Ok, so I'm just on a writing craze. I wrote this...almost two years ago really, and I know it's not that good. But it fit my life and the situation, and it's even a happily ever after, which will be the next poem I attempt to write. Let me know what you think please? I appreciate it.

It's unrelated to Yu Yu Hakusho, just emotion. Please Read and Review anyway.


Inside me there's a hole,

A space, that I'm longing to fill.

I opened it once to someone I thought could fill it

And soon enough, it was only half empty

And started to look half full.

But then a leak sprung, and some cracks grew

And everything that had filled me inside

Came running out of the bottom.

Nothing was able to save one drop

Nothing to hold on to and stop the leak

Nothing at all but emptiness.

So I worked on that leak

And did my best with the cracks

I cried out to God to keep my heart from failing me.

And He gave me hope.

Something to hang on to

A promise that everything would be well again.

For a year I held hope with that empty space

And kept on smiling through it all,

At the world that hurt so much

At the people who didn't know what I went through

At the one who caused me so much pain

And had no idea…

And then came you.

So innocent, naïve, even ignorant of that pain

But you were afraid of it.

The fears you confided in me,

The fears I would never use against you.

I want you to never suffer as I have

I want you to never be alone through heartache

I want your heart to be full, complete


But you say the only way to fill your empty heart

Is to let you fill mine…

But that leak hasn't stopped dripping,

And that crack isn't fixed yet,

And all that you pour into my heart

Merely runs out the holes,

No matter how hard I try to hold on

No matter how much I want to hold on.

But you haven't stopped trying,

Trying to fill my aching heart.

And I want it to be full.

So we can both be full.

But my heart was broken once,

And the fear of hurting keeps the leak dripping.

And the fear of pain keeps the cracks from sealing.

And the fear of loving again keeps my heart from healing.

but I don't want to be afraid anymore…