

She even smiled when she knew she would die.

How could she smile?

How could she cover the pain she was in?

How could she leave him?


Hiei opened his eyes to see Kurama. He was sitting on the same branch and was watching him, eyes full of concern.

"Hn," Hiei said, looking away.

"Are you ok?" Kurama asked. "I haven't seen you around lately."

Hiei continued to stare off.


"I'm fine," he snapped, hopping down and starting to walk away.

Kurama hopped out of the tree as well and walked next to Hiei. The two of them were silent for a while. Hiei didn't know where he was going and he didn't care. He just wanted things to be the way they were.

"You miss her, don't you, Hiei?" Kurama said softly.

Of course he missed her! He felt like everything and everyone was out to get him and destroy everything he loved and held dear.

But Hiei just walked on, pretending not to have heard what Kurama said. "What do you want?" he asked after a while.

"I want you to stop trying to hide your feelings. We all know you miss her, so stop trying to pretend it doesn't hurt."

Hiei came to a sudden halt. They were outside of The Park. It wasn't just any old park. It was Yukina's favorite place. It was where she would play with all of the little animals that inhabited the park. It was where Hiei had told her about their relation. It was where Hiei's happiness had begun.

And it was where Yukina had collapsed and fell into a coma.

It was where Hiei had gone after she died.

It was where Yusuke and Kurama had found him mourning Yukina's death.

And it is where all of his happiness had left him.

Kurama saw all of the pain in Hiei's eyes when he saw the park entrance. "I'm sorry, Hiei. I know it must be hard for you."

"I just want her to come back," Hiei whispered as tears started to fill his eyes.

"I know, Hiei," Kurama said sadly. "I do, too."

The two of them sat on a bench inside and listened to the sounds in the park. Neither of them said anything. After a while, they saw a little girl and a boy walk by.

"Hey!" a kid called, running up to them. "We're gonna go for a game, wanna come?"

"I can't," the boy said. "I have to take care of my little sister."

"See ya then," the boy said, walking the other way.

"You don't have to stay with me," the little girl said to him.

Her brother smiled at her. "You're my little sis," he said. "It's my job to make sure nothing happens to you."

Hiei watched as the boy and his sister left the park. I should have taken care of her, he thought.

"It's not your fault," Kurama said to him.

"I know," Hiei said softly.

"It will all be alright. Don't worry about her. She could be watching us right now."

Hiei hadn't thought about that. Just because she was dead, didn't mean she was totally gone. And he'd probably see her again when the time came for him to die.

Hiei stared off at the trees and the plants and the children playing. "Hn," he said, causing Kurama to smile.

It wasn't the fact that he had a close friend that was there for him that made Hiei smile too. It wasn't the fact that he now had something other than his sister's death to think about. And it wasn't that he could now look forward to seeing her again.

For the first time since Yukina had died, Hiei wasn't alone. He was never alone.

And, best of all, he didn't feel lonely anymore.